White keris

These are the item that I have found in the class last few days. I borrowed them from my students. I used them as teaching aid in the class. I told the students to do the task given or else the I would do something harm to them by using the keris . huhuhu

just for fun..

The white keris are the items that are played by children. These keris need to be upgraded to the real one when they get older. Using the same thing when the adult and involve in real life war would not be practical anymore. Having a real functioning keris is just a minor issue because the keris might or might not be used in a lifetime at all. Yet many people spend a lot of money, time and ect to get them and have a collection of them (including me).

Just for fun too?

However, have we considered on upgrading our own ibadah? Does the details in movements of the practice are the same as what we had learned during primary school years (ie Solah)? Surely these kind of ibadah need to be upgraded as well. We are very accurate in learning how to stab, move, step and even what to recite when we hold a keris, but do we do the same to our 5 times daily prayer? We have many masters which has the backing (sanad) of great and well known masters in playing with keris, but do we have the same backing at least for our prayer?  That is really me.. T-T

The keris and the knowledge about it might or might not be our friend when are buried 6 feet in the ground. But surely our prayers and ibadah will, insyaallah. huhuhu It is just a reminder to the dark side of mine. The prayers from all to purify my dark side is really appreciated. Ingat aku dalam doamu.. huhuhu


My Toys XIV

The kuku rimau (tiger’s claw – a small version of the kerambit) is another gift given by my master. The one that is made by himself (except for the blade). The special thing about the claw is that the handle is made of the cow’s horn that was slaughtered for my wedding ceremony! Thus it holds a very unique sentimental values for me.

The sheath is made of mix leather which is really thick and hard. It is carefully attached and sewed to hold the blade tightly. He told me that the kuku rimau was made using the trial and error method. Surprisingly it came out successful. This is his  first attempt of its kind. Imagine the 20th blade, the product could be really amazing and astonishing. huhuhu

simple yet naughty because the effect of using it could be bizarre

It always amazes me to see his creativity and ability to come out with a lot of wonderful things. His advice is simple yet deep. One of them is that he always asks me to hold on tightly to what I have and do the best to what I have to do. Then everything will run smoothly according to His will and blessing.

Thank you Ayah Su.. huhuhu

Hj Nor

My grandfather..

A man of his words. huhuhu