Backflip refers to the act of doing a backward somersault, especially in the air. I am not sure of the term in Malay as we usually use the term ‘back’ or ‘backflip’ when we are reffering to the action. Perhaps the experts can help me in giving the right Malay term for such action.

The last couple of weeks, the saujana Gayong members had a bit of the training on the acrobatic movements at the end of the session. It included the backflip exercise. I am really bad at these kind of stuff and other stuffs as well. Thus, I would just prefer watching and taking pictures at the side. huhuhu

Warming up session..

Doing it with the hand first

Jumping up high..

and wohaaa

Kids, do not try this at home unless supervised by an adult! huhuhu


Routine @ Kg Dusun Durian

I had the chance to join the training at Kg Dusun Durian, Kelantan last week. Despite the training was on Monday night, I was able to make it as I had the Maulidurrasul and Thaipussam break back in Johor.

The elders watching from the side

It was a chill training whereby not many turned up as some were beaten to death during the SUKMA selection competition. Anyway, congratulation to all who have made the team a great opponent. The bronze medals were not bad at all for the first timers after leaving the field for so many years. We’ll make a comeback in the years to come insyaallah.. huhuhu

Allahumma baariklana fiima razaktana

This was actually what happen during after the training. It was indeed a delicious way to end our training with Curry Noodles of course, the Ciksu’s recepi. Jazakallahu khairan kathira.. huhuhu

The shadowy place

I have found the picture on the fb posted by a friend of mine.

Is that so? hmm

Anak Jelati

Last CNY school break, I got another new bonsai tree. It was given by my master Ayah Su. huhuhu. According to him, the tree is 3 years old. Hopefully, it stays strong for many more decade to come.. huhuhu

Before, 28 January 2012

After, 30 January 2012

Based on my observation, half of a decade is just a short time for a bonsai trainer to create their tree. They take longer time to enjoy petting their tree. It is not like keeping a pair of pigeon in which they will breed and multiply in no time. Bonsai is about patient, not just passionate. To see it slowly grow in front of the eyes for years is something really valuable, and has a high sentimental value.