Hail to the Hail (III)

Hail with snow cap? Hail in Deutsche version? How should I know? Don’t ask me. I never meet with the real Hail. I am just assuming that Hail is just like this little guy. Ask his parents or his “Mok Teh”. They know better.

Last week I called my mother. She told me a cute story about this little one. After Hail has done with his nature call, my mom washed him. Accidentally he saw a basin outside the toilet. He pulled the basin into the bathroom and kept on holding the basin. My mom persuaded him and tried to bring him out from the bathroom. But he didn’t want to and didn’t let go the basin. Yeah spot on. My mother already knew this little one wanted to play with water in the basin. My mother filled up the basin and let him swim and play. He did all kind of swim and kept on playing till God know for how long. After all of his finger shrunk, I think.

I hardly can imagine how did Hail swim in small basin, but I can clearly imagine how happy both of them. Really old man soft spot is their grandchildren. So kids, ask everything from your grandpa and grandma. But be careful what you ask for. You might get it but you may not like it.

Pictures taken by Alwi Ashari during big day out in Lübeck. Many Thanks to him, the mother and the lovely son.

Good Day,

Hafzan Lazim

Man at Work.

My mother always asks me to write down things about my work place. I want to write something but you guys will not believe me. If I say they train me to be Jason Bourne, would you believe me? Of course you will never believe me. That is the problem.

By the way, I am quite happy working there. Working is not so stressful but exciting enough to challenge my ability. People are nice to me. I was given the opportunity to work with some of the latest, delicate, expensive machine and equipment. My supervisor, my boss, my colleagues help me a lot. I built up a great relation with them. They also trust me to deal with some crucial experiment and test. The problem is, outcome of the experiment or test is very important and will effect the production if I messed it up. The boss of my boss also released 3000€ ++ for me to order and buy some machines and parts for my project.

My boss twice, invited me to the production meeting. Maybe it sounds lame to some of you guys. But for me, the meetings were something big. It was not just a floor meeting. This is one of the biggest safety and medical company in the world for crying out loud. To sit in the room with big shot persons is really overwhelming. Maybe I should discuss in detail about these stuff in a special post. Just maybe. Sometimes great story are the best leave untold. To summarise all of this, if working as an engineer is like this. I mean the flexibility, the working environment, the level of excitement, the comfortability, the money and so on. I will easily give up my dream to be a sheriff just to be an engineer.

Today a chief engineer from Tsi Company came directly from the US. He came to our aerosol lab to get feed back from us about their TSI 8130 machine. They want to upgrade the machine and the software. This middle age guy was very nice. He shook hand with me and introduced himself politely. I did the same to him. “Hafzan Lazim is my name and nice to meet you too”. My boss and I discussed with him about the matters. After that I show him a series of tests that I made with the machine. He seems to be satisfied with the feed back. I too hope my boss satisfied with my performance.

At the end of the day, I got out from the lab and I walked alone to the bus station. I kept thinking, am I seeing the real beam of light at the end of the tunnel or it is maybe just a freight train just come directly toward me. I hope it really is a light and I will be able to get out and say “Good day to be alive”. I know i will.

I dedicate this song to my beloved aunt, Che Sue. Thank You for everything. The title is “I Shall be Realese” sang by Joan Baez.

Good Day,

Hafzan Lazim

Picnic @ St Ives = cute

The original plan was to do the strawberry picking somewhere in Devon. However, after doing some survey, the organiser (Azizi n the gang) had changed the trip to St Eves. I had not been there before. From what I have heard from the organiser, it is a kind of cute place, with a small beach and small little town. I wonder how cute a place could be compared to the cuteness of me the other being.

After being for just a few minutes, yeah I admit that it is kind of cute place. The beach is situated between cliffs. The beach is not too small, just enough space for the locals and visitors to have the sunbath and for us to have the sunbath. huhuhu.

Although the water seems warm, only God knows how cold it was. I could only be in the beach for a few minutes. The water was like thousands of needles, piercing through my vessels. That explained why there were not many locals swim and even some of them swim, it would not take long before they got back to the shore.

The multiple colours of the sea were just amazing. This indicates that how rich the Creator is, with His unlimited signs of wealth.Subhanallah..

