1. A friend of mine just came back from Yemen few days ago. He bought me a beautiful shiny ring. He gave it to me today. He said he want to give a heart attack to me during the Eid. I am shocked to the core. hahahaha. I didn’t see that coming. Really. I am touched actually. How can a cold blooded person remember me during his holiday. Just joking. He is very nice and a great friend actually. I appreciate and will always remember that.

2. Hari Raya Card from my Family in Malaysia ( Hj Lazim, Hjh Zainab and Ajik). Thank you for the singing card. Every year. Never miss one. I don’t know what to say.

3. Hari Raya Card from my Sister in USA. Thank you for the beautiful Card with healthy Vandebit student’s picture on it. Thank you. Duit raya? I will think about it.

4. SMS and Eid wishes. Thank you because still remember me.

To all of you, have a meaningful Eid with your family and friends.

Hafzan Lazim


Satu Hari di Hari Raya

Satu hari di Hari Raya.

Prof. X: Ich habe Sie lange nicht gesehen. Wo war Sie?
Saya: Ich war in Praxis Semester.
Prof. X: Ach so. Sie müssen noch mit mir über OC I Protokolle besprechen. Sie müssen noch irgendwas bearbeiten.
Saya: Ja, klar. Ich habe zu Ihnen beim Sekretariat knapp am ende Winter Semester gegeben. Dann Letzte Semester war ich nicht hier beim FH. Deswegen kann ich nicht mit Ihnen treffen.
Prof. X: Alles klar.
Saya: Wenn ist möglich, möchte ich OC II Praktikum teilnehmen.
Prof X: Sie können nicht teilnehmen weil Sie Vordiplom noch nicht haben.
Saya: Ich habe schon Vordiplom.
Prof X: Ja? Ich denke dass Sie OC I noch nicht bestehe.
Saya: Ich habe schon bei Ihnen und Herr English , mündliche Prüfung gemacht.
Prof X: Ich biete kein mündliche Prüfung. Das ist schriftliche Prüfung.
Saya: Ich habe nach 2 Versuch die mündliche Prüfung.
Prof X:….
Prof. X:…..
Prof X.: Ja, Ich merke schon. Dann Sie können das Praktikum teilnehmen. Kommen sie nächste Freitag für Sicherheitsbelehrung.
Saya: Und die Präparat und Kolloquium Termin?
Prof X: Sprechen wir weiter diese Freitag.
Prof X:….
Prof. X:…..
Prof X: Ich würde sagen dass Ihr deutsch wird besser sein. Wo haben sie das Praktikum gemacht?
Saya. Beim Dräger, Dräger Safety.
Prof X: Ehrlich gesagt, ist besser, Ihr deutsch.
Saya: Echt!!!! Na, ist ok denke ich.
Prof X:….
Prof. X:…..
Prof X:….
Saya:Alles Klar dann. Ich bedanke Ihnen. Treffen wir uns nächste Freitag.


Begitulah kisah hari raya saya. Alhamdulillah, Inilah Rahmat kurniaan Allah di Hari Raya yang mulia ini. Bagaimana pula dengan hari raya anda?

“Dan bersabarlah dalam menunggu ketetapan Tuhanmu, maka sesungguhnya kamu berada dalam penglihatan Kami, dan bertasbihlah dengan memuji Tuhanmu ketika kamu bangun berdiri**”
“Dan bertasbihlah kepada-Nya pada beberapa saat di malam hari dan di waktu terbenam bintang-bintang (di waktu fajar).

Surah At Thur, Ayat 48-49
(**hendaklah bertasbih ketika kamu bangun dari tidur atau bangun meninggalkan majlis, atau ketika berdiri hendak shalat)


Hafzan Lazim.

Selamat Hari Raya (II)

“Allah maha besar. Tiada tuhan melainkan Allah, kami tidak menyembah kecuali kepada-Nya, dengan ikhlas untuk Islam, walaupun dibenci oleh golongan yang menyekutukan Allah.”

“Tiada tuhan melainkan Allah Yang Esa yang benar janjiNya, yang memuliakan tentera-tenteraNya (tentera Muslimin), yang menolong hambaNya mengalahkan tentera Ahzab dengan keesaanNya.”

“Tiada tuhan melainkan Allah yang Maha Besar Allah Yang Maha Besar dan untuk Allahlah segala puji-pujian.”

