My Toys V

So far, it is among the item that has the highest sentimental value in my toys collection. The ring is always close to me, emotionally and physically. It is quite weird but I would feel really awkward if I do not wear it. I could say that it is a complement to me, as important as my glasses. I lose my sight if I do not wear my glasses and maybe I feel a bit lonely if I do not wear the ring.

The ‘akik zaman’ (agate) gemstone was given to me by my late grandmother. She bought a few stones in Makkah when she went for her hajj. However, she was not able to give them by hand to her beloved grandchildren. God love her more than we do. After everything settled down, my aunt, Mok Ghoh told us that the late Grandmother wants us to have the stones. It is her wish for us, as though she knows what was coming after her. It happened when in my early secondary school era. Al fatihah to the late Wan Jah Wan Ali..

After keeping the stone in my drawer for years, I have decided to make it a ring. The ring was designed by a goldsmith in Aked Uda, Kota Bharu. Looking at variety of samples displayed, I chose a simple design, ‘tangkai kendi’ (kettle handle). It cost me if I am not mistaken around RM 30 back then. huhuhu

It took me a number of years wearing the ring until I found out some amazing dots pattern in the stone. But maybe that is just my perception.  I might be wrong as some people looked into the stone and saw nothing. A number of years after that, I  realised that there are quite some philosophy hidden in the tangkai kendi design that tie the stone. It is as though the design rhymes perfectly well with the stone itself.

One finding after another makes me really attached to the ring. It is like The Lord of The Ring to me, even if it is just a river stone to others’ eyes. God creations and planning have never failed to amaze the deep part of my heart.  Everything is perfect and has no flaw in it.. Subhanallah


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  1. Hafzan Lazim said,

    November 17, 2009 at 1:00 pm

    mine is still there. Maybe i too should upgrade the ring. The stone/ring already lives more than 13 years with me.

    Btw AlFatihah to Mok Kadok.

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