My Toys XII

It was a gift from my dear brother on early February this year. It was the time when he was busy packing his stuff for good. However, he can still spend some money and time to get the stuff. Poor him to have a brother like me that have a weird hobby that only people with penny can afford, which is collecting sharp tools. Thanks a lot to my brother. huhuhu

Solid molid

the 237th

A bit of the description of the blade.

This is a military grade bayonet made in Solingen, Germany by the craftsmen of Eickhorn. This knife is serial numbered and limited to 1000 pieces. This tough knife features a highly flexible 55Si7 spring steel blade (HRC 51-53) with black Kalgard coating and U.S. MMBA1 scabbard in the original design which can also be worn on a US military service belt. Handle is made from fiberglass reinforced Polyamid.

Taken from Linder Shop

Another description of the bayonet..

Developed for the Colt assault rifle M16, this classic bayonet was standard issue to US G.I.s during the Vietnam War. This unit is now discontinued and OES have a limited quantity of numbered M7 LE bayonets available to collectors. Overall length: 29.8 cm Blade length: 16.9 cm Blade thickness: 5 mm Weight: 280 g Steel: 55Si7 (HRC 51-53)

taken from eickhorn solingen

I would gladly accept them without any doubt if other siblings or friends would like to donate sharp tools to me. I will make sure that they are carefully taken care of with all my heart. huhuhu

p/s: A little bit of the history of the M bayonet species (here).


Keris Cleaning

Following the SOP (standard operational procedure) after the Keris Course that we just had, some might get excited with the postmortem of the course. Some may eager with the planning of the next course, while some others might concern about the bruises, cuts and pain in the muscles that they had. However for me, the excitement comes when I clean the kerises.

As usual, for those who did not have their own keris yet, they had to borrow them from others, especially from Ayah Su. This time, I had the privilege of cleaning them, or to be particular take out the rust from the blade for restoration.



Here are some of the procedures that I usually do to clean keris from rust:

  1. Take the hilt out from the blade. If there are a few kerises, make sure that you labeled both the hilt as well as the blade properly to avoid confusion when you want to put the hilt back to the right keris once you have finished cleaning the kerises.
  2. Soak the blade in vinegar for a few hours. If the rust is still hard to eliminate, soak them longer, a night perhaps.
  3. Brush the blade with the cuts of lemons. The acid liquid from the lemon can sweep away the rust faster.
  4. Once the blades clean, wash the blade with the body syampoo, or soap, or dish washer liquid. This is to neutralise the acid traces that still exist on the blade surface.
  5. Wipe the blades with a cloth till they dry.
  6. Put some fragrance and/or olive oil on the blade surfaces. This is to make sure that the blades do not rust easily. Make sure that the blades are not touched by the bare hand as the blade can rust easily with the touch.
  7. Put the hilt back to the blade.
  8. Now it is ready to be stored before the next use.

This is the way I clean kerises. Other people might have different techniques by using different material. huhuhu. No worries as the objective is just the same which is to clean the kerises so that they are well cared and kept.


Although the procedure seems simple, the satisfaction that I get in cleaning the blades is extraordinary. huhuhu.

Keris Course 2.0

Alhamdulillah, I was able to join the Keris Course 2.0 organised by Gayong Warisan Malaysia. The course was quite fun as it was supervised by Pak Ngah Izahar as a follow up from the previous keris course that we had on 2009. Credit to all who has made the course a success. Insyaallah we will try our best to preserve the art of warrior that we have learnt.

Pak Ngah and Abe Lan were with the trainees, while Cikgu Muzairi, Cikgu Zul and Cikgu Suhaimi PSSGM Terengganu were discussing something at the back.

Cikgu Safwan and Cikgu Hakim help us a lot to feel the art of playing with keris

Buah cempedak di luar pagar
ambil galah tolong jolokkan
saya budak baru belajar
kalau salah tolong tunjukkan

Pisang emas dibawa belayar
masak sebiji di dalam peti
hutang emas boleh dibayar
hutang budi dibawa mati

Pulau pandan jauh ketengah
gunung daik bercabang tiga
hancur bada dikandung badan
budi yang baik dikenang juga

Kalau ada sumur di ladang
boleh hamba menumpang mandi
kalau ada umur yang panjang
boleh kita berjumpa lagi

My Toys XI

Got this toy from Ayah Su’s. At first I have no intention to have anything as it was the training night. However just a few turned outthat night, the training session was lured to the discussion session. We were able to chat and share things that evolves around us. One of them was about weapons. As a result, Cikgu Yie grab a knife while Nazmie grab a knife and a badik.

7pa’s badik

As for me, I took a badik with me home. It was a 7 Pa badik. It is made with 7 irons that come from things  starts with ‘pa’ if we pronounce it in Malay language. The ‘pa’ refers to the iron tools and things that are commonly used in Malays’ daily life such as pahat (chisel), paku (nail) , pagar (fence), parang (heavy knife or mechette) and many more. The use of this kind of iron symbolises the hardship that one to endure with the heart as tough and useful as these irons in order to succeed in life.

