Talking Frog

As a new teacher, there are a lot of things that I have yet to explore. One of the aspects is on teaching subjects other than English. I might know a bit on English but nothing other than that. However at the time being, besides teaching English, I am teaching (read learning) Visual Art Education, Physical and Health Education, and Moral Education. I feel that teaching the minor subjects are really entertaining. All of them give new perspectives on  how I perceive things around me.

As for teaching Visual Art to various types of students, I am able to explore things that I rarely appreciate in my life. I can hardly remember things that I have done in my schooling days. What I can think of were just drawing a village and  the sight in a sea. No more that that. Maybe I was too naughty in the class those days, which make me forget what I have formally learned in my art lessons. huhuhu

Teaching Visual Art is really entertaining. For this week, I did ‘Talking Frog’ origami with my students. Even the never-sit-still students were able to behave well do the activity in the class. Although my throat felt like burning after the lesson for you-know-what reason, I am really satisfied with the outcome as I was able to see students smile [read laughing, shouting and jumping around the class meaningfully (?)] at the end of the lesson; Miming with their puppets, the talking frog.  They called me thousands of time to tell this and that, show very single thing to me which I always ignore.

One of the funny ones was when out of sudden, one of my students shouted for my help, “Teacher, help me!!! This frog is biting me ear!!”. The boy said with pain showing on his face. His hands are holding the talking frog that he has made, pointing it to his innocent ear. I pretended that I saw nothing although it happened right in front of my eyes. Failed to get my sympathy, he went back to his table. Meanwhile, my heart felt like went out of my body and rolling on the floor laughing.

A few minutes after that, the same boy came again to me and showed the modified version of the talking frog. This time around the frog is already equipped with a Gladius sword on its right hand and a Parma shield on the other hand. I was like, ya Rabbi.. Subhanallah.. huhuhu..  Other few students have made a modern version of the talking frog warrior; a mob. They drew variety of weapons in the inner side of the clothes that the frogs wore.. Am I doing the right thing to the students?

Today, when I entered the same class for my English lesson, a few students were busy producing the talking frog. Perhaps they have got orders from their friends. Is this what is called teaching students how to fish rather than giving them fish? If only I can make students learn productively in my English class same like what is being done in the English class…



  1. warid85 said,

    January 29, 2010 at 5:59 pm

    you just need to make a few steps further than your students… they seem to be of highly intelligent group… i wish i could do that with my students later… but the mob version of the talking frog is a nice one…^^

  2. Noor said,

    January 31, 2010 at 11:01 am

    ngehhhhhh i can imagine you pretend to ignore the attention seeker padahal pusing blakang teros senyummmmm. heh budak2 mmg tak leyy blahhh.

  3. NAARA said,

    February 22, 2010 at 1:56 pm

    art is beatiful,
    art is the luv,
    art is u n me,
    that is alwuz i keep deep inside my heart,
    until Allah decide what is next..
    will it become reality?
    o alwuz be fantasy?
    may Allah decide our destiny..

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