Mari makan~

Special Menu: Gulai Ayam Belanda. Aww~

Lain2: Gulai kambing; Kerabu Machang; Ayam goreng; Ulam-ulaman; Budu ja’ngok; Tembikai; Co’lek Special.

Time: Everything is ready. Anytime from now bley dtg.

Venue: Che Su’s House

Tujuan: Menjamu cucu2 yg pulang ke kampung. Cucu yg tak pulang? Too bad.. Next time ok?

See you there. 😀

Film Review: Baramui Fighter AKA Fighter in the Wind

It is about a Korean guy, Choi Baedal who went to Japan to be a Pilot. However, he was cheated by the Japanese as the Japanese army taught the Korean pilot students so that they were able to perform Kamikaze. They were released by the army after the Japanese lost in the WW2. The film revolve around the post war in Japan, where the protagonist lived a hard life to survive. He endured lots of pain before he becomes a well known a hero.

The exciting part in the film is when he did his training. Actually, before this, I was told by a friend of mine about this martial art. They have very hard physical trainings in order to be super tough to absorb the attacks from the opponent (more like Muai Thai?). They hit their bodies, train in the cold ice and do many other hard physical trainings. Therefore the film has become the evidence about what I have being told before. I think bro Zalen is very suitable for kind of martial art. huhuhu

Although it is based on true story, I am not sure how much truth can be found in the story. From my research, I have found that the founder of the Kyokushin Karate, Sosai Masutatsu Oyama learned from a number of masters (which is not being mentioned in the film) before he went into mountains to do the isolation training or ‘bertapa’. Mas Oyama has become legend when defeats hundred of Martial Art Masters. Also, he has the ability to fight bull and break the bull’s horn!! That is quite something.

a little bit spoiler.. huhuhu..

The toughness or ‘lasak’ part is an important feature if one wants to be great in almost every school that he/she is in. I am still far away from that level. Accuracy, speed and strength are the keys for attacking but when it comes to defending, the ‘lasak’ part is one of the main keys. That is what my teachers (ayah su, cikgu muzairi, cikgu zul, abe di and others) always tell me.

“A man can be poor, as long as he has goal and endeavor for it, he is beautiful” Choi Baedal.

Marjon Malaysian Festival 2008

I (appointed myself) as a representative of Malaysia Assosiation of Marjon proudly present.. (sleepy)

My role for this event? don’t ask. Nothing much.. One of them is to tell the world about this great event. Hopefully someone will read it and have the interest to come to this grand event. I tried my best to show my interest but I am not really into it. I would prefer a quiet life, in which I would not disturb others and vice versa.

(sleepy) The ticket price is actually £5 for each adult and student, £3 for child (primary school) and free for younger children. For more updated info, please visit the official blog of Marjon Malaysia Fest 08. (sleepy but not yawning)


73- Good Manners and Form (Al-Adab)

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 8, Book 73, Number 242:

Narrated Abu Huraira:

The Prophet said, “Allah likes sneezing and dislikes yawning, so if someone sneezes and then praises Allah, then it is obligatory on every Muslim who heard him, to say: May Allah be merciful to you (Yar-hamuka-l-lah). But as regards yawning, it is from Satan, so one must try one’s best to stop it, if one says ‘Ha’ when yawning, Satan will laugh at him.”

Meeting The Master II

Last two weeks, a few lecturers from Kota Bharu Teacher Trainee Institute (IPKB) and Gaya Teacher trainee Institute (IPGaya) came to have a visit the UCP Marjons. I was lucky because one of them is a martial artist who has a lot of experiences and knowledge in a variety of martial art schools.

He is Encik Mohd Fauzi Mohd Rosli and also known as Francis Rimpau. He learns a lot of martial arts and you would not have enough fingers to count the schools. According to him as supported by his blog, this is the list of martial arts that he learns:

1. Tang Soo Do (5th Dan Black Belt – Assisstant Chief Instructor of Sabah Tang Soo Do Malaysia). 2. Tae Kwon Do ITF (Under Master Mintarja Soengkono, Canada). 3. Tae Kwon Do WTF. 4. Yoshinkan Aikido. 5. Yang Style Tai Chi. 6. Xhi Ni Chuan Kung Fu. 7. Boxing. 8. Wado Rhyu Karate. 9. Isshin Ryu Karate. 10. Silat Nata. 11. Silat Chekak Hanafi. 12. Silat Gayong Asli Malaysia (under CIkgu Rasul in the 80s before Gayong split into groups). 13. Silat Chimande Chikalong. 14. Shotokan Karate. 15. Pak Kua.

