to Him we shall return

SEMC 3MP DSC Friday, 3rd Ramadhan 1434 @ 12th July 2013

الذين اذا اصابتهم مصيبة قالوا انا لله وانا اليه راجعون

“Who, when a misfortune overtakes them, say:

‘Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return‘.”.

Allah plans perfectly and knows the best.


Silat Sendeng

Alhamdulillah, I have now being transferred to Muar. I am currently teaching at a hospital here. It is a new perspective on how I see teaching is, and how it actually should be.

At the same time, I have been looking around on where I can learn and get some sweat in Martial Art, especially in Silat. It took me some time before I found one of the great silat that exist in Johor, which is Silat Sendeng.

Yesterday I had the chance to watch the Silat Sendeng Muar Postponement Ceremony for this coming Ramadhan. When I watched the demonstration done by the students as well as the teachers, I could see some patterns in their movements with what I have seen before.

 I have gone to a number of wedding ceremonies in Johor and the ‘bunga sembah’ is about the same. And now only I knew that the dance is coming from the same source. Silat Sendeng is widely spread among the community in the state, either among the youngsters as young as the primary school students or the old folks.

No wonder Silat Sendeng is declared as the official silat for the Johor state. According to the Bos of Sendeng Johor, they are the silent supporter to the state and nation. When a crisis happens to us (hopefully not), they will come out like Vendetta.. huhuhu


Buka gelanggang

IMG_1256eThe speech from the Sendeng Muar Bos. The Sendeng Johor Bos is sitting in the Brown shirt.

IMG_1259eDemo from all the trainees

IMG_1268eParang Play

IMG_1273eBadik Play, something new for me. huhuhu

IMG_1274eKeris Play

Insyaallah, I would further my study in the silat in the near future. It can surely eliminate some part of my thirst in learning the forgotten art.. huhuhu