Akhlak comes first

Alhamdulillah, God permits me to see another dark side of a silat practitioner, and it is beyond my wildest imagination. Before this, I have met a few and only hear the story about negative people who practice silat.

The list of this kind of bad personalities is shamefully long.

blackheartThe beast (mazmumah) inside..

I believe that when Islam, Iman and Ihsan is put aside, everything that is practiced would somehow go out of the right track. In silat, Islam, Iman and Ihsan are all ingredients that build one’s akhlak (manner) to the perfection.

If a school of silat or a teacher brings you closer to the God using the path of prophet Muhammad SAW, then you are on the right path. On the other hand, if by practicing silat allows you to do bad things, then better find other one. If you are already a teacher or a master, nobody will bother to correct you unless you are humble to change. Then with God will, He would find ways to teach you.

  • If you are a Master but your akhlak is bad, you are nothing.
  • If you have wealth but you akhlak is bad, you are nothing.
  • If you have the fame but your akhlak is bad, you are nothing.
  • If you look ‘religous’ but your akhlak is bad, you are nothing.
  • If you are a great warrior but your akhlak is bad, you are nothing.
  • If you ‘look good’ but you are actually hypocrite, you are nothing.
  • The list goes on..
  • However, if you have the akhlak, you actually have everything.

Pointing Finger at others

Pointing finger at others is an easy spontaneous action that we always do. We tend to judge others based on little knowledge that we have about them and based on what people say on them. 

The world has become smaller each day with the expansion of the usage of the Internet. People have turned to be more outspoken in social media and in a way affects the real world as well. Propaganda (read lies) is spread in a blink of second.

So where do we stand?

Better correcting ourselves rather than correcting others (which are nearly impossible). One of my teachers used to say that when we see something bad at others, look at ourselves whether the bad thing has traces in us (which usually exist). We’ll be busy searching, correcting and seeking forgiveness on our mistakes instead of pointing fingers at other.

The Killer question is..

We are busy talking, commenting, elaborating, reading and watching on issues that happen around us (read on social media as well) which rarely related to the Deen. So, how many seconds do we use our time to really remember on Allah and things evolve around Him? Pity us.

Silat Sendeng

Alhamdulillah, I have now being transferred to Muar. I am currently teaching at a hospital here. It is a new perspective on how I see teaching is, and how it actually should be.

At the same time, I have been looking around on where I can learn and get some sweat in Martial Art, especially in Silat. It took me some time before I found one of the great silat that exist in Johor, which is Silat Sendeng.

Yesterday I had the chance to watch the Silat Sendeng Muar Postponement Ceremony for this coming Ramadhan. When I watched the demonstration done by the students as well as the teachers, I could see some patterns in their movements with what I have seen before.

 I have gone to a number of wedding ceremonies in Johor and the ‘bunga sembah’ is about the same. And now only I knew that the dance is coming from the same source. Silat Sendeng is widely spread among the community in the state, either among the youngsters as young as the primary school students or the old folks.

No wonder Silat Sendeng is declared as the official silat for the Johor state. According to the Bos of Sendeng Johor, they are the silent supporter to the state and nation. When a crisis happens to us (hopefully not), they will come out like Vendetta.. huhuhu


Buka gelanggang

IMG_1256eThe speech from the Sendeng Muar Bos. The Sendeng Johor Bos is sitting in the Brown shirt.

IMG_1259eDemo from all the trainees

IMG_1268eParang Play

IMG_1273eBadik Play, something new for me. huhuhu

IMG_1274eKeris Play

Insyaallah, I would further my study in the silat in the near future. It can surely eliminate some part of my thirst in learning the forgotten art.. huhuhu

Allahumma solli ‘ala Sayyidina Muhammad

This is one of the jewels that was left by Allahyarham Tok Ayah Musa Tumpat (Syaikhuna Al-‘Alim Al-‘Allamah Asy-Syaikh Tuan Guru Haji ‘Abdul Qadir Bin Muhammad Yusuf Hafizahullah Ta’ala).

Oo God please give us strength to follow your path, the path that is shown by our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW ..

Al Fatihah to Tok Ayah Musa Tumpat, our parents, teachers, relatives, friends and all Muslimin and Muslimat..

