People use kertuk for entertainment, communication and security purposes. This post will only focus on one of the purposes of using the kertuk which is for security reason.

The durian tree

It has been three times this year a durian three in Hj Nor’s farm bears fruits. Something strange has happened as durian tree usually produces its fruits only once a year. But this year not two but tree timesthe durian bear its fruits. Although it is just a plain village durian, the taste of the fruit is beyond imagination. So don’t you dare thinking on how it tastes. huhuhu

Hj. Nor was searching for his newly fallen durian

However, for the past two times the durian beared fruits, Hj Nor was not able to fully feel the delight and share the appreciation with his relatives. This was due to the occupation of the wild and hungry squirrels from all over the village to his durian tree. It was amazing to observe how these squirrels were able to detect which durian were almost ripe (hawker who sells durian need to keep this detector to choose which durian is ready to be sold to the customers) and then, drill the hard durian skin for their meal.

When Hj. Nor pulls the string, the tins hit each other and make noise which would scare the squirrel away.. huhuhu

Therefore, Hj Nor has taken a drastic measurement to eliminate his rivalry this time around. He has made his own version of kertuk. The traditional version of kertuk would use bamboo rods but Hj. Nor uses the tin containers to chase the squirrel away. Although the kertuk was hang just on a duku tree below the durian tree, it still manages to scare the squirrel. The writer suspect that the squirrels are not to desperate to eat the durian as that was not the only durian available in the village. There are also a few other durian trees bear fruits next to the farm.

Say no to squirrel, say yes to durian.. huhuhu

As a result, Hj Nor is able to enjoy the durian to the fullest. He can share the durian to many visitors who came to his house  especially in this festive season. People nearby and even from KL, Pahang, Terengganu and many more were able to taste of the fresh and juicy durian.

Alhamdulillah ‘ala kulli hal wafi kulli halin wanni’mah..

Last Ramadhan’s Iftar @ Nashville

China Pan Buffet and Grill (if I’m not mistaken)

Food? Heaven. Fish, Salmon, Crab =D, Shrimp, Sushi, Fried Rice, Wonton?, Desserts , Mussel, Veggie, Ice Creams and the list goes on and on. Ni cam hidup utk makan la, bukan makan utk hidup.

Orang tamak selalu rugi. (Ikan ni manis oh, rasa yg pelik)

First round. Orang tamak selalu rugi (Ikan manis rasa yg pelik)

Crab leg and ikan masam manis?. Heaven.
Crab legsss. Heaven.
Gaya mutu keunggulan. Black and white tp tak janji pon tau.
Gaya mutu keunggulan. Black and white tp tak janji pon tau.
The gang. Class of 2010. (missing Min, Ama n Ira)
The gang. Class of 2010. (missing Ama n Ira)

you never truly appreciate things until they are gone

but at least we tried to!

Naziha Lazim, Nashville TN

All Black III

Me Raya Preview.

Hafzan Lazim.

What a rich language!

When I stuck in the traffic jam yesterday, my time was still filled with beneficial activity. I discovered something amazing about my state dialect (Kelantanese), how rich it is compared to the standard Malay language (my sweeping statement as I do not read the Kamus Dewan dictionary.. huhuhu)

Trapped in the flood of cars: Behind Tok Guru’s official car. huhuhu

My learning space was through the radio. The program is called ‘Rampai Budaya: Kayanya Bahasa Kita’, on air at Kelantan FM every Thursday at 5.15 p.m until 6.00 p.m.. It was a light yet informative program. The DJ worked together with one guy who is an expert in the area.

Yesterday, they talked about the word ‘song’, ‘tok song’, and ‘tok song ko lagu’. The listener were invited to make a call and show their understanding towards the three about the same yet different words. Could you make three sentences to indicate the different usage of the words? It was really entertaining listening to how they played with the language. huhhu

Photoshop jokes

Then, they moved on to the next stage. They gave a few synonym words and asked listeners to tell the different between the words. The words that they gave yesterday was ‘song’, ‘sekung’ and ‘rasi’. The listeners gave variety of interpretation on the words. They way the words were viewed were amazing. Some context were rarely being used and some are used regelarly. Can you tell the different between these three words?

