Visit Kelantan 2016

This year is Visit Kelantan Year. The Department of Muzeum Kelantan has conducted quite a number of events in order to attract tourists all over the country. One of the events that was organised was calling different school of silat to perform live demonstration.

We were asked to do a silat demonstration during the school break holiday. The organiser had asked our silat school to show some moves for about a duration of two hours, consisting only five person (2 pairs and a single trainer).

Therefore our teacher had asked the senior practitioners to play. Perhaps these practitioners were able to drag the moves in order to buy some time.


Tari by Syukri


Live music


Fadrul and Adi Syahid with their sparring pentas


The picture was edited a bit as my tanjak was not properly worn.. huhu

On the surface, it seems that we are collaborating to do the demonstration. However personally, I believe that this event was also a trace to meet again my long lost friend.

I could not remember when was our last meeting but one thing for sure we had been working together a lot in our school silat committee during our schooling years.


Karnival Silat DUN Panchor 2012

It was nearly afternoon when I arrived at the Silat Carnival. I was not in rush as the venue was beside SK Sering, really close to my house. Unfortunately, the silat team from my previous secondary school had just finished performing their demonstration at the moment I arrived. I am not sure whether I was unfortunate or actually the other way around for not being able to watch their performances. huhuhu

The crowds were not that many as the target group was just the people from the nearby villages, to be specific, under the DUN (state legislative assembly) Panchor.   According to the organiser (under the Panchor assemblyman, Dato’ Mohd Amar Bin Nik Abdullah) , there were about 10 school of martial arts were invited to perform in the carnival.

Boxing’s langkah sembah (opening dance) before the real sparring

The sparring from the silat boxing

The movements with inner strength and breath from Silat Tapak Suci

There were a variety of Malay martial art schools performing in the carnival, such as Silat Jatuh, Silat Seni, Silat Tempur, Silat Batin and Tomoi. The traditional gendang silat from two groups were also being played alternately throughout the events.

Silat Tongat

3 versus 1, from Silat Sekebun Bunga

Pentas Keris from PSSPGM

The Gayong team from SMU Panchor did a good job in their pentas. A bit more sweat and blood in their practice would make better. The tomoi or boxing partners also taugh. Although it was just a light sparring, some of the movements were really solid.

The silat dance by a master before the sparring

The Silat Jatuh performances from various schools were also great. A lot of their flowery movements consist of hidden philosophy and meaning. However, a couple of pairs really spoiled my mode. Although their movements were unquestionably great, I think that the performances were too much of comedy acts.

Silat putut (sticky like the glutinous rice)

Silat jatuh (ground work@grapling)

Perhaps their real intention was to entertain others especially the women and children. However, I do not think that silat should be known as something funny as we are not in the colonial era anymore. Silat should be known as the protector and pride to its practitioner.

The last performance to close the carnival, by two grandmasters.

I believe that this kind of event should be made as example to the other places in Kelantan or Malaysia in general. This event will eventually bring up the name of the local martial arts especially the traditional and low profile ones. It can also motivate the young generation to participate and contribute in continuing the legacy of our ancestors.

more pictures (here)

P/s: The weather was perfect all day long. The sun was gloomy, hidden behind the thin clouds which gave enough shade to the participants and audiences of the carnival. Later that day, I was told that Tok Guru Hj Hussin Ibrahim Lubuk Tapak has gone meeting the God. No wonder the feel and mode was a bit melancholic. Al Fatihah.

The Kelantanese Wedding

These are some of the processes that I have encountered during my wedding. Although the word wedding seems simple, it actually contains quite some lengthy process which follows the needs of Islam as well as Malay custom, and in my case it is narrowed to the Kelantanese culture.

At first, I did question about the needs to follow all the rigid rules and customs as for me, the procedure is just for the ‘Akad Nikah’ and that’s it. All others was considered as extra burden. However, that was just an old me. Now, after undergone some part of the process, I realise that there is an enormous agenda behind all these customs, which is to make my wedding life better.

Merisik (Inquiry)

This is the first formal step in getting marriage. Before the process takes place, the parents and family members from both sides have already had a general idea about what is expected from the person from the other side.

Che Nor dirasuk dirisik

Before the actual meeting takes place, they usually have asked people around, used spy, done some investigations or maybe asking the person herself in order to get answers to some basic questions about the person and her family. The questions may centered on the four basic things suggested by the Prophet (SAW) “A woman is married for four things, i.e., her wealth, her family status, her beauty, and her religion. So you should marry the religious woman [otherwise] you will be a loser”.

