Birthday lagi?

As a date tracker of this family, I announce that yay Ajik is turning 18 year old!

nice skin contrast of Haziq and Ariff haha

Jeng jeng jeng. May Allah shower you with happiness and also bless you. Ameen. Birthday gift? Oh ask your handsome brotherS because I already gave them money courage and support to buy you a so-called-grown-up-man gift. and all the best for the next 6 SPM papers!


The Spirit of Eid

The big family gathering..

The sacret event that we have today run pretty smooth.. Everything worked perfectly fine. Alhamdulillah, the eating nothing except for meat session started even before 11.00 p.m. The  formal one started just after that.. huhuhu..

Killing two birds with one stone.. huuu

Although some parts of the family were missing, we still felt that they were already there. Abah’s knife and my toy sent by Abe Je have performed above our expectation.. huhuhu.. Abah is thinking of ordering another knife while I am planning on making a proper attire to my toy. huhuhu

Che Nor’s plates were everywhere in the house, starting their duty early in the morning for the breakfast until late at night.. If washing them could make the plate thinner, they would all have been gone by now.. huhuhu

Happy Eid to all..

More pictures (here)


If you do something, do it with full heart. Start with pure heart and good intention, finish it with generousity. Put away the differences between us. Throw away all the negative deeds. Let’s learn from Siti Hajar rahimahallaha ‘anha’s example.. May God bless all of us..

That was small part of the messege from Kelantan Prince read by the Imam after the Jumaat prayer. It was written on a big yellow scroll.. Cool isn’t it? huhuhu.. Hail the prince..

Teacher thing.

This entry I dedicate to my brother, Mat Paih. Finally he finished his Degree in teacher thing, after God know how long wasting time, energy and money for overpriced education. Congratulation, way to go my Brother!!!!!

Knowing Mat Paih since he was a kid, nobody expect him to be a teacher. Given his history of hot blood and stuff, you can’t blame us. Go and ask anybody, at first they will say; “Mat Paih nak jadi cikgu?” But I guess he made a right decision. He seems to enjoy his life as a student and I am optimist that he will enjoy his life as a teacher. I know he will be a great teacher dan akan berbakti kepada agama, bangsa dan Negara.

After drown himself in his teacher thing, he transformed. He changed from bad temper person to another cool and calm person. Some said the devil inside him is being put to bed for good. I am sure we will never see that devil again. I hope you guys don’t be stupid enough to wake the devil up. I am not sure whether this teacher thing or silat thing or some girls that he always hides from us change him. (If there is one, thanks to you. My mother will be proud to make you her daughter in law.) Maybe the bad story about us when we were kid doesn’t really count.

For good reason, it is weird for me to hear many good stories about him from my informers. The best story was about dozen of kids surrounded him during hari raya celebration in my Grandma house because they wanted to see him performed magic tricks. Maybe right now he is the best uncle because the real great uncle is still here in Germany. I know the Hails always wish I was there.

Oh my God!!!!! My kitchen is burning. Read: I have just finished download movie and got to watch it now. My conclusion, to all ladies out there, Mat Paih is good to go. Whoever you are, you got my blessing. Tie him up, ring is pretty cheap nowadays. Remember you will not find good guy like me him any time soon or anywhere near.

Hafzan Lazim.

2:1 Wohaa

The result for all the sweat and blood that I have spilled in these nearly six years Bachelor of Education, Teaching English as a Second Language (BEd TESL) course has been out. Alhamdulillah, I manage to get a-so-lala result although it was actually just on the border line. In term of numbers or grades, I get Second Class Honours, Upper Division… Wohaaa!! Only God knows how happy I am right now. Alhamdulillah.. huhuhu

Zalen, in the making.. huhuhu

I would like to thank these people for giving me the assistance in reaching the star.. huhuhu

