Tribute to Birthday Boy II

There is one thing that I would like to add on the tribute to birthday boy. Abe Je studied at his SBP at the time, so we could blame him on that..It was about how we lived with Cik and Mek’s (our grandparents) house when our parents went to Makkah.

Every weekday, Cik sent Cik Nor and I to school with his Kris-Modenas-2799 bike. Huhuhu.. Wearing Mek’s helmet is quite funny, as the helmet was just enough to make us stay away from the police’s ticket.. Cik didn’t put on the helmet himself as he always wear his turban.. There would not be any problem wearing his turban as the bike run at 40km/h at the most. huhuhu

Cik in his turban

But that is not what I want to tell about. It was about Haziq, who stayed at home. He was again, given the 5stars service. This time, the service was given by both my grandparents, especially in the foodstuff part. Early in the morning, after Cik sent us to school, Cik would take Haziq to the morning markets nearby. As Cik prefered fresh groceries, he would go to the markets almost every day. Besides buying the groceries, he would buy Haziq’s favourite main dish at that time which was the milky laksam and other side dishes such as lepat pisang or kuih cartoon. Please note that we had all already taken our heavy breakfast before we went to school. Just in the morning, Haziq had already being fed a couple of times by my grandparents.. The lunch would be sharp on time as Mek doesn’t have much thing to do at home. In the evening, we would have our tea with some goreng pisang or other delicacies.. ohhh..

Staying with our grandparents was like staying in a fridge.. full with food..

After about 40 day staying with our grandparents, Maa and Abah came back from Makkah. They said that they were amazed by looking Haziq’s ‘exterior condition’. He looked chubby; his cheeks became wider, his ribs and tulang gagah seemed to disappear. We didn’t realise it until Maa said so. Cik proudly declared that it is the best way to take care of the child, nourish him will all the healthy food. He won’t make any trouble if he is full.. huhuhu.. Abah used to say that Cik were very strict with him when he was a child, but with us, he has lost the fierceness, maybe because of his grand children’s charm.. huhuhu

A few weeks later, Haziq turned to be in his normal shape, slender and slim.. Pity him.. huhuhuhu

Tribute to Birthday Boy.

I still remember the day when my father brought all of us, Mat Apih, Mat paih, Naziha and me to the General Hospital in Gorgetown, Penang. We just sat on the rock chair outside, waiting for our father to get out of the building and tell us the good news. Whether we get a new brother or new sister, is a million dollar question. My father came out and asked us to guess. I am not quite sure what our guess was. But I think all of us came out with false answer. Haziq came out to the world when Naziha was already “approximately” 3-4 years old. I was already 10-11 years old. Mat Apih and me still in primary school but quite old enough compare to Naziha. So we tend to appreciate the feeling of getting a new baby brother more than her, I guess.

Ajik with his nephew, Afiq.

Ajik was quite adorable when he was still a baby. That time we lived in Batu Feringgi, where my mother and father worked there. So they left Ajik to this family, name Pak Will. Pak Will and Mak Will will always carried Ajik around in their arm. No matter what, they will never left Ajik crawling on the floor. They will put Ajik down in his cradle only when he wanted to sleep. The entire “dukung” thing brought headaches to our family because we also cannot let Ajik down on the floor. Not even a second. He will cry until somebody “dukung” him. So we, the sibling must take turns carried him around until he slept.

Kak Ani, Mek and Mok Kiah.

After that we moved back to Kelantan. I remember Mok Kiah took care of Ajik for a while. After that my father finished with the army thing. So he took care of Ajik. Ajik grew up in a different ways compare to us. Mat Apih, Mat Paih, Naziha and I was taken care by our mother. What I mean is our school stuff, record book, our spending money and so on were all taken care by our mother, mostly. But not Ajik. His Education was mostly took care by our father.

The four of us. Mat Paih, Naziha, Mat Apih and me. This picture is taken from Che Sue's blog.

