Tribute to Birthday Boy.

I still remember the day when my father brought all of us, Mat Apih, Mat paih, Naziha and me to the General Hospital in Gorgetown, Penang. We just sat on the rock chair outside, waiting for our father to get out of the building and tell us the good news. Whether we get a new brother or new sister, is a million dollar question. My father came out and asked us to guess. I am not quite sure what our guess was. But I think all of us came out with false answer. Haziq came out to the world when Naziha was already “approximately” 3-4 years old. I was already 10-11 years old. Mat Apih and me still in primary school but quite old enough compare to Naziha. So we tend to appreciate the feeling of getting a new baby brother more than her, I guess.

Ajik with his nephew, Afiq.

Ajik was quite adorable when he was still a baby. That time we lived in Batu Feringgi, where my mother and father worked there. So they left Ajik to this family, name Pak Will. Pak Will and Mak Will will always carried Ajik around in their arm. No matter what, they will never left Ajik crawling on the floor. They will put Ajik down in his cradle only when he wanted to sleep. The entire “dukung” thing brought headaches to our family because we also cannot let Ajik down on the floor. Not even a second. He will cry until somebody “dukung” him. So we, the sibling must take turns carried him around until he slept.

Kak Ani, Mek and Mok Kiah.

After that we moved back to Kelantan. I remember Mok Kiah took care of Ajik for a while. After that my father finished with the army thing. So he took care of Ajik. Ajik grew up in a different ways compare to us. Mat Apih, Mat Paih, Naziha and I was taken care by our mother. What I mean is our school stuff, record book, our spending money and so on were all taken care by our mother, mostly. But not Ajik. His Education was mostly took care by our father.

The four of us. Mat Paih, Naziha, Mat Apih and me. This picture is taken from Che Sue's blog.

Every night my father will help Ajik finished his homework. Most of the thing that happen in school Ajik will inform or report to him. Every morning my father will get him ready before go to school. He woke him up, asked him to take a bath, packed his stuff and asked him to eat breakfast. But Ajik is one weirdo person. Like Mat Paih said before he like to read. Any book that he can grab he will read it. He will read again and again until the cover tears off or the book loses from his sight. So every morning after he took a bath, he will sit in front of the bathroom reading something, shivering because his body is still wet and at the same times giggling. What was so funny about the book only God knows? And my father will ask him to go wear his uniform. He will run into his room. In his room if he will find another book, he will read it again until he hears my father’s voice. The same thing happened over and over again. Man, I still can feel it just like it was yesterday.

Ajik with Hj. Lazim. Both are burned, one because of his plantation and the other one because of "Kedet Bomba."

My parents have high hope for him. They sent Ajik to private Religion school after kindergarten as a preparation for him before entering Tahfiz science school. At the end he did enter the school. The school rated as the best Tahfiz School in Malaysia. He already got like I don’t know how many Juzz of Al-Quran in his head. During my last vacation in Malaysia, my father drove me to his school to bring him back home because of Mat Apih’s Wedding. To enter a compound full of kids who will be a Hafiz was a great pleasure. Those feeling I cannot even describe in words. I just stayed in the car. Some of the kids came running toward my father and kissed his hand. I just sat in the car thinking how great my brother is compared to me.

Maahad Tahfiz's students.

That night, when it came for Maghrib prayer, my grandfather asked everybody to pray together. He pushed my cousin that graduate from Jordan to be the Imam. But as a token of respect to Ajik, he insisted Mat Ajik to be the Imam. Without hesitated or whatnot, Mat Ajik lead us. He recited some Surah from Quran that I am sure is not from “Surah-surah Lazim”. I don’t know because my knowledge about Quran is so shallow. But I am very proud of him. Some said, during Ramadan his school teacher will send him and his friends to different mosque in Kelantan to be the Imam for Tarawikh. How proud and satisfied you can be, to know that your brother is one of them.

Way to go my brother!!!

He was still a small kid when our family already settled down. So our parents, his siblings spoiled him a lot. But he turned out to be a great and sweet kid. Everybody loves him. He always obeys what the elders say. That makes us love him even more. He is one of the most successful within us. I always hope he will guide us to the right path and ask for God´s blessing upon us. InsyaAllah he will show us, the road to be success in this world and the life after especially.

Hafzan Lazim



  1. 471 said,

    December 3, 2008 at 4:01 am

    1. happy belated bday to ajit semoga berjaya dunia dan akhirat
    2. afiq ke tuh? sebijik muka ariff
    3. sian abah….gelap sampai..
    4. mama, gelang afiq tu ariff boleh pakai ke? atau utk cucu sulung je….????

  2. ajik said,

    December 3, 2008 at 11:35 am

    boleh tak dak masalah……..

  3. abuzaid said,

    December 8, 2010 at 7:42 pm

    for the ahthor of the story you mention that your brother attended that quran hifz school and that it was one of the best in malaysia, what school is that? and where is it located? the city or village. Thankl you Salam A.

  4. Noor said,

    December 8, 2010 at 11:41 pm

    Abu zaid: This is the school that I mentioned.

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