IPBA, Dr Sofi, Pn. Junainah, Miss Kon, Mdm Ooi, Mdm Tan Aig Bee, Mr Tan, Pn Laila Hairani, Dr Lawrence, Dr Rajagopal, Mr Gunalingam, Dr Chong, Dr Premalatha, Dr Boon, En Razak, Dr Suraya, Miss Eng Li Kit, Mr Baharudin, Mdm Caroline, Mdm Sharmini, Pn Satinah, Cik Hendon, Ustazah Qamariah, Ustaz Asri, Ustaz Fauzan, Pn Normadiah, Dr Nik Asiah, Mdm Elizabirth, Pn Noriah, Cik Hayati, Pn T. Gewa, Pn Shahida, Pn Lidiawati, Pn Hamidah, En Ramlan, En Aslam, En Tahir, Ustaz Ismail, En Razi, Abg Razman, Pak Lang, Pak Ngah, Tuan Habib, Dr Seman, Pn Zuraiyah, Pn Zuraidah, Pn Asiah, Tai Sensei, Frau Hamidah, Mdm Norzilah, Pn Zamruda, Pn Rozana, Mdm Khoo, Mdm Suguna, Mr Wee, Dr Z, Amjal, sbelah Amjal, Abg Am.

UCP MARJON: Lesley Woodhead, Steve Ansell, Michael Hall, Mike Boston, Katy Salisbury, Mike Scholey, Gilly Robbins, Tony Wring, Tracey Gilpin, Sarah Fuqua, Sally Eales, Stewart Allan, INTED Staff, David Benzie, Dania Moussalli, Katharyn Camara, David Oddie, Dania Moussalli, Primary Department (many more T-T) Faye Hatherley, Sue, Mr Nauruz, Mr Charcoal etc.

Teachers, Lecturers, Trainers, Speakers who have taught me a lot in courses that I have attended.

Teachers, staff and students of SK Jalan Raja Muda, SK Briekfield 2, Ford Primary, College Road and Stoke Damerel Community College, S.K. Bansar.

Abg Mat, Abg Zam, Cg Aji, Cg Lan, all gayong ipba/ipis/uk/ireland/france friends, Chris Gregory sensei (picnic), Don sensei, Kevin Brooker sensei, all my fellow plymouth jitsu friends, Dr Azli, Ust. Elfino, En Nazri.

My father, mother and siblings, relatives, teachers, friends, juniors, seniors (too many to mention names), and those who involve in my learning directly or indirectly.

I would also like to apologise to all these people if I have done something wrong, not being able to perform to the expectations, not being a good student/peer and ect.


1) It took me two days to list down the names. If there are left out names, please2 remind me in the comment space. I need to have the name listed so that I can still track down my history in the making of my degree course, or else I might forget some of their names in the time to come, but not their faces. Usually, only the extreme person will be most remembered. huuu.. Insyaallah, my prayer will always be with them..

2) Perhaps I need to start with my kindergarten, primary school and later in my secondary school years. Insyaallah it will be  written in other posts.

3) Almost all the names are the people that I met starting in IPBA. This does not necessarily mean that people that I met earlier do not contribute to my success. I just want to highlight the names that I first met in the past five and a half years.

SPM? Oh em gee.


We ask Allah to make SPMs easy for you, to make you succeed in this world and to be among those who are victorious and saved in the Hereafter, for He is the All-Hearing Who answer prayers. Allahumma ameen.

Come on beat abe2 awk hok koya2 tuh, Ajik. haha. longgg way to go lil bro!

Bittaufiq wa an-Najah!

Memory of Fire

Bonfire Plymouth. November, 2008.

Masih           mencari..
Sukar fahami    susah dimengerti.
Yakinpun ada bermacam-macam jenis.
Ada yang sebut, ada nampak, ada rasa hati.
Orang kata api panas, tapi pernah nampakkah?
Bila tengok dengan mata, kemerahan, panaskah?
Didekati terasa bahangnya, samakah dengan nyata?
Kena pegang baru tahu rasanya, beranikah diri ini?
Ramai boleh cakap itu dan ini, begitu juga begini!
Mungkin ada benar, mungkin juga dusta belaka!
Siapa yang tahu? Yang hampiri saja mengerti!
Fahami hakikat sifat panas api itu sendiri.
Semakin hampir semakin rasa yakin.
Sukar diterang dengan bahasa.
Lain padang lain féélnya.
Ada kuat ada lemah
Asal tahu

My Toys V

So far, it is among the item that has the highest sentimental value in my toys collection. The ring is always close to me, emotionally and physically. It is quite weird but I would feel really awkward if I do not wear it. I could say that it is a complement to me, as important as my glasses. I lose my sight if I do not wear my glasses and maybe I feel a bit lonely if I do not wear the ring.