Every night my father will help Ajik finished his homework. Most of the thing that happen in school Ajik will inform or report to him. Every morning my father will get him ready before go to school. He woke him up, asked him to take a bath, packed his stuff and asked him to eat breakfast. But Ajik is one weirdo person. Like Mat Paih said before he like to read. Any book that he can grab he will read it. He will read again and again until the cover tears off or the book loses from his sight. So every morning after he took a bath, he will sit in front of the bathroom reading something, shivering because his body is still wet and at the same times giggling. What was so funny about the book only God knows? And my father will ask him to go wear his uniform. He will run into his room. In his room if he will find another book, he will read it again until he hears my father’s voice. The same thing happened over and over again. Man, I still can feel it just like it was yesterday.

Ajik with Hj. Lazim. Both are burned, one because of his plantation and the other one because of "Kedet Bomba."

My parents have high hope for him. They sent Ajik to private Religion school after kindergarten as a preparation for him before entering Tahfiz science school. At the end he did enter the school. The school rated as the best Tahfiz School in Malaysia. He already got like I don’t know how many Juzz of Al-Quran in his head. During my last vacation in Malaysia, my father drove me to his school to bring him back home because of Mat Apih’s Wedding. To enter a compound full of kids who will be a Hafiz was a great pleasure. Those feeling I cannot even describe in words. I just stayed in the car. Some of the kids came running toward my father and kissed his hand. I just sat in the car thinking how great my brother is compared to me.

Maahad Tahfiz's students.

That night, when it came for Maghrib prayer, my grandfather asked everybody to pray together. He pushed my cousin that graduate from Jordan to be the Imam. But as a token of respect to Ajik, he insisted Mat Ajik to be the Imam. Without hesitated or whatnot, Mat Ajik lead us. He recited some Surah from Quran that I am sure is not from “Surah-surah Lazim”. I don’t know because my knowledge about Quran is so shallow. But I am very proud of him. Some said, during Ramadan his school teacher will send him and his friends to different mosque in Kelantan to be the Imam for Tarawikh. How proud and satisfied you can be, to know that your brother is one of them.

Way to go my brother!!!

He was still a small kid when our family already settled down. So our parents, his siblings spoiled him a lot. But he turned out to be a great and sweet kid. Everybody loves him. He always obeys what the elders say. That makes us love him even more. He is one of the most successful within us. I always hope he will guide us to the right path and ask for God´s blessing upon us. InsyaAllah he will show us, the road to be success in this world and the life after especially.

Hafzan Lazim

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to my youngest brother, Haziq. All the best and may God bless you. Make us, your family proud!!!!


“If everything could ever feel this real forever, if anything could ever be this good again.”

Hafzan Lazim.

Due date

At last..

After a few months dreaming, eating and thinking about my dissertation days and nights, I was able to finish it successfully on time. Alhamdulillah.. Hopefully everything will be fine..

A little bit about my dissertation (intro part)..

Let’s recall on what we have learnt back when we were in the school days. Were our thinking skills being developed effectively? Or we just act as the receptive of the knowledge? In other word, we just accept everything that being taught to us, spoon feeding. In my opinion, the platform to enhance the brain capacity was vague. Huhuhu..

Maybe it was just me, too slow to make sense of everything that I have learnt. As a result, I am not able to recall maaaaany things that I have learnt or memorised in my schooling years… huhuhu.. Where are the nearly 20 subjects that I have learnt in my Form 1 years? Where are the others as well? I have lost track of where I have put all of this gold..

There is one more possibility; maybe we were taught on how to catch fish, instead of just giving us fish. But, how can we catch fish if we don’t even have the equipment to catch them? Or in my case I may have lost the equipment.. huhuhu..

All in all, we’ll know who can catch the most fish when we see their exam result. That’s how the system works.. Whether they can really catch some fish in the real world is still in doubt. huhuhu

All the argument above has nothing to do with my dissertation really, it is more towards my monologue.. trying to blame others for my own weaknesses and mistakes.. huhuhu

wala qororo ‘ala zaarin minal asadi..