After I don’t know for how long pain in the you know where, I am still here. I don’t know how many years more to go. I am sorry for not trying hard enough to be together with all of you. What is done is done. Let bygone be bygone. Forgive me again. I miss you all, my family and my friends.

Al-Fatihah to Ayah Kar, Mok Kadok, Che Abe, Cikgu Zid, Pok Muda Li and to anyone that i didn’t mention here.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.
Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

Mohd Hafzan Mohd Lazim,
Lübeck, Germany.

Selamat Hari Raya (I)

Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir Batin

Mohd Faizal Sallehuddin,
Lübeck, Germany.

Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir Batin

Nik Khairul Anwar Mustaffa Kamal,
Lübeck, Germany.

Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir Batin.

Fahd Ezanee Jamaludin,
Lübeck, Germany.

The Lazy Magician

Some interesting chapter about my favorite player, Juan Roman Riquelme that I take from Phil Ball Journal. He described how Riquelme single handedly drove Villareal, small Spanish football club in to the Champion League semi-final. Phil ball is an English writer who based in Spain. You can always read his article every week in soccernet.

Riquelme, Argentina VS Ivory Coast, FIFA World Cup 10 June 2006

Riquelme and Forlan are the most obvious examples. In four seasons at Old Trafford Forlan managed 10 league goals, but as soon as he arrived at the Madridgal , he knocked in 25. There were two reasons for this. One was that manager Manuel Pelligrini rated him – and told him so – and the other was Juan Román Riquelme. When he turned up at the Camp Nou in 2002 from Boca Juniors, he came adorned with rave reviews. He played 30 games that season for Barça, but something wasn’t right. Loaned out to Villarreal, he’s never looked back. In fact he’s probably the best midfielder in the world – which makes it a funny old story. No-one had actually noticed him outside of Spain and Argentina until this season, but they must be kicking themselves now.
There are those who still maintain that his poor performances at Barça (well – not poor, just ordinary) raise a question mark over his real ability – the implication being that he couldn’t hack it at the top. But Ronaldinho did very little at PSG, and look at him now. The Brazilian’s lack of a relationship with coach Luis Fernandez has been well-documented, and is a similar story. Once bedded in a place that wanted him, with a manager that understood him, and bingo! Ronaldinho seems all fun and light-heartedeness now, but it was not always the case. Rijkaard takes a lot of credit for changing that.
Riquelme is a complex, moody character, not one to be the life and soul of the squad. He wasn’t really a Barça person. At the Camp Nou, they have to know that you understand the cause, and that you’re prepared to articulate that commitment, if necessary. Riquelme didn’t play along, and was shunted off. The other problem is obvious – that he needs to run the show. No way could he function with a whole host of other creative players around him, which is why he was never invited back. Xavi was allowed to emerge and take control, and the rest has been history. Now they’ve added Ronaldinho, Deco and Messi, and can afford to leave the other truly great player in the Spanish league over at Villarreal – a team that Barça still find it hard to take seriously.
And for all the usual speculation that goes on regarding who Real Madrid are going to sign next, Riqueleme has only warranted one brief mention in the pages of Marca, some months ago. Again, the feeling is that there are too many egos still at the Bernabéu. To hand the reins to Riquelme just might not work. The risk is too great.
Ah – but to watch him is to see the art of midfield play at its supreme and subtle best. Unlike Ronaldinho, there are no fireworks with Riquelme. In fact you don’t really notice him half the time. Defenders don’t either. He floats around the area between the holding player and the forwards, and represents an absolute nightmare to the opposing defence. Slow and ponderous looking at times, if you try to tackle him he just ghosts past. If you try to mark him he simply drops off so deep that the man-marker gets bored. And he never loses the ball. It seems to be uncannily stuck to his boot. Then when a forward makes a run into space he always finds them. His passing is deadly accurate, and often visionary. Everything goes through him. He almost always causes something to happen.
Against Inter, he drove the opposing midfielders batty by simply having them permanently on the back foot. It’s defence through attack. If you’re the opposing manager, you know you’re going to have to deal with him. He’s a problem you have to consider. Arsène Wenger is no doubt doing that right now.


Riquelme in the CL’s quarter vs Inter Milan. The description that i highlighted above fit the action in the video. You judge it.

