Talking Frog

As a new teacher, there are a lot of things that I have yet to explore. One of the aspects is on teaching subjects other than English. I might know a bit on English but nothing other than that. However at the time being, besides teaching English, I am teaching (read learning) Visual Art Education, Physical and Health Education, and Moral Education. I feel that teaching the minor subjects are really entertaining. All of them give new perspectives on  how I perceive things around me.

As for teaching Visual Art to various types of students, I am able to explore things that I rarely appreciate in my life. I can hardly remember things that I have done in my schooling days. What I can think of were just drawing a village and  the sight in a sea. No more that that. Maybe I was too naughty in the class those days, which make me forget what I have formally learned in my art lessons. huhuhu

Teaching Visual Art is really entertaining. For this week, I did ‘Talking Frog’ origami with my students. Even the never-sit-still students were able to behave well do the activity in the class. Although my throat felt like burning after the lesson for you-know-what reason, I am really satisfied with the outcome as I was able to see students smile [read laughing, shouting and jumping around the class meaningfully (?)] at the end of the lesson; Miming with their puppets, the talking frog.  They called me thousands of time to tell this and that, show very single thing to me which I always ignore.

One of the funny ones was when out of sudden, one of my students shouted for my help, “Teacher, help me!!! This frog is biting me ear!!”. The boy said with pain showing on his face. His hands are holding the talking frog that he has made, pointing it to his innocent ear. I pretended that I saw nothing although it happened right in front of my eyes. Failed to get my sympathy, he went back to his table. Meanwhile, my heart felt like went out of my body and rolling on the floor laughing.

A few minutes after that, the same boy came again to me and showed the modified version of the talking frog. This time around the frog is already equipped with a Gladius sword on its right hand and a Parma shield on the other hand. I was like, ya Rabbi.. Subhanallah.. huhuhu..  Other few students have made a modern version of the talking frog warrior; a mob. They drew variety of weapons in the inner side of the clothes that the frogs wore.. Am I doing the right thing to the students?

Today, when I entered the same class for my English lesson, a few students were busy producing the talking frog. Perhaps they have got orders from their friends. Is this what is called teaching students how to fish rather than giving them fish? If only I can make students learn productively in my English class same like what is being done in the English class…


Wise guy says your life is not perfect until you see a cow on top of a roof. Some says you must taste food with your own drop of tears in it and then you can say your life is complete. Other says that you must coincidently meet beautiful Malay woman in Sweden in order to finish your life’s quest.

This morning I woke up early as usual so that I can catch the bus to my work place. I leaved my house around six. It was cold. Every step to the bus station and every step from bus station to the gate seem so far. I felt like running but unable to do that because the road covered with slippery ice. Even to breathe was difficult. I arrived at the Draeger’s main gate and saw something that I would say will complete one of my life’s quests which is survive in extreme temperature. The thermometer screen at the gate showed a temperature that I never see before, minus 19 degree Celsius.

Winter will always make you miss Malaysia. This year there are a lot of snows coming down as shown in news. I never experience snow drop that heavily since I used to be regular Abe Yie Cendol Pulut Tapai behind Kota Bharu’s bus station. The snow coming down from the grinding machine is as heavy as snow in Deutschland this year. OMG I miss that girl Abe Yie’s CPT. I even stop at his stall during my last vacation which is 4 years ago. I hope him still doing his business there so I can stop by next time.

One day I will read again this blog and will wonder how it feels to walk in the dark in extreme cold temperature. Maybe it is just a perfect way Deutschland says good bye to me.

Hafzan Lazim

Akhir tahun 2010 pencen….. kalau tak pencen boleh sambung 2 tahun lagi……samaada sambung atau tidak semuanya ada baik dan buruk. Tolong beri pandangan supaya keputusan yang dibuat adalah tepat .


I was doing my work at the fume cupboard and I was alone in the lab. Suddenly somebody knock the lab door, I peeked through the glass and saw a tall and blond mid. thirty women, standing in front of the door. It was weird because she knocked the door. She must be from other department or totally an outsider. You don’t knock a lab or workshop’s door. You just come in and that how it plays, in my work place at least.

She asked me whether I know some guy name Christian *******. I didn’t pay a very good attention to the last name. Of course there is Christian in my lab. He is an intern. So I nodded my head and said yes. How tricky can it be? I didn’t see that hell will break loose. The women handed me a box of chocolate with a ribbon and a note on it. She asked me to pass the present to Christian. The note is written in German and translated like this “Thank You for your help and everything” “Love and Hugs- Mandy”.

