Hero Malaya is on his way home!

It was reported that Hamburg “banjir” last night! and also, people were wondering if he will come back to Deutschland or not, many nodded their head and some said no. We’ll see in few months, or years maybe?

Indeed Allah knows best.


A little Bai’ah II

Today we had an event where parents of year six students were invited to the school. In the event, students sit together with their parents and listened to a Motivational talk from a well known motivator UTM. Then, they were viewed the strategies that the school takes to bring excellency to the students which was presented by the Headmaster.

Later, the last but the moment for core business of the day arrived. Students were asked to read the oath where they promise to be a good children, not to repeat their past mistakes and to score in their UPSR examination based on their expected target result (ETR).

A father as a witness watched his kid reading the oath.

After reading the oath, students as well as their guardian were asked to put down their signature to the paper that contains the paper. Thus, this oath contains strong power to drive students work hard to achieve their goals.

Furthermore, the parents were told to read the letter that their child wrote beforehand. The letter contained messages that perhaps the child always wanted to tell to their parents verbally, but could not. So the alternative was by writing the letter. This was the time when many tears shed. I only observed the event through the lens of my camera and I wasn’t sure of the content of the letter but I believed that it had to be the sincere and innocent notes deep from the children’s heart.

The objective of the event was successfully achieved to certain extent. A few guardians or parents could not attend to witness event. Perhaps they have the other urgent things that need to be settled. Their love to their child are still firm. Hopefully their children could take it and understand that their parents’ heart are always for them and forever with them.

p/s: What about my own bai’ah that I made again and again in my prayer? Do I really keep the promises that I make or is it just the words without any meaning to me? Oh God give me strength to do what I have uttered to you, show me the  right path and keep me on your blessed track 24/7. Amin

Jealousy strikes

There are times when I felt a bit jealous to the religious education teachers at my school. I have my reasons for that. In the previous two weeks of schooling session, we have new students entering the school. They are the year one kids who are really innocent and know nothing unless being told by their teachers and friends. They observe people around them and fast learn new things everyday.

For Muslims, among the routine that they need to start doing is to pray. Before praying, they need to know the basic things such as how to take wudhu and the movements in the prayer. As the students in standard two and one are in the evening session, the teachers especially the religious education teachers take initiative to make the jaamaah prayers (dzuhur and asar) as the students’ daily routine.

However, inviting students to pray in the first few weeks of the schooling session is a bit tricky. This is because a number of students in standard one do not have the basic in performing the prayer. They need help especially in doing the wudhu’ and the praying itself before they formally learn them in the classroom as well as get guidance from their parents at home.

In order to make things smooth I was invited to help these teachers to  help the students especially in their whudu’. I gladly accepted the request although it means that I need to be home late in the evening. This is the moment that I have waiting for; to do something good and make myself feel at ease. I can contribute something directly to the  Deen, teaching the students on the fardu ain. huhuhu

Although I was able to help just a few students to clean themselves before meeting the God, I feel good and even better than having the double prosperity burger, which cannot be explained by words. The feelings that I have make me wonder, whether I am the right track for just teaching the foreign language to the students when I should be teaching something more important than playing with words of less important in Islam.

That is when the jealousy strikes. I am a bit jealous to the religious education teachers who put their heart to really educate the students to be the good servants of Allah. In my case (language teacher),  I really need to find my own way to link things that I teach to make students realise that everything that happens evolve under the act of Allah.

Perhaps the key is ‘to develop the balanced being’

After having a deep thought about it, I realise that every occurrence have their own purposes and should play their own roles. My job is to do what I am asked to do which is to teach English language to the students so that they become knowledgeable person in and out.

In a school there should be a Principal, teachers and the staffs. However, people rarely appreciate the role of cleaners or the canteen workers in which without them a school is incomplete. So do this tiny little English teacher? Even the year six student who can’t read and write has his own purpose being at school.

This has made me thankful for what God have made me, where he send me, for whom he asked me to serve to and what he asked me to teach. I am just the actor of His script and have my own role to play. Alhamdulillah.


1. To make up what I think that I have lost for not teaching the students the fardu ain knowledge, I get involved in silat , the fardu kifayah knowledge (or perhaps the fardu ain as well, by looking at how Islam is suppressed by the Munafikin and Kuffar nowadays) -hoping that God will accept my small token of gratitude, insyaallah.

2. I am really exited to get my own kid(s) and with the help of my wife, I am going to teach them the fardu ain knowledge as well as the fardu kifayah.. huhuhu.. who, and when? only God knows the answer. huhuhu

3. Fardu ain means it is compulsory upon us individually and fardu kifayah means it is compulsory upon the entire community. Fardu kifayah transforms into fardu ain if the community fails in its duties, until such a time that at least one person or a group in the community fulfills it.