Hafzan Lazim

Swords of Muhammad SAW

In respond to the post that I’ve read in my friend’s blog, which has discussed about the issue that arises when he wants to name his own weapon. I do agree with what my friend has argued. In addition, the Prophet Muhammad SAW also has his swords named. And even his bows have their own name.

This is the information that I’ve found in the Internet, with the help of Cg. Hafiz (Stoke):


al-Ma’thur, also known as “Ma’thur al-Fijar” is the sword which was owned by the prophet Muhammad before he received his first revelations in Mecca. It was willed to him by his father. The prophet Muhammad migrated with the sword from Mecca to Medina, and the sword remained with him until it was transferred, along with other war equipment, to Ali b. Abi Talib.

The blade is 99 cm in length. The handle is of gold in the shape of two serpents, and is encrusted with emeralds and turquoise. Near the handle is a Kufic inscription saying: ‘Abdallah b. ‘Abd al-Muttalib. Today the sword is housed in the Topkapi Museum, Istanbul. Photograph taken from Muhammad Hasan Muhammad al-Tihami, Suyuf al-Rasul wa ‘uddah harbi-hi (Cairo: Hijr, 1312/1992).


The al-Battar sword was taken by the prophet Muhammad as booty from the Banu Qaynaqa. It is called the “sword of the prophets” and is inscribed in Arabic with the names of David, Solomon, Moses, Aaron, Joshua, Zechariah, John, Jesus, and Muhammad. It also has a drawing of King David when cut off the head of Goliath to whom this sword had belonged originally. The sword also features an inscription which has been identified as Nabataean writing.

The blade of the sword is 101 cm in length. It is preserved in the Topkapi Museum, Istanbul. Some report that it is this sword that Jesus will use when he returns to Earth to defeat the anti-Christ Dajjal. Photograph taken from Muhammad Hasan Muhammad al-Tihami, Suyuf al-Rasul wa ‘uddah harbi-hi (Cairo: Hijr, 1312/1992).

Dhu al-Faqar

Dhu al-Faqar is the name of this sword, taken as booty by the prophet Muhammad at the Battle of Badr. It is reported that the prophet Muhammad gave the sword to Ali b. Abi Talib, and that Ali returned from the Battle of Uhud covered with blood from his hands to his shoulders, having Dhu al-Faqar with him. Many sources report that this sword remained with Ali b. Abi Talib and his family, and that the sword had two points, perhaps represented here by the two lines ingraved on the blade.

Photograph taken from Muhammad Hasan Muhammad al-Tihami, Suyuf al-Rasul wa ‘uddah harbi-hi (Cairo: Hijr, 1312/1992).


Hatf is a sword which the prophet Muhammad took as booty from the Banu Qaynaqa. It is said that King David took his sword “al-Battar” from Goliath as booty when he defeated him, but he was less than 20 years old. God gave King David the ability to work with iron, to make armor and weapons and instruments of war, and he made for himself a sword. It was thus that the Hatf sword came about, resembling the al-Battar but larger than it. He used this sword and it was passed onto the tribe of Levites who kept the weapons of the Israelites until it passed into the hands of the prophet Muhammad.

Today this sword is housed in the Topkapi museum. The blade is 112 cm in length and has a width of 8 cm. Photograph taken from Muhammad Hasan Muhammad al-Tihami, Suyuf al-Rasul wa ‘uddah harbi-hi (Cairo: Hijr, 1312/1992).


The sword called is reported to have passed from the prophet Muhammad to Ali b. Abi Talib, and from him to his sons. Some report that the sword was taken as booty by Ali b. Abi Talib from a raid he led in Syria.

The sword is now in the Topkpoki Museum, Istanbul. The blade is 97 cm in length and is inscribed with the name of Zayn al-Din al-Abidin. Photograph taken from Muhammad Hasan Muhammad al-Tihami, Suyuf al-Rasul wa ‘uddah harbi-hi (Cairo: Hijr, 1312/1992)


The al-Rasub sword is one of the nine swords of the prophet Muhammad. It is said that the weapons of the house of the prophet Muhammad were kept among his family just like the Ark was kept with the Israelites.