The ‘akik zaman’ (agate) gemstone was given to me by my late grandmother. She bought a few stones in Makkah when she went for her hajj. However, she was not able to give them by hand to her beloved grandchildren. God love her more than we do. After everything settled down, my aunt, Mok Ghoh told us that the late Grandmother wants us to have the stones. It is her wish for us, as though she knows what was coming after her. It happened when in my early secondary school era. Al fatihah to the late Wan Jah Wan Ali..

After keeping the stone in my drawer for years, I have decided to make it a ring. The ring was designed by a goldsmith in Aked Uda, Kota Bharu. Looking at variety of samples displayed, I chose a simple design, ‘tangkai kendi’ (kettle handle). It cost me if I am not mistaken around RM 30 back then. huhuhu

It took me a number of years wearing the ring until I found out some amazing dots pattern in the stone. But maybe that is just my perception.  I might be wrong as some people looked into the stone and saw nothing. A number of years after that, I  realised that there are quite some philosophy hidden in the tangkai kendi design that tie the stone. It is as though the design rhymes perfectly well with the stone itself.

One finding after another makes me really attached to the ring. It is like The Lord of The Ring to me, even if it is just a river stone to others’ eyes. God creations and planning have never failed to amaze the deep part of my heart.  Everything is perfect and has no flaw in it.. Subhanallah




it is simple

yet complex

white and black

and some colours

in between them

i think i like one

it reminds me

of you






The Final Malaysia Cup 2009 II

Everyone knows the result. Everyone knows what happened during the event. I was there, contributing one red dot in the ocean of red warriors in stadium. Although the red dots outnumbered the yellow dots, I believe that some of the red dots lack the the quality on how the good and supportive fans should act.

The day.. The red dots were everywhere..

Everything that happened  comes with consequences. I could clearly see that after the event. The Kelantanese manage to get the attention from the whole globe. They are even more striking than the winning team. Starting from the newspapers, tv news, tv programmes, blogs, web sites, forums and in the real world, everyone talks about the red  warriors. Even the ESPN Soccernet puts the news about them on the front page. Every single dot on earth especially in Malaysia (exaggeration) discusses about these supporters. Sad to mention that majority talks about their bad behaviors. huhuhu

The productive yellow dots filled less than a quarter of the stadium.. huhu

We can blame everyone for the black incident if we want. However, let the people with power and authority decide on that. For the tiny little red dot like me, I can do nothing except to reflect on myself and learn from the happening. As an educator, I feel that students (future generation) need to be equipped with not only high IQ, but the emotional intelligence (EQ) part as well. One might be intelligent, but it does not necessarily means that they posses good moral values. Perhaps 1% of the Kelantan supporters lack the EQ a lot. They easily get angry and always wanted to show that they are superior than others. Pity them as they lack the education which leads them to not having the pleasure of having the EQ skills.

It is the teachers’ job to instill this capability to the students so that they will be able to  perceive, use , understand and manage emotions well. Than only they will be able to react to any event wisely. Education is for the heart, as well as the mind. Learning must embrace students’ hearts as well as their minds. (Boon, 2009). That is the hard part of being a teacher. First of all, I am still improving myself. Crabs cannot force their children to walk straight. huhuhu

Anyone can become angry- That is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way- This is not easy. -Aristotle-

A wise person once told me that always look into yourself on every single happening around you as it comes with purpose. One of them is to make you learn from it. I guess I have learn something from the final Malaysia Cup 2009.

