Routine @ Kg Dusun Durian

I had the chance to join the training at Kg Dusun Durian, Kelantan last week. Despite the training was on Monday night, I was able to make it as I had the Maulidurrasul and Thaipussam break back in Johor.

The elders watching from the side

It was a chill training whereby not many turned up as some were beaten to death during the SUKMA selection competition. Anyway, congratulation to all who have made the team a great opponent. The bronze medals were not bad at all for the first timers after leaving the field for so many years. We’ll make a comeback in the years to come insyaallah.. huhuhu

Allahumma baariklana fiima razaktana

This was actually what happen during after the training. It was indeed a delicious way to end our training with Curry Noodles of course, the Ciksu’s recepi. Jazakallahu khairan kathira.. huhuhu


Karnival Silat DUN Panchor 2012

It was nearly afternoon when I arrived at the Silat Carnival. I was not in rush as the venue was beside SK Sering, really close to my house. Unfortunately, the silat team from my previous secondary school had just finished performing their demonstration at the moment I arrived. I am not sure whether I was unfortunate or actually the other way around for not being able to watch their performances. huhuhu

The crowds were not that many as the target group was just the people from the nearby villages, to be specific, under the DUN (state legislative assembly) Panchor.   According to the organiser (under the Panchor assemblyman, Dato’ Mohd Amar Bin Nik Abdullah) , there were about 10 school of martial arts were invited to perform in the carnival.

Boxing’s langkah sembah (opening dance) before the real sparring

The sparring from the silat boxing

The movements with inner strength and breath from Silat Tapak Suci

There were a variety of Malay martial art schools performing in the carnival, such as Silat Jatuh, Silat Seni, Silat Tempur, Silat Batin and Tomoi. The traditional gendang silat from two groups were also being played alternately throughout the events.

Silat Tongat

3 versus 1, from Silat Sekebun Bunga

Pentas Keris from PSSPGM

The Gayong team from SMU Panchor did a good job in their pentas. A bit more sweat and blood in their practice would make better. The tomoi or boxing partners also taugh. Although it was just a light sparring, some of the movements were really solid.

The silat dance by a master before the sparring

The Silat Jatuh performances from various schools were also great. A lot of their flowery movements consist of hidden philosophy and meaning. However, a couple of pairs really spoiled my mode. Although their movements were unquestionably great, I think that the performances were too much of comedy acts.

Silat putut (sticky like the glutinous rice)

Silat jatuh (ground work@grapling)

Perhaps their real intention was to entertain others especially the women and children. However, I do not think that silat should be known as something funny as we are not in the colonial era anymore. Silat should be known as the protector and pride to its practitioner.

The last performance to close the carnival, by two grandmasters.

I believe that this kind of event should be made as example to the other places in Kelantan or Malaysia in general. This event will eventually bring up the name of the local martial arts especially the traditional and low profile ones. It can also motivate the young generation to participate and contribute in continuing the legacy of our ancestors.

more pictures (here)

P/s: The weather was perfect all day long. The sun was gloomy, hidden behind the thin clouds which gave enough shade to the participants and audiences of the carnival. Later that day, I was told that Tok Guru Hj Hussin Ibrahim Lubuk Tapak has gone meeting the God. No wonder the feel and mode was a bit melancholic. Al Fatihah.

Meeting The Master XV

I met Cikgu Zulkifli bin Ismail or well known as Cikgu Zul Pasir Tumbuh (Pasir Tumbuh is the place where he lives and it needs to be stated or else people might get confused with Allahyarham Cikgu Zul) when I was in the upper secondary school. He was introduced to me by my beloved teachers, Ayah Su and CIkgu Yie.

Cikgu Zul on the right.

However that was just the normal meeting as it did not have much meaning to my silat journey. My trainings were the routines where I had my silat practice at school and at Ayah Su’s gelanggang. The extra might be helping the teachers in trainings my friends at other schools.

Later, if I am not mistaken after I have sit for my SPM examination, I was promoted to have extra tuition under the guidance of Cikgu Zul. I was told to go and learn from him because he could show me something that might be different from what I have encountered before. It is actually comes under the same umbrella to what I have learned but it is seen from different point of view or approach.

I felt very lucky as I have the chance to learn something I believe very valuable from him. The learning process was like a drill where I need to intensively polish my skills and instinct. Among the first batch students who came along with me was Abe Di, Redo and Hafiz. However, it was not long before as I was called to further my study to Kedah for a while and then to KL. I only have the chance to meet him during holidays, which was far from enough.

