Tribute to Birthday Boy II

There is one thing that I would like to add on the tribute to birthday boy. Abe Je studied at his SBP at the time, so we could blame him on that..It was about how we lived with Cik and Mek’s (our grandparents) house when our parents went to Makkah.

Every weekday, Cik sent Cik Nor and I to school with his Kris-Modenas-2799 bike. Huhuhu.. Wearing Mek’s helmet is quite funny, as the helmet was just enough to make us stay away from the police’s ticket.. Cik didn’t put on the helmet himself as he always wear his turban.. There would not be any problem wearing his turban as the bike run at 40km/h at the most. huhuhu

Cik in his turban

But that is not what I want to tell about. It was about Haziq, who stayed at home. He was again, given the 5stars service. This time, the service was given by both my grandparents, especially in the foodstuff part. Early in the morning, after Cik sent us to school, Cik would take Haziq to the morning markets nearby. As Cik prefered fresh groceries, he would go to the markets almost every day. Besides buying the groceries, he would buy Haziq’s favourite main dish at that time which was the milky laksam and other side dishes such as lepat pisang or kuih cartoon. Please note that we had all already taken our heavy breakfast before we went to school. Just in the morning, Haziq had already being fed a couple of times by my grandparents.. The lunch would be sharp on time as Mek doesn’t have much thing to do at home. In the evening, we would have our tea with some goreng pisang or other delicacies.. ohhh..

Staying with our grandparents was like staying in a fridge.. full with food..

After about 40 day staying with our grandparents, Maa and Abah came back from Makkah. They said that they were amazed by looking Haziq’s ‘exterior condition’. He looked chubby; his cheeks became wider, his ribs and tulang gagah seemed to disappear. We didn’t realise it until Maa said so. Cik proudly declared that it is the best way to take care of the child, nourish him will all the healthy food. He won’t make any trouble if he is full.. huhuhu.. Abah used to say that Cik were very strict with him when he was a child, but with us, he has lost the fierceness, maybe because of his grand children’s charm.. huhuhu

A few weeks later, Haziq turned to be in his normal shape, slender and slim.. Pity him.. huhuhuhu


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