Visit Kelantan 2016

This year is Visit Kelantan Year. The Department of Muzeum Kelantan has conducted quite a number of events in order to attract tourists all over the country. One of the events that was organised was calling different school of silat to perform live demonstration.

We were asked to do a silat demonstration during the school break holiday. The organiser had asked our silat school to show some moves for about a duration of two hours, consisting only five person (2 pairs and a single trainer).

Therefore our teacher had asked the senior practitioners to play. Perhaps these practitioners were able to drag the moves in order to buy some time.


Tari by Syukri


Live music


Fadrul and Adi Syahid with their sparring pentas


The picture was edited a bit as my tanjak was not properly worn.. huhu

On the surface, it seems that we are collaborating to do the demonstration. However personally, I believe that this event was also a trace to meet again my long lost friend.

I could not remember when was our last meeting but one thing for sure we had been working together a lot in our school silat committee during our schooling years.

Lembing Feast

Last school break on the 3rd and 4th December 2015, we had the opportunity to invite Pak Ngah Izahar to Kelantan to conduct a course on the Seni Lembing.

The main aim was to gather the Anak Gayong Bachok who are still in touch although majority of us were not that active. It can be considered as a mini reunion to us.

In order to summon the members who have a lot of commitment to come and sit together, we have to frame a convincing bait to them. And the seni lembing course was one of the initiative.


Alhamdulillah, although Pak Ngah was not as fit as he was years back, he was still manage to visit us here in Bachok. Credit also to Cikgu Zinan who has to take leave in order to teach us under guidance of Pak Ngah.

Akhlak comes first

Alhamdulillah, God permits me to see another dark side of a silat practitioner, and it is beyond my wildest imagination. Before this, I have met a few and only hear the story about negative people who practice silat.

The list of this kind of bad personalities is shamefully long.

blackheartThe beast (mazmumah) inside..

I believe that when Islam, Iman and Ihsan is put aside, everything that is practiced would somehow go out of the right track. In silat, Islam, Iman and Ihsan are all ingredients that build one’s akhlak (manner) to the perfection.

If a school of silat or a teacher brings you closer to the God using the path of prophet Muhammad SAW, then you are on the right path. On the other hand, if by practicing silat allows you to do bad things, then better find other one. If you are already a teacher or a master, nobody will bother to correct you unless you are humble to change. Then with God will, He would find ways to teach you.

  • If you are a Master but your akhlak is bad, you are nothing.
  • If you have wealth but you akhlak is bad, you are nothing.
  • If you have the fame but your akhlak is bad, you are nothing.
  • If you look ‘religous’ but your akhlak is bad, you are nothing.
  • If you are a great warrior but your akhlak is bad, you are nothing.
  • If you ‘look good’ but you are actually hypocrite, you are nothing.
  • The list goes on..
  • However, if you have the akhlak, you actually have everything.

Pointing Finger at others

Pointing finger at others is an easy spontaneous action that we always do. We tend to judge others based on little knowledge that we have about them and based on what people say on them. 

The world has become smaller each day with the expansion of the usage of the Internet. People have turned to be more outspoken in social media and in a way affects the real world as well. Propaganda (read lies) is spread in a blink of second.

So where do we stand?

Better correcting ourselves rather than correcting others (which are nearly impossible). One of my teachers used to say that when we see something bad at others, look at ourselves whether the bad thing has traces in us (which usually exist). We’ll be busy searching, correcting and seeking forgiveness on our mistakes instead of pointing fingers at other.

The Killer question is..

We are busy talking, commenting, elaborating, reading and watching on issues that happen around us (read on social media as well) which rarely related to the Deen. So, how many seconds do we use our time to really remember on Allah and things evolve around Him? Pity us.

Learning from others

Years back when I was in Jitsu, there were few precious values that I have learned from them. The way the lesson was conducted really scare us off.