Gayong Saujana

There are two Gayong gelanggangs that can be found in Taman Sri Saujana, Kota Tinggi. One is at Sri Saujana secondary school and the other is at Taman Sri Saujana SS2. Both gelanggangs are under Cikgu Zamri’s supervision. These gelanggaangs are currently my space to practise Gayong, especially the SS2’s gelanggang.

Cikgu Zamri with his Gelanggang SS2’s kids

The gelanggang at the school consists of students from both primary and secondary school while the SS2 gelanggang consists of the residents of the area, from as small a 4-5 years old kid to adult of 40’s. The the training session is usually held separated between the school children and the adult. The adult class starts right after the session with the children ends.

after the training session

Although there are only a few adult join the training, it is fun to have them as the trainee because the methodology in training them is a bit different. The teaching part is molded into the sharing session as they have already had their own background knowledge in martial art. huhuhu.

The syllabus that is taught to the trainee is quite similar to the one that is taught by Cikgu Mat and Cikgu Zam in IPBA, KL. Therefore it is kind of the opportunity for me to learn and fill the blank holes in my schemata.

Old Album

Found this picture somewhere at home.

The  faces shows that they were in a very defensive mode. huhuhu

Does it ring any bell?

Sparring partner

There was a time when I was corrected by my teacher as I used wrong level of difficulties to my partner. ‘You should show him with examples on how to attack and where about  to strike, not to fight him as though you are killing him instead’, he told me. And  I have leaned my lesson on that day.

Sparring partner is crucial in exploring martial art.

If a martial artist is to help his partner to excel in martial art, he should be flexible in his approach to his partner. As far as I am concern, there are three levels of difficulties that one can use, namely the total submission, partial resistance, and total resistance. All of these levels have their own functions in order to guide a trainer to be a better practitioner.

  1. Total submission – The word trust is the best way to describe this level. This is when a person gives all that he has to his partner to do whatever he wants – practicing the martial art moves to his friends’ body. Usually, a students will not resist when his teacher shows a move such as a deadlock to him. He wants to concentrate on feeling that the teacher intend to give, and gives meaningful movements when he do that to his friend next time. For the sparring partner to memorise the moves that they have learned, drilling is a must. Repeatedly doing the same move again and again can be really painful if both parties give the real strike. Therefore, the partners need to just giving a let say 50% of the power whether he strikes or counters the strike. This will give a longer stamina to the body and they should be able to play more rather than getting injured on the first attempt.
  2. Partial resistance – This is used when the partner has master the moves that he learns. It is like an enrichment activity that a person has to undergone in order to expand his skills as well as experience. What his partner needs to do is that to give a bit of resistance or perhaps hesitance when the person want to do the moves. For an instance, when a person punch and the partner wants to catch the punch, perhaps he can make the hand a bit harder to catch or perhaps the other punch might comes if the partner takes too much time to finish the steps. We are dealing with human, not the robot, thus everything need to be fast and firm. But how much resistance should we give? The answer is just a bit higher than the person’s actual level. However, the person who are giving the resistance should be a bit more expert in the field as he always need to be at least one move ahead in order to give the enrichment exercise. Some of the silat schools call this person as ‘Jong Kakow’. Be extra careful when doing the resistance as it might also lead to injury if both parties do not want to tolerate. It is after all just a practice, not a fight.
  3. Total resistance – It is the preparation for the real life situation. The more ‘real life resistance’ the partner can give, the better it is. This is an application part of the skills and knowledge that a person has undergone. Without a proper test, how should he know that he is ready? or are the moves that he has learned is efficient and suit him well? or how should he do to adapt the moves according to the situation that he faces? This kind of activity will help a person to expand his horizon wider. The partner’s job is to give create this kind of situation, create the opportunity for his friend to experiment on his understanding. At the same time, the person who gives the training will learn something as well. It is like a win-win situation where both sides gain something valuable.

We can do the moves that we intent if our partner is submissive, but can we do them if there is a spark of resistance? or the worst case total resistance? Of course Cikgu Rambo and his partner can (in the picture).

In one of the martial art that I learned, there was an unwritten rules in which we should treat our partner with a drink after the training session if our partner gives his or her best shot by actually hitting our face with a punch when we should be catching the punch and doing the cool moves that we have learned.  But if we injure him or her by doing the cool moves, we should be the one who treat them. Aren’t we should take a good care to our sparring partner? Who are we without their deed? The least that we can do is to thank them after the training session. huhuhu

None of you will truly believe until he loves for his brother what he loves for his own self. (Related by Anas. Bukhari, Muslim)