Silat Olahraga Kelantan 2011

I was able to have a short glance on the first day the silat olahraga competition among the secondary school students in Kelantan. It was held on 17th to 20th July. Although there is no national level competition for the silat olahraga for students this year, for some reasons, the JPN Kelantan has taken the initiative to organise the game at the state level. Hopefully the objectives of the competition were achieved.

I felt a bit nervous standing around all the (red) warriors. Some won and some lost, as that is the rule of the game. Nonetheless, all of them were great. They were brave enough to learn and work out how the fists really work.  God willing, we can rely on this kind of generation if something happens to our beloved country. huhuhu

Swimming Course

It was a last minute call from the Pusat Kokokurikulum Johor for me to attend a course on swimming. Although it was just the basic, I managed to learned many valuable lessons. It was fun to learn swimming the proper way.  However, it was quite impossible to master it in a couple of days. Currently, my skill is still out of shape. My stamina is just for just for 10 meter swim (or less). More practices are needed if I want to swim better, swiftly like a dolphin.huhuhu

At the end the participants had a test to swim 200m anyway they want.

The participants of the basic swimming course from all over Johor.

When I did the breaststroke, it felt like I was doing the hitting and defending with my hands, and doing the sidekicks with both legs  at the same time.The entire body need to have the coordination as well, or else I will be drown. huhuhu. For the beginner like me, it consumes most of my energy and a lot of stamina needed in order to swim well.

Besides, the breathing aspect is also crucial. The art of taking the air in through mouth and breath out through nose are surely odd. In addition, one cannot freely breath whenever he wants as the rule in water is not same as the one on land. One can only breath when the mouth is on surface or else he will be full with water in the stomach.  huhuhu

For the martial artist out there especially the silat practitioner, perhaps swimming might be induce into the lesson as part of the training. It might greatly help one to become better in all aspects.

Again, Alhamdulillah, God has again granted my prayer to learn swimming as a sport of sunnah.. huhuhu

Durian Season

It started in early May when the first class durian came out. The price of the fruit was affordable yet still expensive. The great name like Musang King, Kunyit, Kucing Tidur, D13 emerged. The hawker could still play with the price as the Singaporean prefers the first class durian. As for the durians from Thailand, the price was also quite expensive as they were not many local competitors in the market.

After waiting for quite some time, the real durian season finally started. This is the time when everyone can taste the  greatness of the taste. The milky and sweet taste can make one smile in satisfaction. The price has decreased tremendously. There were plenty of stalls at the night market in my residential area sold the fruit. I had managed to get some  and it was too much for us as we had trouble finishing them.

When I went back to my hometown, Kelantan last week, I managed to eat some. Just right after I arrived home, my grandfather, with his sharp instinct (he somehow knew that i would be home), brought a few durian for us. His durians never fail to impress many of his grandchildren and relatives around. huhuhu.

When I went to my wife’s house, I was also served with durian. My father in law also invited me to pay a visit to his durian orchard. Just looking at the durian hanging on the branches of the trees made me feel really motivated to pick the durian up around the place. Although the fruit look just the same, it actually are different from each tree. This may show their identification certificate of their thing inside whether it is yellowish or white  or thick or thin sweet or a bit bitter. However, only the owner knows them well. huhuhu

 At Melayu Raya village, Pontian.

 I came back to Kota Tinggi with the feeling that I have had enough durian. However, I could not resist it when I was invited by a friend to eat some more durian. He gave us surprise when we arrived at his family’s orchard. We ate the fresh durians and other fruits like there were no tomorrow. Luckily, I was able to get up and and go to school the next morning. huhuhu