The sword is preserved in the Topkapi museum, Istanbul. Its blade is 140 cm in length. It has gold circles on which are inscribed the name of Ja’far al-Sadiq. Photograph taken from Muhammad Hasan Muhammad al-Tihami, Suyuf al-Rasul wa ‘uddah harbi-hi (Cairo: Hijr, 1312/1992).


al-‘Adb, the name of this sword, means “cutting” or “sharp.” This sword was sent to the prophet Muhammad by one of his companions just before the Battle of Badr. He used this sword at the Battle of Uhud and his followers used it to demonstrate their fealty to him.

The sword today is in the Husain mosque in Cairo, Egypt. Photograph taken from Muhammad Hasan Muhammad al-Tihami, Suyuf al-Rasul wa ‘uddah harbi-hi (Cairo: Hijr, 1312/1992).


al-Qadib is a thin-bladed sword which, it was said, resembled a rod. It was a sword of defense or companionship for the traveller but not used to battle. Written on the side of the sword in silver is the inscription: “There is no god but God, Muhammad the apostle of God–Muhammad b. Abdallah b. Abd al-Muttalib.” There is no indication in any historical source that this sword was used or in any battle. It stayed in the house of the prophet Muhammad and was only used later by the Fatimid caliphs.

The sword is 100 cm in length and has a scabbard of dyed animal hide. Today the sword is housed in the Topkapi Museum, Istanbul. Photograph taken from Muhammad Hasan Muhammad al-Tihami, Suyuf al-Rasul wa ‘uddah harbi-hi (Cairo: Hijr, 1312/1992).


This sword is known as “Qal’i” or “Qul’ay.” The name may be related to a place in Syria or a place in India near China. Other scholars state that the adjective “qal’i” refers to “tin” or “white lead” which was mined in different locations. This sword is one of the three swords which the prophet Muhammad acquired as booty from the Banu Qaynaqa. It is also reported that the grandfather of the prophet Muhammad discovered “swords of Qal’i” when he uncovered the Well of Zamzam in Mecca.

Today the sword is preserved in the Topkapi Museum, Istanbul. Its blade is 100 cm in length. Inscribed in Arabic on its blade above the handle is: “This is the noble sword of the house of Muhammad the prophet, the apostle of God.” The blade of this sword is distinguished from the other swords because of its wave-like design. Photograph taken from Muhammad Hasan Muhammad al-Tihami, Suyuf al-Rasul wa ‘uddah harbi-hi (Cairo: Hijr, 1312/1992).

Bows of Prophet SAW

The only surviving bow of the Prophet Muhammad, is kept in the Topkapi Museum in Istanbul, along with many other holy relics. It is made from bamboo, and dates from around 615 A.D. It is said to have passed into the  Caliphal treasury by the hand of Qatadah ibn al-Nu’man. The case was commissioned by the Ottoman Sultan Shah Ahmed I, (ruled 1603-1617)  and is inscribed with poetic couplets in praise of the bow, in Ottoman Turkish

According to the explanations of the biographers (from the book sacred archery: The Forty Prophetic Traditions. can be bought here), it appears that in the books reference is made to the bows belonging to the Lodestar of Mankind, the Messenger of the Common and the Elect, peace and blessings of Allah Almighty be upon him, as being six in number:

  • One of them was called Rawja’,
  • One was called Safra’ – ‘the Yellow’ – this one was supposedly taken from the tribe of the Bani Qaynuqa’
  • one was called Bayza’ – ‘the White’, and it was made of the wood of the fir tree. This one is also said to have been taken from the tribe of the Bani Qaynuqa’.
  • Another bow was called Sadad – ‘the Straight’, for the reason that when shot, it never failed to hit the mark; therefore it was thus named.
  • Another one of the bows was called Zawra’ – ‘the Crooked’; and because its voice was concealed, it was also named Katum

Wallahua’lam (Allah knows best)


  1. Center for Middle East and Islamic Studies, Department of History, United States Naval Academy. (here)
  2. (here)
  3. MPACUK: Muslim Discussion Forum (here)

Our Flour

After my attempt to do the cekmek, I tried out a couple more simple and easy-to-make traditional kuih. These foods are so unknown even the Malaysian didn’t recognise them, maybe it is just a local Kelantanese food. I think that I am lucky to be exposed with doing these foods since young, although I was bit lazy helping my mother doing them. Huhuhu..

My masterpieces from left, butir nangka and kepek idung aka puteri mandi. huhuhu

Young generation nowadays will prefer doing the modern food. Even the name of the food is so western and does not resemble who we are anymore. It is good to see this kind of improvement but some of these people just left their traditional food aside. I guess this issue is a universal issue; it happens everywhere around the globe. While the modern cuisine makes their way forward, what happen to the traditional food?

