I am not really sure of the effectiveness of . Some says that giving the pigeon meat to a pregnant woman might boast the baby’s intelligent. Some says that it is a symbol of sincerity as pigeon is among the animal that does not change partners. They are very loyal to their partner. Hopefully, by consuming a pair of dove (white pigeon), with the permission of the God, the mother will give a birth to a servant who are sincere in giving total submission to God. Because of these, it is my family’s tradition to put pigeon meat as one of the menus during the pregnancy.

My father told us that one of our relatives, Ayah Su or better known as Pok Su Wi (Allahyaham- Al Fatihah), told him to get some pigeons for my mother during her pregnancy. Realising that it is one of the initiative to get good children, my father started to rear pigeons in great number. This enable him to get the meat whenever he wants to. As a result, somehow all of my siblings including me have some part of the pigeon in our blood.. huhuhu

The procedure continues when I become a father. Giving dove to my pregnant wife is also a must. Thanks to my father in law for getting the pigeon first before I knew it. However, that does not stop me from getting more dove for my wife. Giving more would be better, I guess. huhuhu

I went for a survey looking for a pair of dove. I found out that there were variety types of pigeon. The price can reach half a thousand ringgit. The price of a pure ordinary white pigeon (dove) around KB is about RM 3o. I was lucky to find a dealer who sells them half the price. On the day before I went to buy the pigeon, my father bought two ketitir (zebra dove). The next day, after making the cage, my brothers and I bought a number of white and dark pigeon, a pair of tekukur jawa (streptopelia), and two pairs of budgie. huhuhu.

Preparing the 5 stars cage.

The cage is ready with the nests inside. huhuhu

We slaughtered some of the pigeon for the meat and keep the others. All the family members, not only the pregnant one were able to taste the meat. Alhamdulillah. The day before my wife went to her work place, my father slaughtered all the pigoen except just a pair which has potential to breed. huhuhu

More reading on dove during pregnancy at Cikgu Hakim’s.


16th week

Alhamdulillah. In a mysterious yet amazing way, God has made the being in my wife’s tummy growth. At first the process of the main organ of the baby has made my wife a bit shaky and unstable. After quite a number of weeks, the condition is getting better. The tummy is starting to become bigger and harder, perhaps it is designed that way to protect the baby from the impact that comes from outside.

God’s creation is very amazing. each cell of the baby is duplicating as the time goes, whether we aware or not. The soul (ruh) was not there yet at the beginning. On about 120 days of pregnancy, the clean soul is whispered into the body. Subhanallah… According to my wife, she consciously realised the movement of the baby on the 14th week of the pregnancy. Masyaallah..

Entering the 17th week.. Can’t explain the excitement when I saw the baby being ultra-sounded. huhuhu

The whole process is being narrated by Datu Sanggul from Tanah Banjar (Kalimantan) on the 18th of Masihi. Part of the Syair Saraba Ampat is quoted:

5.Nur Muhammad bermula nyata
Asal jadi alam semesta
Saumpama api dengan panasnya
Itulah Muhammad dengan Tuhannya.

6.Api dan banyu tanah dan hawa
Itulah dia alam dunia
Menjadi awak barupa rupa
Tulang sungsum daging dan darah

7.Manusia lahir ke alam insan
Di alam Ajsam ampat bakawan
Si Tubaniah dan Tambuniyah
Uriah lawan Si Camariah

8.Rasa dan Akal, Daya dan Nafsu
Di dalam raga nyata basatu
Aku meliputi segala liku
Matan hujung rambut ka ujung kuku

9.Tubuh dan Hati, Nyawa – Rahasia
Satu yang zhohir amat nyatanya
Tiga yang batin pasti adanya
Alam Shoghir itu sabutnya

10.Mani-Manikam-Madi dan Madzi
Titis manitis jadi manjadi
Si Anak Adam balaksa kati
Hanya tahu Allahu Rabbi

11.Ka-ampat ampatnya kada tapisah
Datang dan bulik kepada Allah
Asalnya awak dari pada tanah
Asalpun tanah sudah disyarah

* Banyu = air, Awak barupa-rupa = tubuh yang bermacam bentuk/rupa, Di Alam Ajsam ampat bakawan = di perut ibu sudah berbentuk manusia dan bersama dengan empat kejadian yang lain, Tubaniah = air ketuban, Tambuniah = tembuni, Uriyah = ari-ari/uri, Camariah = darah yang mengiringi kelahiran anak, Basatu = bersatu, Segala liku = segala ruang, Matan = dari, Sabutnya = namanya, Balaksa kati = angka yang tak terbatas, Laksa = 10 000, Kati = 100 000, Kada Tapisah = tidak terpisah, Sudah disyarah = sudah dijelaskan.

