Bright starting point

It is really pleasant to see people in a great quantity coming to our silat training sessions.  New faces full with curiosity and excitement are willing to undergone aggressive and tiresome training. I bet they will take back with them bruises or at the very least, some pain in the joints and muscles. Is that worth it? Well, what I can say is that it depends on their intentions joining the club in the first place.

Not that many but enough to keep both Cikgu Zam and Cikgu Mat busy.. huhuhu

Although the quantity cannot bit the quality of the students produced in a gelanggang, I believe that the quantity do affect the quality of the trainers produced. What I mean is that the peer influences (the quantity) is one of the factors that make learners become motivated to improve themselves, or at least turn up for every single training sessions.

Insyallah this number of trainers will remain the same and increase from time to time. Let’s have a bright starting point for the bright future. huhuhu


If you are interested in joining the Silat Club kindly come to the training sessions on Monday (unofficial)  and Wednesday (official) evening at 8.15p.m. The vanue is at the IPBA’s gymnasium. See you there.. huhuhu


Cik and Mek.

Saya Sayang Mereka.

Sejak akhir-akhir ini saya perasan sangat-sangat
Kedua ibubapa saya sudah terlalu uzur
Sudah hilang kudrat dan tenaga
Masa sakit, pening, demam lebih panjang daripada masa sihat
Saya perhatikan kedua-duanya semakin kurus
Makin banyak urat dan tulang yang timbul
Merah muka mereka telah berganti pucat
Tiada lagi boleh disebut makanan kegemaran
Pada mereka semuanya tidak membuka selera
Tiada lagi kudrat untuk berdiri lama
Tiada lagi tenaga untuk berjalan jauh
Ya Allah, kasihanilah mereka
Berkatilah hidup mereka
Bahagiakanlah hidup mereka dunia akhirat


Her grandchildren always make her smile.

I managed to read this from Che Sue’s blog. Everybody knows time and tide wait for no man. Whatever the fknc it means, I know that time is the important essence for me now. With 11 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren, I know somehow their live seem already complete. I pray to God to spare me infinite or at least some time to spend with them. Let me proof or show to them how much important is them to me and how much I love them. Let me slowly fulfill my dream by showing this. If not I only got me to blame. God forbid, the guiltiness will eat up my soul forever.

Cik and Mek with thier granddaughter and great grandkid.

“My father always tell me never get old but I never listen.”

Hafzan Lazim


Where is everbody? My guess Mat Paih is busy with his seni silat. Che Nor maybe busy with her education and work. Hjh. Zainab is busy “mencari duit lebih” for her trip to overseas. Hj Lazim will be always busy with his plantation. Mat Hapih and Kak Atie are busy with their active boys. Mat Afiq busy with his “cici”. Mat Arif is busy learning how to walk.

I myself was never been busy. Sometimes I just pretend to be busy. I don’t want to be outdated person because it seem busy is some kind of trend that must be followed by every civilized human. But this month I cannot pretend to be busy anymore. I will be really busy. I will be moving out from my current room. I must leave this room and will rent a private house. Today I already started to pack some of my stuff. I already threw some of my things to save some space and to forget some memories. It was hard for me to see all of my notes, reports and scripts to be thrown away. I knew I will not open or use again all of the things. But still it makes me sad.

Somehow I inherited my mother character. It is difficult for my mother to throw out stuff. Even if the stuff is not important she will try to keep it. At the end the stuff will eat away the space in our house. My father always argued with her about this matter. My father said to her that he guaranteed that she will not open or touch or read all those things again after she properly piled up those things. It seem to be true. At the end my father built a special storage room for her to put all of the stuff. In that room you can see thousand of things. For example her students scrapbooks, examination papers, and so on.

To tell the truth, I love living in this room. I have so many friends here.  I will leave my friends who always share different thought with me. I will be leaving my friends who always invited me to eat.  Nahhhh I am already tired. It been so long since the last time I wrote something in this blog. I am really  exhausted. Maybe next time I will be able to write more, more proper and more word.

great old days.