Gayong SIC 1980. Cikgu Zul is the forth standing from the left. taken from Cikgu Zul’s facebook. huhuhu

Cikgu Zul’s philosophy in silat is to learn something practical and proven to be efficient based on the concrete evidence. Therefore he does not feel shame to ask around and meet other grandmasters asking about martial art. He learns from other silat and martial art as well and currently still learning. He would also suggest me to go here and there to seek for more to deepen the understanding about the art. To my disappointment, only a few of his suggestion can be entertain because of time consuming and my other commitment. huhuhu

The knowledge and skills that he pours are really appreciated and only God can repay them. Thanks Cikgu Zul.. huhuhu

Silat Olahraga Kelantan 2011

I was able to have a short glance on the first day the silat olahraga competition among the secondary school students in Kelantan. It was held on 17th to 20th July. Although there is no national level competition for the silat olahraga for students this year, for some reasons, the JPN Kelantan has taken the initiative to organise the game at the state level. Hopefully the objectives of the competition were achieved.

I felt a bit nervous standing around all the (red) warriors. Some won and some lost, as that is the rule of the game. Nonetheless, all of them were great. They were brave enough to learn and work out how the fists really work.  God willing, we can rely on this kind of generation if something happens to our beloved country. huhuhu

Swimming Course

It was a last minute call from the Pusat Kokokurikulum Johor for me to attend a course on swimming. Although it was just the basic, I managed to learned many valuable lessons. It was fun to learn swimming the proper way.  However, it was quite impossible to master it in a couple of days. Currently, my skill is still out of shape. My stamina is just for just for 10 meter swim (or less). More practices are needed if I want to swim better, swiftly like a dolphin.huhuhu

At the end the participants had a test to swim 200m anyway they want.

The participants of the basic swimming course from all over Johor.

When I did the breaststroke, it felt like I was doing the hitting and defending with my hands, and doing the sidekicks with both legs  at the same time.The entire body need to have the coordination as well, or else I will be drown. huhuhu. For the beginner like me, it consumes most of my energy and a lot of stamina needed in order to swim well.

Besides, the breathing aspect is also crucial. The art of taking the air in through mouth and breath out through nose are surely odd. In addition, one cannot freely breath whenever he wants as the rule in water is not same as the one on land. One can only breath when the mouth is on surface or else he will be full with water in the stomach.  huhuhu

For the martial artist out there especially the silat practitioner, perhaps swimming might be induce into the lesson as part of the training. It might greatly help one to become better in all aspects.

Again, Alhamdulillah, God has again granted my prayer to learn swimming as a sport of sunnah.. huhuhu

Hunting the Bulleye

The tournament (Kejohanan Memanah Remaja Johor 2011) will start tomorrow. Our target, if not to get good number in one of the categories entered, is just to improve our ranking compared to last year’s. Spending almost all of my PnP time for this game will hopefully worth it. Pray for our game.. huhuhu..

Burned along with my boys.. huhuhu

When I was in the UK, the first time I touched the bow and arrows, I pray that I would be given chances to play with it again in the future. Alhamdulillah Allah has granted my wish and here I am playing with it all days and weeks. So ladies and gentleman, be careful with what you wish.. huhuhu

Last Minute Call

These few weeks were hectic weeks. I need to be in few places at a time. I felt a bit guilt for not being able to be with my silat friends. The teacher was away doing the umrah when suddenly they got the last minute call from the organiser that the selection for the representatives for Kota Tinggi district in MSSJ silat tournament would be held in about two weeks time.

Therefore, everything was done in a rush. The seniors rush back from their collage when they heard the news. Some even had to skip their study week in order to give assistance to their juniors. In two weeks time, every was settled and ready to go. The drill that the trainee had to undergone was hell. huhuhu

CakLempong Team SMK Saujana

No Mercy Duo from Tmn Sri Saujana

Triplet for Jurus Wajib from Air Tawar 4

Alhamdulillah, with the training they were able to give the tough fight to the opposition. Although nobody from the team was selected to the next level, which is the state level, I believe that they have learned valuable lessons during the process. There future lies the opportunity for them if  the make full use of what they have in the present and bring with them the experience that they went through in the past.  huhuhu

Powerful dash

So here goes my weekends early morning nap exercise.. huhuhu

pulling in the opposite directions

This is one of the routine exercises that the students need to do in these few days as they are going to represent the school in the athletic MSSD Kota Tinggi tournament next week. huhuhu

There are so many drills that can be done to increase the power of the legs. The boxing trainees would have jogging and skipping as a routine. The rugby players would pull lorry tires. For my students, sprinting with their body being pulled with the motorcycle rubber tube is one of the ways to to have a powerful dash.