Even in Marjon, he constantly went to watch the Jitsu training sessions and even the grading session as well. However, I was not able to show my samurai spirit in the dojo as I did not go to any of those sessions. Actually, I go to the Jitsu training session only once in this term. It is because of my laziness in additions to the busy life that I encounter in this term as I need to do a lot of college tasks. What a shame..

Although he just stayed at Marjon for two weeks, I have learnt a lot from him. I was able to take the opportunity only in the second week as I was very busy with my assignment in the week before.

Instead of talking about education stuff with the lecturers who have come far away from Malaysia, I have done something weird. It couldn’t be helped. huhuhu..

Small school with a big heart II

There are about 35 students in the Year Five class that I observed. Some of them are illustrated below:

1) Johan is a bright student. He stays in the Year Five class although his ability permits him to be in the Year Six class*₁. It is because he just came to the class last term, thus it didn’t allow him to skip the class. He is fast learner. He does well in both Numeracy and Literacy subjects. It is interesting to note that his ability is quite contrary with a few of his habits. One of his problems is that he is consistently absent from class without any reason. At least once a week which is on Friday. According to the class teacher Miss White, it is because she doesn’t teach on Friday*₂. The other teacher will replace her on that day. The student indirectly tells that Miss Black is not as good as Miss White). I just wondered can students decide with whom they want to learn the lessons. Of course not..

2) Selamat is an average ability student in the class. He is a very polite student. However, he doesn’t pay his full attention in class, maybe just 40-60% of the concentration. He just concentrates at the things that he sees interesting. For instance, in the science lesson, he raised his hand to almost every questions asked by Miss White. However, when each student was given a science dictionary as they need to copy some of the terms that were taught in the lesson, he just carried away when he spotted many ‘interesting’ things that could be seen in the dictionary. After being told repeatedly to be on task, he managed to finish the task. The other example is, he always wants to tell everyone about anything that he discovers, even the sound that a rope makes when he swings it can just amaze him. Scientist to be? Hmm..

3) Melati is a good student in Literacy but she is not really interested in Numeracy. However, she manages to just follow the flow in the classroom. The problem is that she always creates problem with the Miss White as well as both of the assistance teacher, Miss S and Miss R. It seems that she wants to get attention from the adults in the class. The mystery was revealed when I interviewed talk to the teacher. She told me that Melati has divorced parents. She stays with her mother and her behaviour in the class will become worst if he stays with her father, usually over the weekends.

4) Kencana is an average ability student. He is very good at mathematics. Even his mental calculation is better than me. Huhuhu. He is very detail in doing his art works. Maybe he is a perfectionist. However, he is not that good when it comes to literacy. That is not the problem. The only problem is about his behaviour. He likes to physically disturb others as well as in the verbal way. Bullying? He cannot be blamed on that. It is because he has seen a lot of the examples that he is not supposed to watch at his age. His father abused her mother. Her mother took drug. She is not in the rehabilitation centre now. Moreover, both of his parents don’t really acknowledge him as their son. The same goes to his younger brother. He is now staying with his aunt separately from his brother who is staying with the adopted family.

5) Wangi is a bright student, both in Literacy and numeracy. I can say that she has the most fascinating cursive handwriting in the class. It is like she is using computer to write the sentences. However, she has some behaviour problem as well. She often does not paying attention in class, chatting with other students. She disturbs her friends and does silly things in the classroom. Maybe all of these unpleasant behaviours are done unconsciously. According to the teacher, she has had a very stressful life at home. It is because her family is staying in a bed house. It means that everything is done in one room. This includes cooking, studying, playing, sleeping and etcetera. The house that they had before was being sold because of the debt that her parents have. Her father is no longer staying with her because of the crowded room.

6) Selasih is a hyperactive student. She always disturbs her friends. She talks loudly in the class. She even treats the teacher and the teacher assistances as her friends. Maybe she cannot distinguish which is right and vice versa. If she does not get enough playtime in the recess time, she may end up not being able to control herself in the class, as if her energy is exploding and it is surely disturbs the teaching and learning process in the classroom.

