The one with Huhn, Hänchen and Hund.

It happened during coffee break in the coffee roam at my workplace.

Hauke: Was isst du zu Hause? (What do you eat back home?)

Me: I esse viele Reis. (I eat a lot of rice.)

Hauke: Mit Huhn? (With chicken?)

Me: Ich esse keine Hund. Kätze auch. Du Leute immer zu mir fragen ob ich Kätze oder Hund esse. (I didn’t eat dog. Cat too. You guys always ask weather I eat cat or dog.)

Hauke: Isst du kein Huhn? Was isst du dann? (You didn’t eat chicken? So what do you eat actually?)

Me: I bin Muslim. Ich bin wählerisch mit mein Essen. Ich esse kein Schwein, Kätze, Hund und so weiter. Ich esse normal Essen wie Hänchen, Lamm, Kalb, Fisch und so weiter. (I am Muslim. I am very particular about my food. There are things I don’t eat such as Pork, cat, dog and so on. But I eat normal food such as mutton, beef, chicken, fish and so on.)

Hauke: Darf ich mal stören? Huhn ist Hänchen. (Can I disturb you? Chicken is chicken.)

My face turned red. (But I have a pretty dark skin. “Face turned red” just to make story become more dramatic)

Hauke: Ich weiß du isst nicht alle. (I know you don’t eat everything)

Me: Dann, bin ich entspannen. (What a relief)


Hund= dog

Huhn, Hänchen= Chicken.

Morale of the Story

  1. Pronounce the word correctly. Small matter does make a big difference.
  2. Start watching deutsch TV, listening deutsch Radio and reading deutsch newspaper.

If you don’t get the story I will be damn. But I cannot explain the story because women hate man who explain why his jokes are funny, man who always correct their grammar and the rest I didn’t remember. I hate when women hate me. The rest math, you do it yourself.

P/S: You too can make a different by switching of the light before go to sleep.

Hafzan Lazim


To write it down for all the world to see, but i forgot my pen. Typical me.

No matter how good you are. No matter how prepared you are. Bad things still happen. It just likes a blood to vampire. No body can separate both of the elements. Sometimes it is hard to swallow. You feel helpless and powerless. But life goes on. What you can do is to pick up the pieces and move on. You got to admit there is Greater Forces that control the surrounding and the universe. Ha ha ha. I don’t know why I write these things in my first entry. I guess all of you know about this lame wisdom. But there is no harm to be a little pessimist. Reminder is the best medicine, or laughter?? I don’t really remember.

By the way I dedicate this first entry to my Nenek. I not speak to her for a long period of time. Not because I am busy or anything, maybe because I didn’t have the courage to pick up the phone and make some call. I think she the only women can crack me open. To hear her voice is like stabbing a sharp knife to my chest. Old saying goes; It is hard to express yourself in front of the love one. It works to me at least. Man, I miss my family and friends badly. Happy long life I wish to all of you.
Photobucket Photobucket

This is my Beloved Nenek. Hjh Aminah binti Mat Akib.

Many Thanks to my brother Faiz because give me such opportunity to express myself by chopping his blog. It never crosses my mind that I will write something for the entire world to see. You know what, maybe this will be my first writing and maybe the last. We will see.

To my sister Naziha, you can fly home every month, every week or every hour. But you can never make bigger surprise just like I did few years ago. You know what I mean. Loud and clear!!! You will never even come close. Ha ha ha. One more thing, Hail Afiq didn’t like woman. You can try but you never know. Ha ha ha. Happy Holiday and enjoy youself. You deserve a little break.

Einen Schönen Tag Noch,

Hafzan Lazim

A combined force

This weekend, when I was thinking about the assignments that desperately need to be done (by hook or by crook, or else I’ll be in the dead end), I came across with one brilliant idea. It was nothing to do with the assignments. I was off task again. and again. sigh.

Why do I need to think about something else when my life is at the edge of the sword, nonetheless why do I need to consider any idea concerning doing the assignments as brilliant? The first question is sooo me but the other is not. huhuhu..

I was just thinking that it will be great if I can bring together all of my siblings into one place to share our ideas, experiences, news and events that occur in our respected places. The place is here, the ibnulazim wordpress. Each of us has our own story to share. I would say that although we used to live under one roof, we are totally different in the way we think, the way we see things around us and the way we express ourselves. These are the things that make us unique and able to complement one another.

ibnulazim.wordpress, connecting people

Currently we live far away from each other which has made our life quite miserable especially in the situation where we are not being able to gather and met our parents in a regular basis at all. The last family gathering was at the end of the year 2006. The scenario has worsen when I saw the countdown that my sister put in her Friendster page. She is going back home in a few days time.. huhuhu

who I want to met from my sis Friendster page..