White keris

These are the item that I have found in the class last few days. I borrowed them from my students. I used them as teaching aid in the class. I told the students to do the task given or else the I would do something harm to them by using the keris . huhuhu

just for fun..

The white keris are the items that are played by children. These keris need to be upgraded to the real one when they get older. Using the same thing when the adult and involve in real life war would not be practical anymore. Having a real functioning keris is just a minor issue because the keris might or might not be used in a lifetime at all. Yet many people spend a lot of money, time and ect to get them and have a collection of them (including me).

Just for fun too?

However, have we considered on upgrading our own ibadah? Does the details in movements of the practice are the same as what we had learned during primary school years (ie Solah)? Surely these kind of ibadah need to be upgraded as well. We are very accurate in learning how to stab, move, step and even what to recite when we hold a keris, but do we do the same to our 5 times daily prayer? We have many masters which has the backing (sanad) of great and well known masters in playing with keris, but do we have the same backing at least for our prayer?  That is really me.. T-T

The keris and the knowledge about it might or might not be our friend when are buried 6 feet in the ground. But surely our prayers and ibadah will, insyaallah. huhuhu It is just a reminder to the dark side of mine. The prayers from all to purify my dark side is really appreciated. Ingat aku dalam doamu.. huhuhu

The evolution of Pusaka Gayong Badge

The badge of Pertubuhan Seni Silat Pusaka Gayong started with this one, I guess. I had not started learning gayong yet at the moment. My seniors a year or two before me used this badge. I only managed to grab the last stock of the Gayong Bachok t-shirt which has the badge. The shirt is now worn out and in pretty bad condition. huhuhu

Lencana Pusaka Gayong 1: The yellow dragon on my torn shirt..

When I joined silat during my schooling years, the badge that I got was the lion edition (below). Some other version of this badge that I saw was the white sea, instead of blue.

Lencana Pusaka Gayong 2: The lion version on my training uniform.

Then when I moved to Kuala Lumpur, they use the latest edition of the badge. The badge is used until now. However, I am kind of stuck with the second badge. Perhaps it has more sentimental value compared to the latest one. huhuhu

Lencana Pusaka Gayong 3: The lion in the dragon badge that I keep..

The exact date on when these badges change as well as the story behind it remains mystery to me. Maybe someone can enlighten me on this? huhuhu


Backflip refers to the act of doing a backward somersault, especially in the air. I am not sure of the term in Malay as we usually use the term ‘back’ or ‘backflip’ when we are reffering to the action. Perhaps the experts can help me in giving the right Malay term for such action.

The last couple of weeks, the saujana Gayong members had a bit of the training on the acrobatic movements at the end of the session. It included the backflip exercise. I am really bad at these kind of stuff and other stuffs as well. Thus, I would just prefer watching and taking pictures at the side. huhuhu

Warming up session..

Doing it with the hand first

Jumping up high..

and wohaaa

Kids, do not try this at home unless supervised by an adult! huhuhu

The shadowy place

I have found the picture on the fb posted by a friend of mine.

Is that so? hmm

Anak Jelati

Last CNY school break, I got another new bonsai tree. It was given by my master Ayah Su. huhuhu. According to him, the tree is 3 years old. Hopefully, it stays strong for many more decade to come.. huhuhu

Before, 28 January 2012

After, 30 January 2012

Based on my observation, half of a decade is just a short time for a bonsai trainer to create their tree. They take longer time to enjoy petting their tree. It is not like keeping a pair of pigeon in which they will breed and multiply in no time. Bonsai is about patient, not just passionate. To see it slowly grow in front of the eyes for years is something really valuable, and has a high sentimental value.

Karnival Silat DUN Panchor 2012

It was nearly afternoon when I arrived at the Silat Carnival. I was not in rush as the venue was beside SK Sering, really close to my house. Unfortunately, the silat team from my previous secondary school had just finished performing their demonstration at the moment I arrived. I am not sure whether I was unfortunate or actually the other way around for not being able to watch their performances. huhuhu

The crowds were not that many as the target group was just the people from the nearby villages, to be specific, under the DUN (state legislative assembly) Panchor.   According to the organiser (under the Panchor assemblyman, Dato’ Mohd Amar Bin Nik Abdullah) , there were about 10 school of martial arts were invited to perform in the carnival.

