White keris

These are the item that I have found in the class last few days. I borrowed them from my students. I used them as teaching aid in the class. I told the students to do the task given or else the I would do something harm to them by using the keris . huhuhu

just for fun..

The white keris are the items that are played by children. These keris need to be upgraded to the real one when they get older. Using the same thing when the adult and involve in real life war would not be practical anymore. Having a real functioning keris is just a minor issue because the keris might or might not be used in a lifetime at all. Yet many people spend a lot of money, time and ect to get them and have a collection of them (including me).

Just for fun too?

However, have we considered on upgrading our own ibadah? Does the details in movements of the practice are the same as what we had learned during primary school years (ie Solah)? Surely these kind of ibadah need to be upgraded as well. We are very accurate in learning how to stab, move, step and even what to recite when we hold a keris, but do we do the same to our 5 times daily prayer? We have many masters which has the backing (sanad) of great and well known masters in playing with keris, but do we have the same backing at least for our prayer?  That is really me.. T-T

The keris and the knowledge about it might or might not be our friend when are buried 6 feet in the ground. But surely our prayers and ibadah will, insyaallah. huhuhu It is just a reminder to the dark side of mine. The prayers from all to purify my dark side is really appreciated. Ingat aku dalam doamu.. huhuhu

What drives you?

This is one of the examples:

Picture taken from here.

I believe that this example is not the major motivation that drives you. Set the sincere target, try to find ways to get it. Insyaallah, the force will be with you. What drives you?

On The News

As a reporter from Utusan Malaysia came to the closing ceremony for the Perdana Pusaka Gayong Johor that we had before (here), we were expecting that the news to come out a couple of weeks after the event. However, we were left in dark. Nothing came out at all.

 After nearly a couple of month after that, I was told that a short news about the event came out in Utusan and Berita Harian. Better late than never. A few days later, the news came out again in Kosmo. It was a full page news. huhuhu

Kosmo, Wednesday 21st September 2011

I believe that it was a good prospect to promote the art to all. There were a lot traditional silat school in Malaysia and it is sad to see that some lack the successor or even the trainees to carry on the tradition. The school might end up buried in the grave with the master if nobody cares to learn the art from them. Hopefully the news can trigger the spirit of warrior in them and make them learn the art with heart spirit.

Nostalgic Session

Conversation between me and Donnie this morning in Whatsap.

Donnie: Damn I miss riding in cars on autobahn with friends looking at pine tress lining up while listening to the radio with German songs playing at the background of the sound of chattering and laughing while eagerly waiting for the car to pass the R&R to get cup of Joe to complete the mixture of sipping a puff of cigarette after pissing at the paid toilet in the morning fresh cold air in the middle of nowhere in the winter jacket or sweater to keep us from minor or major cold confusing if the smoke we puff out is smoke or cold air  and cursing our fucked up life that was then.

Me: Should write this on your FB. Good stuff here

Donnie: And people say I’m koyal German

Me: but that is what we feel

Donnie: Cant say anything anymore without people judging

Me: True that. Damn good stuff you wrote there.

Donnie: I miss that. I wish we could do a road trip even in Mesia. Thanks for you acknowledgement

Me: road trip to Bangsar?? Hahahaha

Donnie: Its different. The Sit down will also be nostalgic when you and Jheeh get married.

Me: What different does it makes? Jheeh getting married yes but not me.

Donnie: The situation, environment, time and experience. I mean the time in Germany. Even if we all go to Germany and try to do the exact replica experience I don’t think it will feel the same.

Me: I feel you. The feeling is just different. Stadium  plays big roles.

Donnie: About Sit down, we will look back at Bangsar sit down as nostalgic once you go back to Kelantan for good cause  you are the mastermind of Mejenism

Me: For good?? Who do you think I am? Btw I will borrow your quotes to put in Ibnulazim

Donnie: Mat Kelantan always go back to their roots, their promised land.  LMAO it is that good?  I’m honoured.

Me: I mean it. You are on fire today. Your word is valid and logical and bring me to think. Too much A Perfect Circle?

Donnie: LOL. I guess I just miss my friend.

Hafzan Lazim

The Two Wolves

One evening an old man told his son about a battle that goes on inside people.

He said, “Son, the battle is between 2 wolves inside us all. One is evil – it is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, guilt, lies, and ego. The other wolf is good-it is joy, peace, love, serenity, humanity, kindness, faith, compassion, truth and hope.”

The son asked his father. “Which wolf wins?”

The old man replied “The one you feed”

taken from Islamic Thinking

The Last Hope

We are the last hope of the human race..

The members of 6 Pintar among the Standard Six pupils..