I put the present on Christian table and continued my work. After a moment I already have second thought. That how low my self esteem is nowadays. What if there is more than one Christian work here? What is the last name that she said? What, what and what?

Frank, my other colleague came in from his lunch. I went to him and asked him how many Christian we have here. He said to me confidently, there is alone 4 Christian in this floor. He said don’t let him get started with Christian in this company.  He asked me what the problem was. I explained to him what has happened. He laughed like a crazy guy who never laughed for a long time. While Frank still laughing, my lab’s engineer, Dennis and other colleague, Rebecca came in. They asked what has happened, Frank told the story. As expected both of them laughed. I just stand there thinking what will happen next.

Dennis said some joke that I got hypnotized by the blonde woman. If the woman was not blonde, I would catch the last name just ok. I kept arguing to him. I said the woman spoke so fast. That was why I didn’t catch the last name. Frank said next time whoever speak too fast to me, I should throw them out from this lab saying we don’t speak that kind of language here. I said what if the people from third floor (executive floor) speak fast like that. He suggested to me, just say “Ich verstehe nur bahnhof.” The phrase the German will use when they didn’t want to entertain you. We kept on laughing while waiting for Christian.

After a while Christian came. We showed him the present. He said to us that he didn’t know any Mandy. Dennis asked him if you didn’t know Mandy, how come she wants to hug and kiss you as it appears in the note. Dennis accused Christian to have an affair with the woman. Christian kept denying it. The moment I describe as a crazy moment. Of course it is funny but how the heck I should go to every lab, ask a person name Christian and explain what happen. I will be laughing stock at the company.

Everybody kept giving so called solution. One of them checked the name in Company’s data base. There is a lot people there named Mandy. The same problem appeared. The woman didn’t write her last name on the note. I asked them to consider naming their children with my name. I guaranteed them; there will be only one Hafzan in this firma. Why keep giving the typical name I asked them. They replied to me there would be no problem at all if you pay attention to the woman in the first place. They got me. I was stupid when I tried to be funny. How can I come up with that stupid joke in this critical moment?

At the end, Christian himself offered help to find the right person and he did find it. Thank God. But the story will be told to everybody who came to our lab that day and if the person is normal they will laugh like crazy.  As for me, this kind of story will make me a little bit closer to them and will make my name appear in the department’s map. After seven year living in Luebeck, I still and always make a rookie mistake in the language. But Deutsch is not an easy language to learn let alone to understand the people that speak in dialect. I consider myself lucky because the dialect in North is not that hard to understand if you pay attention. But still, how come Feuerzeug became Feuchteuch? One more question, Where is my Mandy? hahhahaha

Hafzan Lazim.

Update: Kota Tinggi

Time seems to fly fast, faster than the Concorde airplane shooting with full force. We are already entering the forth week of schooling. huhuhu.. and my contribution for the blog is negative.

Firstly, I would like to thank my parents for the sacrifices that they have made. They have done a lot even until now, only God can repay the kindness. And the prayers from the siblings, teachers, friends and students which I believe make me steady. I really grateful for that.

The view of my house from a restaurant in front. huhu

Alhamdulillah, after hard work searching for a agreeable castle to rent, of course with the help of my parents, I managed to get the best house in Kota Tinggi and JB, including KL. It is a comfortable house, 3 minutes walking to the school, plus variety of shops and restaurants in front of the house and many more bounty..

As a compliment to the package, I have got a healthy and little bit of can I say ‘chubby’ school; in term of population, popularity and expectation. Enough to make me grow up further physically, mentally, emotionally and intellectually. The positive first impression on the school is really a relief to me. huhuhu..

Last but not least, my journey in searching for some knowledge about the forgotten Malay heritage aka Silat is still on. I’ve heard that there is a gelanggang closed by but haven’t have the opportunity to pay a visit to the place yet.. will do in the nearest time.. huhuhu

Our Lord, You have not created this, creation that we see, in vain, frivolously, but as a proof of the totality of Your power.

1) More to come, sooner or later. Better be sooner.. huhuhu
2) Be strong to my exhousemates who have recently got into two separate accidents. Alhamdulillah, both are safe.
3) Congratulation to all teachers who have got posted, and those who will be posted, especially to their hometown or state. huhuhu

Fate or coincidence

Sorong papan tarik papan,
Buah keranji dalam perahu,
Suruh makan saya makan,
Suruh mengaji saya tak mahu.

