Jom Solat!

Kids are awesomely full of ideas. 😀

The Garden of Wisdom

Found the photo on FB, where a friend of mine tagged almost all of us in the picture. It an old picture of the SMU (A) Maahad Muhammadi Lilbanin. It indeed brings back memories, the black and white and other colours as well.

2002, when I was in form 4. The year alone reminds me of the SMU exam and the ‘less one’ factor. Also the construction of a new building behind the older one. Also the fun way of learning Balaghah. Also the Mukhayyam Gayong with explosions. Also last minute study. Also the weird poem for Adab and Nusus. Also the establishment of the consumer club. Also honeymoon for the SPM subjects. Also the introduction for the science stream subjects. Also the playing truant in the secret rooms. Also the mat scoot and mat kecap life. Also the silat teaching at other schools. Also remembering periodical table for Sorof and Nahu! Also the tuition life. Also the understanding mudir. And many more.. huhuhu..

Not to forget our Nashidussobah during our tobor (assembly):

نشيد الصباح

يا الَهي يا الَهي يا مُجيبَ الدعوات
اجعل اليوم سعيدا وكثيرالبركات
واملاء الصدر إنشراحا وفم بالبسمات
واعني في دروسي واداء الواجبات
وانرعقلي وقلبي بالعلوم النافعات
اجعل التوفيق حظي ونصيبي في الحياة
واحمني واحمي بلادي من شرورالحادثات
واملاء الدنيا سلاما شاملا كل الجهات
يا الَهي يا الَهي واستجب كل صلاتي

MML dalam kenangan:

Namamu masyhur bumimu penuh barakah,
Rancak mendidik dan juga memasakkan tarbiyyah,
MML , sekalung terima kasih dan tahniah,
Teruskan mendidik dan melahirkan pemimpin Ummah.

credit to Afif Rabbani for the pic and poem

Choosing the Chess Champion

On Tuesday we had a chess tournament among the children of sktkj. It was to choose among the best 12 who will represent the school for the district level. Students played 5 games. They were ranked based on the result that they get. If the win, they would move to the upper level, meeting another winner. If they lose, they would go down. So, their position would be known when they played all the five games (it should be 6 though)

Top player for the male was a small standard 6 boy, we knew him as he played for the school last year. Another one was the standard 5 student, a bit taller than the other one. He also played for the school last year. The top female player was a tiny little girl, who is just a standard 4 student! She was able to beat all other competitors including the year 6 students from the top class. She was the only girl that win all the five games. Amazing.

chess.. when size of the brain doesn’t matter. Samuel Reshevsky, defeating a series of adult opponents, at 8. The info was taken from (here)

The most interesting finding was that a small boy from the last class in standard 5 (the sixth class) was able to get through in the selection. He only lost once, to the top standard 6 boy. Perhaps he is the Einstein in the making. huhuhu.. A little bit of exposure from Mr. Faiz will make him invincible.. huhuhu

I strongly believe that the boy is genius. Perhaps the way the lesson that was conducted in class doesn’t profit him. Something should be done here. Any genius suggestion to help him?

Hero Malaya is at Home

After being away for about half a decade plus2, Abe Je went back home safe and sound. He remembered his grandpa once told him that he must never come back unless  he has settled everything related to his studies there. And he did what he was told. He is surely a man of his word. huhu

When he was away, his siblings and parents were the ones who represent him back home. When someone (mostly by the relatives) asked when he’ll be back, these representatives would give variety of answers, depending on the situation they were in as well as the updated information that they currently had. And at last, we had the exact date and only God knows how thankful we were at the moment especially Mr and Mrs Lazim. huhuhu

It had been a few years that Mr Lazim had prepared a cow to be sacrificed and the cow had changed from time to time, as the priority of an event that need to be looked into. It didn’t really matter as long as they did what they intend to do. They believed that they could not share the burden that the Abe Je undergone. They tried to feel the pain, but they could not. Simply because they were not there, at the side of their son. Only pray and hope that they could send to give him a peace of mind. God knows what kind of tests that He gave to his creation there. huhuhu

Now, being at home has made him a normal guy again. He is pretty much a village guy now, doing the house chores, trimming the grass around the house, getting the coconut fruit, taking care of the children and etc. No more playing with unknown machines,  random notes and the boring stuff (for at least a moment). huhuhu

The next mission is to get a decent job and a partner? huhuhu