For the Gayong warriors, I was told that Dato Meor would order the trainee to hop on the railway rail  in the squatting position. As for the  trainee, they would jump from the wooden block to another on the railway rail to avoid injury to their foot as the base of the rail is consists of uneven stones.

This kind of tough training has made them invincible with their powerful dash. The acrobatic moves are just basics, what’s more is their ability to move fast in whatever position they are in. One of the popular moves is the Tapak Yoi. Only with the powerful and fast dash they will be able to do the major hits to their opponent(s). Before anyone knows,  in a blink of second, they have already come back from their mission which is to give a few deadly touches to their opposition. huhuhu

Hitting the weakest point

An object really only as strong as its weakest point- physics

Catching the mighty pigeon (sejinak2 merpati) by attacking its blind spot!

The problems are..

  1. How do we find its weakest point?
  2. What are among the most effective ways to strike the points?
  3. If it is an object, it would not be a big deal.
  4. But how if it is a moving thing? Not like we used to do to our friends when they were just being static and waiting for the attack?
  5. What if it is also attacking our own weak points? How do we go offensive and defensive at the same time?

The answer is simple yet the implementation needs determination and hard work. Find a teacher/s and keep on practicing. huhuhu


Meeting The Master XII

Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet the Pusaka Gayong Selangor chief. Although it was a hectic weekend, I had to really make time for this as it does not come twice. He came to Kota Tinggi for mandi tapak (the member taking ceremony) and a short intensive course for the school students. Although I am already an adult, I was still able to  squeeze in and taste his grip a bit.

Cikgu Md Rasip, during the closing ceremony with VIPs

The person is Cikgu Md Rasip bin Abd Wahab. He was first a Gayong Malaysia teacher and then he joins the Pusaka Gayong in early 90’s. He reorganise the Pusaka Gayong syllabus especially for the Selangor and Johor states to suit the needs of the members. According to him, living in such a very competitive area (Selangor) where many other martial art organisations including many silat schools are comparing the syllabus, there is a need to reorganise the syllabus. Or the others will be laughing at the silat that he teaches.

This is due to some inconsistency in the movements that students need to do before they learn the basic skills which is in line with the movements. For instance, a student with white belt needs to do a deadlock that requires him to do some movements that are only taught for green belt students (if you know what I mean). Therefore he believes that he needs to do something about it. He is the person who analyses and rationalises things that he learns, not just accepting everything without thinking about them.

He would consult his teacher, Pak Andak Majid to reorganise the syllabus and get the agreement from the number one person. However, he criticises the unnecessary revision of the syllabuses that are constantly done at the time being as it ruins the originality of Dato’ Meor’s heritage. This kind of invention revision will only make gayong lost it’s fang.

sharing his skills, picture taken from Cikgu Zamri’s fb

Being a school teacher, he really knows how to polish his students’ potential to their max. Perhaps it is the combination of passionate and the best pedagogical methodology that bring shine to his students especially in competitions. He says that the skills will come with time as it is experience that teaches you things if you do the thinking and reflection parts on your own. There are many more things that I definitely need to discuss with him. Perhaps in the next meeting? huhuhu

more about Cikgu Md Rasip (here)

The champion

It was really late to congratulate Cikgu Safwan for his SUKMA 2010 gold medal. But better late than never.

It was in the morning when we just arrive at the capital city of Cik Siti Wan Kembang State, Pak Ngah received a call from his student from Air Kuning. The caller mentioned something about Cikgu Safwan was competing for his gold medal at the moment and it was live on TV. We rushed to get a grand seat at a cafe close by to watch the action. Pak Ngah received a few more calls stating the same fact about his student having the competition.

