My toys III

I regretted my decision leaving this toy at home. I should have bring it here to the college so that I can always be with the toy. Oh my Perangkap Bayang.. huhuhu

Mr. Perangkap Bayang. The picture was taken from Ayah Su’s.

It is a new made keris, a duplicate from my uncle’s. A Javanese Megantara style with an extreme tapered yet balance shape, it is definitely one of my preferences. What about you? The making process only took about two weeks time. It was like a second for me as I was busy with all of the stuff at that time. The keris makers were really effective in doing their works, as the process would usually take about half a year time.

Having a good blade does not necessarily mean that one knows how to use it properly. However, it is always good to at least be prepared with what might happen in the future, you’ll never know. The next step is to learn how to use it as a real weapon, not as a toy like me. The later step is a bit hard and taking a lot of effort and times. huhuhu

Lastly, you need to learn how to always be assured that all come from the One. He is the one who give everything and He is the one where we get help. The weapons, skills and strenght are all from Him. Be careful with what you possess because it may also bring you to desaster especially in the hereafter. Not because of possessing it, but because of believing that they (the weapons) have power to protect you from harms.  This is one type of polytheism that we should always avoid. Nauzubillahiminzalik.


Home Therapy

I managed to rush back to my hometown after the school session on Friday. Although I had planned a lot, I was only able to do a small part of it. Hopefully I carry the plans forward to the future. huhuhu

qalbul mu’minun baitullah..

Just staying at home for a bit was more than enough for me. Maa and Abah told me to go here and there. However, I kindly rejected the offers. I didn’t not know the real reason behind it. Perhaps I just wanted to stay home and took some time to appreciate what I have around me. With all the blessing that He has given, whether we realise it or not.

On Monday, when my cooperating teacher and I were talking about the teaching profession stuff, suddenly she commented on my appearance.

Mrs Teacher: You look so fresh today.
Mr Faiz: Is it? I didn’t realise any changes at all.
Mrs Teacher: Did you went back to your hometown?
Mr Faiz: Yes. huhuhu
Mrs Teacher: No wonder you looks so fresh. hihihi..

A few minutes after that, still in the assembly, I started to yawn, again and again. I need to have another good and long home therapy again. huhuhu

It’s between the genders

Just wonder why some boys and girls can hardly work together?

Students are arranged in pairs between different genders so that they would be ontask (read: less destructive) in the teaching and learning process.

I have encountered quite a number of such cases in my classroom. It especially happens when I conduct group activities with them. I have tried to advise them and it only works in a minute. And I have reminded them to be supportive, cooperative and all. But again, the same old habit happens.

When I was in the primary school, I used to quarrel and have a lot of conflicts with girls. Maybe the appropriate phrase to describe this situation is to have ‘a positive and health competition’. However, it was not between the students as a whole, but rather between the genders. We would even start to shout at each other if a person from different gender touches our tables or chairs. huhuhu

Students also have their groups of student at school, often between the same gender. If a boy is close to groups of girl, he might be seen as less masculine. What would usually happen is that the boys would do their stuff and the same goes to the girls. Remembering  all of these memories made me feel that I want to laugh out loud.

Perhaps, karma really happens. What you give, you’ll get back in the future. And that future is happening on my face now. I really need to do something to change my karma. huhuhu.. Anyone care to give me the first aid kit?

p/s: I didn’t face this problem when I was in the secondary school as all of us have matured a bit (read: we are in the all-boys school). huhuhu

BTW, can we classify our souls (roh) into genders?

Abah 2: Behind the scene

This is the additional info on Abah’s work (the song ‘Bangkit Asal’ by Halim Yazid is played as the backgroud music’. huhuhu

Just looking at Abah wearing his son’s lab coat, a farmer wide straw hat and a pair of heavy boot makes me feel thankful to my parents for giving me everything that a son needs until today. Not yet watching him bathing in sweats carrying the super heavy trees across the land and swinging the hoe to the soil.

Abah usually starts early in the morning and stops when the sun gives the tension to his whole old body, phisically and mentally. Note that Abah does not take his breakfast like other would do before he works. That is his habit since I am not sure when. He only drinks soya bean milk to relieve his thirst.

The pictures were taken months ago. At that time, the rubber tree only had three to four layer at most. The planting process is still in progress as  Abah does not hire anyone to help him. Before the planting process, there are a few steps that he had to take especially the cleaning and clearing the land.The only nice thing about this job is that Abah doesn’t have any deadline to meet. He is free to work whenever he wants. He is the manager and he is the labor. and of course Maa as the supervisor.. huhuhu.. And the thing that destroys the trees are Mr Boars. huhuhu

But now, looking at the picture posted by Che Nor, the tree are indeed growing fast. I can see that the tree has grown at least to six layers now.

lagi tinggi dah

p/s: How do we count the layer?

(and the Halim Yazid’s song slowly disappears  in the wind)..