7) From my observation, Jambu is an excellent student. He is focus when he does his work, obey to the teacher’s order, participate in the classroom’s discussion and ect. I was told by the teacher that he may change in the future because he makes friends with teenagers outside the school. He usually stays with his friends and came back home late at night. Even when he stays at home he has difficulties to sleep at night. If he sleeps at 9, he wakes up at 10 and not being able to sleep anymore until 3-4 in the morning. It is actually affects his studies in the classroom. However, he tries his best to stay focus in the class.

the diversity and variety of students. each of them is unique.

These are just a few students in the classroom. Some of them are very obedient and some of them are a bit ‘naughty’. What will you do as the teacher? What are your strategies to handle all of them at the same time? How do you cater the differences among them? As some of them are fast learner and some of them are still struggling to read and write? Some of the like subject A rather that subject B. What will you do to make everyone happy in the class? There are still a lot more to tell, have a thought on this part first.. till then..


*All of the names used are not the real name.

*1. The school practises the arrangement of students not only based on age, but also on the ability of students.

*2. Teachers in primary school teach all subjects in the same class for the whole day. They have 10% time off to do the marking, planning, meeting and ect. Other teacher will be hired to teach the remaining 10% of the classroom lesson.

well, it has been two years.

I never imagine that he could grow that much. I mean… he just a little boy when I left two years ago. Boley buli2 je. But now, to my surprise, he is sooo big. ok cop! jadi bodyguard kak nor nanti deh! hehe.. Good enough that only his physical changes, not the attitude. So I’m lucky that my bully mission is still on.

*evil laugh*

zaman dlu2

These two pictures show everything. Naseb baik I am not the shortest in the family. Hehe. Whatever it is Ajik, make sure you get a good result in SPM and on top of that, please be an asset for Islam. Tu wajib ah kironyo. Lalala..

Ma’as salamah~

Noornaziha Mohd Lazim

Hail to the Hail

What should my nephew call me? Ayah Ngah sound too old. When you say Ayah Ngah, first picture comes to my mind is like some kind of old school man mid. thirty. He smokes Winston, ride Honda C-70 and go watch his orchard during the evening. That is not what I want to be in this recent time. I want to be appearing as a cool uncle that his nephew will come to when his parents scolded him; his nephew will never hesitate to invite him to a movie during weekend. (But Hail is too young to go to a movie)

Imagine in two years time, when I arrive at KLIA, Hail is at the arrival Terminal. And he runs to me and for the first time, he calls me “Abe Je!!!”. Imagine in the future when Hail study in University, he calls me to ask a man problem. And his friend asks with whom he was talking to in the phone. He answers “My uncle, Abe Je.” How cool is that? I am like his consigliere. I am Tom Hagen and Hail is Don Corleone. Wait, Don Corleone is cooler than Tom Hagen. I take it back. I am Don Corleone and Hail is Tom Hagen. Wow, we even can built an organize crime family. Let see what will happen in 20 years of time. Abe Je and Hail will make Malaysia like New York in seventy. Lazim family is one of the five families. Hahhahaha. I am sorry. The Sopranos series mess up my brain.

By the way, I don’t have a veto on this. The name depend on what my brother and my in law teach him. Ayah Ngah, Pok Ngah or whatever sounds right is ok to me. I hope both of them can give me a great title to be called. But Ayah Ngah is likely. Abe Je will be just like Eleanor. Sound too western. Hail’s grandfather too will oppose. Or maybe I should bribe them. Or make an offer that they cannot refuse.

Just don’t teach Hail to call me Pok Teh. Hahahahaha. Mok Teh sound fit to my sister, Naziha. Maybe I should call her Mok Teh. No, everybody should call her Mok Teh. But the Veto powers have voted “Che No”. Good for Her.

Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda:

“Setiap anak dilahirkan dalam keadaan fitrah iaitu suci bersih. Kedua orang tuanyalah yang membuatnya menjadi Yahudi, Nasrani atau Majusi.”

(Riwayat Abu Hurairah R.A)

Good Day,

Hafzan Lazim

Hail Afiq gonna rock your wOrld~

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Hi everyone. If you guys still dont know me, my name is Hail Afiq bin Mohd Hafiz. I am turning 2 years this August. I am sorry for using my Che Nor to write this post since I’m still learning this language. I think I will speak English fluently after watching Bee movie, Happy Feet and Ratatouille again and again..

watching bee movie with che nor

So now what I know is grabbing che nor’s finger and said “bee bee bee” while making a bee face if I want to watch it. I dont really care what other people might say about watching bee movie non stop. Bee is my friend. hihi.

