I was doing my work at the fume cupboard and I was alone in the lab. Suddenly somebody knock the lab door, I peeked through the glass and saw a tall and blond mid. thirty women, standing in front of the door. It was weird because she knocked the door. She must be from other department or totally an outsider. You don’t knock a lab or workshop’s door. You just come in and that how it plays, in my work place at least.

She asked me whether I know some guy name Christian *******. I didn’t pay a very good attention to the last name. Of course there is Christian in my lab. He is an intern. So I nodded my head and said yes. How tricky can it be? I didn’t see that hell will break loose. The women handed me a box of chocolate with a ribbon and a note on it. She asked me to pass the present to Christian. The note is written in German and translated like this “Thank You for your help and everything” “Love and Hugs- Mandy”.

I put the present on Christian table and continued my work. After a moment I already have second thought. That how low my self esteem is nowadays. What if there is more than one Christian work here? What is the last name that she said? What, what and what?

Frank, my other colleague came in from his lunch. I went to him and asked him how many Christian we have here. He said to me confidently, there is alone 4 Christian in this floor. He said don’t let him get started with Christian in this company.  He asked me what the problem was. I explained to him what has happened. He laughed like a crazy guy who never laughed for a long time. While Frank still laughing, my lab’s engineer, Dennis and other colleague, Rebecca came in. They asked what has happened, Frank told the story. As expected both of them laughed. I just stand there thinking what will happen next.

Dennis said some joke that I got hypnotized by the blonde woman. If the woman was not blonde, I would catch the last name just ok. I kept arguing to him. I said the woman spoke so fast. That was why I didn’t catch the last name. Frank said next time whoever speak too fast to me, I should throw them out from this lab saying we don’t speak that kind of language here. I said what if the people from third floor (executive floor) speak fast like that. He suggested to me, just say “Ich verstehe nur bahnhof.” The phrase the German will use when they didn’t want to entertain you. We kept on laughing while waiting for Christian.

After a while Christian came. We showed him the present. He said to us that he didn’t know any Mandy. Dennis asked him if you didn’t know Mandy, how come she wants to hug and kiss you as it appears in the note. Dennis accused Christian to have an affair with the woman. Christian kept denying it. The moment I describe as a crazy moment. Of course it is funny but how the heck I should go to every lab, ask a person name Christian and explain what happen. I will be laughing stock at the company.

Everybody kept giving so called solution. One of them checked the name in Company’s data base. There is a lot people there named Mandy. The same problem appeared. The woman didn’t write her last name on the note. I asked them to consider naming their children with my name. I guaranteed them; there will be only one Hafzan in this firma. Why keep giving the typical name I asked them. They replied to me there would be no problem at all if you pay attention to the woman in the first place. They got me. I was stupid when I tried to be funny. How can I come up with that stupid joke in this critical moment?

At the end, Christian himself offered help to find the right person and he did find it. Thank God. But the story will be told to everybody who came to our lab that day and if the person is normal they will laugh like crazy.  As for me, this kind of story will make me a little bit closer to them and will make my name appear in the department’s map. After seven year living in Luebeck, I still and always make a rookie mistake in the language. But Deutsch is not an easy language to learn let alone to understand the people that speak in dialect. I consider myself lucky because the dialect in North is not that hard to understand if you pay attention. But still, how come Feuerzeug became Feuchteuch? One more question, Where is my Mandy? hahhahaha

Hafzan Lazim.



  1. DAP 313 said,

    January 22, 2010 at 1:39 am

    je, je lawaknya

  2. January 22, 2010 at 1:03 pm

    (she’s blonde. she’s sexy. she knocked your door, your private room. you were alone, and she needed you. she came with a present. and you were damn sure that was for you. she had been observing you and waiting so long to have that special moment….)

    jangan tipu laaa hafzan, demo mesti pikir gitu kan? hahahahahahhahaahha

  3. Hafzan Lazim said,

    January 22, 2010 at 8:24 pm

    Nakal molek demo, Kim. hahhahahahaha

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