Meeting The Master XI

It was on Friday morning back in early 1998, a small thin, pale and nervously looking boy stepped into the Maahad Muhammadi Lilbanin (MML) field. He was eager to learn the art of silat, which he later knew as the silat Gayong.

Upon stepping on the cold and wet field, he saw countless of strong and tough figures wearing dark uniforms with different belt colors. Many were wearing whites and greens, and a few wore reds. At one side of the field, there was one person who put on a yellow belt. The person was the tallest as well, with a quite-well-built shape. So he must be the Master among the experts, the tiny boy told himself.

Abe Dee (on the left) is helping the thin boy.. picture taken from Nazmie’s.

The warrior was later introduced as Abe Dee (Cikgu Mohd Jamidi B Wahab). He is the person in charge of training  anak Gayong MML under the supervision of Cikgu Muzairi (Cikgu Yie). Abe Dee is a quiet person. Ironically, he roars really well in gelanggang. He would help these anak Gayongs mastering the syllabus as he is known as the walking encyclopedia among them. Usually the students would get the skills from him first before they presented them to Cikgu Yie. Cikgu Yie would validate and finalise the movements, of course gave some bruises and pains to them before they could move on to the next ones. huhuhu.

The little child learns starting from how to grasp in the fist to make a good punch and so on from Abe Dee, with the help of seniors and friends. Although Abe Dee is no longer teaching in MML (because the school admin changes the training day to the weekday and Abe Dee has working commitment to attend to), the little boy still find ways to learn from Abe Dee until today as the learning process is still in progress. The little boy is nobody other than me.

It has been more than a decade since I learned from Abe Dee and there are still plenty more to learn. I would say majority of my primary knowledge comes from him. There is nothing I can give to show my appreciation towards him. Only God can appropriately reward him. May God give him strength and passionate in silat so that he can continue contributing to my silat development and other silat members at large.



If a teacher’s core business is teaching, apart from being a clerk, coach, cleaner, decorator, manager, counselor, fecilitator and many more, a student’s core business is studying. I am now officially missing that part in my life. Nevertheless, the spirit is still continue.  Now, Naziha and Haziq hold the batons. There might be hindrances  along the way, but there should also have the satisfaction at certain part of the journey.

The two members of the family who are currently in ‘love’ with books..

The only thing that matters is the way we look at them. Always be positive and that is what we’ll get.  We are what we think we are. Thus, be optimistic and positive. Find the bright side of everything that is done. Try a way to fall in love with what we are doing and everything will be sweet. Even reading books and notes seems like reading romantic love letters, cracking head to memorise some formula seems like as light as admiring the moon and of course getting ready for exams can be as fun as getting back to hometown for Eids! How lovely the life of a student could be. May the force be with both of you. huhuhu

And the end, the blessing of the Creator, parents and teachers matters most. We can be everything under the sun but if we are nothing in their eyes, we are dead meat. Study hard, pray even harder.

P/s: I might be following at the back if the everything runs according to the plan. Only the time will separate us.. huhu


selamat hari raya dan maaf zahir batin dari Hj Lazim sekeluarga……

Malam 7 likur

In the last ten days of ramadhan, Gayong Bachok members would choose a night to have a so-called party. We called it ‘make colek’ night. It is usually held when almost everyone has already come back to their hometown for Eid Fitr. They maybe working and studying elsewhere all around the country and at the end of Ramadhan they would be home with their parents and siblings. This is the suitable time to gather and catch up things. Although it is held every year, it has been a while since I attend this party. The last time was yearssss back  which was before I flew abroad.

Usually, we would just have light dish such as fruit salad (the Malay style@Colek buah) etc. But this year was exceptional. We ate colek kambing (mutton salad) instead. We had the most fantastic grilled mutton ever. The whole process starting from the still-alive goat until it is ready on plate was done by us. huhuhu.. The side dishes were phenomenal as well. Even the eating machines among us had to surrender because of the quantity was as great as the quality of the food.

The skinning process..

Enjoying the finger-licking food..

The apprentices along with Ayah Su, Abe Lan and Abe Dee..

Many thanks to Ayah Su, Ciksu, Cikgu Yie and friends for making the event a success.. huhuhu

Picture take from ayah su’s (here and here).

Return to the King

The holiday is starting. Now I am really exited to go back and meet both my king and the queen (read my father and mother). We are really in the Eid Fitr mood already. However, we still have the last week of Ramadhan, which is really precious and we should really go for it.

Happy going back to the hometown, have a safe journey.

Have a blast Ramadhan before it ends.

Happy Eid Mubarak.