Bearing Sea

It was 300 am in the morning. The open sea was so calm and dark. Everybody was sleeping. I was alone still holding the fishing rod. Using fish head as bait, the bait kept on disappearing. The fish kept on biting the bait not swallowing. Maybe the big fish was asleep. Only small fish was still around. That was bad. But like old saying, the luck will come for those who waiting. I patiently changing the bait and was about to give up. Everybody already caught something.  Sharman already got a “Kaci” weight about 5 kg. What an achievement. Small, big, more and less was not an issue, the point was everybody got something. Maybe that was hard luck for me, a newbie.

Sharman with his 5 kg "Kaci"

Suddenly, something struck my bait. The rod starts to curve. This is no jokes my friend. This is no small kembong. I screamed but nobody was there. What should I do? I am afraid the force that the fish pulled will break the line evens the rod. I didn’t even know how to use the reel properly. I am just a “bidan terjun” here. At first I sat near to my friend watching him pulling fish after fish. He went to sleep asked me to sub him.

My 3 kg "Kaci"

Thank God the Tekong was still there, fishing in front of the boat. I didn’t notice him. He gave me some useful advice how to defeat the fish. Trust the fisherman when you are in open sea. Wow. That was a very sweet victory; first fish I ever caught is 3 kg Kaci. I am no longer newbie. The Tekong congratulated me. He again went to the front. There was no body to share my achievement, even to take the picture. Who cares, I am no longer a beginner. First fish already weigh more than 3 kg. With the sign, the future seems to be brighter.

At the kitchen.


Open sea, no end nearer.

On our way to the land, I sat at the edge front of the boat, enjoying the sea. The surrounding was really peaceful; it makes you forget all things that happen on the land.

I don’t believe this. A school of dolphin kept on playing in front of the boat. To see a school of dolphin chasing and inviting you to play in open sea with your naked eyes is the best feeling ever. I never taught that there are dolphins in our sea. Dolphin is always my favorite animal. Always does, always was. Now I have the chance to see the beautiful and the friendliest creature life on open sea. I kept watching them until they disappear deep in the ocean. What will come after this? Whale maybe. I hope. The sea is weird, surprises always comes from the under.

Hafzan Lazim


Teachers’ story

Recently, there is an issue on unsatisfactory among teachers who do not get any benefit  from the announcement made by the Prime Minister regarding the incentives given to certain teachers in accordance to the teacher’s day. huhuhu

Although the issue was just merely conversation among some teachers and not really that serious, it might hurt a bit of their pure intention on the  fundamental question ‘Why in the first place do they become teachers?’. A tough question it is.

The funny answers that come out is that one can be a teacher if he wants to be a doctor.  A person can be a teacher if he wants to be an actor. A person can be a teacher if one want to be a priest.   A person can be a teacher if he wants to be an accountant, . Even if a person want to be a parent, he can be a teacher as well. And the list goes on and on. Hopefully the intention is good or at least getting better at times.. huhuhu

During teachers’ day as role models on the red carpet. huhuhu

The role of teacher has become a bit complicated with the interference of many stakeholders which evolve around the education institution. With the variety of expectation and challenges to the profession, it surely give chill to whoever hold the post.  huhuhu.

All I the teachers want is to have peace in mind, to enter the class and share the knowledge, skills and the experience with the students, not with the files, administration tasks and many extra combos. Unless they are really willing to do so with condition that these extra tasks should not affect the quality time that they have with the students. huhuhu

Therefore, I would really grateful if someone with powers and influence can consider taking teaching assistance, clerk or whatever we want to call it, to do the extra tasks that teachers are burdened with. Hopefully we will see the benefit of the action in the near future if it is implemented well throughout the institution. huhuhu

Silat Seni

It seems that the CRK off that I took is worth every second. I was able to go here and there and accomplish quite a number of missions. huhuhu. Besides, I was also able to have a short visit the the Silat Seni State Level Competition which was located at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tiang Chandi.

jurus wajib yang berjurus

It was the first day of the tournament when I went there. Students were doing the jurus wajib when I arrived. The participants have put their effort in showing the spirit along with the movements. huhuhu. Many thanks to the organiser. Congratulation to the winners as well as all participants.

For those who will represent Kelantan for the Nationals in Sarawak, make Kelantanese proud. Gomo Kelate Gomo!

The Rock from Heaven

During the hot and dry season like this, when the temperature is reaching the top while the humidity is nearly negative, a bowl of Rock from Heaven might turn the table around. The Rock from Heaven refers to the Cendo Pulut Tapai (CPT) that can be found at Jalan Wakaf Mek Zainab, at the cross junction near Komplek Sekolah-Sekolah in Kota Bharu. It is not like the snow cone that you usually taste, but it is greater and beyond the standard level of the typical CPT.