In my case, we have done some funny investigations as well. After getting agreement from my parents and closest relatives, we move on to the merisik (formal inquiry) stage. The merisik is a meeting whereby we went to my spouse’s place (not yet at the moment) and indirectly asked whether the girl is available or not. That was the moment when I had the first glance on my wife.

The  meeting also means that I was able to contact her (within the limit of the religion, haram things before is still haram after the merisik stage) in order to know her better and if she meets the criteria, to discuss the preparation for the next stage.

Bertunang (Engagement)

Engagement is the stage where both parties are really commit to the marriage. There should be no U-turn after the engagement unless there is really big war without any solution happens. To be play safe, the news on engagement should not be public as it would give a shame to both parties especially the girl’s side if it is ended up with a break up.

The engagement ceremony

My engagement was quite unique as the duration of my engagement was only about two hours. Everyone was eager to get me married I guess. huhuhu

We bring along with us 7 things (pahar) as gifts to my spouse and  her family. It can be any number as long as it is an odd number. Some of  the compulsory item needed in the 7 pahars are sireh leaves where the ring is put, the yellow glutinous rice paired with egg (pulut kuning and bunga telur), some cloth, some fruits, some food (usually cake) and last but not least a book (usually Al Quran). All the gifts are a complete things needed in one’s life. Each symbolises important things that is needed to have a prosperity life.

The  spouse  will reply about the same (equal) things given from her side. The number will be the same or have two extra to number of pahars that they get. It depends on the agreement from both parties. I always crave for a weapon (i.e. keris) put on my pahar but all oppose my suggestion. Poor me.. huhuhu

Akad Nikah (Marriage Contract)

The marriage contract is the real deal. This is usually the stage which make the bridegroom shaking the whole body, freezing under the room temperature or perhaps suddenly becomes a stammer. Shaking hands with the religious officer  or the wali (guardian) himself and utter one single sentence has become the heaviest things to do.

Alhamdullilah mine was an OK session. Thanks to my seniors for sharing the tips to counter the difficulties. huhuhu. For those who has not shaken hands with the imam yet, you can ask me about the tips. The fee is just a whole grilled chicken. Sate will do. huhuhu

Reading the contract is among the most scary part in a man’s life.

There is also Mas Kahwin (sum of money or anything (i.e. Al Quran, gold) as a gift to the bride) that the bridegroom needs to give. The quotation price is up to the bride to decide. There is usually a range of standard price given based on the trend around the place.

However there is also a trend in which the bride does not put any specific price for the gift. It is up to the bridegroom to decide. If the money is not used for the wedding ceremony. It is suggested that the gift is given in Gold Dinar or maybe properties with high probability to rise in the future.

The different that is seen in the Kelantanese wedding and other states in Malaysia from my point of view is that the Kelantanese does not have the additional allocation for the ‘wang hantaran @ wang hangus’ (or burned money). The burned money is paid prior to the wedding to the bridegroom as the down payment that is usually used for the wedding ceremony for the bride’s side. The sum is usually a lot higher than the Mas Kahwin.

Berkahwin (Wedding Ceremony)

This is the time when the family celebrate the happiness and announce that their daughter has already got a husband. The family would be the organiser for the ceremony. It started with the family inviting the guesses. The guess should carefully listen to the invitation or look at the invitation card because there is a hidden message between the lines mentioned by the host, whether it is a gratitude ceremony (kenduri kesyukuran) or the wedding ceremony (kenduri perkahwinan). huhuhu

The feast time during the wedding ceremony

If it is just a gratitude ceremony, the guesses can just come to the ceremony and enjoy the meal. They might also want to bring along a gift or alms to the couple such as giving simple things as simple as a kilogram of sugar. Giving money to the host is considered as rude perhaps because the host believes that they are serving some food to the guesses as a gratitude to God and only God can indirectly repay it, in term of happiness, health and etc.

For the invitation which is stated as  a wedding ceremony, the guess is allowed to give present or money to the host as the alms. Maybe it is to lessen the burden of the couple when they live together in a new house or place.

On the day, the bridegroom and his contingent would march along with the pahars. There would be two additional pahars compared to the day of engagement. It usually contains about the same things as the engagement that, only that there were no sireh leaves given anymore. My contingent that came on that day was extraordinary. I mean the numbers. Thanks for the support. huhuhu

Menyambut Menantu (Receiving the daughter in law)

Then, the bride is delivered to the bridegroom’s family house. Another wedding ceremony is usually held as to inform the relatives especially the distance relatives of the bridegroom’s side that the person is already wed. If the the host has enough force and strength in term of  people come to help to set up everything, then the host can think of cooking the meal from the scratch. But if not, paying the catering service is preferred.