Eventhough I still don’t understand why Abah keep on working in his kebun instead of resting at home, here you go..

lagi tinggi dah

lagi tinggi dah

So he finally got 2 acres of pokok getah kot. I think I just got my job after graduated, menoreh getah anyone? hehe

Naziha Lazim, HUSM still.

weekend with The Hails

I went to Puchong last weekend alone by bus. Mahal woo bus ticket nowadays, about RM88 for a return ticket KB-KL. Tak mampu tak mampu. but anything for The Hails right?
Bila uncle momok nak balik?

Bila uncle momok nak balik?

Hail Ariff is like eating-machine because he will basically eat anything you give him. Goreng pisang.. keropok.. rambutan.. but oppss beware my dear friends, if out of sudden you smell something bad, paham-pahamlaa.
Ni Afiq punya

Ni Afiq punya

Afiq oh Afiq. Tak berhenti2 mulut bercakap. Current hobby afiq: Nyanyi.

“Senyumlaaahh.. wahai awek2.. (version sebenar: wahai Cekmek molek)”

Thanks Kak Atie for nasik ayam, Abe Apih sbb bgn pg2 g amek sy, Abe Paih for scooter and all lah.

Naziha Lazim, HUSM

Hail to the Hail

Was guckst du??

Das Bild wurde von Che Nor geklaut.

Hafzan Lazim

Gomo Kelate Gomo (IV)

Petikan artikel yang menarik diambil dari laman web soccernet. Artikel bertajuk “No ifs or butts for pete about Asia”.

untuk bacaan penuh. soccernet


From there, he headed Down Under to become player/manager at Western Australian state league side, Sorrento FC, in 2000. But frustrated at soccer’s slow development in Australia in the days before the FFA revolution, Butler soon headed to Southeast Asia. He managed clubs in Singapore, east Malaysia and Indonesia and now finds himself in west Malaysia as coach of Kelantan FC.

Translated into English Kelantan means ‘Land of Lightning’, and Butler’s first season in the socially conservative Muslim state just south of the Thailand border has been a fiery one, full of ups-and-downs.

He’s experienced the highs of a successful Cup run to the Malaysian FA final and the joy of leading the league table, to the lows of losing the Cup final penalty-shoot, enduring a five-match losing streak, and witnessing rioting home fans in the state capital, Kota Bharu.

After losing a Cup match in April, Kelantan supporters went on a rampage at the Sultan Muhammed IV Stadium, setting fire to a police car and damaging nine other vehicles including one belonging to the Kelantan FA President. As a result, Kelantan were ordered to play their home games at a neutral venue in Kuala Lumpur. Butler’s side went into free-fall, slumping from top of the 14-team standings to sixth.

The suspension of their home stadium was only lifted at the end of May. ”I hope the fans have learnt a lesson from this,” he said when the ban was eased. Since then, they’ve returned to winning ways, moving back to third on the table. (penyokong yang bodoh sombong dan gedebe tak kena tempat memusnahkan bola sepak Kelantan dan merosakkan nama baik negeri kelantan. Shame on You)

Butler also appeared on Asian satellite television as a studio pundit during June’s FIFA Confederations Cup, broadcast on Kuala Lumpur-based sports channel, Astro SuperSport. After more than six years in the region, the 42-year-old speaks fluent Bahasa Indonesia, which is similar to the national language of Malaysia. But when he sat down with Soccernet in Kuala Lumpur, he stuck with English, albeit spoken in an unmistakable west Yorkshire accent.

untuk saudara Hilmi,

Q: What were your impressions of Frank Lampard as a young Hammers’ apprentice?

A: Frank was always at Chadwell Heath: I used to think he lived there. He was a cheeky but likeable character. I think we played together in a pre-season game just before I left the club in 1994. I liked Frank. He always wanted to learn and he has turned into one of the best midfield players in the modern game. He is box-to-box with a great engine and keeps it simple. He has the uncanny knack of scoring great and priceless goals. He is a model professional and it’s sad to see the abuse he gets on his returns to Upton Park these days.

Gomo Kelate Gomo dan Majulah Sukan untuk Negara.

Hafzan Lazim.

Bahasa jiwa bangsa (II)

Mati hidup kembali, Butterfingers

jalan raya terlampau sunyi
untukku terus bermimpi
mataku belum mengantuk lagi
bawa kemana saja ku pergi

tunjukkan ku bulan gerhana
tiada siapa nak ku jumpa
benda yang tiada ku sangka ada
tak mengapa oh tak mengapa

malam semalam gundah gulana
hari ini hari mulia
tak pernah daku rasa begini
seperti mati hidup kembali

bawa ku hilang dari ingatan
hari ini sehingga esok
tak pernah daku rasa begini
seperti mati hidup kembali

angkasa penuh dengan bunyian
ku capai sebelah tangan
sebalik awan ada cahaya
bercahayalah selamanya

daku tertawa seorang diri
darah yang mengalir terhenti
fikiran ku melayang-layang
tiada siapa yang perasan

malam semalam gundah gulana
hari ini hari mulia
tak pernah daku rasa begini
seperti mati hidup kembali

bawa ku hilang dari ingatan
hari ini sehingga esok
tak pernah daku rasa begini
seperti mati hidup kembali

tak pernah daku rasa begini
seperti mati hidup kembali


Hafzan lazim