The town is not that small. However, the number of visitors that came to the place made the city looked small and cute. The road is small. The shops are small. Even so, it did not stop my friend to do shopping buy something.

Another side of St Ives. Just awesome.. It reminds me of the beaches in Bachok; Kemasin, Senok, Irama, Melawi, Tok Bali.. huhuhu..

Even the train and the train station were cute, as the train is just a short train and it is located at the end of the route.. It took us more than two hours to get there.. But it was worth it.. huhuhu..

Malaysia. miss already. and random updates.

“Nor, adow kat umoh ko? Make doh?” Cek tepon.

“Emm lom Cek, baru bgn. hehe. bakpow?”

“Takpowlah, Cek g amek deh.”

“Wokey boss. Dlm limo belas minit deh”

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I miss you Che n Mek. Masa balik Mesia arituh, Che n Mek lah org2 yg I am eager to see. Macam2 majlis makan diorg buat. Che semangat dgn belutnya. He knows all of his grandchildren just love it. Oh mmg sayang tak terkatalah. Ada satu hari tuh, seharian saya lepak rumah che. Pagi2 dia g amek. pastu makan nasi berlauk che beli. plus dengan rambutan gak. kenyang. then borak2 kejap. Che amek bntal, de nak tido before g surau for zuhur. Mek pon join. Saya pon ape lagi. Terbaring 3 orang bawah kipas. Bangun Zuhur Che kejut. Pastu kitorang makan tengahari. Bestnya mek masak. Mek bercerita ttg ape de bley mkn, doktor ckp ape sume. Saya angguk je. Senyum tatau nak ckp ape. Terharu sebenarnye dgn diorg neh. Abes makan, kitorang lepak kat depan umah. Panas tahap melampau kat Mesia time tuh. Now pon panas kot. Hmm panas2 ape yg boley buat kan? Tidow je lah. haha. Tidow lagi laa 3 org neh.

ok cerita ttg Mesia buat anda homesick. Mari cerita pasal Vandy pulak. I am now taking a circuit class. Seniors who already took this class said that it is easy to get an A. Hmmmm but then I already screwed up my first test. So masa depan macam kelam sudey. samar2. haha. 2 weeks to go.

Yes Vandy is fun. 2 years to go. Counting the days it will end, is it means that you like it or otherwise? Hmm tataulah. June ni lepak je. because I’m only taking one class and yeah, I know that I should get an A. haih. Despite all of that, summer means a lot of fun. Picnic da pegi. Fall Creek Fall fun laa jugak. Kali ni batch sendiri yg urus, kind of miss last summer punya picnic. sbb sume seniors yg urus. kite ikut je. freshman la konon. haha.

Can’t wait for July to come. I will be in Hartford, Connecticut on July 4-6 for MAS-ICNA convention. I was planning to go to this convention since last fall. sgtlah excited, so it better be a blast. This is one of the reason I like United States. Being ghuraba’, does not weaken the Muslims here to practice their religion. Their bond with each other is stronger. You will give salaam to any Muslim you meet even you dont know him or her. How nice is that? Kalu wat bnda neh kat Mesia sure kena pandang pelik. haha. So I guess this hadith comes into play,

Abu Hamzah Anas bin Malik, radiyallahu ‘anhu, who was the servant of the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam, reported that the Prophet, sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam, said:

“None of you truly believes (in Allah and in His religion) until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself”

-Bukhari &Muslim-

Ok ape lagi.. yes I’m working now. Kalu tak sapelah nak bayar all the convention thing and my “yes to spending, no to saving” attitude. Haha. To Afiq, baju raya Oshkosh awk on the way, Che Nor promise that Che Nor will post it tomorrow. Abe Paih sorry for my random post and I dont see you online for a very long time. Comment di fs pon sepi je. Hmm.

Kesimpulan post ni, I miss Mesia, I remember every single thing that I did back there. but the most important thing is…. where is the other two?

Enjoying summer,


Malaya Navy

After being in Plymouth for years (exaggeration), I did not even notice that there are a lot of Malayan soldier names (actually navy) written on the walls at the Plymouth Hoe. I have been there for plenty of times. Maybe this happens because I have underestimated the British government for what they have done to Malaya, I am not sure either. Is there any wall in Malaysia written the names of at least the soldiers that have given the lives to the country? Not even in the controversial Tugu Negara I guess..