Some of the relatives that came

The is also an unwritten rules whereby the bridegroom cannot go to the bride family’s house before she is officially sent to the house during the menyambut menantu ceremony. It is one of the extreme case scenario. The linear rule would be that the bridegroom can go to the bride family’s house but she cannot stay there too long or sleep at the house.

Menghantar Menantu (Sending the daughter in law)

Another new thing that I have learned when I got married was that my wife is not allowed to go to her parents’ house until my parents send her. Perhaps this custom is rarely practiced because of some hindrances such as geographical and time challenges.

The direct purpose that I can see in the procedure is that it can tighten the newly tied bond between the two families namely mine and my wife’s family. It has been at least six meeting since the first merisik ceremony. The intimacy should already sprout a bit if not much between our two big families. The good relation between the families is also crucial in building a sound family of mine. huhuhu

Ziarah Waris

After the ceremony, the newly wed couple would probably hear the sentence sounds like ‘Ajok la Paih/Na gi jale kenal rumoh’ (Invite your spouse to our house) uttered by the close relatives. They would usually serve the couple with heavy meal and give some gifts as presents.

Nasir was smiling while glaring at the food at one of the relatives’ house. huhuhu

Based on my experience, as we had limited time at home before we departed to our work place, we went to nearly 10 houses in less than half a day. Only God can repay their kindness. There is nothing that I can compare for having such caring relatives around me. Alhamdulillah

I felt blessed because everything runs smoothly. Hopefully it is a good sign from God who has planned all the events for me. The whole process is now complete. It is now the time to explore the depth of understanding and patience with each other, with the strength of the mahabbah and rahmah thrown by the Creator to the heart of both of us, as husband and wife, and the big families that we have.


  1. It should be noted that the customs are not compulsory to be followed.
  2. If it becomes a burden especially the financial burden to a person, the simplest akad nikah is more than enough.
  3. Physical contact and relation (or something towards that)  before marriage for any reason (i.e. postponing the wedding because of financial burden) should be avoided. Parents should aware that the customs can hold but some evils for postponing the wedding can’t. It can only be stopped by marriage.
  4. The entry post might be just my syok sendiri perspective. Any correction or additional information is most welcome. huhuhu. Wallahua’lam.

Football is coming home

After more than 7 years, we will unite again. I am coming home.


Hafzan Lazim

Silat Seni

It seems that the CRK off that I took is worth every second. I was able to go here and there and accomplish quite a number of missions. huhuhu. Besides, I was also able to have a short visit the the Silat Seni State Level Competition which was located at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tiang Chandi.

jurus wajib yang berjurus

It was the first day of the tournament when I went there. Students were doing the jurus wajib when I arrived. The participants have put their effort in showing the spirit along with the movements. huhuhu. Many thanks to the organiser. Congratulation to the winners as well as all participants.

For those who will represent Kelantan for the Nationals in Sarawak, make Kelantanese proud. Gomo Kelate Gomo!


We are celebrating our Malaysian Independence Day tomorrow.. However, are we really get the gist of what independence mean? What does it mean to us? Although we are nobody, we should play our own role to protect the indepence of our country. It should start with our own self, then only we can start talking about our family and so on.

Although it seems that we are free, but are we really sure about that? Perhaps there are invisible chains locking each of our neck. Perhaps the chains will be visible and known to all when the time comes. The chains are at our land, belongings, mentality, attitude and most importantly at the heart.

Brake the chains and be free. Fly as free as birds in the sky.. huhuhu

Pasir Putih

The train from Hamburg from Luebeck was quite full yesterday. I guess everybody was coming back from their weekend holiday to the reality, Monday. I sat beside my friend. We keep talking to each other to kill the time. 45 minutes is relatively long if you are alone and did nothing. We discussed about our future plan, life, football and stuff. During our conversation, I saw through refection from the train window, a woman, mid forty kept observing us. I lowed my voice a little because I thought our conversation annoy her. But when you have so much to say, you will never notice how loud you are. Damn this woman still observing us. There are only two possibilities, 1: We were really loud. 2: She like me. I kept on talking with out paying not much attention to her.

After a while holding her horse, she asked my friend whether I speak Kelantan dialect. What the heck? It is weird enough if she asked him whether I speak Malay language. A German woman can smell budu in my Malay language. I don’t know what to say, it is a compliment or insult?

Actually this woman lived in Kelantan in early 80. She lived in Pasir Putih. I said to her, my house is in Bachok. We are like neighbor and stuff. She laughed. She kept saying good thing about Kelantan people. Very nice people, very good food, very beautiful place and stuff. When she said you come from a land of nicest people make my heart leap with joy.