Boxing’s langkah sembah (opening dance) before the real sparring

The sparring from the silat boxing

The movements with inner strength and breath from Silat Tapak Suci

There were a variety of Malay martial art schools performing in the carnival, such as Silat Jatuh, Silat Seni, Silat Tempur, Silat Batin and Tomoi. The traditional gendang silat from two groups were also being played alternately throughout the events.

Silat Tongat

3 versus 1, from Silat Sekebun Bunga

Pentas Keris from PSSPGM

The Gayong team from SMU Panchor did a good job in their pentas. A bit more sweat and blood in their practice would make better. The tomoi or boxing partners also taugh. Although it was just a light sparring, some of the movements were really solid.

The silat dance by a master before the sparring

The Silat Jatuh performances from various schools were also great. A lot of their flowery movements consist of hidden philosophy and meaning. However, a couple of pairs really spoiled my mode. Although their movements were unquestionably great, I think that the performances were too much of comedy acts.

Silat putut (sticky like the glutinous rice)

Silat jatuh (ground work@grapling)

Perhaps their real intention was to entertain others especially the women and children. However, I do not think that silat should be known as something funny as we are not in the colonial era anymore. Silat should be known as the protector and pride to its practitioner.

The last performance to close the carnival, by two grandmasters.

I believe that this kind of event should be made as example to the other places in Kelantan or Malaysia in general. This event will eventually bring up the name of the local martial arts especially the traditional and low profile ones. It can also motivate the young generation to participate and contribute in continuing the legacy of our ancestors.

more pictures (here)

P/s: The weather was perfect all day long. The sun was gloomy, hidden behind the thin clouds which gave enough shade to the participants and audiences of the carnival. Later that day, I was told that Tok Guru Hj Hussin Ibrahim Lubuk Tapak has gone meeting the God. No wonder the feel and mode was a bit melancholic. Al Fatihah.

Social Visit

We had a chance to meet up at Pak Ngah Izahar’s house. As usual, we had a lot of eating and chatting, less sweating and suffering. huhuhu

Insyaallah, we’ll make time to meet them in the near future. huhuhu

Year End Party

On the night of 31st December, the PSSPGM SKTSS had organised a party to close the year 2011. Thanks to the organising committee for all the great service, finger licking food and special presents.

Preparing the bbq and ect.


A short speech from the teachers.

After eating, all of us got the draw lot prizes..

The organising and teaching team for PSSPGM Saujana 2011..

Take the thorns and bitter bits of the past as valuable experiences. Lets move on to the New Year with enthusiasm under God’s mercy and blessing. Treasure the time spent for silat as a platform to gain knowledge, skills and experience in all aspect of life. Make full use of the opportunities that come. The time that has passed will not come twice. Zatt


I am not really sure of the effectiveness of . Some says that giving the pigeon meat to a pregnant woman might boast the baby’s intelligent. Some says that it is a symbol of sincerity as pigeon is among the animal that does not change partners. They are very loyal to their partner. Hopefully, by consuming a pair of dove (white pigeon), with the permission of the God, the mother will give a birth to a servant who are sincere in giving total submission to God. Because of these, it is my family’s tradition to put pigeon meat as one of the menus during the pregnancy.

My father told us that one of our relatives, Ayah Su or better known as Pok Su Wi (Allahyaham- Al Fatihah), told him to get some pigeons for my mother during her pregnancy. Realising that it is one of the initiative to get good children, my father started to rear pigeons in great number. This enable him to get the meat whenever he wants to. As a result, somehow all of my siblings including me have some part of the pigeon in our blood.. huhuhu

The procedure continues when I become a father. Giving dove to my pregnant wife is also a must. Thanks to my father in law for getting the pigeon first before I knew it. However, that does not stop me from getting more dove for my wife. Giving more would be better, I guess. huhuhu

I went for a survey looking for a pair of dove. I found out that there were variety types of pigeon. The price can reach half a thousand ringgit. The price of a pure ordinary white pigeon (dove) around KB is about RM 3o. I was lucky to find a dealer who sells them half the price. On the day before I went to buy the pigeon, my father bought two ketitir (zebra dove). The next day, after making the cage, my brothers and I bought a number of white and dark pigeon, a pair of tekukur jawa (streptopelia), and two pairs of budgie. huhuhu.

