This weekend, when I was thinking about the assignments that desperately need to be done (by hook or by crook, or else I’ll be in the dead end), I came across with one brilliant idea. It was nothing to do with the assignments. I was off task again. and again. sigh.

Why do I need to think about something else when my life is at the edge of the sword, nonetheless why do I need to consider any idea concerning doing the assignments as brilliant? The first question is sooo me but the other is not. huhuhu..

I was just thinking that it will be great if I can bring together all of my siblings into one place to share our ideas, experiences, news and events that occur in our respected places. The place is here, the ibnulazim wordpress. Each of us has our own story to share. I would say that although we used to live under one roof, we are totally different in the way we think, the way we see things around us and the way we express ourselves. These are the things that make us unique and able to complement one another.

ibnulazim.wordpress, connecting people

Currently we live far away from each other which has made our life quite miserable especially in the situation where we are not being able to gather and met our parents in a regular basis at all. The last family gathering was at the end of the year 2006. The scenario has worsen when I saw the countdown that my sister put in her Friendster page. She is going back home in a few days time.. huhuhu

who I want to met from my sis Friendster page..

It is hoped that, with the existence of this shared blog, my siblings and I are be able to share stories about anything comes under the sun which may result in the closing the physical gap between us. ‘Jauh di mata dekat di blog’ (far away from the sight, but close in the blog).


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  1. nur said,

    January 9, 2011 at 3:38 pm

    ^_^ Saya sentiasa kagum dengan cinta… & mlm ni saya jatuh cinta dengan cinta kalian… smoga Allah redha, smoga Allah redha dengan cinta kalian sekeluarga…

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