The remaining syair can be found everywhere on the net.. Wallahua’lam

This morning, when we were having the dua’ after subuh prayer together, the baby is moving three times. Perhaps the baby wants to pray to the God as well. Allahuakbar.

On The News

As a reporter from Utusan Malaysia came to the closing ceremony for the Perdana Pusaka Gayong Johor that we had before (here), we were expecting that the news to come out a couple of weeks after the event. However, we were left in dark. Nothing came out at all.

 After nearly a couple of month after that, I was told that a short news about the event came out in Utusan and Berita Harian. Better late than never. A few days later, the news came out again in Kosmo. It was a full page news. huhuhu

Kosmo, Wednesday 21st September 2011

I believe that it was a good prospect to promote the art to all. There were a lot traditional silat school in Malaysia and it is sad to see that some lack the successor or even the trainees to carry on the tradition. The school might end up buried in the grave with the master if nobody cares to learn the art from them. Hopefully the news can trigger the spirit of warrior in them and make them learn the art with heart spirit.

My Toys XII

It was a gift from my dear brother on early February this year. It was the time when he was busy packing his stuff for good. However, he can still spend some money and time to get the stuff. Poor him to have a brother like me that have a weird hobby that only people with penny can afford, which is collecting sharp tools. Thanks a lot to my brother. huhuhu

Solid molid

the 237th

A bit of the description of the blade.

This is a military grade bayonet made in Solingen, Germany by the craftsmen of Eickhorn. This knife is serial numbered and limited to 1000 pieces. This tough knife features a highly flexible 55Si7 spring steel blade (HRC 51-53) with black Kalgard coating and U.S. MMBA1 scabbard in the original design which can also be worn on a US military service belt. Handle is made from fiberglass reinforced Polyamid.

Taken from Linder Shop

Another description of the bayonet..

Developed for the Colt assault rifle M16, this classic bayonet was standard issue to US G.I.s during the Vietnam War. This unit is now discontinued and OES have a limited quantity of numbered M7 LE bayonets available to collectors. Overall length: 29.8 cm Blade length: 16.9 cm Blade thickness: 5 mm Weight: 280 g Steel: 55Si7 (HRC 51-53)

taken from eickhorn solingen

I would gladly accept them without any doubt if other siblings or friends would like to donate sharp tools to me. I will make sure that they are carefully taken care of with all my heart. huhuhu

p/s: A little bit of the history of the M bayonet species (here).


Pada 25.2.2012 akan cukup 33 tahun berkhidmat. Boleh bersara.. eh.. eh.. patutkah sambung hingga umur 60 tahun?

Syukur alhamdulillah ya Allah atas segalanya.

Bersama pelajar semasa berkhidmat di sekolah kedua di Maktab Sabah, 1980.

Keris Cleaning

Following the SOP (standard operational procedure) after the Keris Course that we just had, some might get excited with the postmortem of the course. Some may eager with the planning of the next course, while some others might concern about the bruises, cuts and pain in the muscles that they had. However for me, the excitement comes when I clean the kerises.

As usual, for those who did not have their own keris yet, they had to borrow them from others, especially from Ayah Su. This time, I had the privilege of cleaning them, or to be particular take out the rust from the blade for restoration.



Here are some of the procedures that I usually do to clean keris from rust:

  1. Take the hilt out from the blade. If there are a few kerises, make sure that you labeled both the hilt as well as the blade properly to avoid confusion when you want to put the hilt back to the right keris once you have finished cleaning the kerises.
  2. Soak the blade in vinegar for a few hours. If the rust is still hard to eliminate, soak them longer, a night perhaps.
  3. Brush the blade with the cuts of lemons. The acid liquid from the lemon can sweep away the rust faster.
  4. Once the blades clean, wash the blade with the body syampoo, or soap, or dish washer liquid. This is to neutralise the acid traces that still exist on the blade surface.
  5. Wipe the blades with a cloth till they dry.
  6. Put some fragrance and/or olive oil on the blade surfaces. This is to make sure that the blades do not rust easily. Make sure that the blades are not touched by the bare hand as the blade can rust easily with the touch.
  7. Put the hilt back to the blade.
  8. Now it is ready to be stored before the next use.