I only realise about it a few weeks ago.. huhuhu

We should not worry about their name not being remembered by the new generation because if their intention was right, which is to protect the Deen of Allah, their courage is always remembered by the ultimate Creator. And call not those who are slain in the way of Allah “dead.” Nay, they are living, only ye perceive not (Al Baqarah 154).

The new generation must a least make the spirit that have being shown as an example so that they can use them whenever necessary. However, spirit alone is not enough. The relation with God and knowledge have the equal importance. Take some times to think about it.. huhuhu

Is there any familiar names written on the plaques? There are a lot more names, but I only put some of them.

I am not sure about the details of which war they were in, but certainly they are Malaysians.. Maybe there are some of my late relative names written on the walls. I need to interview Abah, Maa, Cik, Mek and the elders about that. Al Fatihah..

Big and Loud

1. Within one week, many occurrences happened at my village. Two laptops crashed and two new high-tech camera arrived. It was kind of mix-feeling that we have gone through..

2. My crashed desktop pc is back to her normal high performance, even better than her old days. With the new MSI mainboard and the new Silent(?) power supply, hopefully they will last long. In addition to that, because of the technology temptation, I have also bought a super big Seagate external hard drive. huhuhu..

3. I have accidently got these two images from my friend’s high-tech camera.. Maybe he/she/they were trying to play with the focus lense of the camera. I think it might be useful if I can share the images.. The pictures indeed bring quite a powerful message.. huhuhu

The harsh UK style campaign.. Big and loud..

Smoking doesn’t kill, it is only the sabab.. So, don’t worry too much.. huhuhu

The report: Silat for Safety Seminar

As expected, not many people turned up on that day. The year 3 students were busy with the dissy task and the coming exam and the year two students might be tired because of the class that they had before the session..

The activities in the seminar session were..

the short talk

some practical activities

play time..

What have the participants learned from the event? I am not sure either.. Because it was not an easy job, to learn everything within that limited two hours. Probably the session would be able to create their awareness on how small they are and how cruel the world can be, if their are not well prepared.. huhuhu.. The most important thing is that, no matter how good you are, if your relation with the ultimate Creator is not harmonious, you are nothing!! (Cikgu Amin Hamzah, as cited from Cikgu Hafiz 2008).

Thank you daun keladi to the instructors, Cikgu Hafiz and Cikgu Rais, and participants. Insyaallah we’ll meet again in the future.. huhuhu

Silat for Safety Seminar (3s)

The Silat Seni Gayong Club under Malaysian Association of UCP Marjon proudly announces the unofficial advertisement about a unique event, only one of its own, never being held before:

Grab the opportunity and spend some time to come and learn something new. Hopefully it will be useful for all of the participants in the future. . . See you there.. huhuhu..

Prepare the umbrella before it rains. -Malay saying

The wisest mind has something yet to learn. -anonymous

He who knows not and knows not he knows not, He is a fool- Shun him. He who knows not and knows he knows not, He is simple- Teach him. He who knows and knows not he knows, He is asleep- Awaken him. He who knows and knows that he knows, He is wise- Follow him.
– Bruce Lee

Shooting others and being shot

I have been playing the paintball game for a couple of times since I have been in Plymouth. It is a fun game because it is one and only extreme games that I know and play. I can see that I have improved a little bit since the first time I played the game. As paintball game is also an extremely expensive game, I am not able to have enough practice on the game.

Let’s rock.. yeah..

In the game that I played last few days, I was able to stay alive in quite a number of games. In fact, in the four games that I played which I have 7 lives, I only died once. The rule is simple, your team need to carry out a mission in a location given and you are alive as long as your body is not being shot. Being shot on the head does not count. I have got a lot of shots on my head. Luckily wearing the headgear is compulsory for all of the players.

There are a few issues that I have been thinking about since I played the game:

Head shots all over the helmet.

