Keris Cleaning

Following the SOP (standard operational procedure) after the Keris Course that we just had, some might get excited with the postmortem of the course. Some may eager with the planning of the next course, while some others might concern about the bruises, cuts and pain in the muscles that they had. However for me, the excitement comes when I clean the kerises.

As usual, for those who did not have their own keris yet, they had to borrow them from others, especially from Ayah Su. This time, I had the privilege of cleaning them, or to be particular take out the rust from the blade for restoration.



Here are some of the procedures that I usually do to clean keris from rust:

  1. Take the hilt out from the blade. If there are a few kerises, make sure that you labeled both the hilt as well as the blade properly to avoid confusion when you want to put the hilt back to the right keris once you have finished cleaning the kerises.
  2. Soak the blade in vinegar for a few hours. If the rust is still hard to eliminate, soak them longer, a night perhaps.
  3. Brush the blade with the cuts of lemons. The acid liquid from the lemon can sweep away the rust faster.
  4. Once the blades clean, wash the blade with the body syampoo, or soap, or dish washer liquid. This is to neutralise the acid traces that still exist on the blade surface.
  5. Wipe the blades with a cloth till they dry.
  6. Put some fragrance and/or olive oil on the blade surfaces. This is to make sure that the blades do not rust easily. Make sure that the blades are not touched by the bare hand as the blade can rust easily with the touch.
  7. Put the hilt back to the blade.
  8. Now it is ready to be stored before the next use.

This is the way I clean kerises. Other people might have different techniques by using different material. huhuhu. No worries as the objective is just the same which is to clean the kerises so that they are well cared and kept.


Although the procedure seems simple, the satisfaction that I get in cleaning the blades is extraordinary. huhuhu.


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