My mom used to say that I am “pelawak”. Yes I am indeed. I think I am the most charming baby in this world. look at me! I can make a lot of face expression. Gewe keliling pinggang la lepas neh! =)

I love cars. I think this is genetically inherited from my tok abah and abah. I have lotsssss of hot wheels! You know the trick? Just cry as loud as u can when u see any cars you want. Hehe.Kereta mainan pon jadilahh.. I own this motorbike for now.

power arh motor ni

See… my hair is excited enough smpai naik2. Heeee…We’ll see when I am big enough. Ferrari pon sodap. And I love bus too. they’re BIG. Well, honestly I’m just 2 years which can only say one syllable word like bus. So I will call any transportation as bus or actually “bah”. Please dont tell my girlfriend next door. jatuh saham.

Hmmm…I think pictures tell the story better. So make your own conclusion about me. What I know is I am the coolest baby with the coolest parents and family.

with Che Nor, making WOW face

with Tok Abah and Tok Ma

Ni Kak Ain with Adik.

Abah and Mama tersayang

Tok Abah and me.

Sleep with one of my car.

That’s all for now. Off to sleep. Ma’a salamah. ilal liqa’. Salam.

Noornaziha on behalf of Hail Afiq Mohd Hafiz.

The Report for Fantasy Football 2007/08

This is the result that we have got after battling for about 38 weeks in the English Football Premier League. It seems that everyone has put their sportsmanship spirit in it. Congratulation I bid to the winner (Abe Yie). And for the players who have lost, you have shown your best. And most importantly, you have proven that you have got your gut, by still preserving your pride (for those who didn’t choose Ronaldo in their team). Huhuhu..

My brothers have only got one point difference. So close.. huhuhu

This is my super lucky team.. huhuhu..

The top ten IPBA players..

Hopefully, there’ll be more player joining the game next season.. More sepupu-sepapat and friends.. huhuhu

Let Mine Served Cold.

This entry I create to fight back my aunt, Che Sue. She always pastes very gorgeous food that I miss in her blog. I hope this picture below will make her mouth become watering. I too can cook wonderful food. I hope she will patiently wait till I come back to cook all listed wonderful menu for her.

This is Acar Timun. Mix of cucumber, pineapple, carrot and vinegar. Cut it as small as possible, but not to small. “Cut it just nice” is exact word. To make the cutting process more accurate, try to use vernier clipper. It taste sourly but fit with the menu.

This is legendary “Sambal Jangok”. You will only find it in my hometown, Bachok. I learned to make it directly from the inventor, Cikgu Muzairi’s Ma. Cikgu Muzairi is our family’s good friend. Some of my friends even call this sauce “drop of heaven”. No sauce can even come close to this thing. You name it; Adabi Sauce, sambal belacan, MH Mohd Chilli sauce, Sos Hjh. Halimah, Oyster sauce, Tomato Sauce. All of them taste like plain water compare to this sauce. No kidding. I think even a lion will give up meat and become a vegetarian if they eat this sauce.

I don’t really know what the hell this is. I just mixed all of the leftover and then cook 5 minutes with temperature 300°C in a microwave. But it taste very good. You also can eat it with bread.


Spot on!!!! I guess she knew that all of those foods are prepared by her and her company, not me. Haahahaha. All of the food was made in my house in Malaysia. My family invited the villagers to perform “Solat Hajat”. Maybe should I call it Baby Shower ceremony? My Sister, Kak Atie will deliver a baby.

Good Day

Hafzan Lazim

Just like that She was gone.

That night he slept quite early. It was a dreamless sleep. Neither bad nor good story was in his dream. Tomorrow is holiday. Who cares about dream when next day is holiday? No lecture, no lab, just holiday. He can do the only thing he good at which is “do nothing”.

He woke up very early; something kind of weird, considering that day was a holiday. First thing entering his mind was his legendary green bag. He must hurry, go packing. He thought he can still catch bus at section 17, Shah Alam to travel back to his hometown, Bachok. He just put some of his clothes in the bag and put the bag in front of the door.

He needs to clean himself. If he is lucky enough, a beautiful lady maybe will sit next to him in the bus. He already knew he will do nothing about it. He will just sleep in entire journey or call his buddies to inform that he sit next to beautiful lady in weird language so the lady will not understand what he is saying. Call him crazy but who doesn’t like beautiful lady.