Preparing the 5 stars cage.

The cage is ready with the nests inside. huhuhu

We slaughtered some of the pigeon for the meat and keep the others. All the family members, not only the pregnant one were able to taste the meat. Alhamdulillah. The day before my wife went to her work place, my father slaughtered all the pigoen except just a pair which has potential to breed. huhuhu

More reading on dove during pregnancy at Cikgu Hakim’s.

16th week

Alhamdulillah. In a mysterious yet amazing way, God has made the being in my wife’s tummy growth. At first the process of the main organ of the baby has made my wife a bit shaky and unstable. After quite a number of weeks, the condition is getting better. The tummy is starting to become bigger and harder, perhaps it is designed that way to protect the baby from the impact that comes from outside.

God’s creation is very amazing. each cell of the baby is duplicating as the time goes, whether we aware or not. The soul (ruh) was not there yet at the beginning. On about 120 days of pregnancy, the clean soul is whispered into the body. Subhanallah… According to my wife, she consciously realised the movement of the baby on the 14th week of the pregnancy. Masyaallah..

Entering the 17th week.. Can’t explain the excitement when I saw the baby being ultra-sounded. huhuhu

The whole process is being narrated by Datu Sanggul from Tanah Banjar (Kalimantan) on the 18th of Masihi. Part of the Syair Saraba Ampat is quoted:

5.Nur Muhammad bermula nyata
Asal jadi alam semesta
Saumpama api dengan panasnya
Itulah Muhammad dengan Tuhannya.

6.Api dan banyu tanah dan hawa
Itulah dia alam dunia
Menjadi awak barupa rupa
Tulang sungsum daging dan darah

7.Manusia lahir ke alam insan
Di alam Ajsam ampat bakawan
Si Tubaniah dan Tambuniyah
Uriah lawan Si Camariah

8.Rasa dan Akal, Daya dan Nafsu
Di dalam raga nyata basatu
Aku meliputi segala liku
Matan hujung rambut ka ujung kuku

9.Tubuh dan Hati, Nyawa – Rahasia
Satu yang zhohir amat nyatanya
Tiga yang batin pasti adanya
Alam Shoghir itu sabutnya

10.Mani-Manikam-Madi dan Madzi
Titis manitis jadi manjadi
Si Anak Adam balaksa kati
Hanya tahu Allahu Rabbi

11.Ka-ampat ampatnya kada tapisah
Datang dan bulik kepada Allah
Asalnya awak dari pada tanah
Asalpun tanah sudah disyarah

* Banyu = air, Awak barupa-rupa = tubuh yang bermacam bentuk/rupa, Di Alam Ajsam ampat bakawan = di perut ibu sudah berbentuk manusia dan bersama dengan empat kejadian yang lain, Tubaniah = air ketuban, Tambuniah = tembuni, Uriyah = ari-ari/uri, Camariah = darah yang mengiringi kelahiran anak, Basatu = bersatu, Segala liku = segala ruang, Matan = dari, Sabutnya = namanya, Balaksa kati = angka yang tak terbatas, Laksa = 10 000, Kati = 100 000, Kada Tapisah = tidak terpisah, Sudah disyarah = sudah dijelaskan.

The remaining syair can be found everywhere on the net.. Wallahua’lam

This morning, when we were having the dua’ after subuh prayer together, the baby is moving three times. Perhaps the baby wants to pray to the God as well. Allahuakbar.

On The News

As a reporter from Utusan Malaysia came to the closing ceremony for the Perdana Pusaka Gayong Johor that we had before (here), we were expecting that the news to come out a couple of weeks after the event. However, we were left in dark. Nothing came out at all.

 After nearly a couple of month after that, I was told that a short news about the event came out in Utusan and Berita Harian. Better late than never. A few days later, the news came out again in Kosmo. It was a full page news. huhuhu

Kosmo, Wednesday 21st September 2011

I believe that it was a good prospect to promote the art to all. There were a lot traditional silat school in Malaysia and it is sad to see that some lack the successor or even the trainees to carry on the tradition. The school might end up buried in the grave with the master if nobody cares to learn the art from them. Hopefully the news can trigger the spirit of warrior in them and make them learn the art with heart spirit.

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