It also reminds me to motto that is used by a successful figure that I met in Kota Tinggi. His motto in life is ‘Impossible is never’ a bit stronger than what we usually heard, ‘Nothing is impossible’. Indeed he has the spirits of the pa embedded tightly in his heart.. huhuhu

My Toys X

Got the spear just now although it has been at Ayah Su’s for ages.

Lembing Alif and Haa?

Tomorrow onwards might be busy days. I have to do some cleaning to wipe the rust on the surface. Besides, there is a need to resize the butt in oder to attach the hadle rod of the spears. Definately, I will update on the new look of my spears later. huhuhu

Meeting The Master XII

Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet the Pusaka Gayong Selangor chief. Although it was a hectic weekend, I had to really make time for this as it does not come twice. He came to Kota Tinggi for mandi tapak (the member taking ceremony) and a short intensive course for the school students. Although I am already an adult, I was still able to  squeeze in and taste his grip a bit.

Cikgu Md Rasip, during the closing ceremony with VIPs

The person is Cikgu Md Rasip bin Abd Wahab. He was first a Gayong Malaysia teacher and then he joins the Pusaka Gayong in early 90’s. He reorganise the Pusaka Gayong syllabus especially for the Selangor and Johor states to suit the needs of the members. According to him, living in such a very competitive area (Selangor) where many other martial art organisations including many silat schools are comparing the syllabus, there is a need to reorganise the syllabus. Or the others will be laughing at the silat that he teaches.

This is due to some inconsistency in the movements that students need to do before they learn the basic skills which is in line with the movements. For instance, a student with white belt needs to do a deadlock that requires him to do some movements that are only taught for green belt students (if you know what I mean). Therefore he believes that he needs to do something about it. He is the person who analyses and rationalises things that he learns, not just accepting everything without thinking about them.

He would consult his teacher, Pak Andak Majid to reorganise the syllabus and get the agreement from the number one person. However, he criticises the unnecessary revision of the syllabuses that are constantly done at the time being as it ruins the originality of Dato’ Meor’s heritage. This kind of invention revision will only make gayong lost it’s fang.

sharing his skills, picture taken from Cikgu Zamri’s fb

Being a school teacher, he really knows how to polish his students’ potential to their max. Perhaps it is the combination of passionate and the best pedagogical methodology that bring shine to his students especially in competitions. He says that the skills will come with time as it is experience that teaches you things if you do the thinking and reflection parts on your own. There are many more things that I definitely need to discuss with him. Perhaps in the next meeting? huhuhu

more about Cikgu Md Rasip (here)

My Toys IX

The knife is a Johor made blade. To be exact, it is from Kg Lukut, Kota Tinggi. I was told that the knife smith is Mohd Yusuf Ahmad. There is not much thing that I can say about this pisau lapah (knife that is used to skin animal and cut the meat into pieces). It has been in my wardrobe for quite some time and it have not taste any blood so far. There the effectiveness is still unknown. I was told that it is sharp enough to cut meat but I need the concrete evidence about it first before I can say so. huhuhu

Typical pisau lapah that can be found in Johor.

Looking at the blade, can it function as parang (small machete) as well? Can I use it to cut small trees if I go into jungle or do something like that? Can such activity damage the blade?

Meeting The Master VIII

I went to the capital city last few weeks. It was just for a short weekend trip but I was able to make full use of the time that I had. One of the activities was visiting a senior Gayong teacher, Cikgu Mufti Ansari. The journey to met him was a bit challenging, but surely the meeting was really worth it. Cikgu Hafiz Stoke and I with the help of Cikgu Hakim France was able to gain something interesting when we met him.

Cikgu Mufti. Picture taken from Cg Hakim’s page

It was after midnight when we met Cikgu Mufti. He had just finished his training along with his students. There were having conversation to catching up things that they have missed. After that, three of us went to Cikgu Mufti’s house. I just know that Cikgu Mufti’s wife is also a great Gayong scholar. She is the Ibu Gayong for the Selangor state and among the best female gayong practitioners. .

Cikgu Mufti is the third generation in the Gayong school under the Grandmaster. As usual, when you meet an expert, you would feel that you are really small and perhaps not even exist on the map. The same thing happened to me as I feel that I knew nothing and I need to learn a loooooot from Cikgu Mufti. I feel that I am also blessed as he has shown his trust to us by pouring parts of his knowledge that he gained from the late Grandmaster in my first meeting with him. The knowledge that was shared was indeed really exclusive to me. Alhamdulillah.

Time flies really fast. We only step out of his house at about 6.00 in the morning. The comeback of these young students is a must. Insyaallah..

My Toys VIII

It is a simple Rally Classic Victorinox  Swiss Army knife. It was born along with a few more siblings when I had my summer vacation in Switzerland on 2008. So the multipurpose knife has been with me for two years. The knife is pretty sharp compared to the office knife. Thus it helps me a lot when I want to cut something small.

Personalised version..

These are the descriptions given by the Victorinox website about the knife:-

Our popular pocket-tool on a key chain provides valuable services for you every day. It is small, light, elegant, robust and functional all at the same time – an indispensable companion. The VICTORINOX metal inlay Emblem in the polished Cellidor handle is your guarantee for quality. The Signature model – with its handy ballpoint pen – is noteworthy as the only pocket-tool available with a pressurized ink refill that folds from 104 mm into a small key chain knife only 58 mm long.

