25m concrete pole.

“Bilo jah lori tu terbalik, drebar tu ado duk luar doh” eye witness.

“Jange sekali-kali gostan lori bilo ado muatan berat”  Truck expert.

“I am just about to quit, but I never give up” the Driver.

“Shit happen. Luckily everybody is fine” the Boss.

The Chasis

Checking the Chasis

The heavy load, 25m concrete poles and the heavy duty driver.

Rescue arrived

Back to normal.

Kids, sometime you are just lucky because you never did experience what other people have experienced. I didn’t deny that you worked hard to be what you are today. But I do believe younger generation who read this blog already live a comfortable life before taste their success. Never in your life, have you kept on fighting blood and teeth to provide half plate rice. You wake up and just turn on the light and then again keep on moaning maybe about high school love crap. Just be grateful that you are not the one crab fisherman in Alaska.

Hafzan Lazim

Ilmu Keibubapaan II

Parents would do everything to make sure that their children success in their life. The way they carry out the mission depends on their experience, knowledge and examples around them.

We had a replacement class yesterday for the Deepavali celebration on October. That means lesson is on even it is on sleepy Saturday. Yeay!! However, for the teachers who are teaching the Year 6 students, they need to participate in the postmortem for the first examination that the students had undergone.

The parents were invited to attend the program, as they need to have a clear picture on how their children performed in the previous exam. The parents first listened to the postmortem presentation presented by the headmaster.

Next, a motivation talk is given to the teachers and parents. It touched on the parenting skills that parents need to have in order to produce human being with quality not absurdity. Basically, it was about the four aspects of what have been stressed in the National philosophy of education which are:

  1. Physical aspect- Give quality food for them in schedule. For instance: According to the presenter, 70%of parents do not give breakfast for their child before they go to school. This is not good for the children’s body and brain in order to cope with the lessons at school. Also, parents need to take care of the health of the students. Exercise and sport is part of it.
  2. Emotional aspect- Positive reinforcement is vital. i.e. Some parents tend to only criticise children when they do wrong things while parents say nothing when they behave well or even worst being sarcasm to them. Children who lack love would believe that attention will only be given if they do something wrong. So, start praising the children if they do something good and ignore the attention seeker. huhuhu
  3. Spiritual aspect- It starts with the parents. Example shown by the parents affects how children perceive their God and religion. The religious ritual practice training should start as early as possible.
  4. Intellectual aspect- Leave a major part of this to teachers at school to pour information necessary to their brain. Of course support from parents is crucial. However, learning is not only come from the classroom but also at field, home, supermarket, mosque and many more. huhuhu

Face to face, heart to heart session between the parents and teachers

Lastly, parents had a chance to meet the class and subject teachers that teach their children. I was part of the teachers who need to consult the parents about their children.. huhuhu.. This session reminds me of my parents who have made us who we are today. God has enlighten them with a very little bit of His Rahman, Rahim, and other characters (0f His names). The result is tremendous, beyond my expectation. Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Allahuakbar. Thank you Allah. Thank you Maa and Abah. huhuhu

travel I – gunung nuang

Powerful dash

So here goes my weekends early morning nap exercise.. huhuhu

pulling in the opposite directions

This is one of the routine exercises that the students need to do in these few days as they are going to represent the school in the athletic MSSD Kota Tinggi tournament next week. huhuhu

There are so many drills that can be done to increase the power of the legs. The boxing trainees would have jogging and skipping as a routine. The rugby players would pull lorry tires. For my students, sprinting with their body being pulled with the motorcycle rubber tube is one of the ways to to have a powerful dash.

For the Gayong warriors, I was told that Dato Meor would order the trainee to hop on the railway rail  in the squatting position. As for the  trainee, they would jump from the wooden block to another on the railway rail to avoid injury to their foot as the base of the rail is consists of uneven stones.

This kind of tough training has made them invincible with their powerful dash. The acrobatic moves are just basics, what’s more is their ability to move fast in whatever position they are in. One of the popular moves is the Tapak Yoi. Only with the powerful and fast dash they will be able to do the major hits to their opponent(s). Before anyone knows,  in a blink of second, they have already come back from their mission which is to give a few deadly touches to their opposition. huhuhu

Being A Bit Outdoor

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to learn something new. I was accidentally being invited to a 5 days course on how-to-be-a-outdoor-activity trainer. Although it was perhaps the same thing that I have been through since I was a kid, but this one is something like looking at the same thing from a new perspective. Being a participant in a camping is great, and being an organiser is better but this one is being a participant as well as organiser for a camping is fascinating.

In the course we were taught on the aspects that need to be looked at when conducting an outdoor activity. The standard operational procedure (SOP) must be referred all the time. The core activities such as spiritual routine, marching, tent n team building and others need to be instill and taught throughout the course in order to develop all rounded participants. The optional activities to instill fun such cycling, kayaking, abseiling, water confidence, first aid and survivor skills can also build positive characteristics in students if the activities are carried out accordingly.

Johor Kampung is where the bond blossoms

Abseiling at a ‘tall’ school nearby..kui3

We cycled on and off road, up and down the hill until we came close to Pulau Pinang Bridge Apentah.. huhuhu

Rain2 go away come again another day.. but still it still came to say hi, along with its friends Mr wind and Mrs wave.. huhuhu

The Oscar winning team, during the cultural night.. rin, kiew, me, aidie n miey

The knowledge, experience and skills learn are definitely priceless. I will try to apply some if not all, the knowledge that I have learn there to my school. There is so much thing that can be improved to the camping that we have organised last year. I am looking forward for the next course to further my studies in this outdoor learning activity. huhuhu

The graduated trainees along with the trainers.. huhuhu

I’ve heard that my brothers went hiking last weekend..  An entry about the event might be awesome.. huhuhu

Entering A New Phase of Life

Especially for those who are moving towards the new phase of life.

Isn’t it sweet? huhuhu