Just some random pictures because i am too busy to write stuff. Hopefully you can create your own conclusion.

1. Mek

2. Ariff

3. Tok Ma

4. Tok Bah

Hafzan Lazim

S.K. Tawang

Ayah Cik and Cik dah

Congratulation to Ayah Cik and Cik Dah for the wondrous result. Well done to all friends who taught Year 6 students as well. Only God knows how much effort that they have put to educate the students and to ensure that students reach the target set by everyone.

Source taken from: Sapiah, A. G. (22 November 210). SK Tawang Terus Cemerlang. Sinar Harian, p. K8.

Coconut Water from The Sky

After having the coconut water for about quarter a decade, only recently I know the way to make a super great coconut drink. It is just the same coconut water but with a bit enhancer..

from the sky

First shake the coconut fruit before you cut it to get the water. If you can hear the water moving in the shell, it means that the fruit is not being considered as the young coconut anymore. Make sure that you hear nothing when shaking the fruit. Get the fresh young coconut water and take its tender gel as well.

Then, add a bit of salt and sugar in order to improve the taste. Add a few cloves to bring up the aroma. You might want to use a mortar and pestle to crush the cloves if you make large quantity of the water (a jug maybe). Add some ice cubes if you prefer cold water.

Now it is ready to banish your thirst. Enjoy the new taste that you get. huhuhu

credit to Abe Yie and Mok Abe Labok for the secret recipe.

Salam Eidul Adha

The celebration this year was a bit here and there. In the morning, we had the cow slaughtered, shared the meat with the relatives and neighbors. Then, short after that, enjoyed the lunch together.

In the evening, we headed to Puchong.

On the third day, we went to Perak for my cousin’s wedding. There were two more wedding invitation that I had back in Kelantan on the same day.

Congratulation to Kak Tauraniah and his husband Ahamad Rizam, Hazwan and Wan Baizura, and Ikhwan and his wife.. Insyallah the families will live happily ever after..

Hitting the weakest point

An object really only as strong as its weakest point- physics

Catching the mighty pigeon (sejinak2 merpati) by attacking its blind spot!

The problems are..

  1. How do we find its weakest point?
  2. What are among the most effective ways to strike the points?
  3. If it is an object, it would not be a big deal.
  4. But how if it is a moving thing? Not like we used to do to our friends when they were just being static and waiting for the attack?
  5. What if it is also attacking our own weak points? How do we go offensive and defensive at the same time?

The answer is simple yet the implementation needs determination and hard work. Find a teacher/s and keep on practicing. huhuhu


Marhaban Road Show

The month of Syawal has long passed. But the aura is still there. The Eid of Adha is coming and I am not sure whether the wave of Marhaban can beat the Marhaban road show during the Shawal.

It is no ordinary Marhaban, compared to what I have experienced before. I believe that it is only exist here in Johor as my friends from all over the country who are currently teaching in this state said that they have never experience such Marhaban Road Show before. The Marhaban that I used to hear was just during the Birth Day of Prophet Muhammad SAW (peace and prayer upon him), and just a few other occasions. But, Johorean is the extreme case in this sense. huhuhu

An old yet evergreen song, is making some sense to me now.. huhuhu

Actually the Marhaban started even before the Ramadhan. It was when I was invited to a dinner by a teacher of my school, a few days before Ramadhan. We did some tahlil and Yaseen recitation and end up with the Marhaban (Selawat- the prayer upon the Prophet Muhammad SAW). I felt nothing strange with that. However, after we came back from the Eid holiday, everything changed. About few days in every week, we were invited to the open houses which means free food to me. Despite of having the finger licking food, we were asked to do the Marhaban first.

The strange thing was that it happened almost every night, in which we needed to go in a group to a few houses and recited the Marhaban in every house that we approached. The maximum would be about 7 houses per night. They would organise a plan which will make sure that the road show would run smoothly. The worse case that I heard was that a friend of mine, who were teaching at other part of Johor were allowed to go home from school because students do the Marhaban Road Show to her house during PnP. huhuhu

As my residential area consists of many streets, almost each street would have their own Marhaban group. They would do the Marhaban marched in their own territory. My school has also conducted the Marhaban road show for a few nights (plus a few Marhaban open houses during the days). So the situation was that the school members would bring along their family and marched from a house to another. We did the Marhaban and had a light meal before going to another house. The last house would serve the main course for the night. Children were given motivation to marched along as they were given some Ang Pau from each house that they went, thus the Marhaban was not just for the older generation, but for all.

We filled other’s stomach with food and fill the heart with the praise to Allah and His messenger, Muhammad SAW. What a blessed way to celebrate the happiness and gratitude!