Qoute of the year

“Usah kagum pada bintang2 yg berkelipan, kagumlah pada Penciptanya..”

“Do not amaze with the glittering stars, but be astonished with the Creator of the creations.”


It would be really great if we can clearly see every single thing and occurance in this world as the creation of God. The problem is that we may say it with the tongue, but not through our daily action. It is especially true when we are in difficult time. We start back in a circle and forget what we have sweared.

Starting this year, perhap we can put this quote in our daily diary and in one of lists that we wish to achive this year. We are human which means we are weak and always forget things. However, if we put some affort in trying to consistantly be astonished to the Creator whether in the light or dark, we are better person in His eye. huhuhu

Ok let’s practice a bit..

image taken from Learn Something Every Day (here)

So, who is great here? It is ok to be amazed at the creations, but deep in our heart need to clearly understand that everysingle thing in the word is in need of the Mighty God, and God is so perfect that He doesn’t even need anything from anyone at all. huhuhu..


1 Comment

  1. hunny said,

    January 9, 2010 at 12:28 am

    eh nmpak my name. hihi… slalu2 la igtkan org kalo org tlupe eh paih.. 🙂

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