Pointing Finger at others

Pointing finger at others is an easy spontaneous action that we always do. We tend to judge others based on little knowledge that we have about them and based on what people say on them. 

The world has become smaller each day with the expansion of the usage of the Internet. People have turned to be more outspoken in social media and in a way affects the real world as well. Propaganda (read lies) is spread in a blink of second.

So where do we stand?

Better correcting ourselves rather than correcting others (which are nearly impossible). One of my teachers used to say that when we see something bad at others, look at ourselves whether the bad thing has traces in us (which usually exist). We’ll be busy searching, correcting and seeking forgiveness on our mistakes instead of pointing fingers at other.

The Killer question is..

We are busy talking, commenting, elaborating, reading and watching on issues that happen around us (read on social media as well) which rarely related to the Deen. So, how many seconds do we use our time to really remember on Allah and things evolve around Him? Pity us.

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