The evolution of Pusaka Gayong Badge

The badge of Pertubuhan Seni Silat Pusaka Gayong started with this one, I guess. I had not started learning gayong yet at the moment. My seniors a year or two before me used this badge. I only managed to grab the last stock of the Gayong Bachok t-shirt which has the badge. The shirt is now worn out and in pretty bad condition. huhuhu

Lencana Pusaka Gayong 1: The yellow dragon on my torn shirt..

When I joined silat during my schooling years, the badge that I got was the lion edition (below). Some other version of this badge that I saw was the white sea, instead of blue.

Lencana Pusaka Gayong 2: The lion version on my training uniform.

Then when I moved to Kuala Lumpur, they use the latest edition of the badge. The badge is used until now. However, I am kind of stuck with the second badge. Perhaps it has more sentimental value compared to the latest one. huhuhu

Lencana Pusaka Gayong 3: The lion in the dragon badge that I keep..

The exact date on when these badges change as well as the story behind it remains mystery to me. Maybe someone can enlighten me on this? huhuhu


Meeting the Master XVI

I had a trip during the last school holiday to my wife’s place, Kuching, Sarawak. Coincidentally (by the will of God), I met  one of my masters, Cikgu Hakim, my gayong friends during the varsity days, Ust Hakimi and Ust Firdaus, Cikgu Abdul Azami (PSSGM Sarawak) and Ataillah (Cikgu Hakim’s student). All of them are great figures. I am really lucky to meet them.

from the left: Me, Ust Firdaus, Ust Hakimi, Cg Hakim, Cg Abdul Azami, and Ataillah. picture taken from Cikgu Hakim’s blog

The meeting has led me to search for the origin of Gayong in Sarawak. With the help of Cikgu Azami, I was able to trace down one of the main characters, Cikgu Uthman b Haji Ramli, the Yang Dipertua PSSGM Sarawak. My wife and I went to his house which was also his gelanggang during the night of the training.  It is situated at Taman Malihah.

According to Cikgu Uthman, the gelanggang is called Gelanggang Rosli Dhobi, a well known independence fighter for the country especially in Sarawak. Allayarham Rosli Dhobi is a very close relative to his family, from Cikgu Uthman’s side. Therefore, there is no doubt that the warrior’s blood flows in warmly in the family.

The training, they are lucky to have a very good conditions to excel.

With Cikgu Uthman

When we arrived at the gelanggang, we got a warm welcome from the family. Cikgu Uthman and his wife, Puan Sa’adiah Binti Salleh (we address her as makcik- as a polite way as we don’t know her name yet at the moment). In front of the house, there were students having their warming up, the tough one I guess, at least for me. Then they move on to more aggressive movements. huhuhu.

We listened to both Cikgu Uthman and Puan Sa’adiah on how Gayong was brought and developed in Sarawak. And how their son’s passionate in silat has made Gayong in Sarawak great (Cikgu Khawar-  I was a bit unlucky because he was already went back to his working place when we arrived). The sweet and bitterness that they have faced in order to succeed. Insyaallah God will always help those who are walking in the right path.

for more info on Cikgu Uthman and PSSGM Sarawak, kindly refer here.

Credit to Mr google map my wife for showing me the direction to the place. huhuhu