Is there any dictionary for the Kelantanese dialect? Younger generation (me) tend to mix languages between Kelantanese, standard Malay and English language. I am afraid that ‘yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendung keciciran’.  Is it similar to ‘a bird in hand is worth than two in the bush’? huhuhu.

more info:

  1. Klik DBP (here)
  2. Berita Harian (here)

The Evergreen Gayong

I just wanted to share the picture of how Anak Gayongs looked like, once upon a time (thanks to Ayah Su for the book). I suspect that silat was really a hit at that time (it was not long after the black incident, 13 May 1969). People felt that they need to have ‘something’ to protect themselves, family and so on.

31 Ogos, Padang Kelab Selangor, Kuala Lumpur: Kekuatan fizikal adalah amat penting dalam memastikan ketahanan rakyat menghadapi sebarang ancaman daripada musuh negara. Kumpulan silat adalah antara kontigen yang mengambil bahagian dalam perarakan- Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia (Arkib Negara Malaysia 2006:102).

Today, people slowly forget that they still need to have that ‘something’. There should not be any lame excuses. For instance:

  • People use guns nowadays- have you encounter any so far?
  • I do not know how to do silat – that is the reason you need to learn it!
  • I do not have time for it – you must make some time for it as it is not just for your safety, there are a lot more benefits from it.
  • I am a girl- you’ll need silat even more than a boy need it.
  • Is already late- better late than never.
  • Silat is brutal- better sweat in the gelanggang than blood on the street.
  • etc….

Please do not make lame excuses. If you do not like Silat Gayong Dato’ Meor, join other silat. If you do not like silat, join other martial art. If you do not like martial art, do something that will protect you at the crucial time. We do the ikhtiar, and leave the rest to the Almighty.

I may sound a bit harsh. But in my opinion, that is the way it should be.


Arkib Negara Malaysia (2006). Citra merdeka 1957-2005: Buku cenderamata khas sempena sambutan hari kemerdekaan ke-49 tahun 2006. Kuala Lumpur: Utusan Publication & Distributors Sdn Bhd.

Perihal Rumah 2.

Read also: Perihal Rumah 1.

I always dream to live in a house that has a big garden. When fruit season comes, I will be able to pluck the fruit  from the tree and eat them freshly. What I meant is in Germany not in Malaysia. In Malaysia, my village already name Kampung Dusun Durian. By the name you already can imagine, garden and fruit never been an issue.

Alhamdulillah, God always been great to me. I can live my dream. Behind my house there is a big garden. In the garden there are three apple trees. Them apples keep on falling on the ground. I rarely eat them. It is not like they are not delicious, I don’t know. Just don’t feel like eating. I guess the best fruit is not from your garden but it taste better when you buy them from somewhere. Another thing, I keep wanting to grab the fruit from my neighbour’s garden. They have a grape, pear, peaches usw. Maybe I should go ask them for a pictures of the trees. If I am lucky enough the will give me their daughter some of the fruits.

Dan (ingatlah juga), takala Tuhanmu memaklumkan: Sesungguhnya jika kamu bersyukur, pasti Kami akan menambah nikmat kepadamu, dan jika kamu mengingkari nikmatku, maka sesungguhnya azab-Ku sangat pedih.
Surah Ibrahim,ayat 7

Hafzan Lazim.

Camat Hayi Ayer

Viewer discretion is advised…

Apik bayik klatan kat umah Tok Maa ngan Tok Bah. Apik balik raye lepas raye kat kuantan.

Adik xbrapa cihat. Dia untah mache bayik hayitu. Habish keta cibik abah kena muntah adik. Adik xleh minum cucu botol, nanti muntah agi. Mama cakap nanti dua tiga hayi agi mama nak try bagi cucu botol bayik. Tok Maa agi adik makan banyak-banyak. Nak bagi adik kuat cebab adik tak bleh minum cucu. Kalau adik kenyang, adik tak nangis dah.. bleh main cici dengan apik elok-elok.