Oh.. I can still (at least) remember one thing, one part of poem which is recited when Arabic warriors go to war.. “Umbi’tu anna abaa qobuusa au’adani, wala qororo ‘ala zaarin minal asadi….” My friend said, if someone is possessed by some sort of spirit, you can read this verse, although you don’t really understand what the meaning is. It is not that the spirit is run away or burnt to the dust when they hear the line, but you just seem to be cool and can show off to others what other don’t really know.. huhuhu..

pro touch…

afiqAfiq follow all the way where the photographer go…i dont know, he like the gadget (camera) or love to act in front of it. As the result, his picture hanging on the wall at the photographer studio.  She said “this is one of the most valueable photo that she ever shoot. Betuah punya budak…


Ciksu as always, you are the lucky one.. huhuhu.. You are the 666 commenter in this blog. huhuhu

Who is CIksu? CIksu is my aunt, from my fathers’ side. She is the youngest in the family. A blogger as well. huhuhu

A picture taken from ciksu’s blog.. When she paid us a visit in Batu Ferigghi, Penang. The picture was taken in early 90s if I am not mistaken. huhuhu..

Happy World Children’s Day

There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child.  There are seven million. ~ Walt Streightiff ~




We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.  ~ Stacia Tauscher ~

-sangat lama tak jenguk blog ini…sangat busy

Mr. Pulut Panggang

It was nearly 1 a.m. when my saliva started to taste a bit bitter. I suddenly felt wanting to eat pulut panggang. I didn’t know why. Am I pregnant? of course not!! (not just a wife can suddenly feel crave to eat this and that, man also has the desire). Or maybe someone who is back in Malaysia particularly in Kelantan was eating pulut panggang? Huhuhu..

The sexy Pulut Panggang.

That was just my wild shot; the probability would be lesser than 0.0001%. But, it was about 8 a.m. Malaysia time when the incident happened. It is the time when everyone usually goes  to work, and of course before that they would stop by a ‘coffee hut’ for a quick snack. Some of them would surely eat pulut panggang

I goggled the Internet to find something that could help east my saliva’s flavour. But it came to worse when I looked at some of the recipes, realising that the mission to make pulut panggang was just impossible. huhuhu

Even this chocolate cannot beat Pulut Panggang.. at the very moment..

Even the super milky chocolate stock in my room could not beat the temptation. Is there anyone who would be generous enough to exchange their pulut panggang with my chocolate bar? huhuhu

Continue editing my dissertation and preparing for my presentation was just the best option that I had.. T-T I miss Kelantan.. A few more weeks to go.. Mr. pulut panggang, wait for my comeback!!

p/s: Suhaimi’s nasi lemak has also play its’ part. huhuhuhu

Best wooo!!!!

One of my house mates YMed me just now..

apek: kawan2…ape kate kt x yah jd cikgu…kt jd trus yg nh…best wooo!!!!
apek: (he gave me this link)
Paih: lol

Utusan Malaysia- 17 November 2008 / 19 Zulkaedah 1429

780 sekolah tiada pengetua, guru besar

JERANTUT 16 Nov. – Kementerian Pelajaran diminta mempercepatkan pengisian 780 kekosongan jawatan pengetua dan guru besar sekolah di seluruh negara sebelum bermula sesi persekolahan Januari depan.


Is it a good job? hmm I am not really sure about that..

Let see all the stuffs that a principal or headmaster/headmistress need to do.A school principal may perform the following tasks:

  • manage and coordinate the educational, administrative and financial affairs of a school
  • develop approaches to management and policy within broad governmental guidelines in conjunction with the school council
  • liaise with other schools, parents and the wider community
  • identify student and staff needs now and in the future, and develop ways of addressing those needs
  • implement systems and procedures to check school performance and student enrolments, the receipt of fees and the collection and storage of information required for reporting purposes
  • supervise the maintenance of school facilities to provide a safe working environment for staff and students
  • promote the school through publicity, the development of promotional material, and contact with other organisations including school councils
  • manage arrangements for internal examinations
  • enforce discipline within the school
  • represent the school at community and administrative meetings
  • organise and implement methods of raising additional funds in conjunction with parent groups
  • manage staff recruitment and training
  • perform teaching tasks
  • ect..

taken from Occupation Information: School Principal (here)

If you ask me, I would prefer being a normal primary school teacher, having a quiet and happy life and teaching all obedient children, all like angle, naive and innocent (which might be a bit impossible), without having to scratch my head too much thinking about all sort of things that occur on the planet Earth.