P/s: One thing which I surely learn is that in every single soccer game that I attended, the team that I support would not win (lose or draw). Those were the past. I am not sure about the future. huhuhu.. Shall I betray my team and support the opponent?


Ayah Su and Cik Su are currently attending the call from the God in fulfilling the the fifth pillar of Islam, Hajj.

May Allah reward both of Ayah Su and Cik Su Hajj Mabrur. Have a safe journey insyaallah..

Narrated ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar :

The Talbiya of Allah’s Apostle was : ‘Labbaika Allahumma labbaik, Labbaika la sharika Laka labbaik, Inna-l-hamda wan-ni’mata Laka walmu Lk, La sharika Laka’ (I respond to Your call O Allah, I respond to Your call, and I am obedient to Your orders, You have no partner, I respond to Your call All the praises and blessings are for You, All the sovereignty is for You, And You have no partners with you).

(Sahih Bukhari, Volume 2, Book 26, Number 621)

Keno gomol.

Kalah bola hatiku jadi sayu,
tubik kedai cari nasik kerabu,
acu nak try bakpo mari tok lalu,
lecah tawar bakpo adik tok buh budu.

Hafzan Lazim

Gomo Kelate gomo.

My brothers will go, my cousins will go, and my friends will go. Who am I? Am I not Kelantan enough? My mother and father are Kelantanese. I was even born in Kelantan.  Mat Apih was born in Sabah but he can go. To miss Kelantan’s team playing in the final again is too much to bear. This week, I didn’t even have lust to watch EPL, La Liga and CL. In my head, Kelantan enter the Final and I cannot go to Bukit Jalil. As a sign of protest, I didn’t even watch this week CL’s matches review which is important thing for me as a football fan.

How about that for a drama queen? Don’t get me wrong. I am happy because my beloved state enters the Final again. I am happy for me and everybody. The feeling is way better than Barcelona´s  victory  against MU in Cl Final last season. It will be even better if Kelantan win the Final. I hope so. For the haters, don’t judge me because I love my team. You should judge the wannabe who loves other’s son more than theirs.

I wish the players and supporters a very best of luck.

Hafzan Lazim


I woke up in the morning and cannot help but to see through out my window. I though it was fog because it was so cloudy. I put my spectacle and saw weird thing on the window. It was snow. We are still in early fall. The leaves still didn’t completely fall from the trees but it was already snowy. Kusangka hujan hingga ke petang rupanya panas ditengah hari.

This entry is for my mom  who keep asking me to post it. Enjoy!!!

Hafzan Lazim



1 2 3 Do Re Mi
Apa Nak Jadi
Alif Bata A B C
Apa Nak Jadi
Akan Terjadi
Hujan Pasti Berhenti

(Apokalips, M.Nasir)

Silat Grading @ IPBA

After having all the trainings and practices, IPBA silat gayong members had a chance to do the grading. It is a platform to officially move one step forward in the learning stages. Congratulation to all.  You made me proud. Believe me, there will be more cool movements coming up. Not to forget pain stages where you find things are challenging but it feels great after you get through them. It is the same feeling as after the grading sessions ended, I guess.

Arshad and Aizat went for their pre-green belt. Buah pasung cina (chinese pillory/stocks)..

Silat is not just about remembering movements and being competence in using it. It is more towards applying it to the real world. People might define the word ‘apply’ differently. It is not not just about protecting oneself on the street, but more towards applying the values and the philosophy that is embedded in the training in the daily life. It can be about discipline, good manners and many more. Note that management skills (individual and club) are also part of silat.

If a person enters any silat school and his/her behaviour becomes uglier, than he needs to find another one which suit to change him to be a better person. It is not just a blink of second process though, it is a long journey. I am still in the early stage of the journey. So, where and when does silat ends? Let’s find the answer together.

Looking at the words that come out from all my friends’ mouth when we had the ‘reflection session’ right after the grading were really inspiring. Even until that moment I didn’t know that silat could be really3 great. I am looking forward to hearing more from IPBA silat friends, even if my life in IPBA has come to an end. huhuhu

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