Kota Tinggi it is

At last, after hearing all sort of gossips from all over the places, the exact place for my first school as a teacher is at Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Kota Jaya, Jalan Kuini, Kampung Kelantan, 81900 Kota Tinggi, Johor- the land’s end for the Asian’s big land. Alhamdulillah.

As for my parents, they are getting more and more excited far beyond my excitement. They made a few calls, urged me to be more curious to know the places that I will be sent to. They’ve started to arrange for a few day off to send me there to make sure that I am safe and sound at the new place. The preparations were mostly set by them. As a son, I really appreciate it.

A week before, My mother could not even wait for even to know the state that I will be sent to that she have already given a present to me beforehand. Thanks a lot.. Love you too.. huhuhu

For the next few years, I will be serving the Johorean the best meal that I can produce. Hopefully, I can contribute something valuable to my school especially in my area of expertise. huhuhu

Pray for my success in getting to know myself in order to be a better person in the God’s point of view and human at large.. Let’s Kota Tinggi be the medium of learning to me in every aspect of my life, insyaallah..


My Toys VII

Walking along the weapon stalls in Pasar Siti Khadijah is a must if I am not in rush visiting Kota Bharu. Actually, I have no intention of buying another kerambit or any other weapon. I have already got some inner satisfaction by just looking at variety of weapons there. huhuhu

When I saw the kerambit, which I believe was more appealing to my eyes compared to others, I have already had a crush.  However, looking at the price tag attached to the kerambit, I feel that I have no match with the kerambit like ‘pipit dan enggang’, we are from entirely different level.

My emotion was stirred when I observed the blade of the kerambit after asking permission from the seller to have a look at the kerambit. I told myself that I shouldn’t look at the kerambit at the first place. I looked at other weapons as well, but my heart is still at the first kerambit. huhuhu

The seller told me that she could give me a special price, which was nearly half of the actual price. After negotiating a bit more, we had agreed upon a price that both sides win. I can say no more as I have unconsciously exchanged my ringgit notes with the new toy.

As the handle size is too small for my palm, it will be my toy collection, not for personal use. The handle can only place three of my fingers and the other two are exposed to the sharpness of the blade.. It is not practical for my hand because it can injure the owner while using it.. huhu

Looking at the Kerambit and the date I bought it (10th Muharram 1431). What should I name it?

My Toys VI

I have always wanted to have my own pair of machete. However, my luck did not come until early this month when I have finally found the weapon plus extra cash to buy it. Perhaps, this is what we call ‘jodoh’. It just comes with complete package.

The machetes are known among gayong members as ‘parang brazil’.

The only problem is that I do not have partner to test its quality. I need to get used to the machete as well and not just to make it as display items. Pentas parang anyone? Please be gentle when playing as the pair of machetes are precious to me.. huhuhu

The art of smiling

Isn’t it great if you wake up in the morning and see others smiling at you? Isn’t it even greater if you can smile at others too? It is even greater if you can smile inline with your heart, even the world outside is the other way around?

That is the value that I want to instill in my apprentices’ heart. The lesson only took a few second and they were able to produce bright and cheerful smiles that can even melt others’ heart except for their teacher’s. A few tips that I gave to the siblings which help them understanding the art of smiling are:-

  1. Lift up your cheek.
  2. Narrow you eyes a bit.
  3. Display your teeth.
  4. Get the help from your eyebrows.
  5. Show the joy especially in your eyes
  6. Be confident.
  7. Lastly, be sincere.

The objectives of the lesson were well achieved.. huhuhu


First stage

Lesson no 1: Do not ever loose your guard by closing your eyes in front of your enemy. Whatever happen, open your eyes and stay alert even when you are smiling.

Second stage

Stay away from this kind of witch smile.. People will not buy things from you if you portray this kind of smile.. huhuhu

Third stage

Almost there.. They need more practice though.. huhuhu

Irony is it? They can learn perfectly well from a teacher who rarely smile.. huhuhu..

Keris Course

Alhamdulillah, I had been given a chance to participate in another course organised by Gayong Malaysia Machang, under Cikgu Wan Abdul Halim, Cikgu Azizan, Ustaz Atiq and many more. The course was on mastering a traditional Malay weapon, Keris. Lead by Cikgu Amin Hamzah, it was indeed an eye opener for me to look at different perspective on the way the weapon is used and the ritual related to the weapon is performed.

As a newbie, having a tremendous amount of knowledge in one go was quite something. Remembering the steps was one thing, mastering the skills is another part. However, I need to make full use of the opportunity as it did not come twice. Luckily I can rely on my brother as he also participated in the course.  This time around, his memory should better be functioning well or else… huuhuu

After the Master had poured all of the necessary knowledge to all of the participants (which actually took months and years to master), the participants had to participate to one more  ceremony to indicate that the (first) phase of learning keris had come to an end.

