What drives you?

This is one of the examples:

Picture taken from here.

I believe that this example is not the major motivation that drives you. Set the sincere target, try to find ways to get it. Insyaallah, the force will be with you. What drives you?

Meeting The Master XVII

It started when Pak Ngah Izahar suggests me to find a teacher of his batch who is now hold the Gayong organization in Johor. He is Cikgu Mohd Noor bin Haji Abdul Samad. Because of some of hindrances, the intention was postponed for years until these few weeks.

It is quite weird when I manage to travel for quite some distance to watch students practicing and I did not realise that there is a Gayong gelanggang in my residential area, just a stone trow away from my house. I should now be more greedy to learn from both gelanggangs. The interesting part was that the instructors are the active Gayong Malaysia members under Cikgu Mohd Nor. What a bless.

Cikgu Mohd Nor, picture taken from the website of Gayong UTM.

Tracking him down the net was quite impossible because I could not find any story about him. Although he is among the early batch who learn Gayong in Singapore, not many seems to know him. I guess only those who learn along with and under Cikgu Mohd Nor know who he really is.

The word of wisdom that came out from his mouth really excites me. It makes my decision to apply for a transfer to my hometown shakes pretty hard. Getting the big picture on how he approaches the syllabus tailors pretty much on the late Grandmaster’s way has made me think even harder. Then, he assures me with one statement, “Be confident with the destiny, we can’t do anything about what had happened. And the good things are everywhere, you don’t have to worry about it.”

He practices the wisdom of timba mencari perigi. Furthermore, he is really strict in pouring his knowledge and skills to others including to his students. The courses were rarely held as to make students master what were being taught first. Only the chosen ones were able to join, not openly held to everyone. All of the classes and courses were kept almost under the radar. He prefers being low profile as nobody although he is somebody in Gayong.

Hopefully I can learn something valuable from him or at least from his apprentices. His way of looking at the Gayong knowledge has opened a new perspective from how I saw the school back then. More input from him is needed and really appreciated in order to widen my horizon and view to my own self, Gayong and the world at large.