Gomo Kelate Gomo (III)

I wish i was there. I hope this festival will still happen when I come back home for good. With dikir barat?? It made the festival even more perfect. Meet friends and relatives, berbual sampai berbuih mulut, hear a great jokes, laugh till tears drop, listen to dikir barat and watch good football, win or lose who cares? We(read:they) have a good time.

Photo : (www.kelate.net)
Video : (mokaproduction)

Ala ewa ewa bule,
ewa bule teraju tigo,
gomo kelate gomo,
gomo kelate gomo,
gomo kelate gomo.

To Mr. Moderator, feel free to delete this post if you sick with it. hahahahha. I just cannot help myself.

Gomo Kelate Gomo dan Majulah Sukan untuk Negara.

Hafzan Lazim

Gomo Kelate Gomo (II)

Saya ingin memohon maaf daripada saudara-saudari semua kerana demam Piala FA lambat tiba di tanah German. Di bawah ini saya sajikan perbandingan gambar di antara kejohanan Piala Dunia Bola Sepak Germany 2006 dan Kejohanan Piala FA Malaysia. Kesimpulan yang saya buat adalah kemeriahannya adalah sama sahaja, darilah semangat penyokong dan semangat para pemain. Anda sendiri buleh hakimi gambar-gambar di bawah.

Bukan benda yang mustahil untuk kita rakyat  Malaysia untuk memertabatkan mutu bola sepak tanah air. Kita sering saja menyalahkan kualiti permainan bola sepak tempatan. Kenyataan itu adalah benar. Taraf permainan bola sepak tanah air adalah berbeza dengan taraf permainan bola sepak antara bangsa. Tetapi tidak kah kita pernah terfikir mungkin prestasi pemain menurun akibat tiada sokongan daripada peminat-peminat. David Beckham adalah pemain yang hebat. Tetapi tanpa peminat, taraf beliau sama sahaja dengan pemain tengah Banggol FC. Jika kita lihat gergasi-gergasi bola sepak dunia mempunyai penyokong tempatan yang sangat ramai jumlahnya dan tinggi semangat cintakan negaranya. Satu ketika dahulu Malaysia adalah pasukan bola sepak yang disegani di Asia. Pada ketika itu stadium-stadium sentiasa dipenuhi oleh peminat-peminat. Saya bayangkan jika stadium pada ketika itu kosong sahaja mustahil untuk pasukan Malaysia untuk mempamerkan aksi-aksi yang menakjubkan.

Kadang-kadang saya agak muak menyokong pasukan yang tidak mempunyai kaitan atau ikatan darah dengan diri saya. Saya masih menyokongnya tetapi tidak dapat memberi sokongan sepenuh hati kerana di hati kecil saya mengidamkan agar negara tanah tumpah saya dapat mengantikan pasukan tersebut. Akhir kata saya menyeru kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia, dari Perlis hinggalah ke Sabah agar kita dapat sama-sama memeriahkan senario bola sepak tanah air agar taraf bola sepak Malaysia akan naik secara mendadak. Berilah sokongan padu kepada negeri masing-masing dan kemudian kita sama-sama bersatu menyokong pasukan negara kita yang tercinta. Saya yakin saudara dan saudari semua amatlah mengimpikan agar lagu Negaraku dapat kita sama-sama nyanyikan di Kejohanan Bola sepak dunia.


1. menconteng muka.


2. Di luar Stadium


3. Banner


3. Panaskan badan.


4. Kemeriahan.


5. Menconteng badan.

Kredit Gambar-gambar (www.kelate.net)

Gomo Kelate Gomo dan Majulah Sukan untuk Negara.

Hafzan Lazim

What are you looking at?

What      : Not you!! (not feeling very well- not in a good mood)..
Who       : Hail Arif b Mohd Hafiz
When     : Summer (Malaysia has summer throughout the year) 2009 (25/04/09-
.             The day Kelantan proudly won played the final FA cup game.)
Where   : Under the kitchen table
Why      : Searching for my mom-only my mom ok.. ala ome3..
How      : Crawling.. I can’t walk properly yet.. But I can climb.. huhu

**The writer has made the tone a bit aggressive to make the post looks more sensational.. huhuhu

Gomo Kelate Gomo.

I can call myself as a great football fan. I always like Barcelona fc and Argentina National football team because the way they play football. They always play possession football or short pass football. Every player in the team must contribute in order to play possession football but mostly the midfielder will dictate or orchestrate the play. Everything must come from the midfield.  They move the ball from the defender through the midfielder and they will wait until there is a room for the striker to penetrate. Mostly the ball will be moving just outside the penalty box. The best thing is, watching them split the opponent’s defender with their through pass. Man, if that happened, I would just say Wow. My jaws are like will falling down.