Watching the Silat Olahraga competition was really exciting. The skills by Cg Safwan was great. As I have no basic or whatsoever about Silat Olahraga, having Pak Ngah explaining the movements and the techniques of how to score points was an eye opener. However, if only I have some basic about silat olahraga, the explanation would be more meaningful to my schema. Perhaps in the future, if I have my own students to teach the Silat Olahraga, everything will be clearer. For the time being, my silat is just a Silat Chachamerba. huhu

Pity the opponent, as he did not have the force and luck with him on that day. Everything that he did seemed to be wrong. When, the person waited, and suddenly Cg Safwan got the marks. If he attacked, and Cg Safwan got the marks as well. When the person kicked, suddenly he felt down, and Safwan got the marks. The person caught Cg Safwan’s leg, and suddenly he felt down, and Cg Safwan got marks. What else could he do to this Superman? huhuhu

Hunting the Bulleye

Alhamdulillah, God has granted my wish years ago, which is to learn archery. I was really grateful as I was appointed as one of the teachers in charge of the school archery team. I have the opportunity to touch bow and arrows again after the first time I touched them when I was in UK. After having training for about a week at school, we headed for the game. The game took place under the Sport Carnival MSSJ which was held in Tangkak, Johor.

The view from where I stayed. Gunung Ledang, the mount with legends..

The competitors test the setting of their bow.

The archers during the competition.. The result was not that good. But insyaallah we will do better next year.

Many sexy gadgets could be seen there. The one like this is definitely in my wish list.. I was informed that it costs about two months of my sallary.. In addition, a dozen of good quality arrow costs nearly a thousand ringgit.. huu  

A question to ponder..

A professional cricket coach asked us a question when he introduced the game in our cricket seminar which was held last year. The question leads to many other questions running in my head. huhuhu

Do you play games because you want to be fit?


Do you become fit because you want to play games?

My answer is that it depends on the games that we play, the level of the game that we are in and the urgency of the game itself. If it is about pride and life and death situation, of course I want to be really fit first before I can give 100% attempt to the game that I am in.

Bersilat needs ‘angin tinggi’ @ stamina especially when you do pentas.. People can see whether you have enough breath or vise versa.. huhuhu

Grappling requires energy, stamina n skills.. I lost (read give my opponent a chance) because I lack all the requirements.

Definitely I am neither fit nor capable of giving my best if I play any game right now. Surely, there is no shortcut in becoming physically fit.. Is there any? huhuhu

Gomo Kelate Gomo

Even the Google search engine does not recognise MU, but most importantly it suggests that the Kelantan football team is the best team in the world.. huhuhu.. or at least in their fans’ heart.. huuu

Whoever made this print screen picture is a genius, literally beyond Albert Einstein. huu

The Final Malaysia Cup 2009 II

Everyone knows the result. Everyone knows what happened during the event. I was there, contributing one red dot in the ocean of red warriors in stadium. Although the red dots outnumbered the yellow dots, I believe that some of the red dots lack the the quality on how the good and supportive fans should act.

The day.. The red dots were everywhere..

Everything that happened  comes with consequences. I could clearly see that after the event. The Kelantanese manage to get the attention from the whole globe. They are even more striking than the winning team. Starting from the newspapers, tv news, tv programmes, blogs, web sites, forums and in the real world, everyone talks about the red  warriors. Even the ESPN Soccernet puts the news about them on the front page. Every single dot on earth especially in Malaysia (exaggeration) discusses about these supporters. Sad to mention that majority talks about their bad behaviors. huhuhu

The productive yellow dots filled less than a quarter of the stadium.. huhu

We can blame everyone for the black incident if we want. However, let the people with power and authority decide on that. For the tiny little red dot like me, I can do nothing except to reflect on myself and learn from the happening. As an educator, I feel that students (future generation) need to be equipped with not only high IQ, but the emotional intelligence (EQ) part as well. One might be intelligent, but it does not necessarily means that they posses good moral values. Perhaps 1% of the Kelantan supporters lack the EQ a lot. They easily get angry and always wanted to show that they are superior than others. Pity them as they lack the education which leads them to not having the pleasure of having the EQ skills.

It is the teachers’ job to instill this capability to the students so that they will be able to  perceive, use , understand and manage emotions well. Than only they will be able to react to any event wisely. Education is for the heart, as well as the mind. Learning must embrace students’ hearts as well as their minds. (Boon, 2009). That is the hard part of being a teacher. First of all, I am still improving myself. Crabs cannot force their children to walk straight. huhuhu

Anyone can become angry- That is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way- This is not easy. -Aristotle-

A wise person once told me that always look into yourself on every single happening around you as it comes with purpose. One of them is to make you learn from it. I guess I have learn something from the final Malaysia Cup 2009.

P/s: One thing which I surely learn is that in every single soccer game that I attended, the team that I support would not win (lose or draw). Those were the past. I am not sure about the future. huhuhu.. Shall I betray my team and support the opponent?

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