Tok Maa cuka suap apik ngan adik.

Apik suke makan bishkut raye. Pandai betul Ayoh Su buat bishkut raye. Tapi Mama tak kasi apik makan kuih raye sangat. Nanti apik tak nak makan nasyik. Mama dah janji nak kasi apik smua bishkut kat rumah Tok Bah kalau apik makan nasyik. Apik pun makan nasyik. Tok Maa yang suap.

Nak balik KeyEl dah..

Apik dah kena gi KeyEl. Tapi taska tutup. Tok Maa Tok Bah ikut skali nak jaga Apik dengan Adik. Uncle dengan Ayah Su duduk rumah elok-elok, ok. Jage rumah klantan, ok.. Babai..

Apik pakai baju lawa. Same dengan adik. Warna ape Apik xtau.. heeee

Camat hayi raye Cik Noo, Uncle Momok. Adik pun kiyim salam jugak.. Adik cakap dia nak duit raye banyak2.. Duit malaysia mana main.. huuu

All black II

I surprisingly wore black too even though i was supposed to wear the one that I purposely brought from Malaysia.

Siblings’ instinct kah?

Nashville Convention Center - Eid Prayer.

Nashville Convention Center - Eid Prayer.

My beloved AbePaih: I am waiting patiently for Afiq n Ariff pictures. wearing baju raya. oh comel comel.

Salam Lebaran

Naziha Lazim, Nashville TN

All black

All of us wore black attire on Eid day. That was not the sign of sadness and sorrow. That was our theme for this year’s Eid, Style, Quality, Excellence. Pretty cool isnt it? huhuhu

from left: Sufian, Faiz, Sazlan, Solehudin, Sabihah, Solehah.

All of them are my cousins, the children of Allahyarham (the late) Pok Muda Li. Their father passed away when I was in UK. Therefore I do not know much about what really happen during the day their father died. Now they live with their mother, Kak Ma.

(updated) As mentioned by Solehudin, his mother was also in black clothes.

What I know is that they have tremendously matured in term of being able to cope with the changes that they face during this past few years. They are of course tougher than other normal children.

Now, the rule of the protector (wali) is passed down to the elder’s son, Solahuddin. I believe that he is a great brother and son who can protect his siblings as well as his mother from any harm.

p/s: Alfatihah to Pok Muda, Mok Kadok, Ayah Su Zid, and all muslims..

Eid Mubarak People

Class of 2010

Class of 2010

Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin terutamanya utk my beloved parents Maa dan Abah..

AbeApih, Kak Atie, Abe Je, Abe Paih and Ajik – Maaf salah silap Nor, please. Afiq and Ariff – raya comel2 ok! Sanak sedara sume – jgn makan byk2 sangat, nanti gemok. jgn masak sedap2 jugak. hahhaha.

Oya, Syikin, Nad, Watep, Azni – Thanks for a wonderful Ramadhan.

And all – eid mubarak! Kullu ‘am wa antum bilkhair.


Eid 2003.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.
Maaflah kesalahan dan kesilapan saya.
Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki.
Semoga bertemu kembali Ramadhan hadapan.

Hafzan Lazim

The Ketupat Making Day

I was not able to make the iftar at Dusun Durian on time (refer here). I had my iftar at Kadok instead. Thanks to KakNik and Kak Yah for the meal huhuhu.. Special thanks to my cousin for giving me some space in his superb car on his way back to Kelantan. Alhamdulillah, I could arrive home earlier than it should be.

When I went back to dusun durian, partucularly at Ayah Cik’s house, my relatives were having their moreh (meal after tarawikh). Some ate the meat and many were having the colek (fruit salad mixed with sugar cane, palm sugar syrup, chillies and groundnut). I think they have made one record. Which is eating a bucket full of the colek. Of course the left me with some. huhuhu..

Cik (my gramp) was there but Mek was not around. After having some of the food, I rushed to Cik’s house as Cik informed me that Mek were having her fun time doing the ketupat.