At least we should know their names. I still remember when was in Kelantan. I went to Kedai Nab Wakaf Zin or any other kedai nak (Keda hok buko nak2 hari hok samo dale sminggu, ie pasar tani) to buy things. I was so ignorant that I didn’t even know some of the kuihs’ name. One of the kuih is my father’s favourite and when he always asked me to buy it. What I did was I just pointed my finger to the kuih that I want, and that’s it.

Kedai Nab Wakaf Zin.. I miss the morning market.. the image was taken from here

Paih : Nok kuih ni duo rial. (I want this kuih for two ringgit- Pointing at the kuih)
Seller : Hok ni awe? (Is it this one?)
Paih : Ho. (Yes- Nodding my head)
Seller : Hoh awe, Mokcik wii lebih ko awe. (Here you go, I give you extra kuih)
Paih : Terimo kasih.

Thanks to the advance of technology that we have today, all of the recipe and information is at the tip of our fingers. So make some effort to know them better. huhuhu

more reading:

Food of Kelantan, Food of Kelantan 2,


Tepung Kita by Halim Yazid

Ketupat-ketupat tape
Beke chek mek teghe woh hulu
Kelepak akok serabe
Taik itik woh gomok kosu
Nekbak onde2 senggupal puting sagu
Cendol lopak tike buoh tanjung koleh ubi kayu

Tepung kito banyok lah benar
Sedapnyo raso sudoh terkenal
Ado merato di segenap kedai
Rama oghe suko hargo tok maha

Cacar tepung ape tepung suna teri mandi
Cucur putu maye tepung bukus dan banyok lagi
Ado mace2 takdok pitih jah wei nok beli
Kalu kito bile sapa esok tok habis lagi

Kalu nok banding ngan negeri oghe
Tok leh nok tanding tak dok doh lawe
Tepung lah kuih negeri kelate
Lemok berair sedapnyo make

Banyok oghe jual dale bandar ataupun kapung
Belambok atah kedai dale market kot celoh lorong
Singgoh ladeh semeta beli sikit ko beli borong
Perabih 2 rial make sohge tok rok nok surong

Turun temurun tok nenek mula
Rasa disanjung tinggal pusaka
Inilah tepung hok kito ado
Jange lah capur nekbak ngan burger

Nok wak tepung pelita masuk kakah tok banyok kara
Pise atau gulo tepung beras capur ngan telor
Walau pun empat benda denga masok banyoknyo rasa
Itu satu tanda kepandaian bangsa kito

Say yes to the Malaysian food: Enjoying pecal at house 34 during iftar. Is it a jawanese food?


Tangan yang memberi…

Video diatas hanyalah contoh kepada kita semua bahawa masih ramai lagi keluarga yang hidup dalam kesusahan. Mungkin kita sentiasa memikirkan baju berjenama apa yang bakal dibeli untuk hari raya, juadah apa yang ingin dimasak untuk berbuka, mungkin permasalahan itu tidak timbul bagi keluarga-keluarga tersebut. Mereka terpaksa memikirkan masalah-masalah yang lebih besar seperti dapatkah kami makan hari ini, cukupkan duit untuk membeli ubat-ubatan dan masalah lain yang mungkin tidak terfikir oleh kita. Lihat sahajalah Video tentang keluarga Hasan Hussein, dia terpaksa menangguhkan pembedahan paru-paru anaknya kerana anaknya yang lain terpaksa menduduki peperiksaan. Dengarlah keluhan anaknya yang menyatakan ingin pergi ke sekolah, tetapi tidak mampu berbuat demikian kerana keuzuran.

Renungkan lah betapa banyaknya nikmat dan kurniaan yang Allah S.W.T kurniakan kepada kita. Adalah wajib bagi kita untuk berkongsi nikmat-nikmat tersebut bersama orang yang tidak berkemampuan. Bayangkan dengan sedikit sebanyak bantuan saudara dan saudari sekalian, dapatlah insan-insan yang kurang berkemampuan sama-sama mengecapi dan menikmati sedikit kebahagiaan dalam kehidupan mereka. InsyaAllah, bantuan daripada saudara dan saudari sekalian sudah mampu untuk meringankan beban mereka dan membuatkan mereka gembira.