It is hoped that, with the existence of this shared blog, my siblings and I are be able to share stories about anything comes under the sun which may result in the closing the physical gap between us. ‘Jauh di mata dekat di blog’ (far away from the sight, but close in the blog).

Learning from Each Other

After having a last minute planning and with the will and mercy of the God, I have got the opportunity to visit the Gayong Ireland’s gelanggang which is situated in Dublin, Ireland. This was due to the invitation that I got to witness the grading sessions at the gelanggang. That was not a pleasant invitation though because my name was as well (at first) in the grading list!

A short talk before the grading started

Although it was just the weekend visit, it was a great trip because I was able to meet quite a number of ‘taikos’ which included Cikgu Hakim, Cikgu Hafiz and Cikgu Rais. Everyone has their own specialities. And I? Just grabbed the golden opportunity to learn, learn and learn.

One of the cool Kakashi techniques (similar to Gayong’s?).

I was quite impressed watching the doctor-to-be (majority of them) practising the silat, especially for the novices. They have shown a true spirit of the ‘pendekar’. I’ve seen people traning walking on the hot embers before, but not training in the soft hail before (a type snow – not Hail Afiq).

A very high jump shown by Muhaimin.

As I am from the Pusaka Gayong‘s school, watching the Gayong Malaysia‘s syllabus was quite a new experience for me. They have their own strength and the same goes to the Pusaka Gayong’s. That is why the late Grandmaster Dato’ Meor Abdul Rahman did not teach everything he knows to one person. He wants everyone to be humble and learn the Gayong from each other.

Learning from each other in the ‘crowded’ sparring session.

“Segayong-sekendi-seperigi-seminum-sejalan-sejadi-sedarah-sedaging-sepadu”. Lets not make it just as a motto, lets turn it into a practice- a reality.

Credit to Gayong Ireland for the photos. Credit to the Hotel number 10 (taro, min n the gang) for the accommodation and everything. Credit to the Cikgu(s) for the knowledge shared. Credit to all my friends for the enlightenment and the most credit goes to Allah SWT from before-the-A to after-the-Z.

Disneyland Kingdom

I spent the first two days in Paris in the disneyland parks. It was so huge that I could not cover both parks within the two days. There were a lot of places to go and of course to take pictures. Can I say that it was an XXL version of the ‘Ayah Pin‘s Celestial Kingdom’ and the Genting Highland?

Star tours? hmm

macam-macam ada

If you asked me whether the trip was a worth it trip, i would say hmmm. Unless if i was just a small kid, and then only I would say that it is an interesting and a memorable trip.

However, I have seen quite a number of parents (adult like me) were so supportive that they were jumping around with their children when they watched the disney characters marching on the street. And gradually, these parents became more energetic than their children. I wish I could be like that as I will be a primary school teacher and it will help a lot in the teaching and learning process. huhuhu

Some of the Disney characters

At the end of the day, I just wonder how much money do they get every day for having sooo many much (uncountable) visitors coming to the parks.

For more pictures, click here

Meeting the Master

Last few days, on my vacation to Paris, I have the opportunity to meet one of the young Masters in the Seni Silat Gayong Malaysia, Cikgu Shaiful Hakim Mohamed Noor.

Cikgu Hakim (left). Over pose pic..

Just a couple of years older than me, he is now a black belt Gayong master. It is with a few Dans as well. I have to construct on my own understanding about who actually deserves the belt as before this I thought that the person must be someone who is far older than him. And of course the person needs to have the wide knowledge on the written and unwritten syllabuses. Not to forget that he or she must have some experiences on the application part of these syllabuses.

However, that is not my main point. What amazes me is that he is able to open new ‘gelanggang(s)’ far away from home. Being able to handle new comers who have learnt other martial arts before and would challenge him first before joining the school is quite impressive. I must admit that I do not have the courage yet, and still searching for it.

My visit at one of his gelanggangs

In addition, I admire his enthusiasm and craziness in learning a variety school of martial arts. He knows a little bit here and there. It is like a compliment to what he has already known. He is on the right track to be a great person in the future (amin). Insyaallah (God willing) we will met again in the future to share some of the knowledge especially about Gayong. I’ll be in Dublin next few weeks to visit him and his students.

His weapons.. just Wow..

**I should talk about my ‘real’ visit to Paris rather than talking about this topic. Save the best for the last.. huhuhu..