This is the way I clean kerises. Other people might have different techniques by using different material. huhuhu. No worries as the objective is just the same which is to clean the kerises so that they are well cared and kept.


Although the procedure seems simple, the satisfaction that I get in cleaning the blades is extraordinary. huhuhu.

Keris Course 2.0

Alhamdulillah, I was able to join the Keris Course 2.0 organised by Gayong Warisan Malaysia. The course was quite fun as it was supervised by Pak Ngah Izahar as a follow up from the previous keris course that we had on 2009. Credit to all who has made the course a success. Insyaallah we will try our best to preserve the art of warrior that we have learnt.

Pak Ngah and Abe Lan were with the trainees, while Cikgu Muzairi, Cikgu Zul and Cikgu Suhaimi PSSGM Terengganu were discussing something at the back.

Cikgu Safwan and Cikgu Hakim help us a lot to feel the art of playing with keris

Buah cempedak di luar pagar
ambil galah tolong jolokkan
saya budak baru belajar
kalau salah tolong tunjukkan

Pisang emas dibawa belayar
masak sebiji di dalam peti
hutang emas boleh dibayar
hutang budi dibawa mati

Pulau pandan jauh ketengah
gunung daik bercabang tiga
hancur bada dikandung badan
budi yang baik dikenang juga

Kalau ada sumur di ladang
boleh hamba menumpang mandi
kalau ada umur yang panjang
boleh kita berjumpa lagi

Happy Wedding Anniversary

Thank God it is school holiday during this time every year. As a teacher, I will usually be at home with my parents especially on 11th of December for obvious reason, it is our parents’ wedding anniversary! Although it might not be any celebration or just the overdue ones, for me, being close to them is already something to cheer. This is because all of us work or study far away from home.

Hj Lazim’s legacy, more to come

  1. Alhamdulillah, we are thankful that God has still blessed them with health and strength. They are able to do the chores, and can even further, help their children who are in need.
  2. Alhamdulillah, we are thankful that God has given us with such wonderful parents, who are able to nurture us to be better beings.
  3. Alhamdulillah, God has given our parents with such a fantastic children who are able to colour their life.
  4. Alhamdulillah on everything at every moment for all the graces.

Thank you Allah, thank you Maa and Abah.

Happy 31st Anniversary

Nostalgic Session

Conversation between me and Donnie this morning in Whatsap.

Donnie: Damn I miss riding in cars on autobahn with friends looking at pine tress lining up while listening to the radio with German songs playing at the background of the sound of chattering and laughing while eagerly waiting for the car to pass the R&R to get cup of Joe to complete the mixture of sipping a puff of cigarette after pissing at the paid toilet in the morning fresh cold air in the middle of nowhere in the winter jacket or sweater to keep us from minor or major cold confusing if the smoke we puff out is smoke or cold air  and cursing our fucked up life that was then.

Me: Should write this on your FB. Good stuff here

Donnie: And people say I’m koyal German

Me: but that is what we feel

Donnie: Cant say anything anymore without people judging

Me: True that. Damn good stuff you wrote there.

Donnie: I miss that. I wish we could do a road trip even in Mesia. Thanks for you acknowledgement

Me: road trip to Bangsar?? Hahahaha

Donnie: Its different. The Sit down will also be nostalgic when you and Jheeh get married.

Me: What different does it makes? Jheeh getting married yes but not me.

Donnie: The situation, environment, time and experience. I mean the time in Germany. Even if we all go to Germany and try to do the exact replica experience I don’t think it will feel the same.

Me: I feel you. The feeling is just different. Stadium  plays big roles.

Donnie: About Sit down, we will look back at Bangsar sit down as nostalgic once you go back to Kelantan for good cause  you are the mastermind of Mejenism

Me: For good?? Who do you think I am? Btw I will borrow your quotes to put in Ibnulazim

Donnie: Mat Kelantan always go back to their roots, their promised land.  LMAO it is that good?  I’m honoured.

Me: I mean it. You are on fire today. Your word is valid and logical and bring me to think. Too much A Perfect Circle?

Donnie: LOL. I guess I just miss my friend.

Hafzan Lazim