  • What’s the point of not being shot on the body but being shot on the head a couple of times? Is it practical in the real life situation? Even though you hide your body you still need to take out your head to look/aim at the target that you want to shot. That is the risk that you need to take if you want to shoot the enemies. Once you exposed your head, the opposition team will use the advantage to shot you. Your brain is splashed all over the place but you are still alive… it is weird but true.. huhuhu..
  • Accurate shot is vital in using gun/pistol/machine gun/sniper or whatever-you-call it. Most of the players which included me kept on wasting the bullets. Quality is more important than quantity. You will waste at least four bullets in order to shot a target. The first one is to approximately know where your bullet goes. The second bullet is to get the bullet closer to the target. The third one is to aim for the target which might not necessarily get straight to the aim. Once the target notices that he/she is being aimed, he/she will definite hide to save the valuable life. Besides, as it is an automatic gun, pulling the trigger for a few seconds (about four seconds) will shoot about 50 bullets! Will you carry thousands of bullets with you all over the times? Malaysian policemen only carry a few bullets in their pistols but always able to shot others accurately. Salute to them.
  • You may also want blame the gun that is given to you as you will use different gun in each location because you are not allowed to carry the gun to the safe zone. Although the gun type is the same, but the air pressure in each gun is different, thus affect the accuracy of the shootings. Yes, the best option is to have your own weapon. It doesn’t matter whether it is a gun or keris or anything else, as long as you know it very well. The two items will work with one heart. However, do you always have the choice in the real life situation? Prepare for the worst is the best policy.
  • Strategy is compulsory. It might not be possible as you are working with a large group of strangers and without having any leader. This does not permit you to have a meaningful conversation and understanding between members of your group. Therefore, you end up with designing your own strategy; be at the right place at the right time- kill as many enemies as you can and stay alive. Maybe I need to start my reading about strategy in military especially in the time of Rasullullah SAW and his companions. My friend has suggested me to read ‘Khalid Bin Al-Waleed; Sword of Allah bookwhich I do not had the opportunity to buy it yet. Besides, I think the ‘Sun Tzu – The art of war’ is also very interesting book to read and digest.

I am planning to learn using bow in the future. I’ve asked one of the Silat Seni Gayong master wheather there is syllabus on using bow or not. He said that as far as he knows, there is no lesson specifically teaching about using bow. There is not much thing to learn except for using the right techniques to aim accurately to the target. It is not like using spear, knife or other weapons which one can use them to lock, hit and do other things besides throwing/shooting them to the target.

Bows are cheaply sold in the eBay. Can I play the bow at Marjon field? Or shoot pigeons which can be easily found in the college? Hmmm.. I may end up being caught by anti-terrorist force in Plymouth.. huhuhuhu..

BBQ after the game. Veggie meals for Muslims and veterinarian. Not bad at all.. huhuhu..

Home made satay with instant kuah and special nasi ayam (extra mantap) waiting for the dinner. alhamdulillah.. huhuhu..

Dream On

Feel like singing this evening. This is one of my favorite Aerosmith’s song. ‘Dream On’ is the title.
Join me will you?

Every time that I look in the mirror,
(I should polish my mirror, quite dirty and not so shiny)
All these lines on my face gettin clearer,
(Very true, under my eyes, the nose too)
The past is gone,
(Sometimes I just wish to be a little boy; the only problem is how to win the football match in the evening)
It went by like dust to dawn,
(Don’t know what the hell it means)
Isn’t that the way,
everybody’s got their dues in life to pay,
(The dues after life is the real problem)

I know what nobody knows,
(I know about nothing anymore)
Where it comes and where it goes,
(Go where?)
I know its everybody’s sin,
You got to lose to know how to win.
(Argentina Football team will win the World cup again. I am optimistic about this)

Half my life is in books written pages,
(I have not enough vocab, my grammar is soo bad and I am so lazy to write.)
Live and learn from fools and from sages,
(Forgive what they have said but don’t forget their names)
You know it’s true,
(I said I know about nothing anymore)
All the things come back to you,
(Yeah, they will)

Sing with me, sing for the years,
Sing for the laughter, sing for the tears,
(The Hunchback, the mud blood, the aborigine, the bugis always say I sing out of tune)
Sing with me, if it’s just for today,
(I will always remember that great day)
Maybe tomorrow the good lord will take you away,

Dream on, dream on,
Dream yourself a dream come true,
Dream on, dream on,
Dream until your dream come true,
Dream on, dream on, dream on…

(Dream brings hope, hope is a good thing and this is some kind of a hope song, so this is a good song)

Hafzan Lazim.