The ceremony took place at the sea shore which according to Cikgu Amin as a symbolic to gain the spirit of dragon (Malay version of dragon lives in the ocean).  For more info, please contact Cikgu Narapatinantaboga as even his name indicates that he is the King of Dragons. huhuhu

Some parts of the ritual in the Khatam Keris Ceremony was quite a alien to me. Some questions were answered and reasoned well. Some still need more studies and discussions to untie the mystery in them.  I need to learn more in order to get the answers to them. Same like learning the Kunci Mati (dead lock) I guess.. huhuhu

Learning Gayong is like looking at the sea, there is no end to it (Amin Hamzah, 2009). You will only see the sea and the sky, with no ground or land at the end of it. Looking at the waves, sometimes they are at the top like a tsunami and sometime they are at the bottom on the sand. However, they never give up. They do their job as they were ordered. Sometimes they have the spirit of storm and sometimes they are calm like a lake. Maybe this is the spirit of dragon that all Gayong trainees need to seek. huhuhu


It feels like just yesterday I wrote a post for AbeJe’s bday. How time really flies..

Happy Birthday bossss! Tho you have a headache having us (sy la tuuu hesh) as siblings, please know that you are the most awesomest brother I ever have. You are the first person that will know great things that occur in my life(reason why you didn’t hear from me lots these days  sbb tade great things happens pon hihi excusess!). You are the person I seek first when having problems(sbb tu headache sokmo tu haha padan muka). As portrayed in the picture, I’m having a blast time and I assumed you too. hahaha. yea I kinda know it’s the other way round actually hihi but thanks! or maybe all you need is a new shuffle oppss ipod touch?

Happy Birthday Abe Je. May Allah bless you. May good things lie along your path.

*cough2*Ladies out there, he is the one he is the one! hihi jange smack down sy.

Note to abeapih, abepaih and ajik: up there, it’s all lies. just want to make abeje feels good on his birthday.=p

Social Visit

The idea of having a social visit to my masters’ place was worth it considering that I did nothing great at home. In addition, knowing the fact that my practicum allowance was already being paid added my determination to go for the tour. At first, we planned to head to Ipoh to Cg. Amin’s place. However, the freehand course that we knew was postponed to a new date which will be informed later.

With Cikgu Awang.. The first training session before the training for the higher grades. We couldn’t join because we are not registered under ADMA yet. huhuhu..

Therefore, Adi has suggested us to go to Gurun, visiting Cikgu Awang. That night, the ADMA training was on. It was quite amusing to see how silat was practiced in quite a modern way. The module that was introduced to the trainee was a complete package containing the training of speed, stamina, techniques and power. The tight family bond among  the members could also be seen. Although Cikgu Awang was just observing the training from the far side, he was actually the masterpiece behind all of the learning that took place.

Chilling around for supper. huhuhu

Later, we went to Pak Ngah Izahar’s place. Going to Perak would never be complete without visiting Batu Kurau. Learning directly from Pak Ngah was a great fun. The pain that we had to endure taught us a lot. At the end of the day, my fragile muscles could not take it anymore. Perhaps I need to save the fun that we have in the next visit.. huhuhu

29 years later.

It is late but better late than never. Nowadays my weekend is full with activity. I cannot reveal what I did or will do. It is not good airing my affair to public. The worse case scenario, I will get whacked. The least it will set up a bad example to another capo. Godfather anyone?

You must admit 29 years is relatively a very long time. I myself don’t know whether I will survive this present and live another 29 years let alone to have what they have, to achieve what they achieved. It is an impossible mission. I didn’t write this post to showing off that my parent is better than other but just to show some appreciation to them after what they have done to us. I think most of us will say only a good thing about our parent. Actually I write this entry because my sibling put gun on my head forcing me to write something. I will present to you 3 stories/situation that is enough to keep you up all night. Maybe next anniversary I will write another story, save the best for the last?

Once I have been thrown out from the house by Haji Lazim because I didn’t want to learn Quran that night. I slept in front of the door outside the house in the dark until my mother opened the door and bring me to the bad. I didn’t hold grudge or anything but I thank them. If they didn’t do that, maybe today I will be a man who didn’t know how to recite the Holy Book. Once I told the story to Mat Ajik and Che No to tease them. I am just wanted to show of how tough I am during my kid day compare to them although it was nothing. I kept saying that they are spoil kids. My mother heard that confrontation and told my father what I said. The day after my father came to me and said something short but heavy and will always stay in my head. He said that he didn’t have a have a proper education so that is the only way that he knows how to make me what I am today. Stab in the chest? I say yes. I felt like putting my face in toilet bowl and ask Azil Hj Nawawi to flush it 10 times.