Looking at the website, I just realised that the functions of the knife are a lot. Each corner of the knife has its own purpose, whether I realised it or not. huhuhu

Some of the functions are:

  1. blade
  2. nailfile with
  3. screwdriver
  4. cap lifter with
  5. magnet. Phillips screwdriver
  6. wire stripper
  7. key ring stainless
  8. tweezers
  9. toothpick
  10. tweezers or toothpick

The knife is indeed a friend of mine because it is a friend when I need it. A friend in need is a friend indeed. huu

Hunting the Bulleye

Alhamdulillah, God has granted my wish years ago, which is to learn archery. I was really grateful as I was appointed as one of the teachers in charge of the school archery team. I have the opportunity to touch bow and arrows again after the first time I touched them when I was in UK. After having training for about a week at school, we headed for the game. The game took place under the Sport Carnival MSSJ which was held in Tangkak, Johor.

The view from where I stayed. Gunung Ledang, the mount with legends..

The competitors test the setting of their bow.

The archers during the competition.. The result was not that good. But insyaallah we will do better next year.

Many sexy gadgets could be seen there. The one like this is definitely in my wish list.. I was informed that it costs about two months of my sallary.. In addition, a dozen of good quality arrow costs nearly a thousand ringgit.. huu  

My Toys VII

I was a big fan of Ebay when I was  in UK. The fact that Pound Sterling was expensive compared to other currency made everything seemed to be really cheap. I would spend hours just browsing through the web looking for interesting items to buy. One of my interest was to browse buy for weapons. One day, I found one interesting sword, which was very affordable. According to the seller, the sword was made in Toledo. It is a sacred place which specialised in producing weapons for war during Al-Andalus era.

After I received the item, it turned out to be just a replica sword. Huuu. That was the risk that I had to take when I bought things from the Ebay. Sometimes, the item was above expectation and sometime it was just a fake one. However, in this case, I am still grateful as the sword is still a solid piece, made of nice stainless steel, thick brass and dark wood. The only drawback of the sword of its sharpness and perhaps its durability. Although it might not be able to strike, cut, and thrust the steel drum tank, but definitely it can still injure people. huuu

Solid piece of work..

Still looking for charity for a shield and a helmet and not to forget the knowledge on how to use it wisely.. Ajik as the model, before going to battlefield his driving test. huu

My Toys VII

Walking along the weapon stalls in Pasar Siti Khadijah is a must if I am not in rush visiting Kota Bharu. Actually, I have no intention of buying another kerambit or any other weapon. I have already got some inner satisfaction by just looking at variety of weapons there. huhuhu

When I saw the kerambit, which I believe was more appealing to my eyes compared to others, I have already had a crush.  However, looking at the price tag attached to the kerambit, I feel that I have no match with the kerambit like ‘pipit dan enggang’, we are from entirely different level.

My emotion was stirred when I observed the blade of the kerambit after asking permission from the seller to have a look at the kerambit. I told myself that I shouldn’t look at the kerambit at the first place. I looked at other weapons as well, but my heart is still at the first kerambit. huhuhu

The seller told me that she could give me a special price, which was nearly half of the actual price. After negotiating a bit more, we had agreed upon a price that both sides win. I can say no more as I have unconsciously exchanged my ringgit notes with the new toy.

As the handle size is too small for my palm, it will be my toy collection, not for personal use. The handle can only place three of my fingers and the other two are exposed to the sharpness of the blade.. It is not practical for my hand because it can injure the owner while using it.. huhu

Looking at the Kerambit and the date I bought it (10th Muharram 1431). What should I name it?

My Toys VI

I have always wanted to have my own pair of machete. However, my luck did not come until early this month when I have finally found the weapon plus extra cash to buy it. Perhaps, this is what we call ‘jodoh’. It just comes with complete package.

The machetes are known among gayong members as ‘parang brazil’.

The only problem is that I do not have partner to test its quality. I need to get used to the machete as well and not just to make it as display items. Pentas parang anyone? Please be gentle when playing as the pair of machetes are precious to me.. huhuhu

My Toys IV

I have just got an exclusive chef knife given by my brother though bro Kerol. As we met at a fast food restaurant packed with people, I had to postpone my eagerness to watch the Englishmen technology which is portrayed through the piece of metal. I afraid that we might create havoc if I took out the blade. Not because people think that we want to rob the restaurant or something , but they might want to have the blade as well.. huhuhu

Excell, Richardson Sheffield product. Made of hard titanium edge, the cook knife stays sharp five times longer than a conventional blade.

The knife comes just on time as the Eid is just around the corner. I can experiment on the effectiveness of the blade. If it passes the standard that I have made which is sharp enough to cut an amount of meat in a lenght of time, I may consider putting some assessory to the blade. huhuhu

p/s: Abah has got his blade as well. It is proven to be as sharp as tack because maa has cut a  little bit of her finger when she touched the blade. huuu