Derma, sedekah atau zakat bolehlah dilakukan melalui “wire transfer”, akaun pay pal atau kad kredit disini, Kijangcare atau thezakat.

Bandingan (derma) orang-orang yang membelanjakan hartanya pada jalan Allah, ialah sama seperti sebiji benih yang tumbuh menerbitkan tujuh tangkai; tiap-tiap tangkai itu pula mengandungi seratus biji. Dan ingatlah, Allah akan melipat-gandakan pahala bagi sesiapa yang dikehendakiNya, dan Allah Maha Luas rahmat kurniaNya, lagi Meliputi ilmu pengetahuanNya.
Al-Baqarah ayat 261

Sekali-kali janganlah orang-orang yang bakhil dengan harta yang berikan oleh Allah kepada mereka dari karunia-Nya menyangka, bahwa kebakhilan itu baik bagi mereka. Sebenarnya kebakhilan itu adalah buruk bagi mereka. Harta yang mereka bakhilkan itu akan dikalungkan kelak di lehernya di hari kiamat. Dan kepunyaan Allah-lah segala warisan (yang ada) di langit dan di bumi. Dan Allah mengetahui apa yang kamu kerjakan.
Ali-Imran ayat 180

Kecelakaanlah bagi setiap pengumpat lagi pencela. Yang mengumpulkan harta dan menghitung-hitungnya. Dia mengira bahwa hartanya itu dapat mengekalkannya. Sekali-kali tidak! Sesungguhnya dia benar-benar akan dilemparkan ke dalam Huthamah. Dan tahukah kamu apa Huthamah itu? (yaitu) api (disediakan) Allah yang dinyalakan. Yang (naik) sampai ke hati. Sesungguhnya api itu ditutup rapat atas mereka. Sedang mereka itu diikat pada tiang-tiang yang panjang.
Al-Humazah ayat 1-9

Maka Nikmat Tuhan yang manakah telah kamu dustai?

Eid Fitr Fever

This is the Eid Fitr Card that I’ve got from Maa, Abah n Ajik.. huhuhu


🙂  🙂  🙂

tak aci

[ .post khas utk ma dan abah. jadi bahasa melayu lagi best.]

wow meriah skali blog nih sejak kebelakangn ni. hasil usaha abe paih and abe je. bagus2. baca blog ni da jadi rutin saya setiap hari. rasa dekat ngn adik beradik walaupon sebenarnya tak berapa dekat. Abe apih and kak atie sunyi je? gmbar ariff where lah?

Ramadhan ke-3 kat vandy bagus2 saja. Tak terasa pon puasa sbb sparuh hari da pegi kelas. separuh lagi da struggle2 utk siapkan homework. Takpon separuh lagi guna utk qada’ tido mlm sebelumnya. hehe tau2 tak bagos. tapi still nak tido sbb mengantuk. 

Kalau hari sekolah, MSA vandy buat terawih dekat chapel. So jalan kaki je pegi terawih. tapikan terawih dia lamaaaaaaaa sgt. naseb baik 8 rakaat je. sbb imam de tuh org somalia, dia hafal quran. so syok je de baca quran dgn cepat tp panjang. haha. org kat belakang da tersengguk2(sekali je). (ajik, nnti awk walaupon da igt satu quran, kalau jadi imam, tgk2laa makmum camne ye. kalu cam kak nor neh baca pendek2 pon sodap. haha.) 

Bukak puasa? best saja sbb housemate pandai masak. kadang2 dengan bantuan makcik adabi juga. kadang2 ke? haha. Sambal mak pak cik muzairi ade lagi sebotol kecik. Tiap2 kali makan igt abah ngn ma. huhu. Setiap hari jumaat, MSA buat iftar. So lagi best. bukan apa sbb dpt jumpa org ramai lepas seminggu struggle dgn sekolah yg memenatkan. 

Tahun 3 memang penat. Saya ambil 5 subject core. 3 subject electrical engineering, 2 subject biomedical engineering. Homework memang banyak. Banyak takpe sbb semua org pon ada 24 hours. tp susaaaah. ape2 pon tetap kena harungi. 3 sem je lagi yg akan dtg. nama lagi belajar kan. Igt lagi Ayah Chik penah ckp time freshman dlu, “Apa2pon, kita ada Allah Nor….”