Hafzan Lazim

Meeting The Master III

Although it is Saturday, we still have classes that need to be replaced. Luckily it was not that packed as I finished the class and lecture before noon. Then with Warid, I rushed to the National Museum as from the pamphlet that I have, it tells that there were silat performances in conjunction with the traditional weapon exhibition.

I felt fortunate when I saw one of the senior masters of Silat Seni Gayong Malaysia, Cikgu Sazali was there as well. A group of unrecognisable taikos were talking to him. Able to greet to him just for a few seconds, Insyaallah there will be the next meeting for us. It has been quite a number of years since the last time I met him. When I was in secondary school, we used to invite him to the silat courses that were organised.

Anak Gayong from PLKU did their performances in the event. They showed bunga tanjung movements, lompatan, some kuncian and pukulan as well as pentas hidup using Malay traditional weapons such as parang, keris and tombak.  There were also other performances from others such as the dances and the ice carving demonstration.

Sundang Ghaib (?). The pic was taken from Ayah Su’s

When I got back and surf the net, Ayah Su has already posted the pictures that he took at Melawi beach 10 years ago.  Such a coincidence.. I do not believe in coincidence though.. huhuhu. The picture contains a lot of memories. We were training some movement with Cikgu Sazali and Pak Ngah Izahar.

About Courtesy and Manners

Yes.. By observing what is currently happening around me, I do agree with the finding of this survey.

Among the last

just 35% passed

I hope I am in the 35% group. huhuhu..


A wise person once said to me that there are many ways you can be noble in the eyes of God. One of the ways is by being patient all the times. It is not by showing others how you can endure the challenges, but the most important of all is how your heart react when such thing occur..

The wise person added that it is as though, when a silly person throw shit at your face, you thank the person like he/she has given you one kilogram of gold. huhuhu


Membeli buku amalan mulia

Kawan-kawan yg dikasihi sekalian,


Mak ayah saya dulu selalu pesan, beli buku bagus utk kesihatan. So kat sini saya nak promotela kan.. marilah kita beli e-book “Sinopsis Seerah Rasulullah”. Bagus e-book ni, sbb dia dah summarizekan and macam buat peta minda semua. Yang bagusnya jugak, dia ade soalan2 latih tubi lagi haa..

Berminat? haa berminat la please.

Sinopsis Seerah 50% II

Marilah kita sama-sama mendekati Rasulullah!

Cerita lama.

Lokasi: Pantai Irama Bachok
Tarikh: Musim Panas 2004

Hafzan Lazim

Sepetang bersama Mat Afiq

Mat Afiq.

Me: Hello, sapa nih?

Afiq: nak cici, nak bas, nak ayam, nak telor…….

Me:? 😕 😕 😕 😕


Botak palo demo, Mat Apih. Mat Afiq naik darjah satu nanti kena beli kereta sengoti ko dio. hahahahhah. Lucu-lucu. 2-3 hari tersenyum sorang-sorang. Yang sorang tu, Mat Afiq dah petah bercakap. Yang sorang lagi tu, Ariff dah pandai duduk. Abe Je jah hok tak pandai-pandai nak balik lagi.


Tahniah ko demo, Yo ngan Adie buleh anak laki berambut lebat bernama Mat Adief. Harapnya murah rezeki demo anak-beranok.

Hafzan Lazim

Strange Fish

Perhaps, I am the only person who didn’t know that this kind of fish do exist. Or maybe they are called with other names in the other part of the world, ikan buntal? I guess not. huhuhu..

How can a mouse become fish?

Do their physical characteristic resemble the real mickey mouse? I can’t see any.. Maybe their taste? hmmm

I found them when I went to Paklang’s wet market with Abe Hapih, Kak Atie and the kids. huhuhu

“RadiantFace” kueh


Seri Muka!

Seri Muka!

Project kueh seri muka finally completed this evening. Thanks to my housemates! hehe korang mmg laah awesome. So what’s next? Kuih sagu amacam?

That’s the bright side of my day. despite that I missed my shift early this morning. and also tons of homeworks to do. to do means need to be done and that also means I haven’t done it yet. Ok till then, have a blast day kawan2.

p/s: Ppl, I think I just created a blog using blogspot and that’s for my project with LE.