Rasulullah SAW said: All of you are guardians (in trust of something or someone) and are accountable for your flock. (Sahih Bukhari here)

Btw, the additional the allowance paid to school principal is just RM 150.00 per month and RM100.00 per month for primary school headteacher (refer here). Is that enough for all the responsible that they take? But life is not all about money. If the responsible is taken sincerely, God will sort out the deed that they have done and vice versa. Best wooo!!!! huhuhu..

Mentera Beradu

I feel like singing listening to  music right now.. huhuhu

For me, the message in the song is quite heavy. However, the way it is presented make the song sounds just nice. My musical intelligence is quite shameful. Pardon me for my dull taste. huhuhu

The last bit of the song in the clip is missing, maybe for a reason? huhuhu

Mantera beradu dengan irama dan lagu

Akhirnya sempurna…

“Mentera beradu
Malique Too Phat
Feat. M Nasir

Click here to download the song.

UK Premier: The Heart of Jenin

The Arrow programme at UCP Marjon proudly present:

The UK Premier of

The Heart of Jenin/Das Herz von Jenin

a documentary film by Leon Geller and Marcus Vetter

Date    : 26th November 2008 (Wednesday)
Time   : 7.00 p.m.
Place   : The Desmond Tutu Centre, UCP Marjon
Ticket : £7.00 and £5.00 concessions (all ticket go to fund the visit and towards the Ahmed Khatib Peace Centre in Jenin refugee camp)

Synopsis: ‘The Heart of Jenin’ is the heart-rending story of Ahmed Khatib, the Palestinian boy shot by Israeli soldiers whilst on a raid in Jenin refugee camp. His parents agreed to donate his key organs to both Israeli and Arab children as a gesture of peace. This is a powerful documentary which shows how people have learned to live with the horrors of everyday conflict, but have not given up their hope for peace. For more click here

In November 2006 Ismael and Abla Khatib came to Plymouth as special guests to open the Desmond Tutu Centre and to unveil a plaque in memory of their son Ahmed. We are honoured to welcome the return of Ismael and his colleague Fakhri Hamad to Plymouth to launch the film in the UK.

For further details or tickets, please contact: Lesley Alcock on 01752 636700 ext. 5641 or email

The advertisement is taken from the Arrow websites (here).

10000 hits

The site has got the 10000 hits just now. My brother buzzed me when the count arrived. Huhuhu

Actually, we wanted to make a competition where those who are able to be the 10 000’s visitor to this site and print screen the number might win something, but it is now too late for that. Therefore we have designed another competition for the visitors. The person who is the 666’s commenter will get a mystery prize. This will give trills to all as only the authors know the comments’ count in the site. The lucky one wins. So, for those who follows this site without throwing any comment might want to think twice. You might hit the pot. Wohaaa

P/s: Let me give some clue, the number is really close.. huhuhu

‘There is no might or power except with the help of Allah’

Is Mecca the centre of the world?

First of all let me clarify this, it is not easy to just stating that somewhere is the centre of the earth, because the earth is sphere in shape, just like a ball. Where is the centre of a ball? It should be in the centre, inner part of the ball, I assume.

The Map

Then, looking at the map that humans draw, because it is flat, maybe we can approximately figure it out where the centre should be. There many claims for this, some say Mecca, some say Jerusalem, some say Aral Sea and even Venice in Italy.

The Muslims were the first people to draw the map of the world. They drew the map with the south facing upwards and north downwards. The Kaaba was at the centre. Later, western cartographers drew the map upside down with the north facing upwards and south downwards. Yet, Alhamdullilah the Kaaba is at the centre of the world map.