I always talk about football with friends. We spend hours wasting our saliva just to talk about 22 players chasing a ball.  Everybody has their own view of football. Everybody has their own favorites club. Some like Arsenal and some like others. But a good player is a good player. Even we hate a particular football club; we will admit the truth about their players. We always reason with each other.  Most of us will respect other’s point of view. At the end of the day it is just a game.

I don’t hate the club that I hate most. I think the reasons I hate the team is because of the way they play and mostly because of their fanatical fan. I hate fanatic. If their father or mother comes from that town, I could understand that. If they were born there, there is no reason to argue then. But none of that suit them. They don’t have any reason and at the end they will say it is what it is. When their team play defensive (read: 11 players in the box) they say it is tactical. But when they play against defensive team they will just keep on cursing and say how ugly and unfortunate for them to play against a defensive team. Well, they just cannot stand to taste their own medicine.

Kelantan football club and Malaysia football team will always be my club. Others, I just support them because the way they play. Call me not a loyal fan, i don’t care. It is loyal to leave a girlfriend and it is not loyal to change football club? It is just my perception. Nobody is right nobody is wrong.


Judging from this video, Malaysia football will have bright future. I even feel some goose bump when i hear the supporters screamed after the goal. Mangat nyohhhh. It was so great. If the stadium always crowded, it will automatically lift up the standard of the game. The people always cheer the team and looking forward for Friday night live. The citizen will love their country or state. So don’t worry about the identity crisis like we have nowadays. It will bring back the happening scene while was in primary school. We the kids 11-12 years old talked about football like we were an adult. The name Mario gomez, Hashim Mustafa, Tuan Kamree were our heroes. No Messi no Riquelme. We even brought the team Muffler to school everyday. We even collected the player sticker.  If one of us saw those players in town, he will be like the luckiest person in the world.

I doubt the scenario happen to kids these day. Everything is EPL. All i hear is Torres and C. Ronaldo. We can blame globalisation but how about Boca Junior and other South American club.  Their fans are so passionate like you would not believe. So I am asking you, to make yourself available for the Friday night live for the sake of the future, so the younger generation will not have a problem with identity crisis or wannabe problem.

Gomo Kelate Gomo dan Majulah Sukan untuk Negara.

Hafzan Lazim

Serunai and Gendang

I went to a new silat port, just for a visit as my current training gelanggang at Bandar Tun Razak is no longer operating, due to some unwanted reasons. After training for a while in this village-like gelanggang, the instuctor had decided to postpone the class to the next day. He wanted to recruit some of the trainers to play serunai and gendang (the Malay traditional music instruments). It is because some of the experts in the field were around that night, performing for a wedding ceremony nearby in the neighborhood.

The Gendang Silat 5 Sahabat Daerah Bera Group.

As for me, I just followed the crowd, enjoying the performance as well. The songs that was played had really awaken something inside me. The trill was there. Unfortunately, listening was the only thing that I know. Music is not my intelligence. Bye. Therefore I have decided to skip the extra class that they have later that night, which I think might end up just before subuh. I need to get back to collage facing the reality. Assignment.

Gendang set- What we supposed to learn (taken from Serunai Fakir)
Recorder- A serunai like flute. What we are exposed to.

When I was in a small kid, playing a recorder is a compulsory component in the music lesson in class. However, I can hardly remember what I have learnt at that moment. All I know is just to make the ambulance sirent. All you need to do is to detach the head part of the recorder and blew it. Open and close the other end of the recorder altenately. Simple and easy..   huhuhu

Demo @ IPBA Sport Day

The performance was just a simple demo, presented by mainly novices from IPBA Silat club. Although the product which is the performance is the major thing, I believe that the process of the training that we have gone trough is more important. For the novices, they were able to learn new movements which are still very alien to them, as they have not being exposed with all the graceful flower as well as the solid and complex stances yet.

The commitment and effort that was shown has reminded me on the demos that I had in my lower primary school years. Although the training nowadays is not as hard and as intensive as what we had, they are able to show their willingness to learn despite of having tons of other urgent tasks that need to be think of.

When I was in schooling years, what we did was just come to the training session and trained on the same thing again and again. Drilling was only the available option that we had.  The understanding and the practical part of the movement came later, I mean years after that, especially when I started to share with others on what I have learned, with the guidence of my teachers and seniors. Training and playing were the only thing that my friends and I used to do, although we had major exam in every single years. We did not hava many commitment like we have today. I wonder what will happen when I start teaching.. huhuhu..

