Silat Grading @ IPBA

After having all the trainings and practices, IPBA silat gayong members had a chance to do the grading. It is a platform to officially move one step forward in the learning stages. Congratulation to all.  You made me proud. Believe me, there will be more cool movements coming up. Not to forget pain stages where you find things are challenging but it feels great after you get through them. It is the same feeling as after the grading sessions ended, I guess.

Arshad and Aizat went for their pre-green belt. Buah pasung cina (chinese pillory/stocks)..

Silat is not just about remembering movements and being competence in using it. It is more towards applying it to the real world. People might define the word ‘apply’ differently. It is not not just about protecting oneself on the street, but more towards applying the values and the philosophy that is embedded in the training in the daily life. It can be about discipline, good manners and many more. Note that management skills (individual and club) are also part of silat.

If a person enters any silat school and his/her behaviour becomes uglier, than he needs to find another one which suit to change him to be a better person. It is not just a blink of second process though, it is a long journey. I am still in the early stage of the journey. So, where and when does silat ends? Let’s find the answer together.

Looking at the words that come out from all my friends’ mouth when we had the ‘reflection session’ right after the grading were really inspiring. Even until that moment I didn’t know that silat could be really3 great. I am looking forward to hearing more from IPBA silat friends, even if my life in IPBA has come to an end. huhuhu


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