Who would expect me to eat delicious buah keranji in cold winter weather while watching some movie in side my bedroom on my bed in a foreign country name Germany?


I was in the office, busy finishing some work. Suddenly somebody came and put something that I in my life time never expect to get it in Germany, let alone to get it in my Office and given by some stranger that is a big shot engineer with a doctor title in front of his name. It takes some time for me to digest the miracle, the guy already disappeared without me saying thank you.


Remember story about Tok Kenali delivering Durian to those Arab?

Sesungguhnya perintah-Nya apabila Dia menghendaki sesuatu hanyalah berkata kepadanya: “Jadilah!” maka terjadilah ia.”  Surah Ya-Sin ayat 82.

Hafzan Lazim

alangkah indahnya ke kedai membeli nasi kerabu seringgit haha.

Dear Abah and Maa,

Ini ialah hasil meng”call” abah di saat2 genting project nasik kerabu setelah plan meng”call” Maa gagal. Maaf kacau abah tido hehe. Maa, angkatlaa phone Maa kerana anakmu ini mungkin memerlukan pertolongan seperti “ulam apa yang org letak dlm nasik kerabu?”. Namun begitu, boleh dikatakan berjaya kan? Thanks to kawan2 yang 100% bekerjasama =).

yes saya da update ibnulazim. now your turn abeje! haha.

Qoute of the year

“Usah kagum pada bintang2 yg berkelipan, kagumlah pada Penciptanya..”

“Do not amaze with the glittering stars, but be astonished with the Creator of the creations.”


It would be really great if we can clearly see every single thing and occurance in this world as the creation of God. The problem is that we may say it with the tongue, but not through our daily action. It is especially true when we are in difficult time. We start back in a circle and forget what we have sweared.

Starting this year, perhap we can put this quote in our daily diary and in one of lists that we wish to achive this year. We are human which means we are weak and always forget things. However, if we put some affort in trying to consistantly be astonished to the Creator whether in the light or dark, we are better person in His eye. huhuhu

Ok let’s practice a bit..

image taken from Learn Something Every Day (here)

So, who is great here? It is ok to be amazed at the creations, but deep in our heart need to clearly understand that everysingle thing in the word is in need of the Mighty God, and God is so perfect that He doesn’t even need anything from anyone at all. huhuhu..

Following tradition

I found this story in a book and it can also be found throught the net..


On The Importance of Spiritual Tradition

There was a master in a monastery that had about thirty disciples. They used to conduct meditation, prayer, and other spiritual exercises. The master loved cats, and therefore had a cat in his monastery. During meditation, the cat would run around disturbing the meditation. The disciples complained to the master, so the master tied the cat in the corner of the meditation hall during meditation time, in order that it would not cause a disturbance.

Thus, things went on. During meditation, the cat would be tied in the corner, while at other times it was free to roam. Several years later the master died, but the cat remained, and the disciples continued to tie the cat in the corner during meditation.

Eventually, the disciples changed; the new disciples did not know why there was a cat inside the hall during meditation, but they nevertheless continued to tie it in the corner at the appropriate time. And when in time the cat died, they went and bought a new one, and tied that one in the corner during meditation time, too.

As time went by the group grew and founded new monasteries. The new master, though he did not know the origin of the cat in the corner, said that it helped the meditation and therefore declared, “Let us have a cat tied in the corner during meditation time in all our monasteries.” So in all of their monasteries, there was a cat tied in the corner during meditation time.

Soon many learned treatises were being written about the spiritual importance of tying a cat in the corner during meditation. Some disciples even wrote that it was impossible to meditate properly without the cat.


My master reminds me that we need to be extra careful when we follow some traditions or maybe rituals or some sort of practices which are alien to us. We may reason them well with our knowledge and thought, but do they match with the real purpose of the practice?

It maybe fine if it is just about tying a cat that might disturb one’s prayer. However, if it is a practice that make two of God (syirik), and we still try to create ton of reasons to make the practice sounds fun and great, whether we realise it or not, we are actually in a great lost. nauzubillahi minzalik..

Therefore, try to avoid practices that has ambiguity in the way it is performed which can be found in throughout the Malay world especially in Silat. God may forgive our wrong deeds, but He never forgive those who worship other than Him.