557690_245467095581704_96765395_nArranging the mats was also part of the training. pic take from (here)

Once we stepped on the mat, we would be in the whole new world. The nonstop training (read-torture) was really worth every penny that we pay.

The extreme was that we didn’t even have the time to think about the move that was taught, We were asked to let the body and muscle do the thinking and memorising. Talking to each other and taking time to take breath was out of question.

It would be really great if this kind of positive attitude can be practiced in our gelanggang.

to Him we shall return

SEMC 3MP DSC Friday, 3rd Ramadhan 1434 @ 12th July 2013

الذين اذا اصابتهم مصيبة قالوا انا لله وانا اليه راجعون

“Who, when a misfortune overtakes them, say:

‘Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return‘.”.

Allah plans perfectly and knows the best.

Silat Sendeng

Alhamdulillah, I have now being transferred to Muar. I am currently teaching at a hospital here. It is a new perspective on how I see teaching is, and how it actually should be.

At the same time, I have been looking around on where I can learn and get some sweat in Martial Art, especially in Silat. It took me some time before I found one of the great silat that exist in Johor, which is Silat Sendeng.

Yesterday I had the chance to watch the Silat Sendeng Muar Postponement Ceremony for this coming Ramadhan. When I watched the demonstration done by the students as well as the teachers, I could see some patterns in their movements with what I have seen before.

 I have gone to a number of wedding ceremonies in Johor and the ‘bunga sembah’ is about the same. And now only I knew that the dance is coming from the same source. Silat Sendeng is widely spread among the community in the state, either among the youngsters as young as the primary school students or the old folks.

No wonder Silat Sendeng is declared as the official silat for the Johor state. According to the Bos of Sendeng Johor, they are the silent supporter to the state and nation. When a crisis happens to us (hopefully not), they will come out like Vendetta.. huhuhu


Buka gelanggang

IMG_1256eThe speech from the Sendeng Muar Bos. The Sendeng Johor Bos is sitting in the Brown shirt.

IMG_1259eDemo from all the trainees

IMG_1268eParang Play

IMG_1273eBadik Play, something new for me. huhuhu

IMG_1274eKeris Play

Insyaallah, I would further my study in the silat in the near future. It can surely eliminate some part of my thirst in learning the forgotten art.. huhuhu

Mengingatkan diri sendiri

Untuk mengelakkan luka pada orang lain antara perkara yang boleh dilakukan ialah dengan memastikan mulut dan emosi  tidak lebih cepat dari minda. Masalahnya ialah minda bawah sedar samaada positif atau negatif sangat mempengaruhi kehidupan manusia.

kamra 556e

Untuk mengubah minda bawah sedar yang terlalu negatif, orang lain hanya kemungkinan boleh sedikit membantu tetapi yang pentingnya adalah diri sendiri.

Berkawanlah dengan orang-orang yang boleh membimbing ke syurga. Selalu refleksi diri dan carilah ilmu sebanyak mungkin untuk mengubah kehidupan supaya menjadi lebih bermakna tertutama di penghujung usia.

One and only

Really need to hold to the One, the only One..

Tiada Dua

Allahumma solli ‘ala Sayyidina Muhammad

This is one of the jewels that was left by Allahyarham Tok Ayah Musa Tumpat (Syaikhuna Al-‘Alim Al-‘Allamah Asy-Syaikh Tuan Guru Haji ‘Abdul Qadir Bin Muhammad Yusuf Hafizahullah Ta’ala).

Oo God please give us strength to follow your path, the path that is shown by our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW ..

Al Fatihah to Tok Ayah Musa Tumpat, our parents, teachers, relatives, friends and all Muslimin and Muslimat..

The New Hail in The House

Alhamdulillah, everyone is safe. huhuhu

Hail Aqid

Hail Aqid Bin Mohd Hafiz.. credit to Che Nor for the picture.

Insyaallah his belief in Islam is as firm as his name. And that nothing can shake his strong heart towards Allah. And that he witnesses that no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is the messanger of Allah. Thus, he practises everyhing to indicate what he preaches. That is the true colour of my Aqid.. huhuhu

Good Bye Mr Scoot

Dear Mr Scoot,

Mr Scoot is still looking strong, cruising with pride despite the age..