So that’s how my 20 days of Ramadhan. sekarang tinggal lagi 10 hari. Alhamdulillah, now that we have a car, senang je nak pegi terawih. ICN (balasoh nashville) ada buat qiamullail 10 mlm terakhir ni. Doakan nor ngn housemate dikurniakan kerajinan nak pergi. 

oh by the way, budak2 vandy da amek gmbar raya. nor pakai baju yang pegi beli ngn mok noh arituh. not bad la. Ni gmbar bersama2 housemate. Kad raya vandy dlm process. nnti smpai la kepada org2 yg berkenaan. oh tp wajiblah saya kena dpt dri abe apih n kak atie, abeje, and abe paih. FYI, my address will never change. 😀 ni la kegunaan utama abang. haha.

Khamis depan ada test physiology. Sehari sebelum raya ada test circuit. Entahlah test ngn quiz sangtlah membuta tuli. So sempena malam2 yg penuh barakah ni, saya memohon abah n maa doakan semoga hati sy sentiasa teguh, tenang, dan tetap dlm jalan yg telah sy pilih, dan sentiasa di bawah keredhaan Allah.

p/s: Bro, this is how you make your parents love you more. haha. bribe cara baik.

The last days

is it already the last days?
time is surely very fast
in just a spilt of second
we are at the end of it
are we really go for it?
whether flying,
running, jumping,
crawling, marching,
or maybe rotating
in the same circle,
again and again
or just looking at it
going away
and doing nothing

there are still
some times left
to love
and to be loved
if you really really
want to find it

1) But your heart seems to be so silent? hmm
2) put my name in your dua’ as well.. amin

Seven facts

This is what I’ve got from Hani who has being tagged by Nad who has being tagged by Aishatur who has being tagged by myzatul…. and the names go on and on until I became tired to investigate the chain (sanad) of this tag.

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* Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
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Because this is more towards my sibling’s blog, this tag will evolve around my family, which basically consists of seven members. The list goes like this:

7+1 = big happy family.. huhuhu

. 1) The boss: Hj Mohd Lazim bin Nor

I heard that he has become one of the imams in the balaisoh (madarasah) near my house. Can I call him ustaz aji now? Huhuhu..

. 2) The queen: Hjh Siti Zainab bt Bakar

She is a teacher, who has the blood of educators flow in her vessels. I said so because many of her siblings are in this profession, and everyone is really enthusiastic (ber angin) when they are in the classroom, only feel tired when they went back home. LOL

. 3) The eldest: Mohd Hafiz

He is like a good leader, can give everything special to whoever works under him. I mean he is very generous to his friends and siblings. Alhamdulillah.. He is a good father as well.. you can ask k.ati, afiq and arif if you want.. huhuhu

. 4) The coolest: Mohd Hafzan

He is the coolest in the family. Maybe because he likes to observe rather than speak it out. In addition, as far as I concern, he likes kids and kids like him. So girls, please take notes to my hints.. LOL

. 5) The moderator: Mohd Faiz

He is just the moderator of this blog, just ignore him.

. 6) a) The Hard worker: Noornaziha

She deserves for what she gets where she is right now. From my observation when we live together under one roof, she put a lot of effort in her education, not like me, always besilat. Huhuhu..

b) The rose among the thorns: Noornaziha

She also seems to have the charm the make my parents granted almost anything that she wishes. Are they being bias here? I mean gender bias.. huhuhu

. 7) a) The Guardian: Mohamad Haziq

He is on his mission to be the guardian (hafiz) of the Holy Quran. Hopefully he will practise what he has learned in his daily life and teach us about the knowledge that can be learnt from this holy book. Amin..

b) The book worm: Mohamad Haziq

He likes reading. Anything, anywhere, whenever he has the opportunity, he will read. Huhuhu.. To the extreme, he can read the same books again and again until the books torn out. And he laughs at the same joke again and again if there are jokes in the book that he reads. Such a weirdo.. LOL. Maybe he has changed now; I haven’t seen him for quite some time. Huhuhu.

Please correct me if i’m wrong, that might just be from my point of view. To the authors, feel free to add (edit) some more to the post.

ps: I dont want to tag anyone because … Can I be the last person in this super looong chain? huhuhu

The Memories of Ramadhan

Quick one after the Iftar.

