After three years

It should actually be a training session at Gelanggang Gayong Bersepadu in Kompleks Bersepadu Selatan. However,  the training was postponed due to the tahlil session that was organised by KSSG. I was told about the cancellation by Cikgu Mat as I was intended to join the training session. Therefore the meeting place for me and my teachers after being away for some time was done at the KSSG training centre at Puchong.  It was almost three years since the last time I meet both my teachers Cikgu Mat and Cikgu Zam.

Alhamdulillah, Cikgu Mat and Cikgu Zam are still in a pink of health. We were able to catch up with stories that we have missed. I am glad to hear that the Gayong IPBA trainees have started the training session again after hibernating for a short time. huhuhu

Anticlockwise- Cikgu Sham (in white), Cikgu Zam, Cikgu Mat, Me, and Haziq. Picture taken from KSSG facebook album.

Credit to the KSSG committee for organising the tahlil program. Thanks for fulfilling both the the needs of the body and soul. huhuhu

In the meantime at the other place on the globe,

Berkeris.. (picture taken from Cikgu Nasir’s Multiply)

My masters were having fun with Pak Ngah.. huhuhu