She also kept asking about Kelantan to refresh her memory. Story about places like Pantai Cinta Berahi, Kota Bharu and Bandar Pasir Putih really make her smile wider. She said she was closed to marry Kelantanese man but what to do, neither of them will not tolerate with their religious believe. I asked her whether she miss Kelantan. She said only God knows how much she misses Kelantan. With commitment and stuff she has no opportunity to travel again to my beloved state.

The train then arrived at Reinfeld Bahnhof. That was her stop. Before saying good bye, She asked us whether Search is still there. We asked back “what Search?” She said “ Search the band, Amy?” Wow. I was amazed. She then asked about Wings too. But last but not least ” Is May also still there?” I and my friends kept looking to each other. It was a dream or what? A Blondie asked about Amy and May? What is the odd? 1000:1? You answer.

My friend said to me when she leaved. Once he met an Italian in Swiss, speaking kelantanese better than him. The same thing, miss Kelantan a lot, he even miss Tuan guru Nik Aziz and budu. But he converts to Islam though.

The conclusion is maybe KLCC will made people know us but our sopan-santun and beautiful culture made people remember us. If we follow what our old people teach us about religion, respect, lembah lembut, sopan santun, kiro caro, food, art and stuff every human in the planet who know us will put us in their heart, feel blessed, remembering us as a gift from God for them.

Hafzan Lazim


Teaching is not my thing unlike others. But at least I can teach this kids how to count in kelantanese language. To teach language that I mastered is heaven. It is wierd because there is some part in the world far away from Kelantan where people recognise Kelantan’s language as a medium to communicate.

This boy name is Aman. He was born here. He understand well enough if you ask or tell him anything in kelantan’s language. But he cannot speak it. He didn’t understand at all when you speak Kamus Dewan Malay. The funny part is when he use kelatedeustch (German version of manglish). Sentences like “Ich moechte nasik” which mean I want to eat rise. “Air katuk spielen” which mean I want to play water in bath tab, make you feel like somebody is poking your heart.

I taught him to count during last weekend. I promise him 1 Euro if he remember 1 to 10. Yesterday his mother invited me to eat at her house. She did some nasi minyak. While I was eating this boy running to me and started to count. After that he asked me the gift that I promised. Don’t promise to kids or your big brother if you cannot full fill it. They will always remember your words. Her mother said he keep counting every second, day and night. At first he pronounced  limo which mean five as milo. Now he can count 1 to 10 perfectly. I ask him to continue untill 20. He said “I already knew”. I said “go on boy”. He started counting confidently ” so so, so duo, so tiga, so pat, so limo and so on. The cutest thing of the year?

By the way, do your hate it when you hear your own voice? I do. hahahahhah

Hafzan Lazim.

The Final Malaysia Cup 2009 II

Everyone knows the result. Everyone knows what happened during the event. I was there, contributing one red dot in the ocean of red warriors in stadium. Although the red dots outnumbered the yellow dots, I believe that some of the red dots lack the the quality on how the good and supportive fans should act.

The day.. The red dots were everywhere..

Everything that happened  comes with consequences. I could clearly see that after the event. The Kelantanese manage to get the attention from the whole globe. They are even more striking than the winning team. Starting from the newspapers, tv news, tv programmes, blogs, web sites, forums and in the real world, everyone talks about the red  warriors. Even the ESPN Soccernet puts the news about them on the front page. Every single dot on earth especially in Malaysia (exaggeration) discusses about these supporters. Sad to mention that majority talks about their bad behaviors. huhuhu

The productive yellow dots filled less than a quarter of the stadium.. huhu

We can blame everyone for the black incident if we want. However, let the people with power and authority decide on that. For the tiny little red dot like me, I can do nothing except to reflect on myself and learn from the happening. As an educator, I feel that students (future generation) need to be equipped with not only high IQ, but the emotional intelligence (EQ) part as well. One might be intelligent, but it does not necessarily means that they posses good moral values. Perhaps 1% of the Kelantan supporters lack the EQ a lot. They easily get angry and always wanted to show that they are superior than others. Pity them as they lack the education which leads them to not having the pleasure of having the EQ skills.

It is the teachers’ job to instill this capability to the students so that they will be able to  perceive, use , understand and manage emotions well. Than only they will be able to react to any event wisely. Education is for the heart, as well as the mind. Learning must embrace students’ hearts as well as their minds. (Boon, 2009). That is the hard part of being a teacher. First of all, I am still improving myself. Crabs cannot force their children to walk straight. huhuhu

Anyone can become angry- That is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way- This is not easy. -Aristotle-

A wise person once told me that always look into yourself on every single happening around you as it comes with purpose. One of them is to make you learn from it. I guess I have learn something from the final Malaysia Cup 2009.

