Perdana Pusaka Gayong Johor 2011

Last weekend, PSSPGM Johor had organised quite a grand event. It was a three days course including the grading. The mandi tapak and seni ceremony were also held during the course. It was held at SMK Sri Saujana, Kota Tinggi. The trainees came from all over Johor mainly from Kota Tinggi and Johor Baharu. A number of trainees from Selangor also participated in the course.

All the instructors were specially imported from Pusaka Gayong Selangor under the supervision of Cikgu Md Rasip. There were about 20 of them. Therefore the teaching and learning session were quite efficient as the ratio of the trainer and trainee was just 1:10. huhuhu

The grading also went well as the participants had enough time to do the revision as well as to cover the syllabus. Thanks to the professional instructor for the skills and knowledge shared. As the organiser, a few of us did not have much time to learn and revise the syllabus. We need to make sure that the schedule run in a flow. However by looking at the impact of the program, we can comfortable watch at ease. The ‘bersilat’ part can come later. huhuhu

Lesson was held in small groups

Cikgu Rambo and Cikgu Fahmi are showing the pentas simbat

The closing ceremony was held at the hall nearby. It was indeed a formal ceremony as the VIP was Dato’ Halimah  Mohd Sadiqeu. Among the part that amazes me was that the costume worn by the instructors was at the other higher level. They wore the Malay Suit (baju lepas or songket) which usually only been worn by the bridegroom during the wedding ceremony. It seems that I need to slowly upgrade my costume as well. How do the Kelantanese Malay suit looks like?

All the participants

Some of the crew members

Belt giving ceremony

a bit of trill in the acrobatic

The demonstration

Congratulation to PSSPGM Saujana, Air Tawar, Gelang Patah and Johor at large. Congratulation to all the new belt holder. Remember that the new colour of the belt comes with responsible.  Remembering and mastering the syllabus is one part and sharing them with others is other part. Consistent in the path is also another part.

Thanks a lot to all the donors in term of knowledge, money, materials, strength and time.  Beside that, extra credit need to be given to KRT Seri Saujana Zon 6 for helping us especially in the closing ceremony. The collaboration that was made with the group has lessen the workload that we had.

Thanks to all, insyaallah we’ll meet again soon



  1. akeng said,

    November 3, 2011 at 9:29 pm

    salam paeh… waaaaahhh rama nyoooo…. masyaAllah marouk aleikum! tok dan sokmo nok jenguk2 majlis pusaka. uuhuhhuhuhuuhuhuh. haaaiiihh.. kelik ni keno g jale kota tinggi nih! hehehe. po kaba paih weh?

  2. paih said,

    November 9, 2011 at 12:32 pm

    Ambo po skalo jah akeng weh.. huhuhu.. Bsilat sket2 jah, segar angin.. huhuhu

  3. yaya said,

    March 10, 2012 at 4:37 pm

    Seronok gile taw time nieyh…tp syg mse nye singkat…pape pon mg sronok giler…jrultih smue bek2…bnyk ilmu yg d proleh…tahniah buat smue… =) insyaallah law ad rzki leyh jmpe agy…

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