The stall

The combination of the materials used to make the CPT are perfect. With the extra creamy coconut milk and the thick dark palm sugar, I believe, have made the it special. In addition, the ice block used is  properly shaved and it makes the texture of the ice is softer like the snowflakes before it touches the ground. The taste of the sticky rice and tapai mix well. huhuhu

Underneath the CPT lies the taste beyond imagination, just a spoonful of it makes you feel great..

If you have not tried it yet, I would highly recommend this stall. Have a go for the regular CPT, not the special one. Once you try it, you would surely came again in the near future.. huhuhu

My Toys XI

Got this toy from Ayah Su’s. At first I have no intention to have anything as it was the training night. However just a few turned outthat night, the training session was lured to the discussion session. We were able to chat and share things that evolves around us. One of them was about weapons. As a result, Cikgu Yie grab a knife while Nazmie grab a knife and a badik.

7pa’s badik

As for me, I took a badik with me home. It was a 7 Pa badik. It is made with 7 irons that come from things  starts with ‘pa’ if we pronounce it in Malay language. The ‘pa’ refers to the iron tools and things that are commonly used in Malays’ daily life such as pahat (chisel), paku (nail) , pagar (fence), parang (heavy knife or mechette) and many more. The use of this kind of iron symbolises the hardship that one to endure with the heart as tough and useful as these irons in order to succeed in life.

It also reminds me to motto that is used by a successful figure that I met in Kota Tinggi. His motto in life is ‘Impossible is never’ a bit stronger than what we usually heard, ‘Nothing is impossible’. Indeed he has the spirits of the pa embedded tightly in his heart.. huhuhu

Selamat Hari Ibu, Maa!

Ibnulazim’s shouting out our deep appreciation towards moms in the whole wide world, especially to our beautiful Maa!

May Allah shower you with His abundant blessings

Silat Demo

Pusaka Gayong Saujana team was given a change to demonstrate the art of silat in the opening ceremony of the Karnival Jom Center Kota Tinggi which was held last 23 and 24 April. Many viewers came to watch the performance. Although it was just a short demo, the team was able to convey the massage that silat is something exclusive.

At the same time, there were also Muai  Thai, acrobatic, dances, weight lifting and many more performances and demonstration shown in the carnival. There were also booths opened to promote products, services and information to the visitors.

After the demo, we had a party at the McD. Credit to Apek for the treat. huhuhu

Hunting the Bulleye

The tournament (Kejohanan Memanah Remaja Johor 2011) will start tomorrow. Our target, if not to get good number in one of the categories entered, is just to improve our ranking compared to last year’s. Spending almost all of my PnP time for this game will hopefully worth it. Pray for our game.. huhuhu..

Burned along with my boys.. huhuhu

When I was in the UK, the first time I touched the bow and arrows, I pray that I would be given chances to play with it again in the future. Alhamdulillah Allah has granted my wish and here I am playing with it all days and weeks. So ladies and gentleman, be careful with what you wish.. huhuhu

3rd 2nd 1st

It feels like yesterday..

When I stopped at Pekan Hospital to see my sister get birth of my first nephew. However, as expected he was a shy boy as he didn’t want to get out of the comfort zone that he was in. After waited for some time, things didn’t change and I have to get move or I’ll be late to my journey back to my college.I have to wait a few weeks before I can see the boy. huhu

The second one was not as thrill as the first one. We were in our europe trip when Hail the Second came out to the world. I was in Austria when I got the news for this blog. The entry was updated from time to time to give the current news of the happening. Thanks to the reporter. huhuhu

The third one was last year during school holiday. I was busy with the silat stuff as Pak Ngah made a visit to Kelantan to share his wisdom with us. And alhamdulillah Kak Atie had successfully given a birth to a Mek Klate. huhuhu. The coolest and toughest among the siblings.

3rd 2nd 1st

When I took the picture yesterday, I was thinking they sure change a lot compared to the first time I looked at them. Hopefully, their uncle is changing towards good as time goes as well.

Last Minute Call

These few weeks were hectic weeks. I need to be in few places at a time. I felt a bit guilt for not being able to be with my silat friends. The teacher was away doing the umrah when suddenly they got the last minute call from the organiser that the selection for the representatives for Kota Tinggi district in MSSJ silat tournament would be held in about two weeks time.

Therefore, everything was done in a rush. The seniors rush back from their collage when they heard the news. Some even had to skip their study week in order to give assistance to their juniors. In two weeks time, every was settled and ready to go. The drill that the trainee had to undergone was hell. huhuhu

CakLempong Team SMK Saujana

No Mercy Duo from Tmn Sri Saujana

Triplet for Jurus Wajib from Air Tawar 4

Alhamdulillah, with the training they were able to give the tough fight to the opposition. Although nobody from the team was selected to the next level, which is the state level, I believe that they have learned valuable lessons during the process. There future lies the opportunity for them if  the make full use of what they have in the present and bring with them the experience that they went through in the past.  huhuhu