A Birthday Boy with G6PD

Today is Ariff’s third birthday. He has grown up tremendously. In these three years, I am hardly growing up physically, but hopefully not followed up with the negative mental growth. But there are people who has become  more immature day by day. But for Ariff, by looking at how he needs to face this world, I believe that he will grow up  in no time.

Hail Ariff, on his third birthday

Who knows behind those bright eyes, looks healthy same like other kids, there is something that many do not know. He is special compared to us. He is among the chosen ones. Since he was born, he carries a cursed decease. It is such a rare decease that even we would not know; the decease which is known as G6PD Deficiency.

So, what is G6PD Deficiency? It is a short term for Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency.

G6PD deficiency is an inherited condition in which the body doesn’t have enough of the enzyme glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, or G6PD, which helps red blood cells (RBCs) function normally. This deficiency can cause hemolytic anemia, usually after exposure to certain medications, foods, or even infections.

Most people with G6PD deficiency don’t have any symptoms, while others develop symptoms of anemia only after RBCs have been destroyed, a condition called hemolysis. In these cases, the symptoms disappear once the cause, or trigger, is removed. In rare cases, G6PD deficiency leads to chronic anemia.

for more info click kidshealth, Wiki and MedicineNet.

Having G6PD is like putting firecrackers (if worse, a bomb) in his stomach. Nothing happens if nobody burns the fuse. But if someone burn it, it will explode in no time (read the person will get anemia @ his red blood cells damage faster than his body can replace). What are the triggers that can lit these firecrakers?

  • illness, such as bacterial and viral infections
  • certain painkillers and fever-reducing drugs
  • certain antibiotics (especially those that have “sulf” in their names)
  • certain foods, most notably broad beans and his family
  • certain antimalarial drugs (especially those that have “quine” in their names)

Broad bean@kacang boncis@fava beans, snow beans@kacang parang?

So what the people around him need to do is to keep him away from any infections and any of the other triggers. Then only he can have an active and great life his other siblings enjoy.

Although the decease seems really harmful if it is triggered, it is nothing compared to the psychological support that this kid needs. The love and care from people around him is crucial. That is the universal medicine that anyone could not doubt. Let’s give him our warmest love and hug so that he will be brave enough to walk on the narrow and bold road ahead of him, survive in the challenges of this world and safe from the suffering of the hereafter.



Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency is an X-linked recessive hereditary disease characterised by abnormally low levels of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (abbreviated G6PD or G6PDH), a metabolic enzyme involved in the pentose phosphate pathway, especially important in red blood cell metabolism.

Meeting The Master IX

Introducing my two masters Cikgu Zainizam (Cikgu Zam) and Cikgu Ahmad Zawari (Cikgu Mat). They had been teaching silat in IPBA for a couple of years before I entered the college. They carry the Pusaka Gayong Flag as they learned the art in their younger age.

Cikgu Mat on the left and Cikgu Zam on the right side of the picture.

We knew Cikgu Zam as a teacher who can elaborate things in greater details. He is able to explain why something needs to be like this and not like that. His skills especially in this area always amazes me. Besides, he has the  ability to show the gentle side in his silat movement. Perhaps, that happens because he learned silats other than Pusaka Gayong as well, which he always hide from us. I only know that he used to be one of Cikgu Amin Hamzah’s students at the end of my time in the college.

Cikgu Mat is known as a teacher who remember the sillibuss that he has from cover to cover. Acquire the skills mainly at UUM Sintok, Kedah along with Cikgu Zam, I am sure that he had really done his homework those days by doing a lot of drilling in his sillat lesson. By just looking up to the syilling (don’t ask me why), in an instance he was able to show the moves that you have requested. huhuhu. Perhaps his teachers such as Cikgu Shahudin, Cikgu Shahrudin, Cikgu Ghani, Cikgu Fadhil and ect. (mainly from Sungai Limau) had used special methodology to train them. I am clueless about that. In KL, Cikgu Mat moves under Cikgu Muhidin and had also trained in ADMA. Cikgu Muhayadin is among the senior teachers who are the right man under Cikgu Awang. However, I have yet to discover more about this senior teacher.

It was a bless to have about the same thing taught to me (may I say in a revised edition). To start with, my foundation in Gayong was in Pusaka Gayong and in fact, majority of the source of my schooling years knowledge comes from the brilliant teachers from Gurun which was passed down to my teachers. Therefore, by having Cikgu Zam and Cikgu Mat sharing their knowledge with me, I was able to widen my horizon. There is no doubt that these two masters taught me on how to look at things in different perspectives.

Starting to learn from them in the mid 2004, stopping for a while to further my study and came back to tidy up things on 2009, I feel that the time given was short. It ended up with more puzzles that I need to solve. The quest is never near to a fullstop. Many trainers got confused when meeting Gayong teachers that are not the same Gayong as yours. My advice is simple; open your heart and learn from them. The variety that they show will give you more understanding about things. These varieties are the beauty of Silat Gayong that makes you nodding your head , smiling and proclaiming that Allah is always great deep in your heart.

We knew Cikgu Zam as a teacher who can elaborate things in greater details. Besides, his ability to show the gentle side in his silat movement. Perhaps, that happens because he learned silat other than Gayong Pusaka as well, which he always hide from us.

Let’s Move on!

No more sad story.. Life must go on. Even the world keeps on rotating although the pollution is beyond control. Ramadhan is appraoching, and in a blink of seconds Syawal will come.. So, what is the theme for this year’s Eid? I mean the colour for the whole family.. Any brilliant suggestion on this?

Kg Kadok, Eid 2009

Look at last year’s festive. Pretty messed up wasn’t it? I mean in term of colour and number.. Lets have a more synchronised  uniform this year. And hereby, I appoint Che Nor as the Secretary to set up  all the necessary things that need to be done to achieve the mission. She is only person who is currently at home.. huhuhu. Good Luck!

If he sits among us..

If the Phophet Muhammad SAW were among us, what would he say about our behaviour? T-T.. It is the time for a deep into the bottom of the heart reflection. While the physical heart is still pumping.