counting days

Happy faces after done with Design Day

3 finals before done

11 days to meet Abah and Ma yay!

16 days to commencement yay jugak!

and emmmm about a month to Malaysia

Doakan okay? 🙂


A question to ponder..

A professional cricket coach asked us a question when he introduced the game in our cricket seminar which was held last year. The question leads to many other questions running in my head. huhuhu

Do you play games because you want to be fit?


Do you become fit because you want to play games?

My answer is that it depends on the games that we play, the level of the game that we are in and the urgency of the game itself. If it is about pride and life and death situation, of course I want to be really fit first before I can give 100% attempt to the game that I am in.

Bersilat needs ‘angin tinggi’ @ stamina especially when you do pentas.. People can see whether you have enough breath or vise versa.. huhuhu

Grappling requires energy, stamina n skills.. I lost (read give my opponent a chance) because I lack all the requirements.

Definitely I am neither fit nor capable of giving my best if I play any game right now. Surely, there is no shortcut in becoming physically fit.. Is there any? huhuhu

Problem Solving

Among the classes that I went during my college days was one which was presented about the IDEAL Problem Solving. If I am not mistaken, the lecture was given by Dr. Wee KL. However, I hardly remember the content of the lecture. I believe that it is a strategic way to construct our thinking in a more directed way in order to solve a problem. So, after doing some digging in the net, here goes the content of the IDEAL problem solving skills

Most valuable heuristic of all is having a general thinking strategy. Psychologist John Bransford and his colleagues list five steps that they believe lead to effective problem solving:

l. Identify the problem.

2. Define it clearly.

3. Explore possible solutions and relevant knowledge.

4. Act by trying a possible solution or hypothesis.

5. Look at the results and learn from them. Of course, each attempted solution may identify further sub-problems. These can again be tackled with the “ideal” steps until a final satisfactory solution is found.

taken from (here)

However in a fight, you would not have time to think about all these steps. This is when the blood during the training session comes. All of the movements are the reflection of what you have learned. The solution vary from one school to another. Each of the schools have their own formulas. The combination between the eyes, the body and the footwork that are well trained beforehand will give positive outcome to the person.

Therefore, students need to be exposed with problems that they usually confront on the street. For instance, the moving opponent, the use of weapons (not static) and etc. By using such method, students are able to face the reality because they already have the answer scrip! The better quality the answer script is, the easier it will be.

My salute is still for the late Grandmaster who was able to prepare thousands of ways to solve different kinds of attack. He does not met that many opponent I think, but still manage to give the already complete countless IDEAL problem solving strategies. Another salute is for those who are able to successfully use the script given. huu

Documenting Gayong

Many Gayong practitioners are not full time trainer. Sometimes the training is done days and nights, and usually in a scheduled routine. As for me, the training is just once in a blue moon. huu. Therefore documenting the movements that I learn is a must. However, according to my grandmaster, he does not write any of the syllabuses. All of them are written in his heart. This is acquired by hardship that he had undergone under the special training module that was designed and implemented by the hand Dato’ Meor himself.

However nowadays, with the commitment that we have, remembering all the syllabuses is still possible but quite hard especially in the long run. That is my case, and I am not sure about the others. Once we have learned a skill, the teacher might not show the same thing as clear as the first time he introduced it. This is especially true when we met the rare or higher level movements.

Therefore we might want to think of ways to capture the knowledge that we have learned so that we can easily revise the knowledge in the future. There are various ways that can be done such as through writing notes, draw picture, taking photographs and capturing videos. Each of the ways has its own advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, since I am suck not good at drawing, I have no choice other than to write down movements that I have learned. After half a decade, I tried to read the notes again and I was in total blank. What did I wrote?. I have no clue about what I have scratched back then. huu..

At the same time, the technology (window 95) comes in. I was glad that I am able to type the notes and I can easily read them compared to my unfriendly handwriting. Not long after that, viruses attacked and luckily I can print some of the notes before they were all eaten by the lucky virus. I think the viruses became stronger because they had access to the sacred Gayong syllabuses. Zattt

Then, God has blessed me with more advanced technology which is called camera. Pictures were taken to change the traditional method. The use of video still was still minimum as we afraid that the knowledge will fall to the wrong hands. The mistake that I made was that I relied too much on the pictures that I did not put description to the pictures. Because of less training, some of the pictures do not really ring my bell. huu

After thoroughly thinking, I have decided to capture videos on the syllabus. This procedure is done under conditions that are agreed by my teammates. The drawback of this method is that the knowledge is save somewhere which cannot be touched (hard disk). Once the hard disk is broken or crashed all of the things inside go with it. Sodokollahulazim.. That happen to me recently.. huhuhu..

So, what is the best method in documenting the syllabus? I guess it is the traditional one. We need to write it in the heart through training and drilling, make the skills written on each and every muscle. There should be no mediator when we want to use it especially during emergency.  It should not come from the book then to the eyes and to the brain and lastly to the body, but the respond should be straight from the muscles, with the help from the heart and brain.

However, for the purpose of sharing and teaching the knowledge to the next generation, documenting it somewhere we can look back is a must. It is afraid that we might invent our own movements which we think we have learned from our masters. Then we claim it as the founder of Silat Seni Gayong’s movement. What do we call that? Where is the place for such a person? We want to do good deeds but it turns to be the other way around. Nauzubillah..

Moral of the story, backup is needed for all the documentation that is made.. huhuhu

Peace Be Upon Him II

I had another great experience here at the school. We had our Maulidurrasul celebration at the school. Peace be upon Rasulullah SAW.

We (teachers, parents and students) gathered at the school for the Maghrib, Hajat and Isha prayer.

We recited Surah Yaseen together and  listened to a tazkirah.

We had banner competition and performances by the kids in the next morning.

The next day, we marched around the school. That was a new experience for me as I had never directly involve in this before.

The boys held the hands tightly together in their journey..

3 cows plus 1 goat was slaughtered the day before. We ate Nasi Minyak (oily rice?) on the marching day and the Gear Box soup the night before.

90% of the male teachers including the bosses (the females teachers and the gentlemen in the middle) are in the picture.


Hopefully the objectives of the program are achieved which one of them is to cultivate the love towards the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Rasulullah SAW says: Each of you is a guardian, and each of you will be asked about your guardianship. The leader is a guardian, the man is a guardian over the people of his house, and the woman is a guardian over her husband’s house and children. So each of you is a guardian, and each of you will be asked about your guardianship. (Bukhari and Muslim)

Memory Lane

In the middle of the night,
when you are hungry
don’t have the dinner yet
but lazy to get your stove smoking
or crawl just across the road
to order meals,

it is the time when you
remember the special places
that you went
either in your dream
or in reality

the food is served
at the perfect time
with the perfect taste
over the humble expectation..

this is the time
when you want to be there
walking down the memory lane
and makes you smile
but does it make you full?

life must go on
go and find some food
the real food
tangable, edible
not for anybody
except for your

and this is one of the places.. the kitchen corner, fresh from Lubeck..