My Toys XII

It was a gift from my dear brother on early February this year. It was the time when he was busy packing his stuff for good. However, he can still spend some money and time to get the stuff. Poor him to have a brother like me that have a weird hobby that only people with penny can afford, which is collecting sharp tools. Thanks a lot to my brother. huhuhu

Solid molid

the 237th

A bit of the description of the blade.

This is a military grade bayonet made in Solingen, Germany by the craftsmen of Eickhorn. This knife is serial numbered and limited to 1000 pieces. This tough knife features a highly flexible 55Si7 spring steel blade (HRC 51-53) with black Kalgard coating and U.S. MMBA1 scabbard in the original design which can also be worn on a US military service belt. Handle is made from fiberglass reinforced Polyamid.

Taken from Linder Shop

Another description of the bayonet..

Developed for the Colt assault rifle M16, this classic bayonet was standard issue to US G.I.s during the Vietnam War. This unit is now discontinued and OES have a limited quantity of numbered M7 LE bayonets available to collectors. Overall length: 29.8 cm Blade length: 16.9 cm Blade thickness: 5 mm Weight: 280 g Steel: 55Si7 (HRC 51-53)

taken from eickhorn solingen

I would gladly accept them without any doubt if other siblings or friends would like to donate sharp tools to me. I will make sure that they are carefully taken care of with all my heart. huhuhu

p/s: A little bit of the history of the M bayonet species (here).


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  1. hakim said,

    December 20, 2011 at 12:32 pm

    eeuurrgh………… comey comey…. ngetap bibir tgok. hehehehe

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