Source here

Besides that, there are also some people want to look at the map differently,

New way looking at map. Source here

“A conventional map contains distortions because the world is round and a map is flat,” explains Prof. Guelke. “Such maps can give a very inaccurate idea of the direction and distance to Mecca from other places in the world. On this new world map, the direction of Mecca and the shortest distance is easily measured as a straight line … It is amazing that Mecca is approximately the centre of the land mass of the world.”

Source here

However, some claim that Jurusalem is the centre of the world by looking at the map,

Jerusalem as the centre of the world. Source here

Since Jerusalem was located near the middle of the known world of antiquity, it naturally occupied a central position on early world maps. During the middle Ages, strong religious influences caused some mapmakers to deliberately place Jerusalem at the exact centre or “navel” of the world, in accordance with Biblical descriptions. This format was not widely adopted until the thirteenth century, following the Crusades and the consequent popular identification of Jerusalem as a primary spiritual centre. With the advent of the Renaissance, new discoveries and improved geographic concepts changed the extent and shape of the known world and rendered Jerusalem-centred maps obsolete.

Source here

The distance (?)

This is where I don’t really catch up with what the person is trying to say. Maybe someone can enlighten me on this.

There have been studies showing that Holy Kaaba is even geographical centre in Cairo has shown that Holy Kaaba is the centre of the whole world. They have also said that Makkah Mukarrama and Kaaba are a centre for a circle with a radius of 8000 kilometers encompassing all the centers of civilization in Asia, Africa and Europe. They also said that Holy Kaaba is the centre of all the cities in the radius of 13000 kilometre including North and South America, Australia and the South Pole. The study also said that Holy Kaaba was actually the centre of all the land which later on merged with each other due to the Oceans.

Source here

As it is just mentioned in a forum, there is also someone tried to rationalise the fact. He claims that this fact can still be challenge. And again, I don’t really understand it.

I have suspected their numbers too. They said 1,300 km as a radius of a circle including all major cities. If you made a radius from Makkah that would include every point on earth, it would be around 20,000 km. (Excuse my American notation. That’s one half the circumference of the earth, by the way.) that’s a big 7,000 km of space where there’s supposedly no big cities? That’s one third of the earth.

Source here

The distribution of land (?)

I can find about the scientific aspect, the argument is that Mecca is the centre of land – excluding the sea from their calculations. As the distribution of land is not even on the crust of the earth, the centre of mass will probably be tilted towards some area which they argue is Mecca.

Source here as cited from here

This is the counter to the statement:

The Pagaen. Source here

Another titbit of common sense is this: first your source says Makkah is the center of the major cities of the world. Then they say Makkah is the centre of where Pangaea used to be. (That big megacontinent.) Now if the Americas are moving away from Eurasia and Africa, that means the centre of their area is moving too, like Netcurtains said. Look at it this way: the physical formula for the centre of mass is (centre of mass)=(mass of second area)/(mass of first area + mass of second area)x(distance between the areas). In other words, as the distance changes, the centre of mass changes. (I think this is the first time that formula has every meant anything to me.) Your sources want to have Makkah be the centre in both cases, but this is physically impossible. Unless their definition of centre is some sneaky trick they’re not telling us.

Source here

The unseen aspect- The Radiation/chakra (?)..

The first video, ‘Islamic Science: Neil Armstrong Proved Mecca is the Centre of the World’, is from Al-Majd TV, Saudi Arabia, and dates from 16 January 2005. Highlights of this discussion include the claim that the Ka’ba emits short-wave radiation, that ‘this radiation is infinite’, and that this is why anyone living in Mecca or travelling there will live long, be healthier, and be ‘less affected by Earth’s gravity’. The existence of the ‘zero-magnetism zone’ halfway between the north and south poles ‘where the pull is equal from both sides’ is also considered: ‘the magnetic force has no effect there’. feature Dr ‘Abd Al-Baset Sayyid, a scientific luminary from the Egyptian National Research Centre.

