Akhlak comes first

Alhamdulillah, God permits me to see another dark side of a silat practitioner, and it is beyond my wildest imagination. Before this, I have met a few and only hear the story about negative people who practice silat.

The list of this kind of bad personalities is shamefully long.

blackheartThe beast (mazmumah) inside..

I believe that when Islam, Iman and Ihsan is put aside, everything that is practiced would somehow go out of the right track. In silat, Islam, Iman and Ihsan are all ingredients that build one’s akhlak (manner) to the perfection.

If a school of silat or a teacher brings you closer to the God using the path of prophet Muhammad SAW, then you are on the right path. On the other hand, if by practicing silat allows you to do bad things, then better find other one. If you are already a teacher or a master, nobody will bother to correct you unless you are humble to change. Then with God will, He would find ways to teach you.

  • If you are a Master but your akhlak is bad, you are nothing.
  • If you have wealth but you akhlak is bad, you are nothing.
  • If you have the fame but your akhlak is bad, you are nothing.
  • If you look ‘religous’ but your akhlak is bad, you are nothing.
  • If you are a great warrior but your akhlak is bad, you are nothing.
  • If you ‘look good’ but you are actually hypocrite, you are nothing.
  • The list goes on..
  • However, if you have the akhlak, you actually have everything.

Learning from others

Years back when I was in Jitsu, there were few precious values that I have learned from them. The way the lesson was conducted really scare us off.

557690_245467095581704_96765395_nArranging the mats was also part of the training. pic take from (here)

Once we stepped on the mat, we would be in the whole new world. The nonstop training (read-torture) was really worth every penny that we pay.

The extreme was that we didn’t even have the time to think about the move that was taught, We were asked to let the body and muscle do the thinking and memorising. Talking to each other and taking time to take breath was out of question.

It would be really great if this kind of positive attitude can be practiced in our gelanggang.

Mengingatkan diri sendiri

Untuk mengelakkan luka pada orang lain antara perkara yang boleh dilakukan ialah dengan memastikan mulut dan emosi  tidak lebih cepat dari minda. Masalahnya ialah minda bawah sedar samaada positif atau negatif sangat mempengaruhi kehidupan manusia.

kamra 556e

Untuk mengubah minda bawah sedar yang terlalu negatif, orang lain hanya kemungkinan boleh sedikit membantu tetapi yang pentingnya adalah diri sendiri.

Berkawanlah dengan orang-orang yang boleh membimbing ke syurga. Selalu refleksi diri dan carilah ilmu sebanyak mungkin untuk mengubah kehidupan supaya menjadi lebih bermakna tertutama di penghujung usia.

One and only

Really need to hold to the One, the only One..

Tiada Dua

The New Hail in The House

Alhamdulillah, everyone is safe. huhuhu

Hail Aqid

Hail Aqid Bin Mohd Hafiz.. credit to Che Nor for the picture.

Insyaallah his belief in Islam is as firm as his name. And that nothing can shake his strong heart towards Allah. And that he witnesses that no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is the messanger of Allah. Thus, he practises everyhing to indicate what he preaches. That is the true colour of my Aqid.. huhuhu

Soft Skills

One day, Tok Gajah was together with Tok Ku Paloh. Tok Ku Paloh was holding a sugar cane stick  when he asked Tok Gajah to get it from his hand. Tok Gajah immediately tried to grab it from Tok Ku Paloh. Later, the sugar cane was crushed.

Then, Tok Ku Paloh made a jest, “These are the people who use strength (ilmu gagah), the sugar cane was all crushed and cannot be eaten anymore”. “Wasn’t it better if you asked from me politely? Surely I would give it to you”

Where could I learn this kind of soft skills? Knowing the right thing to do to the right person, to the right extent, at the right time.

My Toys XIV

The kuku rimau (tiger’s claw – a small version of the kerambit) is another gift given by my master. The one that is made by himself (except for the blade). The special thing about the claw is that the handle is made of the cow’s horn that was slaughtered for my wedding ceremony! Thus it holds a very unique sentimental values for me.