You have served me really well since I was in secondary school until last few days. Many things were done during the days and nights, heat and rain, happy and hard times. Alhamdulillah, God has protected us safe and sound when we were together.

Yeah you are now my past, but you will always present in my heart. What remains now is the Future.. huhuhu

The presence

Sometimes reading a comic can be educational too.

Based on this comic, it can be summarised that some part of the objectives in learning martial art are:

  1. To be able to know what presence is.
  2. To be able to read the enemy’s presence.
  3. To be able to eliminate one own presence.

How do we achieve the objectives? Find a good master who can fight not by mouth.  Surely he can guide you to be able to know the presence. It is not an easy road to walk but with the passion and patient, insyaallah there should be a way to success.

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The skills in the pocket

A person may have a lot of skills that he has learned throughout the years. Or perhaps mastering a variety of skills in handling weapons with a collection of them in the wardrobe. Some are written nicely in the manual book or being recorded in the hard disk in order to capture the memory so that it will not fade in the future .


However, usually people don’t carry them all in their pocket, in case they face an emergency. This is when a person need to choose which one he prefers the most. The one he is comfortable with and the one that he believes most effective among all that he has.

Then comes the practice to sharpen the skills in order to create better confidence when he encounters the real situation. The training should be made countless time until the person can do them in any situation with anybody even with the eyes closed!

Some martial art schools do not have much many moves yet their few moves are practical in many situation. The key secret is the drilling until it ripes. They need to really master just a few moves in order to survive.

On the other hand, Silat Gayong is known for its countless number of movements in its syllabus. Furthermore, the syllibus can be vary from one master to another. However the disciple (including me) might be trapped in trying to grasp the skills as much moves as he can. At the end of the day, the disciple might become Jack of all trades, master of none. Poor him…

This situation usually happens to the amatuer level. If something bad happens, he starts blaming his teacher or the school that he went for not preparing him well to the real world. He himself should be blamed first for believing that quantity means quality which rarely true. Poor him…

Quality is the priority  and quantity means bonus. It is like having a pocketknife in your pocket which is already ok, but having a multi-tools swiss army knife or perhaps a few more gadgets is a bonus. However, having a picture of knife in your pocket which you think as a real one might give you a big problem!

What he should be doing is finding the one that he really likes and practise it until he becomes one with the moves. He should make the muscles in the body save the data (not the youtube). It will come out automatically (with the will of God) when he needs it.

The great thing being in Gayong Meor Rahman is that you are able to choose, from different schools to different teachers to different hundreds or thousands of moves. Don’t be too greedy to master all at once. But be greedy to learn and preserve the art. The masters are losing their age. Better we be hurry or else it will be too late.

Perlahan-lahan makan anak Sayang
Jangan sampai tercekik paku seluruh alam.

(Oh Anak!, Phoenix Bangkit, 2001)

Besilat means able to hit and not being hit (too much), the others are just the accessories. At least that is what I syoksendiri believe, Therefore, put a few skills in your pocket so that you won’t get embarrassed  if you encounter a fight on the street (with the will of God). huhuhu

Picture taken from (here– the writer has also written a critical review on silat)

Soft Skills

One day, Tok Gajah was together with Tok Ku Paloh. Tok Ku Paloh was holding a sugar cane stick  when he asked Tok Gajah to get it from his hand. Tok Gajah immediately tried to grab it from Tok Ku Paloh. Later, the sugar cane was crushed.

Then, Tok Ku Paloh made a jest, “These are the people who use strength (ilmu gagah), the sugar cane was all crushed and cannot be eaten anymore”. “Wasn’t it better if you asked from me politely? Surely I would give it to you”

Where could I learn this kind of soft skills? Knowing the right thing to do to the right person, to the right extent, at the right time.

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