Karnival Silat DUN Panchor 2012

It was nearly afternoon when I arrived at the Silat Carnival. I was not in rush as the venue was beside SK Sering, really close to my house. Unfortunately, the silat team from my previous secondary school had just finished performing their demonstration at the moment I arrived. I am not sure whether I was unfortunate or actually the other way around for not being able to watch their performances. huhuhu

The crowds were not that many as the target group was just the people from the nearby villages, to be specific, under the DUN (state legislative assembly) Panchor.   According to the organiser (under the Panchor assemblyman, Dato’ Mohd Amar Bin Nik Abdullah) , there were about 10 school of martial arts were invited to perform in the carnival.

Boxing’s langkah sembah (opening dance) before the real sparring

The sparring from the silat boxing

The movements with inner strength and breath from Silat Tapak Suci

There were a variety of Malay martial art schools performing in the carnival, such as Silat Jatuh, Silat Seni, Silat Tempur, Silat Batin and Tomoi. The traditional gendang silat from two groups were also being played alternately throughout the events.

Silat Tongat

3 versus 1, from Silat Sekebun Bunga

Pentas Keris from PSSPGM

The Gayong team from SMU Panchor did a good job in their pentas. A bit more sweat and blood in their practice would make better. The tomoi or boxing partners also taugh. Although it was just a light sparring, some of the movements were really solid.

The silat dance by a master before the sparring

The Silat Jatuh performances from various schools were also great. A lot of their flowery movements consist of hidden philosophy and meaning. However, a couple of pairs really spoiled my mode. Although their movements were unquestionably great, I think that the performances were too much of comedy acts.

Silat putut (sticky like the glutinous rice)

Silat jatuh (ground work@grapling)

Perhaps their real intention was to entertain others especially the women and children. However, I do not think that silat should be known as something funny as we are not in the colonial era anymore. Silat should be known as the protector and pride to its practitioner.

The last performance to close the carnival, by two grandmasters.

I believe that this kind of event should be made as example to the other places in Kelantan or Malaysia in general. This event will eventually bring up the name of the local martial arts especially the traditional and low profile ones. It can also motivate the young generation to participate and contribute in continuing the legacy of our ancestors.

more pictures (here)

P/s: The weather was perfect all day long. The sun was gloomy, hidden behind the thin clouds which gave enough shade to the participants and audiences of the carnival. Later that day, I was told that Tok Guru Hj Hussin Ibrahim Lubuk Tapak has gone meeting the God. No wonder the feel and mode was a bit melancholic. Al Fatihah.

Social Visit

We had a chance to meet up at Pak Ngah Izahar’s house. As usual, we had a lot of eating and chatting, less sweating and suffering. huhuhu

Insyaallah, we’ll make time to meet them in the near future. huhuhu

My New Toy

I have got a new toy. I found it at the back of my home. I have little knowledge about the species. What I know is that I have once grew the kind of tree when I was a little kid.

My new bonsai. Hopefully it will stay alive and grow up healthy and strong.

I want to nurture it to become an aggressive phoenix (in my dream) huhuhu

My Toys XIII

This is the real toy I am talking about. It is a living thing indeed. I found it at a nursery since it is just a small girl. When I was at the nursery, I just saw it as a normal tree same like the others. I asked the seller to put it into a nice vase and trimmed it a bit here and there as it looked messy.

My little bonsai with tiny little white flowers.. huhuhu

Then, I took it home. I gave it him a shower and put it at the balcony to make it look appealing. After turning it around to find the right perspective for viewing, I realised that it is actually a cute obedient dragon. She just waiting for the right time to show how beautiful she is. Thinking of it, I feel a bit lucky to find the tree as if the time when Mr. Witwicky found Bumblebee. huhuhu

I was actually looking for a small tree for my working cube at the school. To my thought, searching for a bonsai might be a great idea. Despite the awesome view of the tree, I do not have the courage to take it to school as it will surely distract me when I am working. huhuhu

Only for those who can still see the similarities.. Bonsai Anok Nago.. huhu

As a newbie, there is nothing much I can talk about her, even her species it still in dark. Maybe the knowing part will come slowly bit by bit. huhuhu.

Mcm ‘Koleksi Printscreen Soal Jawab Ustaz Azhar Idrus (Original)’. huhuhu

Year End Party

On the night of 31st December, the PSSPGM SKTSS had organised a party to close the year 2011. Thanks to the organising committee for all the great service, finger licking food and special presents.

Preparing the bbq and ect.


A short speech from the teachers.

After eating, all of us got the draw lot prizes..

The organising and teaching team for PSSPGM Saujana 2011..

Take the thorns and bitter bits of the past as valuable experiences. Lets move on to the New Year with enthusiasm under God’s mercy and blessing. Treasure the time spent for silat as a platform to gain knowledge, skills and experience in all aspect of life. Make full use of the opportunities that come. The time that has passed will not come twice. Zatt