Problem Solving

Among the classes that I went during my college days was one which was presented about the IDEAL Problem Solving. If I am not mistaken, the lecture was given by Dr. Wee KL. However, I hardly remember the content of the lecture. I believe that it is a strategic way to construct our thinking in a more directed way in order to solve a problem. So, after doing some digging in the net, here goes the content of the IDEAL problem solving skills

Most valuable heuristic of all is having a general thinking strategy. Psychologist John Bransford and his colleagues list five steps that they believe lead to effective problem solving:

l. Identify the problem.

2. Define it clearly.

3. Explore possible solutions and relevant knowledge.

4. Act by trying a possible solution or hypothesis.

5. Look at the results and learn from them. Of course, each attempted solution may identify further sub-problems. These can again be tackled with the “ideal” steps until a final satisfactory solution is found.

taken from (here)

However in a fight, you would not have time to think about all these steps. This is when the blood during the training session comes. All of the movements are the reflection of what you have learned. The solution vary from one school to another. Each of the schools have their own formulas. The combination between the eyes, the body and the footwork that are well trained beforehand will give positive outcome to the person.

Therefore, students need to be exposed with problems that they usually confront on the street. For instance, the moving opponent, the use of weapons (not static) and etc. By using such method, students are able to face the reality because they already have the answer scrip! The better quality the answer script is, the easier it will be.

My salute is still for the late Grandmaster who was able to prepare thousands of ways to solve different kinds of attack. He does not met that many opponent I think, but still manage to give the already complete countless IDEAL problem solving strategies. Another salute is for those who are able to successfully use the script given. huu

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