Source here

However, even whether Armstrong really landed on moon is a controversial. I am not really sure about this. Maybe we need to wait for a Muslim go to the moon not just as tourist and look at the earth. Then, we would really be convinced with the findings. For now, can I say that that’s the best shot that we have?

Besides that, some also do not agree with the idea of magnetic 0 because it constantly moving:

.     Some geologist. (1) Magnetic north is constantly on the move(2) The line of longitude upon which Mecca is situated also passes through, for example, the Russian cities of Yaroslavl, Voronezh and Rostov-on-Don, so presumably those places (along with others in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Ethiopia, Kenya …) would have equal claim to whatever divinely-ordained distinction is claimed for Mecca. (3) There are also alignments of the earth’s magnetic field where magnetic north and true north are the same, but such lines are not equivalent to lines of longitude and anyway Mecca isn’t on one.

Source here

The arising issues


  1. Mecca as the meridian time

Because of Mecca is centre of the world, there is a group wants to change the Greenwich meridian time that is standardised today. They want to make Mecca as the reference of the time. Refer to BBC news here and Gulf Time here. They have a concrete reason for that:

The companion piece to this is ‘Science in Islam: Mecca Time must replace GMT’ from Mihwar TV, Egypt, recorded on 26 December 2006, in which Dr ‘Abd Al-Baset Sayyid expounds the benefits of Mecca Time. In Greenwich the magnetic field is 8.5 degrees, while in Mecca ‘the magnetic field is zero’. This means that when time is measured from Greenwich there is a discrepancy of 8.5 minutes ‘between the northern and southern hemispheres’. ‘Air traffic’, warns the doc darkly, ‘cannot be organized in this way’. There’s also a lot of fascinating information about blood, circulation, magnetic force, and why circling the Ka’ba will fill you with energy (clue: it’s all about going from right to left).

Source here

It will be very interesting to note that the Egyptian scholars have found that on two particular days in a year the sun is right on top of the Holy Kaaba and that is the time when if a person views the sun he is certainly looking to the direction of Holy Kaaba. This method is so exact and simple that there is no need of any compass etc. All one has to do is to look where the sun is and that will be the direction of the Holy Kaaba. No matter where you are in the World all you have to do is to be exact in your time to minute level according to the GMT. Hence wherever one can see sun at that time one can find the exact direction of Holy Kaaba. For Non Muslims it may not be of any benefit but for a Muslim it is as a Muslim has to offer prayer five times a day and no one can be sure about the direction of the Holy Kaaba when a person is thousands of miles away from Makkah Mukarrama. The dates and the exact timing are :

1.. 28th May every year at 9:18 GMT.

2.. 15th July every year at 9:27 GMT.

These are the two timing s when the sun makes an angle of 180 degrees with Holy Kaaba and where ever one will see the sun he/she can make a line straight to the sun’s direction and that will be the kiblah. For those countries where the sun cannot be seen as there may be night time in some countries the other method to follow is on these dates but to look in the exact opposite direction of the sun which will be the direction of the Holy Kaaba. These dates are

1. 28th November 21:9 GMT (every year)

2. 13th January 21:9 GMT (every year)

The research has been made by Dr.Ahmad Ismail Khalifa, professor of the engineering Deptt. Al Azhar University. He said that the Muslim scholars have observed that sun while running its course from East to West crosses over the Makkah Mukarrama region many times in a year.

Source here

This is the counter to the issue:

And yes, the sun comes directly over the Kaaba twice a year. In fact, every point on the earth which is between the tropic of Cancer and tropic of Capricorn, like Makkah, comes perpendicular to the sun on two days, always six months apart from each other.

Source here

However, I don’t think the Greenwich meridian that we have today does not have the feature.

2.  The anti-clock wise clock

The conference was organised to introduce Saat Makkah (the watch of Mecca). The inventor of the clock, Yasin a-Shouk, said it runs anti-clockwise in the direction of Tawaf, the rotation around Kaaba. The Switzerland-based award-winning inventor of Palestinian origin said that his invention met a lot of opposition and it took him four years to win the patent.