We are special compared to the others. The GPS of the school somehow heavily depends on us because we concur the red marks. We promise that we will make some surprises or at the very least, minimise the casualty by passing the grades. Insyaallah

Peluru Waktu

semuanya berkejaran laju, tapi ke mana nak dituju? adakah akhirnya sampai ke situ? (btw, fyi, my house is on the right. huhuhu)

Masa terus berlalu
sungguh pantas dan laju
semalam isnin esok dah sabtu
minggu demi minggu berlalu

dulu tidak sebegitu
boleh dinikmati masa itu
sekarang dikejar tapi tak mampu
laju mengalahkan keretapi peluru

harus diingat di manakah aku
pada pandangan Tuhan yang satu
kembang mekar harum berbau
atau sekadar menyucup layu

ayuh bangkit dari mimpi syahdu
luangkan waktu singkat itu
fikir dan zikir setiap waktu
bersama mengejar redha dan restu

kenalilah siapa diri itu
agar tidak sesat jalan pulangmu
tidak sekali-kali lupa janjimu dulu
bahawa Dia hanya satu takkan bersekutu

3 Bijak 2010

Being a father brother to all these kids is surely worth it. Where can you find all these charming angels except in 3 Bijak 2010? But life has to go on. Some stay in the same level, a few move the best class, a few drop class and 3 of them move to other schools.

What stays is the memories that we share. Some were sweet and some was bitter. Those were the tastes that make us grown up to be better person. Perhaps in 10 years time these kids’ life would be more colorful than the life that they used to have with their father brother back in 2010. God bless us! huhuhu



We are celebrating our Malaysian Independence Day tomorrow.. However, are we really get the gist of what independence mean? What does it mean to us? Although we are nobody, we should play our own role to protect the indepence of our country. It should start with our own self, then only we can start talking about our family and so on.

Although it seems that we are free, but are we really sure about that? Perhaps there are invisible chains locking each of our neck. Perhaps the chains will be visible and known to all when the time comes. The chains are at our land, belongings, mentality, attitude and most importantly at the heart.

Brake the chains and be free. Fly as free as birds in the sky.. huhuhu

A Birthday Boy with G6PD

Today is Ariff’s third birthday. He has grown up tremendously. In these three years, I am hardly growing up physically, but hopefully not followed up with the negative mental growth. But there are people who has become  more immature day by day. But for Ariff, by looking at how he needs to face this world, I believe that he will grow up  in no time.

Hail Ariff, on his third birthday

Who knows behind those bright eyes, looks healthy same like other kids, there is something that many do not know. He is special compared to us. He is among the chosen ones. Since he was born, he carries a cursed decease. It is such a rare decease that even we would not know; the decease which is known as G6PD Deficiency.

So, what is G6PD Deficiency? It is a short term for Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency.

G6PD deficiency is an inherited condition in which the body doesn’t have enough of the enzyme glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, or G6PD, which helps red blood cells (RBCs) function normally. This deficiency can cause hemolytic anemia, usually after exposure to certain medications, foods, or even infections.

Most people with G6PD deficiency don’t have any symptoms, while others develop symptoms of anemia only after RBCs have been destroyed, a condition called hemolysis. In these cases, the symptoms disappear once the cause, or trigger, is removed. In rare cases, G6PD deficiency leads to chronic anemia.

for more info click kidshealth, Wiki and MedicineNet.

Having G6PD is like putting firecrackers (if worse, a bomb) in his stomach. Nothing happens if nobody burns the fuse. But if someone burn it, it will explode in no time (read the person will get anemia @ his red blood cells damage faster than his body can replace). What are the triggers that can lit these firecrakers?

  • illness, such as bacterial and viral infections
  • certain painkillers and fever-reducing drugs
  • certain antibiotics (especially those that have “sulf” in their names)
  • certain foods, most notably broad beans and his family
  • certain antimalarial drugs (especially those that have “quine” in their names)

Broad bean@kacang boncis@fava beans, snow beans@kacang parang?

So what the people around him need to do is to keep him away from any infections and any of the other triggers. Then only he can have an active and great life his other siblings enjoy.

Although the decease seems really harmful if it is triggered, it is nothing compared to the psychological support that this kid needs. The love and care from people around him is crucial. That is the universal medicine that anyone could not doubt. Let’s give him our warmest love and hug so that he will be brave enough to walk on the narrow and bold road ahead of him, survive in the challenges of this world and safe from the suffering of the hereafter.



Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency is an X-linked recessive hereditary disease characterised by abnormally low levels of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (abbreviated G6PD or G6PDH), a metabolic enzyme involved in the pentose phosphate pathway, especially important in red blood cell metabolism.

The choice is yours

Yin & Yang

Angle and Evil,
True and False,
Bright and Dark,
White and Black,
Heaven and Hell,
Sweet and Bitter,
Wide and Narrow,
Positive and Negative.

We are human,
Yin and Yang are in us,

We choose.

M.Nasir says in his song, Bukalah Hitimu, “Jangan Hentam Keromo Nanti Takut-takut Salah Tarik Nak Tarik Ular Lidi Tertarik Naga”.

There will be consequences of our choice. If the consequences  is not today, perhaps it is tomorrow. If it is not tomorrow, perhaps it is next week, month or years to come.. Definitely the day will come, either it is in this world, or hereafter.