The sheath is made of mix leather which is really thick and hard. It is carefully attached and sewed to hold the blade tightly. He told me that the kuku rimau was made using the trial and error method. Surprisingly it came out successful. This is his  first attempt of its kind. Imagine the 20th blade, the product could be really amazing and astonishing. huhuhu

simple yet naughty because the effect of using it could be bizarre

It always amazes me to see his creativity and ability to come out with a lot of wonderful things. His advice is simple yet deep. One of them is that he always asks me to hold on tightly to what I have and do the best to what I have to do. Then everything will run smoothly according to His will and blessing.

Thank you Ayah Su.. huhuhu

Hj Nor

My grandfather..

A man of his words. huhuhu

After three years

It should actually be a training session at Gelanggang Gayong Bersepadu in Kompleks Bersepadu Selatan. However,  the training was postponed due to the tahlil session that was organised by KSSG. I was told about the cancellation by Cikgu Mat as I was intended to join the training session. Therefore the meeting place for me and my teachers after being away for some time was done at the KSSG training centre at Puchong.  It was almost three years since the last time I meet both my teachers Cikgu Mat and Cikgu Zam.

Alhamdulillah, Cikgu Mat and Cikgu Zam are still in a pink of health. We were able to catch up with stories that we have missed. I am glad to hear that the Gayong IPBA trainees have started the training session again after hibernating for a short time. huhuhu

Anticlockwise- Cikgu Sham (in white), Cikgu Zam, Cikgu Mat, Me, and Haziq. Picture taken from KSSG facebook album.

Credit to the KSSG committee for organising the tahlil program. Thanks for fulfilling both the the needs of the body and soul. huhuhu

In the meantime at the other place on the globe,

Berkeris.. (picture taken from Cikgu Nasir’s Multiply)

My masters were having fun with Pak Ngah.. huhuhu

The shadowy place

I have found the picture on the fb posted by a friend of mine.

Is that so? hmm

Year end soul

The last few weeks before holiday break is really awesome. Loads of work comes up one after another. There are still plenty unsettle tasks on my desk. It is being done according to the priority. At the end, I am the one who gets confused with the order from the most important to the least ones.

They come from the smallest bits to the largest event, from being a reader to being even a PM. With the announcement that the school is in the list for the New Deal, SBT and Cluster School, things are getting more complicated (or maybe I am the only person who are not well organised? huhuhu)

Before the short break at the end of the year, lets take 5. Lets take a shorter break. Take a deep breath in.. and out.. If possible put the names of Allah in each of the breath in and out.. Imagine something peaceful and then think nothing, only the name of Allah fills your heart. huhuhu

When we are at the right place at the right age, at the right moment, we can take the real break as the call from God. We should better prepare enough pack lunches for the stock as “This world is the farming field of Life hereafter”.

Even the imitation Hang Tuah takes a break. huhuhu

Cat and Scooter

Last weekend, I went to watch the kids did their Silat training. Suddenly, something weird happened. I saw some creatures were riding on my scooter.

Cat and Scooter

Who are they?
What were they doing on my scooter?
Why for so many places on earth they chose my scooter?

Could someone with answers explain the mystery to me.. Can any cat expert   describe the cats’ habit? Or is it paranormal? LOL.. Any cat lovers or haters with explaination want to help? huhuhu.

Or perhaps someone in Kuching misses the owner of the scooter and sends these cats as the sign? aawww

Some readings about cats:

  1. Cat behavior (here)
  2. Amazing facts about cats! (here)

Syawal 1432H

We have been missing people during Eid since 8(?) years. The last family picture taken was during AbeApih’s wedding five years back. After that the siblings move around and it was hard to get everyone at the same place and time. But I guess wedding would do the job because this Saturday, The Lazims will be reunited again wehoo

But thats not the point of this post haha. We just wanna wish you all Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin. May the blessing showers you and your loved ones.

Al-Quran By Heart

God shows his greatness in these kid. They are able to memorise the whole Quran by heart. Masyaallah..

A documentary about children memorising quran: Part 1

There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, many of whom grapple with the role religion should play in their lives, and the lives of their children. Each year during Ramadan, more than a hundred of the best young students from more than 70 countries across the Islamic world converge on Cairo for Egyptʼs International Holy Koran Competition, one of the Islamic worldʼs most prestigious contests. Some of the competitors are as young as seven, and several have memorized the entire 600-page Koran without actually speaking Arabic.

Lot 1691.. Where at?

Address: Lot 1691, Kg Dusun Durian, Tawang, 16020 Bachok, Kelantan.

GPS Coordinates: 6.117935, 102.339127

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