Once upon a time, demo@istana.. Taken from Hafiz’s

More on the sport day..

Taekwando, breaking the fear..

Pink slip 2 tiang..

Pom pom boy, Haka of the All Green version.

Credit to Azri for the pictures..

It’s about everything..

  1. beginner.. many (banyak2)
  2. novice.. few (sedikit-sedikit)
  3. senior.. seldom (kadang-kadang)
  4. expert..  rare (jarang-jarang)

popular, powerful, perfect or peaceful?

So last night we had a long discussion about personality. It amazed me so much that this personality test is right for the most part. They said it is in the gene, you’re born with it but I dont know how true is that. The four major groups are popular sanguine, powerful choleric, perfect melancholy and peaceful plegmatic. Hmm it will be pretty interesting if I ever can understand why people behave in a certain way, psycho psyco!  *cam nak pegi menuntut ilmu bab ni je, boley ar?*

perfect, popular, powerful or peaceful?

perfect, popular, powerful or peaceful?

Popular Sanguine 

Outgoing, storyteller, animated, spontaneous, good sense of humour, bubbly, loves ppl, makes friend easily, creative, colorful

forgetful, exaggerating, interrupts, talks to anyone, overspends, restless, loud mouth, always late

Powerful Choleric

adventuruos, strong willed, born leader, persuasive, competitive, confident, outspoken, bold, resourceful, motivates ppl to action, organises household, goal oriented

unemotional, unsympathetic, bossy (uuuu), impatient, argumentative, domineering, short tempered, nervy, tactless

Perfect Melancholy

analytical, persistent, planner, scheduled, idealistic, talented and creative, sensitive to others, neat and tidy, thoughtful, serious and purposeful, genius intelect, perfectionist, high standard

HARD TO PLEASE(wow), withdrawn, negative, introvert, too sensitive, moody, sceptical, loner, critical, will not talk, depressed (bahaya2), not spontaneous, unforgiving

Peaceful Phlegmatic

controlled, reserved, patient, friendly, good sense of humor, good under pressure, hides emotions, relaxed, agreeable, not upset easily, inoffensive, diplomatic, good listener, easy to get along with

unenthusiastic, uninvolved, indecisive, hesitant, worrier, no opinion, lost in the crowd, mumbles, detached, LAZY(me me), timid, slow.

I dont really know where I should be put in. Maybe all, or maybe none. But with all power I have, I think abe apih is unknown but certainly not perfect, kak atie is peaceful kot or maybe popular? waahh, abe je is peaceful kot but not powerful, abe paih is powerful kotttt or maybe perfect, ajik is also peaceful but definitely not perfect. Suka hati makan roti jee. Anyway, what’s yours? Tell me tell me!


Freak out oh no!

Freak out oh no!

Alamak alamak next week finals. Four finals this semester,  tahniah cik nor. Haha. and my last final is on the last day of examination and it’s at 2pm. Why am I telling you this? This means that I am the last person that will get the pleasure of “finals da abes”. Oh sabarlah anda! Mari kita berusaha pelajar Vandy. And also jom amek RLST 294 with our favorite prof, Ustaz Bushra. 

“O Allah! Nothing is easy except what You have made easy. If You wish, You can make the difficult easy.”

Naziha Lazim, Nashville TN

Its 20000 and still counting

Firstly, thanks to my bro for sending the print screen of the blog statistic. It has been a busy week for me especially in the past few days. When I opened the page, the blog statistic has already reaching 20070.

I didn’t not have the time to update the post but luckily others manage to help. huhuhu..There are a lot to share but I did have enough courage to do so. huhuhu.. Anyway, thanks to all for supporting this blog.

Here are some of the interesting facts about this blog.

1. Many of the visitors that arrive at the top posts are from the search engine. We need writers/editors to come out with something interesting like this, at least once in while.. The top three posts are:-

2. There are a lot of referrers (the webs that link this blog) but there are two interesting referrers that make me wonder.. Why this blog? The pages are:

  • An israel forum (fresh.co.il).. The language that they used is different. I tried to translate the page online and it seems that they were discussing on the swords that are used by the prophets.

  • A spain blogger (Equitação e Arquearia na Tradição Islâmica- Horseback archery in Islamic tradition). I think the topic explains the main theme of the blog. But why link ibnulazim.wordpress?

3. The moderator has become quite lazy to upload new post as the internet connection is not that good. But thing has changed as I am using the P1 now. The Internet connection has improved. Alhamdulillah..

Until you seek, you cannot find.

Oster Ferien.