Oh God! Grant us good in this world and good in the hereafter, and save us from the chastisement of the fire [Al Baqarah, 201]

Keeping Students Quiet

Students definitely love to talk. Even if they are not talking, they would be very busy doing their own business or what we call off task. As I do not want to be consistently cruel to the students, I have to use other methods which will not physically and mentally hurt them .

In the class today, when I wanted to tell them a story, a few students could not sit still. When I gave a gaze to them, they act like nothing happen. I tried hard to give more scary look to them but nothing happen. They only pay attention just when I gaze them like my eyes were about to pop out. huhuhu. Then other students will start not paying attention. The circle went on and on which made me had to call names and tried other prevention methods. huhu

As it was a shared reading activity, students sit around me and listened to the story that I read. However, because of these short attention creatures, I had to make them all focus and quiet first before we can move on to continue reading the story. Then I got a revelation!

I told all students to zip the imaginary zipper on their mouth, lock the zipper and throw the key away. Alhamdulillah, all of them were exited and did what I told. A few minutes after that, after I have read the all the story. There was a pronunciation exercise, I asked my students to pronounce certain words. And almost all of the students say the word aloud.

However, a few students refuse to open their mouth. They gave sign language to me which I translated as their request to get the keys back to unlock the zipper and unzip their mouth before they can do the pronunciation exercise. I just ignore their request and continue with the activity.

However, their friends joined them as they realised that they haven’t unlock their mouth as well. They were struggling to talk but they couldn’t. They felt that they need to unzip their mouth first. OMG, should I join the mess as well? my monologue asked me. “This is the first and the last time I join in this kind of weird yet cute act” I said to my myself.

“Ok, I have the master key which can open all the locks” I told the mute students while throwing the key to the students. All of them got exited and caught the key. They unlocked their zipper happily. Their eyes showed the satisfactory as though they just came out of pizza hut with full stomach.

After that, they have made the loudest voice that they could in the pronunciation exercise. Their action were really cute and able to entertain me whenever I remember it throughout the day.

P/s: I could not remember that I was a talkative and imaginative boy when I was in my primary school. Was I?

Memory Lane

In the middle of the night,
when you are hungry
don’t have the dinner yet
but lazy to get your stove smoking
or crawl just across the road
to order meals,

it is the time when you
remember the special places
that you went
either in your dream
or in reality

the food is served
at the perfect time
with the perfect taste
over the humble expectation..

this is the time
when you want to be there
walking down the memory lane
and makes you smile
but does it make you full?

life must go on
go and find some food
the real food
tangable, edible
not for anybody
except for your

and this is one of the places.. the kitchen corner, fresh from Lubeck..

The art of smiling

Isn’t it great if you wake up in the morning and see others smiling at you? Isn’t it even greater if you can smile at others too? It is even greater if you can smile inline with your heart, even the world outside is the other way around?

That is the value that I want to instill in my apprentices’ heart. The lesson only took a few second and they were able to produce bright and cheerful smiles that can even melt others’ heart except for their teacher’s. A few tips that I gave to the siblings which help them understanding the art of smiling are:-

  1. Lift up your cheek.
  2. Narrow you eyes a bit.
  3. Display your teeth.
  4. Get the help from your eyebrows.
  5. Show the joy especially in your eyes
  6. Be confident.
  7. Lastly, be sincere.

The objectives of the lesson were well achieved.. huhuhu


First stage

Lesson no 1: Do not ever loose your guard by closing your eyes in front of your enemy. Whatever happen, open your eyes and stay alert even when you are smiling.

Second stage

Stay away from this kind of witch smile.. People will not buy things from you if you portray this kind of smile.. huhuhu

Third stage

Almost there.. They need more practice though.. huhuhu

Irony is it? They can learn perfectly well from a teacher who rarely smile.. huhuhu..


Dear Paih,

How do you fell after being bitten by a leech? I hope you can endure the small test given to you.

Burp.. said the nearly full leech.. alhamdulillah..

Let bygone be bygone. It is written even before we were born. Monday the December 7th 2009, at 4.30 pm, 133 ml (example) of Mohd Faiz’s blood is sucked by a leech. The leach is then caught and …(not suitable to be viewed to all age and certain level of maturity)….. Full stop.

There is no need for you to be too emotional and depressed over it. There should be no trauma (you went hysteria), revenge cases (whenever you see leech, feel like you kill it), cursing the innocent animal (playing God like you are the one who creates it) or many more possibilities.

The leeches are just doing their job as a predator, assigned by their Boss, without any hesitation. To be specific, their job is to suck blood, some like Dracula. What’s the big deal?

Same to you, you need to do your job, in this case protecting ourselves from get bitten even the chances of not getting the shot is just 10% if you go to the backyard of my house. Huhuhu.. To gain some fruits, you need to sacrifice some blood. No pain no gain- easy stuff.

Your faithfully,

Your Mute Monologue.

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