Source here


The watch is said to rotate anti-clockwise and is supposed to help Muslims determine the direction of Mecca from any point on Earth.

Source here

If we observe an atom, electron orbits the nucleus anticlockwise. The moon orbits the earth anticlockwise, the earth and other planet around the sun orbits it anticlockwise, the stars around galaxies orbits its anticlockwise. The rocks on the rings of Saturn orbits it anticlockwise, this is exactly what Muslims do around the Kaaba, they go around it anticlockwise!

Source here

I know that there are a lot of sweeping statements (unsupported data) that is made in this post. Besides, the source of the information is also questionable. However, that is the best I can give. I hope everyone is satisfy with the information given. Maybe there are some other information that you would like to share. Please do so in the comment column.

One thing for sure, Kaabah is the Muslims’ spiritual centre of the earth. That is the symbol for unity and justice for Muslim. With that, I raise my case.

p/s: If you are want to know more, maybe you can read some part of this book “World-maps for Finding the Direction and Distance to Mecca” By David A. King, here. Or maybe buy the book which is from £199.75. huhuhuhu


The golden mean of the Earth

This is just to support the points/arguments above.

credit to emine for informing me about this video.


Mathematics Golden number 1,618

credit to Luqman Naim for the video.

There is no coincidence in the world. Everything is created by God and has its own purpose. Its either you believe it or  being ignorant not. Wallahua’lam

One fair question

At the end of his life, suddenly he felt that he was standing in front of a gate. Knock3, the door was knocked. “Who’s that?” there was a voice coming from inside. Then I spoke, ” This is me, sir”.

“Who are you?”
Faiz, sir.

“Is that your name?”
Yes, sir.

“I am not asking for your name.”
Emmm, I am son of Hj Lazim, sir.

“I don’t want to know who your father is. I want to know who you are.”
I am an English language teacher to be, sir.

“I am not asking for your occupation. I am asking: who are you?”

The question made him look like a fool, not knowing what to answer. He then managed to find an answer, which sounded a bit tricky:

I am a Muslim, the follower of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

“I am not asking your religion, I am asking who are you!.”
I am a human, sir. I pray 5 times a day, give charity as well. I fast in Ramadan and pay the zakat.

“I am not asking your type, or your deeds. I am asking who you are.”

At last, the person went away, he seemed to be disturbed. He failed at the first door, because of a very fair question: who he really is.


Knowing others is wisdom
Knowing the self is enlightenment.
Mastering others requires force
Mastering the self requires strength.
– Tao Te Ching

Adapted from somewhere..

Dusun Durian Chainsaw Massacre

Where is everybody? I should ask this very question to myself. Even before the owner goes back to Malaysia, this blog already seem like an abandon blog. To tell the truth I always want to write or to contribute something to this blog. When I am walking or riding my bike to anywhere, the idea or the mood will suddenly appear out of no where. But when I enter in my room and sit in front of my desktop, the will to write and all of the “bright” idea will disappear. Just like that. Don’t blame me for the absence.

You believe me? Hahahahaha. “You want to call it as an excuse” or “You are just one lazy bird”. Maybe this is the kind of accusation that I will expect from you. I don’t blame you.That was that.

Here I present ,Hj. Lazim’s Picture during his rampage in Dusun Durian. Where did he get the Lab Coat, I don’t know.

Last week Mat Paih came to visit me, for the second time. Me? I have never been to his place. Maybe “tidak sampai seru”. What kind of big brother am I? He came for 3-4 days. We just catch up, eat and sleep. Not much to do. We just did the bonding thing, Brother between brothers.

Too bad for Che No, she couldn’t came. She was busy with her education. But no worries, we have photoshop. For this time, this will do to make us, Hj Lazim’s family become closer again. Thanks to the modern technology for bringing us closer together. hahahhaha

Hope to see you again in my next post. Until the time come, let me share this quote from the Batman movie with you:

“The night is the darkest just before the dawn.”


Hafzan Lazim