Just before he went to wash up, he accidentally looked outside his window. “Why the scenery is so different?” he said to himself. Then he observed his room. “Why there is a desktop on the table?” He never had a desktop during Shah Alam’s days. The entire plain simple questions kept running in his head. Why, Why and Why??

F%&$!. He then realised he was not in Shah Alam but he was in Germany. Aww man, how the hell he gonna go back to his hometown with a Bus considering he was in Germany.

How sad or funny the story turned to be. He woke up and thought he was in Shah Alam but he was not. He then sat, lighted up the nicotine and inhaled the pleasure. Instead of eating his mom’s cook that night, he will again eat “Kari minyak bertakung”. All the old memories during Shah Alam’s day kept coming in his head.

“PPP, Intec, Wira Sejati,Faris Petra, Azmir, Kancil the rock,Section 18, rx70, Darul Ihsan, Syikin, Chemistry, Dead head, Pasar Malam, Dunhill 10, Hockey, 18-P, Masjid Unta, Man Bara, Cemara, Bukit Jalil, 7-11, weirdo Popular, Dikir Barat, Miji Bee, Section 7, Nankai, Merapoh, Chin Seng, Mutiara blanket, Nasi Dagang, Nelly Furtado, Nasi Talam, and everthing.

Three years later he already becomes an old man. The old man here is me.


This song will sum up the story. I dedicate this song to all the Mokcik that doing business at Pasar Siti Khadijah. Way to go Mokcik. Seriously i have the greatest respect for them. They are like icon or symbol to all Kelantanese women. They are brave, strong and hardworking.

Pearl Jam – Elderly Woman behind the Counter In A Small Town.

I seem to recognize your face
Haunting, familiar, yet I cant seem to place it
Cannot find the candle of thought to light your name
Lifetimes are catching up with me
All these changes taking place,
I wish I’d seen the place
But no ones ever taken me
Hearts and thoughts they fade, fade away… (2x)

I swear I recognize your breath
Memories like fingerprints are slowly raising
Me you wouldn’t recall, for
I’m not my former
It’s hard when you’re stuck upon the shelf
I changed by not changing at all, small town predicts my fate
Perhaps that’s what no one wants to see
I just want to scream…hello…
My God it’s been so long, never dreamed you’d return
But now here you are, and here I am
Hearts and thoughts they fade…away…

Hearts and thoughts they fade, fade away… (2x)
Hearts and thoughts they fade…away…
Hearts and thoughts they fade, fade away… (3x)
Hearts and thoughts they fade…

Good Day,

Hafzan Lazim

Small school with a big heart

My School Based Experience

The school that I observe for my school placement is a small school. It has five classes which contain standard one until six students. The classes are the mix ages classes as students are streamed based on their ability. The class that I am in is a mix ability and age class which consists of students from standard four and five.

On the surface, the school is just as the same as other school. However, if we inspect the school carefully, the school may be considered as special to the others. Although one may say that I am making a generalisation, as it is just my second school that I observe since I have been here in the UK, I believe that this school has the main aim that others school might lack of.

Creating The Lifelong Learners

Wanting to learn.. from womb to tomb.. minal mahdi ila lahdi..

When we first arrived at the school, the head teacher told that the aim of the school is mainly to make all students wanting to learn while and even after they leave the school.

“About the result of the exam, that’s for the government to think of, not us. Our job is to make sure that students have the curiosity to learn, even after they go to the secondary school”, he told us in his own style, down to earth yet convincing.

Learning is always associated with the figures and numbersThis is quite different to other schools which tend to look more on the results of the students. Students are seen as the statistic numbers, which indicates the schools competitiveness to compare with the other schools. This will help the school to get the good and high quality customers, which in this case are the bright students with minimum discipline problems.

A Self-employed Investigator

That was the first impression that I gave to the school. This will act as an inference in order for me to investigate more, in depth on the issues.

What did the head master mean when he said “to make sure that students have the curiosity to learn”? Why do they set the aim differently from the other school? Are they just making the statement to make themselves sounds good? If not, what do they do to achieve the goal? What do the teachers, teachers assistant would say about this issue? How do they act to reach the aim? How do the students respond to the issue?

These are just a few questions that will make me thirsty to get, at least a drop of answers. There is more to come. Till then, wassalam..