Although it was already late, Mek were busy wrapping the triangle ketupat with Palas leaves.

There were still plenty of the emthy Palas leaves  waiting to be filled with the sweet and milky sticky rice. Then the ketupat will be steamed or fried. If we are lucky, mek will insert some sambal daging (serunding@beef floss)  in the ketupat.

Usually, she will not put all the ketupats with the sambal daging. Therefore, all her children, grandchild and the relatives need to give random drawlots to ketupat and if they are lucky, they will get the ketupat with sambal daging. Maybe there are hidden agenda or some sort of philosophy behind it. hmmm

I found this as well.. huhuh

The tapai (halalan toyyiba) is stored to make sure that it will be ready on Eid. The tapai is made of cooked sticky rice mixed with ragi (speacial yis)*. Then it is wrapped wit the banana leaves. When the tapai has matured or ripen, it become sweet. I am not really fan of it though. This tapai is not the same as the tapai that is made in Eastern Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak) as their tapai is similar to the alcohol drinks (haram). huhuhu

Tomorrow will be the Eid day (need to watch the moon first). And the Ramadhan is leaving us. What marks do we get for the deeds that we made throuhgout the blessed month? unsatisfactory, satisfactory or highly distinction?

*When I was in UK, I used the yis used to bake break (ibu roti=mother bread) to make the tapai. It was an unsuccessful experiment as the sticky rice did not make any expected changes. It did not ripen at all!. So I have conclude that we need to use special ragi to make tapai.  huhuhu

KL Folks Broke the Fast

These were what I had when I went to my bro’s house to break my fast..

Murtabak with three recipies

Mixed Tomyam

Portuguese Siakap (Barramundi)

Sotong Goreng Tepung (Fried Calamari?)

Credit to the chefs, Kak Atie and Mazwan for the fantabolous meal. huhuhu..

p/s: Any invitation for pre raya (before I go back to Kelantan) celebration?. I will be glad to attend as I will only be back on Saturday.. huhuhu

Mak Jah.

Hahaha. Tomorrow is Nur kasih’s day. I would say this is one of the best Malaysian series ever produce for a long time. Everbody in Germany talking about this series. Even my Arab friends keep pushing me to download Nur Kasih. “Dude you are not even a Malay, so stop annoy me and be patient”

I was in Hannover last week. I met old friends like Donnie, Adib and Pesot. Half of my times there we debate about Nur Kasih’s characters. What a loser. We should asking or talking about our life, love (if we have one or plenty) or eduction ( the worse thing to discuss). Instead we talking about series character that didn’t even exist in real life. What should happen or what should not. Who is right for whom. usw.

I don’t know what really happen to me. Maybe to much German in my head so it is a reflect when you see something great about Malaysia, you will keep talking about it. Am I missing my country that much?

Should stop before Hj. Lazim scold me because disrespect this holy Ramadhan. later!!!

Hafzan Lazim

Joke of the day

Today, a very dedicated teacher started preparing the material for his class tomorrow. Other teachers were doing their works as well, but none were as serious as him. The teacher was transferring a text from a paper to a portable board.

It took him some time before he realised that he wrote the text in the wrong direction (actually after finish writing it on the whole board). He should be written it the other way around!!! huhuhuhu..

All of us couldn’t help but to laugh out loud.. huhuhu

Actually, he could modify the board so that he can still use the text. However, because of frustation, he cleaned the board and rewrote the text again. He just wrote half way through and left the text unfinish. He didn’t go to the toilet to weep about his mistake that he made earlier or because of his friends’ mark, but it was the time for him to deliver some wisdom of life to his students. huhuhu

Moral of the story: Appreciate whatever your teachers teach you. You do not know what happened behind the scene and you would not want to know the pain that your teachers faced when preparing the lesson or the sacrifices  that  they have made even to gain the knowledge before he/she can deliver the knowledge skills that they have to you..

Oh God, please forgive us, our parents, teachers and all muslims dead or alive.. amin..

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