“I have to remind myself that some birds are not meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright. And when they fly away, the part of you that knows it was a sin to lock them up does rejoice. But still the place you live in is that much more drab and empty that they are gone. I guess i just miss my friends.”
Shawshank Redemption, 1994.

Acara: Perjumpaan Warga Emas Malaysia-Germany.
Tarikh: 9-12 April 2009.
Tempat: Bremen, Germany.

Hafzan Lazim.


Selamat Hari Jadi Abah. Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki. Semoga sentiasa selamat di bawah lindungan yang Maha Esa. Semoga terus dikurniakan kesihatan dan  mendapat cucu ke-3 pula. ha ha ha.

54 tahun, 5 orang anak, seorang menantu dan 2 cucu adalah satu perestasi yang amat membanggakan. Kami adik-beradik sangat lah bersyukur dan berbangga kerana dapat berbinkan Mohd Lazim. Tiada kata yang dapat membayangkan atau mengambarkan rasa terima-kasih dan bersyukur kami.

Hafiz Lazim
Hafzan Lazim
Faiz Lazim
Noornaziha Lazim
Haziq Lazim

Spring comes and goes.



Apparently summer is less than a month away. *smile* . Weather in Nashville is fluctuating like crazy. We have flood, bright sun and freezing cold day in a week. Package agaknya. Flowers that start blooming however cheerish the day. 

Wrapping up the semester, I just realized that I actually have a crazy week. My lab presentation is today, Physio presentation is tomorrow and 3 homeworks due on Friday.  Nice one. Silap sungguh perkiraan utk bersenang lenang last weekend, walaupun saya tiada sebarang test this week(I actually had multiple tests every week blegh). This coming week won’t get any better. Alhamdulillah ‘ala kulli hal. 

Hang Gripper + Strain Gage

Hand Gripper + Strain Gauge = InstrumentationLab

We chose a perfect project. Actually they chose it, not me because I don’t have any preference. Mungkin sbb mereka lelaki so pilih project hand gripper nmpak macam macho la kott. haha. Ours is simple, yet, tension membuatnya besar jugak when one of us broke the hand gripper, strain gauge tanak lekat kat hand gripper, salah calibration curve etc etc. Others with complex circuit, noise yg banyak and with electrodes on their heads, I think, budak2 bme, amek project hand gripper lah anda. Senang. (Semoga presentation today tak tergagap2 lah anda Naziha)

We(my batch) received rising senior letter early this week stating the subjects that we need to take in order to graduate on time. Saya ada laa beberapa keping subjects lagi. It feels so weird that rasa mcm baru semalam saya tgk Ashwaq punya letter and today I received mine. Mungkin lusa tersedar tiba2 da grad? In your dream lah tuh kann. haha

Ok kawan2, igtlah saya dlm doa anda semua. May Allah makes it easy for me. Ameen~

p/s: Abah, nak ikot abah g beris lalang boleh? hehe.

Run Forest Run

Running away is the best option that you have if you faced the more experienced opponent and you were bare handed..

Even if the weapon used by your opponent was just a pump water gun that didn’t have any water in it?

My teacher always says that your opponent is not the person in front of you, but the fear that you have in your heart..

Pintar Pintas

It is really hard to know what is your opponent’s next move. A punch?  or a kick? If it is a kick, is it a tebar jala, lambung kemudi, tolak lintang, kuda gila, sula or padu kick? Or the movement that is an alien to you? What should you do if you were in the situation? What if the moves are fast? I mean really fast!

Summer trip 2008: Vatican City which has nothing to do with the post. Human being is an unpredictable creature. Luckily they are created with only two hands, two legs and one brain. I can't imagine what would happen if they had more than that. huhuhu

Indeed, I am sure you will not share your strategies and moves that you have planned in a fight. If you don’t want to share them in advance, I need find a way to guess the moves. Then only I can plan a counter attack to those strategies. But how?

Hack your system to get the info or even corrupt the system? Can I? In my dream.  Or maybe there are other ways out? Read the movements? If only humans are dictionaries.. Predict the movements? Are they same like weather? I can use the weather cast then.. Is there any trick that allows me to do such thing?

I am still finding a way to figure out what the heck the ‘makan gerak’ really2 means. What I need is thinking, practices, drills, experiences and learning more things. Hopefully these will sharpen my senses and skills.

p/s: looking is not the same as watching. watching is not the same as staring. staring is not the same as reading.


Katakanlah padaku
Warna pintumu itu
Biar aku tak keliru
Biar ku mudah tak keliru
Katakanlah untukku
Warna hatimu itu
Biarku tahu
Apa yang harus
Apa yang harus ku perlaku