P/s: One thing which I surely learn is that in every single soccer game that I attended, the team that I support would not win (lose or draw). Those were the past. I am not sure about the future. huhuhu.. Shall I betray my team and support the opponent?

Keno gomol.

Kalah bola hatiku jadi sayu,
tubik kedai cari nasik kerabu,
acu nak try bakpo mari tok lalu,
lecah tawar bakpo adik tok buh budu.

Hafzan Lazim

Gomo Kelate gomo.

My brothers will go, my cousins will go, and my friends will go. Who am I? Am I not Kelantan enough? My mother and father are Kelantanese. I was even born in Kelantan.  Mat Apih was born in Sabah but he can go. To miss Kelantan’s team playing in the final again is too much to bear. This week, I didn’t even have lust to watch EPL, La Liga and CL. In my head, Kelantan enter the Final and I cannot go to Bukit Jalil. As a sign of protest, I didn’t even watch this week CL’s matches review which is important thing for me as a football fan.

How about that for a drama queen? Don’t get me wrong. I am happy because my beloved state enters the Final again. I am happy for me and everybody. The feeling is way better than Barcelona´s  victory  against MU in Cl Final last season. It will be even better if Kelantan win the Final. I hope so. For the haters, don’t judge me because I love my team. You should judge the wannabe who loves other’s son more than theirs.

I wish the players and supporters a very best of luck.

Hafzan Lazim

The Final Malaysia Cup 2009

The thrill is now over, at least just for now. Kelantan football team manage to get through to the final with an easy win over Perlis. We won by 3-1 and the aggregate is 5-1. Despite of the numbers that we get, I believe that the game in the final with Negeri Sembilan will be a tough one because they won with big aggregate as well.

Let’s not worry about the kind strategies that will be used in the final. Let both of the team managements decide as they know better than us, the fans. Our duty is just to go and support our beloved team. Throw away all the bad habits that were shown in the previous games such as throwing objects to the field and the opposition fans. Strictly say no to the fire crackers. The drums, loud cheers, the same colour and excitement are more than enough to shake even the XXL Bukit Jalil stadium size (if you know what i mean and how it feels).

Another thrill is coming, just around the corner. November, 7th. Kelantan vs Negeri Sembilan. Bukit Jalil Stadium.

To all Red Warriors out there, lets all march to the stadium for our final battle.

Gomo Kelate Gomo

Masih kah kau ingat?

Hafzan Lazim


Akhirnya gong yang dinanti-nantikan telah tiba ke Tanah German setelah sebulan 3 minggu berlayar di lautan. Senyuman yang terukir di wajah penerima gong tersebut tidak dapat di bayangkan dengan kata-kata. Ucapan terima kasih yang tidak terhingga diucapkan tanpa henti oleh penerima kepada pengirimnya.

yang kurik itu kendi,
yang merah itu saga,
yang cantik itu budi,
yang indah itu bahasa

Hafzan Lazim

What a rich language!

When I stuck in the traffic jam yesterday, my time was still filled with beneficial activity. I discovered something amazing about my state dialect (Kelantanese), how rich it is compared to the standard Malay language (my sweeping statement as I do not read the Kamus Dewan dictionary.. huhuhu)

Trapped in the flood of cars: Behind Tok Guru’s official car. huhuhu

My learning space was through the radio. The program is called ‘Rampai Budaya: Kayanya Bahasa Kita’, on air at Kelantan FM every Thursday at 5.15 p.m until 6.00 p.m.. It was a light yet informative program. The DJ worked together with one guy who is an expert in the area.

Yesterday, they talked about the word ‘song’, ‘tok song’, and ‘tok song ko lagu’. The listener were invited to make a call and show their understanding towards the three about the same yet different words. Could you make three sentences to indicate the different usage of the words? It was really entertaining listening to how they played with the language. huhhu

Photoshop jokes

Then, they moved on to the next stage. They gave a few synonym words and asked listeners to tell the different between the words. The words that they gave yesterday was ‘song’, ‘sekung’ and ‘rasi’. The listeners gave variety of interpretation on the words. They way the words were viewed were amazing. Some context were rarely being used and some are used regelarly. Can you tell the different between these three words?

Is there any dictionary for the Kelantanese dialect? Younger generation (me) tend to mix languages between Kelantanese, standard Malay and English language. I am afraid that ‘yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendung keciciran’.  Is it similar to ‘a bird in hand is worth than two in the bush’? huhuhu.

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