Nostalgic Session

Conversation between me and Donnie this morning in Whatsap.

Donnie: Damn I miss riding in cars on autobahn with friends looking at pine tress lining up while listening to the radio with German songs playing at the background of the sound of chattering and laughing while eagerly waiting for the car to pass the R&R to get cup of Joe to complete the mixture of sipping a puff of cigarette after pissing at the paid toilet in the morning fresh cold air in the middle of nowhere in the winter jacket or sweater to keep us from minor or major cold confusing if the smoke we puff out is smoke or cold air  and cursing our fucked up life that was then.

Me: Should write this on your FB. Good stuff here

Donnie: And people say I’m koyal German

Me: but that is what we feel

Donnie: Cant say anything anymore without people judging

Me: True that. Damn good stuff you wrote there.

Donnie: I miss that. I wish we could do a road trip even in Mesia. Thanks for you acknowledgement

Me: road trip to Bangsar?? Hahahaha

Donnie: Its different. The Sit down will also be nostalgic when you and Jheeh get married.

Me: What different does it makes? Jheeh getting married yes but not me.

Donnie: The situation, environment, time and experience. I mean the time in Germany. Even if we all go to Germany and try to do the exact replica experience I don’t think it will feel the same.

Me: I feel you. The feeling is just different. Stadium  plays big roles.

Donnie: About Sit down, we will look back at Bangsar sit down as nostalgic once you go back to Kelantan for good cause  you are the mastermind of Mejenism

Me: For good?? Who do you think I am? Btw I will borrow your quotes to put in Ibnulazim

Donnie: Mat Kelantan always go back to their roots, their promised land.  LMAO it is that good?  I’m honoured.

Me: I mean it. You are on fire today. Your word is valid and logical and bring me to think. Too much A Perfect Circle?

Donnie: LOL. I guess I just miss my friend.

Hafzan Lazim


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