After SPM I spent a lot of my times with Hj Lazim. I followed him riding his lorry to do our family business. Many things I learned from him in those range of time. I am very sure, those lessons cannot be learned at school. How to deal with old people is very important lesson that I learn from him during that time. He school me directly by saying how, when what usw. Indirectly I just observed his action. This day I will say it is easier for me to win the old people heart rather than their daughter. I am not that good in dealing with women. Maybe that is one of important skill that Haji Lazim didn’t teach me, poor me. If he taught me that lesson, I will be the biggest playboy on earth. Maybe the other sibling gets that skill. If yes please share with me.

One of the best memories with Hjh Zainab was riding the legendary ayam bapak with her. That morning I was still asleep. She woke me up and asked me to send her to her work place. I said to her the only ride that I can offer was the old Vespa. She said of cause if not she wouldn’t ask me. I though she was kidding. I ask her where other rides are. She said none of them are at home. The problem is the Ayam bapak is still in the making, so it my not work properly. Maybe the machine will broke down on the way to her work place. I explained that to her. She didn’t care. So I started the Vespa and twisted the gas so my mother will arrive on time. After reaching the Pulau belanga junction, the engine stopped just like I expected. I pushed the bike on the side of the road and kept trying to start the engine. Every person who passed the junction watched us. It was like P Ramlee and Saloma sweating under the sun. After approximately 10 minutes trying hard to start that machine, a car stopped. It was my mom’s collogue who was headed to the same destination. My mom asked me whether I will be okay to be left alone. I said I will be fine and will call my father after this. My mother left. I kept trying and then the engine started. I ridded the Vespa back to the house. My point is women in that position still doesn’t care to ride a 1930 bike. That is what we call humbleness that I kept trying hard to make it run in my blood but didn’t succeed.

To be what we are today, one cannot speak loudly that we are the one who work hard to achieve that. Unless you are brought up by wolf, family plays a big influence in your life so you can be what you are. If I and my sibling didn’t turn up to be the perfect son or daughter, it is our part to be blamed. It is not them, it is us. We cannot point our finger to them and ask for more. Our parent already gives everything in their power to make us a good people. Frankly speaking, they already have a good answer when the day they meet their Maker comes.

The conclusion is if one of us on the verge to be anak derhaka, please put a great slap on those ungrateful face and don’t just be ignorance sibling that only mind their own business.

p/s: I never read those novels. It only just for precaution. If girls come to my house, hopefully they will be amazed how intelligent am I because of those novels. Too bad they never show up.

Hafzan Lazim

happy 29th anniversary, dear abah and maa!

Happy anniversary to our Hero as well as the Queen of our hearts!

“And among His signs, is this that He created for you mates from among you that you may dwell in tranquillity with them. And, He has put love and mercy between your hearts. Verily in that are signs for those who ponder.” (30:21)

Overwhelming Love,

Apih, Atie, Peje, Paih, Nor, Ajik, Apik and Ariff.

opps gambar adalah hiasan semata2(atau mungkin sbb she’s the most dearest to all) and oh gazillion times better than a picture of leech :p


Dear Paih,

How do you fell after being bitten by a leech? I hope you can endure the small test given to you.

Burp.. said the nearly full leech.. alhamdulillah..

Let bygone be bygone. It is written even before we were born. Monday the December 7th 2009, at 4.30 pm, 133 ml (example) of Mohd Faiz’s blood is sucked by a leech. The leach is then caught and …(not suitable to be viewed to all age and certain level of maturity)….. Full stop.

There is no need for you to be too emotional and depressed over it. There should be no trauma (you went hysteria), revenge cases (whenever you see leech, feel like you kill it), cursing the innocent animal (playing God like you are the one who creates it) or many more possibilities.

The leeches are just doing their job as a predator, assigned by their Boss, without any hesitation. To be specific, their job is to suck blood, some like Dracula. What’s the big deal?

Same to you, you need to do your job, in this case protecting ourselves from get bitten even the chances of not getting the shot is just 10% if you go to the backyard of my house. Huhuhu.. To gain some fruits, you need to sacrifice some blood. No pain no gain- easy stuff.

Your faithfully,

Your Mute Monologue.