1. Did you remember your the first Ramadhan that you fasted when you were a little kid?
I do remember the first Ramadhan that I fasted completely, the whole 30 days. I was in standard 3. All of us still in Sabah. Before that, I only remember the “Puasa sekerat Hari” term.

2. Did you remember getting rewards (read bribes) each day you fast? The smaller you age was, the bigger the reward would be?
During my day, I only got 1 ringgit per day. Not bad actually. Hj. Lazim the one who came up with the offer that Mat Apih and me cannot refuse. Mok Ra too offered to us the same. That is why I fasted for the first time completely the whole month that Ramadhan. Another reward, I can choose whatever I want if my parents bring me in the pasar Ramadhan. Weird thing was, me and Mat Apih will choose cool drink only. Anything else never tempted us. At the end, we end up full with water before can even touch the other food.
Long time after that, it was like not cool if you go to school without fasting. Ustaz and friends will make fun of you. That was not good, to be insulted in front of the people, girls especially, so I must fast. Hahaha

3. Did you remember sneaking to the tap to sip some water to reduce the thirst? (or maybe i was alone in this?)
Never done that.

4. Did you remember sleeping the whole evening because you have drained your energy, maybe because of not waking up for the sahur.
Always. I will wake up if Hj. Lazim ask me to do something. z.B paras kelapa muda. (Fear Factor)

5. Did you remember playing at the back of the shof while the older praying the tarawikh at the front rows?
During senior year in Faris Petra. If there was no warden around, it is our lucky day. The best thing was just after imam finished recite the doa, we ran like forest gump to the dinning hall.

6. And being scolded by the elders for making a lot noise?
During junior year in Faris Petra. Not elders but the senior.

7. And only join the prayer when the imam was nearly going to ruku’?
We always did that. Like Naziha said, our family always go to Masjid besar Kubang Kerian to pray the Tarawikh. The Imam will recite one juzuk per night. Total Rakaat is 20. So you imagine how long we must stand. The best way tho skip it is to join in during Ruku`. By the way Naziha taught us this trick.

8. And said aloud solawat to the Nabi Muhammad SAW competing against each other for which group is the loudest group?
Faris Petra and Masjid Kadok Dalam.

9. And you heart being attacked while we were praying tarawikh by the id**ts who were playing firecrackers outside the masjid? (or maybe i was alone again because I never like firecrakers)
I didn’t really remember. But I remember get scolded by Haji Lazim because still play the firecracker after he forbid us to play. I think I know who inform him, but I don’t want to say. Water under the bridge. Hahaha

10. Did you remember eating those delicious moreh?
Moreh?. What the hell is that? hahahahh. After six years, can u blame me?

Katakanlah: “Terangkan kepadaku, sekiranya sumber air kamu menjadi kering, maka siapakah (selain Allah) yang akan mendatangkan air yang sentiasa terpancar mengalir bagimu?”
Surah Al Mulk Ayat ke 30

Yang Benar,

Hafzan Lazim.

The Memories of Ramadhan

1. Did you remember your the first Ramadhan that you fasted when you were a little kid?

2. Did you remember getting rewards (read bribes) each day you fast? The smaller you age was, the bigger the reward would be?

3. Did you remember sneaking to the tap to sip some water to reduce the thirst? (or maybe i was alone in this?)

4. Did you remember sleeping the whole evening because you have drained your energy, maybe because of not waking up for the sahur.

5. Did you remember playing at the back of the shof while the older praying the tarawikh at the front rows?

6. And being scolded by the elders for making a lot noise?

7. And only join the prayer when the imam was nearly going to ruku’?

8. And said aloud solawat to the Nabi Muhammad SAW competing against each other for which group is the loudest group?

9. And you heart being attacked while we were praying tarawikh by the id**ts who were playing firecrackers outside the masjid? (or maybe i was alone again because I never like firecrakers)

10. Did you remember eating those delicious moreh?


Let’s enjoy this educational program. I hope it will refresh our memories about the ramadhan when we was a tiny and innocent little crying boy/girl.. and also be a reminder for us for this ramadhan.

Adam world – Ramadan Mubarak

This muslim’s video reminds me of the old seseme’s street.. huhuhu

Above all of those questions, I wonder whether our fasting has improved each year we meet Ramadhan?

credit to Suhaimi for giving me the brilliant idea of putting those tiny little icons.

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