Hail to the Hail (II)

He is so big now. He looks so intelligent. You judge the picture yourself, I did’t know how to begin. He even can choose food and order it for himself. (is he just acting?) His parents must be so proud, his ‘Abe Je’ is. Now I know what makes Hj. Lazim and Hjh Zainab cannot sleep. This guy is the reason.

Should I call this guy to hear him mumbling? No, not yet I guess. I should take some walk first, enjoy this perfect weather while it last and install some fresh air in my vein. This homesickness really is killing me. I wish they sell some Pharmaceutical products to cure this thing. I got nothing else to say.

“homesick or pain or damage or despair or increase of oil prices didn’t end the world. Your world ends when you are dead. Until then your got more to suffer. Stand it like a man like you always are.”

Later then,

Hafzan Lazim

nama die…

Nama adalah cerminan harapan Orang tua. Setiap Muslim dianjurkan untuk memberi nama anaknya dengan nama yang Islamik yang baik, indah dan mengandung makna yang mulia.


Seorang Anak berhak memperoleh nama yang baik. Seorang sahabat datang kepada Rasulullah saw dengan mengandeng anaknya, lalu dia bertanya : “Ya, Rasulullah, apa hak anakku ini atasku ?…,Rasulullah menjawab, Membaguskan namanya, memperbaiki adabnya (sopan santun) dan menempatkannya pada kedudukan (posisi) yang baik (fisik dan spiritual)” (H.R. Aththusi).


Adakah kaitan nama dengan sifat orangnya ? , pertanyaan yang sulit dijawab dan dibuktikan secara ilmiah dan kenyataan. Ada kalanya seseorang yang bernama Muhammad Shaleh ternyata adalah seorang penjahat ulung, atau sebaliknya. Al Imam Ibnu Qoyyim Aljauziyah berpendapat bahwa antara nama dengan sifat orangnya ada kaitan dalam makna dan hikmah. Setidaknya nama dapat menimbulkan sugesti (pengaruh yang dapat mengerakkan hati) dan sifat optimisme (memberi harapan yang baik).


Ketika Rasulullah saw bertemu dengan ketua tim perunding dalam perjanjian damai Hudaibiyah (Sulhul Hudaibiyyah), Suhail (yang berarti mudah), maka Rasulullah merasa optimis bahwa persetujuan itu akan tercapai.



Then, anyone…help me whit this matter….


I want to give my son/daughter a Muslim name, and easy to pronounce in usa?

I want to give her a nice name, I can’t figure out the name
I need a Muslim name, for my unborn baby boy/girl
I can’t find anything good
tell me what sounds nice and easy to pronounce in school..



Hafiz Lazim


Cabinet announce petrol will increase to 2.70 by midnight

I feel like arnarchy coming…..

Firstly, every f*cking thing under the sky will increase. Then, to keep inflation low, Bank Negara is going to increase interest rate to combat it. Then all our housing repayment will go up. Your EPF money will seem like banana money, your salaries can’t increase because everything else have gone up, so poor desperate employees must be sacrificed to cushion the effect on “profit margins”. With no increase in disposable income and greater outflow, our precious banks will be the first to pull away the umbrella, increasing the credit crunch, to reduce the potential increase in NPL.

Desperados will have to resort to Ah Longs, which also increase their rate from rediculously high to impossibly high to maintain their margin. More hand get chopped, more wives get raped, more children get tortured. Some will resort to violence, mugging and buglary, snatchthief (although it will be more like the case of the poor robbing the poor) And no one is there to help, because the police now are all in FRU uniforms beating up people in street protest and those burning Petronas and National Flag in anger….

Pak Lah will be sleeping in his fireproof, soundproof, bulletproof office in Seri Perdana…..KJ and HH will lead the PERKIDA boys to entice hate saying because all the chinese and indians voted against BN, now all malays are suffering. More riots….

Then I woke up thinking it was just a bad dream, but as i went to the closest petrol station, it really is RM2.70….


Hafiz Lazim