Silat dillema

Go and learn silat from your teacher or anybody expert in the field. In silat, there are a lot to learn. Believe me, the more you know, the more you feel you do not know. Learn from them until they surrender, not you. There will be a lot of excuses if you are not interested in learning but if you do love to gain knowledge and skills of warriors nobody can stop you. When will you start if not now? Where will it be if it is here? Who will do it if it is not you? If you find the opportunity then grab it. It will not come twice.

This message is especially related to the school of rare and nearly extinct like the one that my little brother used to learn, Silat Sekebun Bunga. The Grandmaster is not like in his young age anymore. Not many learn the silat as it non-commercial type of silat school. I bet if a student with a good manner and attitude approach him, the student will gain something valuable from him. It is something that can’t be bought elsewhere. And if the student constantly approached him, a lot more secret can be learned. What if something happen to the teacher before he can pass down his heritage? The knowledge will be buried along with the person.

There are many name and unnamed silat out there; both are excellent if they are good schools with great teachers. But be careful, some are diamonds and some are just merely glasses. Some are art of storytelling and some are the full with philosophy, some are nothing but practical and some will lead you to recognise yourself better. The combination of all of those is much preferred.

Although there are a lot of written syllabuses need to be covered, there are lots more out of the book/record that are invisible. Learn both the syllabuses and the secrets. Gardeners will not give flowers to monkeys. They will not give the flowers to babies either. Even if the monkeys and babies want it, perhaps they will give the fake one, or at most, they will get nothing but just the smell of it. The gardener will just give it to the right person, at the right time, with the right dose. So, be patient for a bit. The teacher has nothing to lose but we are the one who are in great lost, losing without even going to the real battle.

Along the way, take the positive values and learn from the mistakes that we have seen. For learners, put aside the politic part. Our job is just to collect the valuables that we found. Save it nicely in the book, hard disk and the heart, because everything that we have comes with responsible. But be careful, soon enough, we will have to take the responsibility of everything that we have learned. Pass it down to the next generation because it is not our belonging, it indeed our responsible.

A wise man once said to me that people who are not really good at the thing that they are learning will usually stay long in the field that they are in. People who learn fast would usually not that passionate because they feel that they learn fast and they can survive with what they have. Another wise person confirms it as he recalls many of his so called ‘great’ students had disappeared without any trace.

The inconsistency attitude needs to be changed.  The wrong perception need to be corrected. The paradigm needs to shift. Or the schools of silat will neither be alive nor dead. It is afraid that soon enough, there will be nothing to be taught except for the basic punching and kicking left and right.

I am just passing some part of messages from a teacher of mine. huhuhu

Children song

Title: Bapaku Pulang (revised version)

Bapaku pulang ke kota
Tok Bah ku pujuk beli kereta
Kereta kecil warna warni
Akan ku bawa keliling rumah

Ponponponponpon ponpon ponpon
Kereta kecil ku berbunyi
Marilah adik mari naik
Boleh ku bawa jumpa Tok Mek

The boys have followed their uncle’s lame hairstyle.. huhuhu

God is great

A few hundred years before century, even before dinosaurs appeared, I had given Ajik an assignment in order to make him jot something in this blog. It was to prepare him for the exam that he is currently undergone as well. It is like killing two birds with one stone. But habuk pun tarak come out of him… huhuhu..

The assignment was like this: I took him to the Kedai Nak at Wakaf Zin. I gave him my camera and I asked him to shoot as many picture as he wanted and I ordered invited him to write something from them so that it can be shared to the whole world. However, he was still struggling with his confidence sharing his writing to the public. How unfortunate for him having a cruel brother like me.. huhuhu

However, that isn’t what I want to share.

Or is it just my illusion?

I just want to share a picture which indicate how handsome God is. He can even write His name by using the cloud.. I couldn’t patiently wait for Ajik to publish the story of Kedai Nab anymore, therefore I publish the picture for now.. huhuhu


I wish I was a boy once more.

Hafzan Lazim.

The Rose

When I did some cleaning in my room, I found a poem (a lyric) that I had encountered during my foundation years.. Reading the song, I think that it has actually given a big slap on my face.. dang.. huhuhu

The Rose (by Bette Midler)

Some say love, it is a river that drowns the tender reed.
Some say love, it is a razor that leaves your soul to bleed.
Some say love, it is a hunger, an endless aching need.
I say love, it is a flower, and you it’s only seed.

It’s the heart afraid of breaking that never learns to dance.
It’s the dream afraid of waking that never takes the chance.
It’s the one who won’t be taken, who cannot seem to give,
and the soul afraid of dyin’ that never learns to live.

When the night has been too lonely
and the road has been to long,
and you think that love is only
for the lucky and the strong,
just remember in the winter
far beneath the winter snows
lies the seed that with the sun’s love
in the spring becomes the rose.

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